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Lustful Bride

I've gotten into the news for Mass Effect Andromeda lately and started delving into lore and history. I forgot how much I loved this universe and I fell for it hard. Returning to an old love after so many years has stirred a fire in me, So why not join in on an adventure?

I have a couple of ideas down below for those interested, or feel free to offer up any alterations or ideas of your own. ;D

I am fine with everything from slice of life to Alternate Universes and crossovers. All races except for the Vorcha are fine with me :P

Enemy of my Enemy. (F/F or M)

Officer Anna Denton of the Human Alliance's secretive 'Internal Security Agency', or ISA, has been tasked with dealing with the growing Batarian slaver problem. On the edges of Alliance territory and even within Citadel space, there has been an uptick in Human Slavery and colony raids as a new Batarian crime boss known as Karas vol Kotet is pushing his more extreme views and is a threat the ISA wants dealt with now. Multiple agents have been sent to deal with him, but he has proven illusive and difficult to track down. Denton will be following her own leads instead of the ones assigned to her by the ISA, hoping to see something that no one else had, and find evidence by making her own path.

She begins tracking down the Batarian ship models based on records from Omega and tries to infiltrate one of their hideouts in the Terminus systems. The plan is to steal data on their boss and their movements, and get a strike team to go in where they sleep. But nothing ever goes according to plan as despite all the hard effort and time she put into silently sneaking into the base, it all proves useless as a very angry Asari busts the front door down with just her mind, and begins killing every Batarian in the building. By the end of it the two of them are face to face, and about to kill each other. Until more Batarians rush in and they decide to team up. They might as well since they are both after the same thing. To kill the Batarian known as Karas and bring down his slaver empire.*

Apparently the Asari was more than just someone with a chip on their shoulder about Batarians. She was a commando* who had lost her entire
team on a mission to find Boss Karas Since he was doing the same to Asari that he was doing to the Humans, kidnapping them and enslaving them like animals. A team was sent to eliminate him, but the mission went badly. The Asari's entire team...her sisters....her second family for as long as she could remember, all of them butchered before her eyes. If its the very last thing this Asari ever does, she will personally kill Karas. The fact that she will be freeing slaves is just a bonus to her.

The two join up momentarily to get out of the slaver hideout and regroup once safe, to discuss what they know and what's going on. As much as Denton would prefer to handle the mission all on her own, without an alien's help, she would have to be an idiot not to accept the aid of a powerful Biotic. They both have similar goals and their chances of taking down a slaver empire would be much better with the two of them working together than alone.

Its also possible that they could complete their mission and stay in touch up until the Reapers invade. And well, theres no limit to what could be done then.

*Its also possible Denton has orders to bring Karas in to use him as leverage against the Batarian government. And this leads to tension when the two finally capture him.

*Or the Asari could be a Justicar.

The Leashed Goddess (F/F)

Character References:(NSFW)

I've suddenly grown a bit of a dominant streak and want to satisfy both it and the side of me that enjoys the female body.

This is a Mass Effect roleplay but won't include canon character (unless you really want them.) Idea for the roleplay is that on Illium or perhaps Thessia itself, there exists a club/ brothel of sorts for elite and sucessful Asari who want to give up their power for a while and let another order them around. Groveling before another and relinquishing themselves to their misstress...

Only this place is different, since it caters to those who want to be shown their place by human women. The fact that they are from a short lived race makes it better for some of them.

My partner would play an Asari business woman of much success. She has built her fortune on making smart business decisions and utterly crushing or absorbing rival companies. Sometimes even through illegal means, but that's how the game was played. But because of this her reputation has made it so that any she lays in bed with are always submissive, always caring about how she wants pleasure and her needs, it has bored her to the point of making sex unenjoyable.

Then one day she receives a message from a friend, or more accurately an acquaintance she knows wont betray her, about a place which can offer her an alternative experience. She buys into it and goes to this place called "The Leashed Goddess" and sees how it would feel to be dominated herself.

More details can be worked out later and if you want some more plot in it that is fine, just PM me and let's talk things out. ;D

The Lonely Matriarch (F/F)

A mature Asari woman on Illium is either reaching the Matriarch stage of her life or has already hit it for some time now. Being the head of a massive, galaxy wide corporation has left her busy and unable to really have much of a personal life. As she begins nearing the older days of her life she is hit with a terrible feeling of being lonely, to the point of depression, she was unable to have children and due to how busy she was she never even had a mate. From her position she is always looking over her shoulder and suspicious of any who would try to hit on her, fearing that they might be industrial spies trying to bring down her company from within.

So with no other way to deal with her crippling loneliness, she looks to one of the Indentured servitude contracts on Illium and gets herself a human girl to be both her surrogate daughter and her lover as she so wishes. She saves the young human from being made to pay off a debt by spreading her legs for one of the less reputable contractors on Illium. The Matriarch pays off her debts and buys her contract for three years and in those three years she will get over her terrible loneliness, and gain something more.

Shepard's Villainous loves. (M/F)

I have no excuse :P I think its hot seeing the great heroine of the Citadel and Reaper war, ending up loving or lusting after one of her enemies. Namely the rogue Spectre Saren Arturios or the evil Reaper known as Harbinger.

My basic idea for both of them is set after the Reaper war. For harbinger, it could be he decides to take Shepard's mind/body after she singlehandedly destroyed the Reaper cycle, picking up her broken and damaged organic shell from the remains of the citadel before retreating as the weapon fires.

As the last Reaper he retreats into dark space, fully intent on making Shepard pay for what she has done. And it works....for about two days. Hooking her into its shared mind, Harbinger subjects Shepard to countless tortures and simulated destruction of all she holds dear, but the woman holds on, proving defiant to the very end, even breaking loose on the third day to damage some of its runtimes. Harbinger soon finds this boring. Torturing and causing pain to Shepard is...boring...wasteful, he tires of it rather quickly. Harbinger can only remain now in darkspace in hiding as the last of its kind for all eternity. With nothing to do or even calculate Harbinger ponders....perhaps with Shepard's famed mind it can have some entertainment as it awaits the end of the universe in several trillion years. So it creates a VI world just for her. Based on her memories (even the ones she has forgotten) and on its collected information from its long existence, making a dream world where all is perfect, and maybe where it can spend time with her, learning about Shepard from a more personal perspective.

It is soon entertained...happy..pleased. It enjoys this arrangement far more that it would have anticipated. Perhaps it will stay like this for a thousand years with Shepard...maybe two thousand. The nightmares Shepard had with the Oily Shadows was Harbinger's attempt at influencing shepard's mind, so its not as if Harbinger doesn't have a way into her mind, although his intentions are much different now.

(One idea, perhaps harbinger takes on the form of a batarian to help her deal with her guilt about the incident in the Bahak system where she destroyed the Relay and killed many Batarian civilians to stop the Reapers.)

As for Saren's scenario, something similar along the lines, when his body was possessed by Sovereign on the Citadel, his mind was uploaded to the Reapers, for use in gaining tactical knowledge. After Shepard destroys them, Saren gains control of his new body by sheer force of will and takes Shepard with him to Darkspace. When Shepard next awakens she is in what looks like a room on the Citadel, except there is no one else there except for her and Saren, the only two sentient minds within both their Virtual Reality world and within the Body of the Reaper they both inhabit.

Monastery's new caretaker.

Since the end of the Reaper war, many Ardat Yakshi had been left without a place to go since their monestaries were targeted by the reapers and many of them were sent running. It was downright miraculous that any of them answered the call to return to Asari space once one of the destroyed monestaries had been rebuilt and the government called for the Ardat Yakshi to return. Not all of them did, either from death, being unable to return or refusing to return, wanting to be free and maybe feed on others as their kind are known for.

Either way, the Asari Republics are pleased that at least some of the missing Yakshi have returned. The only problem that followed was getting people willing to show up and work to take care of and watch over the genetic vampires of the Asari race. Most of their old caretakers had been killed when the monestaries were attacked, and other Asari found it as a waste of time since they had problems of their own with reconstruction to take care of the outcasts of their society. So they are forced to look outside their own race to find those willing to help out.

One of those they need is someone to run maintenance on the monastery, repairing and maintaining the equipment around the monastery. But most of such skill (that survived the war) are stuck with government work and the remaining are highly valued. The Monastery wasn't sure what they would do until a Human woman, fresh out of a mercenary company, came up and offered her services. She had been an engineer with her Merc group and most of her company were killed in the battle for Earth. As such she needed a job, preferably one with less shooting.

They weren't too keen on getting someone not of their faith( and worse, not of their species) but they needed the help. And accepted hiring her on, with certain stipulations, knowing that some of the yakshi in the monastarie might find themselves tempted by the sight of something exotic.

And as she started working there, she did become a topic of interest among the Yakshi. The sight of a Human going around and working in the monastery was a nice change of pace from the usual routine and she became the subject of gossip among both the staff and denizens.

From what the rumors all said about her, she used to belong to a small Mercenary company known as "Talon Company". The only proof the young Asari had to back it up was the tattoo on her shoulder that someone managed to get a look at. With little to entertain themselves with, they spin all manner of stories about the Human of the Monasterie.

(That's all I managed to think up for this, I'm unsure where it should go but I will still leave it here.)

(Craving this the most.)
Citadel Politics (F/M and F)

History has been made, in a monumental decision that shall affect the course of the entire Galaxy. After almost a year of much hard negotiation and debating, campaigning and promising, the first Human Councilor for the Citadel has been chosen. The Citadel Council deemed it necessary and needed for continued galactic stability to include the Human Alliance into the Council on a more permanent basis. It will ensure better protection from slavers and pirates as their fleets work together with more transparency. And a more stable galactic community considering how large Alliance space is and how they may now have clearer lines of communication and cooperation.

The first Human councilor is a Mars girl, born and raised there in the region of Cydonia. Her mother and father were both Alliance Military, one served in the Navy and the other in the Marines, which granted her an understanding of the galaxy and cost it took to keep it safe. Due to her upbringing around soldiers from many places, all discussing politics and more candidly than news agencies, she was exposed to some of the realities of life at a young age. She also found she was interested in Galactic politics more so than anything else, much to her parent's chagrin.

But they were still proud of their little girl, even if she was choosing a life behind a desk. Especially so when at only 26 she managed to become the Mars representative and only two years later made her way into being the First Councilwoman, growing from the underdog to the winner of the election (though by 2% thanks to her popularity among veterans and women). Some say she isn't ready for such a task, while others think that she may just be the new blood needed instead of the usual corrupt older generation.

Only time will tell. Either way, the councilwoman will have quite a few surprises serving on the citadel, when she discovers how galactic politics truly work, having to make dirty deals with criminals, sanction actions that might go against her moral compass, and facing the music if they fail. And the most surprising of all using her body as much as her political maneuvering to ensure a better position for Humanity in the cosmos. It seems species difference did little to stop the need and usage of sexual favors, even on the Citadel and with other councilors.

Sex is just as much an important part of the Citadel as knowing when to make a deal or who to speak with. 'its just as much who you Blow as who you Know.' as one Spectre agent would put it, since it was one of their tasks to keep the sexual liasons between Council members a secret. For if anyone found out, the bad press would be catastrophic, but then again...that's just how the Great Game is played. Every action has a ripple effect. The New Human Councilor is already making news by hiring on a Quarian to work as part of her technical staff.

A love as hot as a Blue Sun. (M/F)


If Amelia's father knew she was dating a Turian, he would flip his shit and disown her. Good thing she never talks to him. Amelia was a sad stereotype. A Retired soldier who couldn't find a job anywhere else, and ended up using her skills for crime. But good behavior didn't always put food in her belly. And it is not like she goes out of her way to beat people to death or set buildings on fire. She guards Blue Sun's territory, occasionally does a shakedown. Most people tend to prefer her over the Turian she hung out with, and with good reason.

Nolius Varitumus was her partner. A Turian and member of the Blue suns. He grew up on one of the outer Turian colonies and wasn't much for following rules. By the time he left his birthworld he already had a rapsheet that would get him life in prison on 12 systems. Many thought that he would be a hellion for his entire life. But that was until he met his wife Nazala. She made him the happiest Turian in the galaxy, it forced him to mature and take responsibility, especially after the birth of their son. But then that damn plague came all over D-ward and when Nazala noticed she had it, she sealed herself off to keep their child from catching it. That action saved the life of their child at the cost of her own. And Nolius has been rather broken up about it.

He is thankful though that Amelia doesn't mind looking after his son for him whenever possible, even on her days off. It gives Nolius a chance to work and save up as much money as he can to get himself and his son off of this damned station and somewhere safer... and maybe if Amelia wants...he could take her along too...

Shepards stick together.

Shepard couldn't believe it. Cat 6 had created a clone of him, but they had made one major mistake. He wasn't a woman, nor a redhead. Though according to them cloning was damn hard. And this version was the closest thing that they could get when creating the original again. The face she was intelligent and capable of all the same things he was without looking like a deformed abomination was nothing short of divine intervention.

But here she was. Lady Shep, flanked on both sides by Cat 6 agents, ready to shoot Shepard and his friends down, a cruel smile on her face as she raised her Mattock and then swung it around, pulling off several rapid bursts and downing three enemy agents before Shepard took the hint and joined her.

As soon as the fighting was over Lady Shep was handing over as much data on Cat 6 and Cerberus as she could and asking to be part of the fight. It seemed that when they programmed this Shepard with all of the original's memories, it caused her to reject whatever Cerberus/C6 programming they tried to force in as well. She had every memory that Shepard had, every skill and muscle memory, even his terrible dancing.

As soon as news gets out that Shepard has a clone, there are people everywhere saying they just might win this, with Shepard and his Little Sister by his side, both kicking Reaper ass everywhere they go. Because no matter how they were made, Shepards Stick Together.

(Not really looking for Shep/Shep romance just the idea of Femshep able to fight alongside male shep and I thought it would be a cool that the Clone could swap sides to fight alongside the original, maybe start her own team. I can just imagine the War Asset rating going through the roof and the Reapers collectively screaming when they find out Shepard now has a twin clone, just as good as him. )

Fornax: Human Honeys (F/M and F)

Name: Fornax: Human Honeys Edition.

Content:Smutt, smutt, smutt. Human/Alien, porn studio setting.

Scenario: Fornax, the famous and most prolific adult entertainment property in all of Citadel space, everyone knows it and almost everyone reads it. Every species of the citadel council and a few other client races have had their own races represented in Fornax, with Humans being the newest race to be in the galaxy, and one with a shocking close similarity to the Asari, the demand is already there for pornography featuring the exotic new race. But ever since the actions of commander Shepard a year ago the interest in humans has doubled.  And Fornax is not going to miss out on the chance to make some real money while the desire is there. Especially given the scarcity of it.

So a few lucky women are being hired to help  show the better parts of Humanity. There is no shortage in the number of porn parodies that the public craves and none more so than films or holos involving the Redhaired Heroine Shepard. So any woman who looks relatively close to her will end up becoming quite popular with her adoring fanbase, even with those who despise her will want to see her double bent over and pretend its her.

Other info: I'm open to discussion and going over various different scenarios. Feel free to talk with me and discuss what might happen in this. We can go over what scenes and kinks we would like to see within this rp. I am fine with Turians, Asari, Hanar, Geth, Krogan,...just about every alien in M.E. so don't be hesitant with ideas :P

A Deal with the Devil

Unsure exactly what I want to do with this. But I thought it would be a fascinating idea for Shepard having to cut a deal with the Yahg shadowbroker. Selling herself to him to gain his allegiance and higher intellect and resources to use against the Reapers, only question is what will the Shadowbroker do with her?

~Plot Bunnies~

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

~Just Random plot bunnies that haven't matured to a full idea.~

- Human Fanclub: Humans are new and they are awesome! They have so many cool things about them that they don't even realize! And they have so many fun stories and new ideas. Think, of like anime fans, (without the cringey parts) and of aliens geeking out over humans and human things. Possibly a human fanclub being excited to have a Human member. Perhaps some of them just really have a Human fetish.

-An Illium brothel that is very high class and not so much about just sex, but having an experience for those who can pay. And a Human indentured servant hired to work there, in exchange for her college debts paid off and 2% of what her clients pay to visit her.

-Xcom/M.E. crossover.

-Human Doctor on Tuchanka.

-A Salarian scientist interested intellectually in the science of interspecies relationships and finds himself more invested than he had originally planned.

-Encounters with aliens who just have a big Human fetish.

-Mixed Species unit in the Reaper War, cut off from support digs in and fortifies their position, with little else to do aside from fight and wait for more fighting, the different species decide to experiment with eachother.

-Feel free to offer some.


(Xenonauts/Mass Effect crossover)

Xenonauts Effect

The Council races have been in a losing war with The Praetors, a race of powerful psychic beings with advanced technology and a massive clone army that don't depend upon Eezo and don't use the Mass Relays to move around, giving them a large tactical advantage. Their technology is more advanced than the council and they are slowly gaining more and more ground in this long drawn out war, even wiping out the home world of the Batarians and pushing into some uncharted systems, that have oddly enough been claimed by the Salarians already for future colonization. With their interests threatened and the whole of Citadel space in danger, the Salarian Representative brings up an STG report from several years ago during a meeting. The other councilors learn of how about how the Salarians have secretly been in contact with the Human race for a while. (It was a Salarian ship that crashed on Earth at Roswell and our rescue/treatment of the only survivor put us in good graces with them. Though in reality the STG planned to eventually use Humanity should the Turians ever become a big enough problem, just as they used the other races to solve their problems.)

The end result of the meeting is that, while the councilors are angry that this was kept secret, the council plans to use Earth as a distraction for Praetor forces by letting it slip that a newly discovered garden world exists with a high population and little technology, knowing it will be a juicy world for the Praetors to conquer. But the council plans to use the Earth as a trap to draw forth Preatorean forces and supplies away from the main battle zones to give them some breathing room. They couldn't care less if the Praetors grow so angry with the Humans that they burn the entire planet. This is a necessary evil to keep the Praetors form overrunning the already stretched Citadel forces.

The Citadel sends us some (but not much) technology to help us, as well as specialists in the form of Spectres and STG agents since the Salarians already have a dialogue with the US government and a member of their own race at Area 51, the same Salarian that was recovered from Roswell who has now been dubbed EBE-1 who will aid the little blue planet bleed the Empire hard. In his stationing on Earth Ebe has found that he really likes Earth, is fascinated by its culture, food, music. He even loves watching Baseball with mthe others on base.

The Citadel will move its fleet in order to inevitably allow a Praetor scout ship to head to Earth and discover a system the Praetors would no doubt want to conquer, and another race to enslave. Later on the STG suggests that the people of Earth unite, or at least form a special unit to combat the hostile invaders. (They will discover one was already built in secret after the encounter with the Salarians but was never truly put into its paces until its first real combat with a Praetor scout force.) It is no small feat, considering the world is at the height of the Cold War with Eastern and Western nations pointing their nuclear armaments at each other. But Humans have a knack for joining together to beat up someone worse than them.

This unit will be made of the best that NATO and the Warsaw Pact nations have to offer, as well as with a little help from the Citadel Races. Together the Humans and Citadel forces will turn Earth into a true thorn in the side of the Praetoreans. The fight will be hard, long and not everyone will make it back alive. But the Xenonaut troopers will give it their all for their home world, and the Citadel forces will be trying their best to keep the Praetors distracted, even if it means the people of Earth will be the ones feeling the pain and paying the price.

This idea is subject to change, but I could see some of the Spectre agents being Saren, Nihlus, or Garrus. and one of them taking an interest in the Human Xenonaut Agent known as Shepard, who did the impossible in resisting a psi attack from one of the enemy officers. If interested I wouldn't mind discussing the idea.

We could even add in OCs or other Canon characters into the story to mix things up abit. Its our world to toy around with as we please.  One possibility is focusing more on the fighter pilots/air and space combat over the Ground stuff.

Or have it be a Ship of the Migrant Fleet is what crashed at Rosswell, and a deal between the Humans and the Quarians.

(Mass Effect / Cthulhutech)
Eldritch Effect.

The allied Human and Nazzadi forces of the NEG (New Earth Government) managed to finally liberate the cradle world of Earth from Migou and Deep One oppression. Their home had been ravaged by otherworldly monsters for far too long. Entire cities had been left lifeless, most of the animals on Earth were now extinct and mass starvation was a problem. But in the end, Humanity and Nazzadi alike had earned their victory.

The demons, aliens, and Eldritch beings from time immemorial were stopped in their tracks by the sacrifice of many soldiers and daring raids that over time crushed the heart of their enemies. With defeat the Rapient Storm, the Mi-gou, and other Eldritch evils on their world, the Earth is now theirs again. Even if barely. With much of the land no longer suitable for habitation and billions dead over the nearly 80 year long conflict, the NEG officials knew that they couldn't stop. They had to keep pushing and take the initiative. The future of the survival of every NEG citizen resided in space, amongst the stars.

The Mi-gou were sent running all the way back to Pluto by Humanity's resistance, having never lost a planet before and fearful of retaliation. So the NEG took the given breathing room and set up military bases, armed with Rail Guns that could hit a Bug ship from orbit, around the planet Mars and its moons to better defend the Earth from another invasion. On one of the digs to install an underground bunker, a strange cave system was discovered, along with signs of technology. Mars Defense Force units were quickly summoned and they investigated it, uncovering technology strange and foreign was discovered. It beckoned them forth, and altered the course of Human history.

This techonology with the ability to alter the very mass of an object (something never before thought possible) would be named Mass Effect, and would be used to give the NEG fleet technology and weapons that the Mi-gou had not been prepared for. When the Earth fleet suddenly appeared over Pluto unannounced the Mi-gou spent a good five minutes just trying to process in their hive mind what was going on, just as the bombardment began.

The Mi-gou were wiped out from their system and sent running in terror. There had never been more cheers and joy among Humanity and Nazzadi than there was when the last Mi gou ship was struck and blown up by a Mass Accelerator Cannon. The Migou had left in such a hurry that they did not even bother to scuttle or destroy their colony on Pluto. With all the resources left behind by the Mi-Gou, along with the machinery, they inadvertedly provided yet another gift to humanity, allowing them to rebuild and colonize the entire Sol system during the prosperous time of peace that was soon to follow. There was a Second Baby Boom and for a good 90+ years all was good. Until the Mass Relay was discovered and the Message Arrived.

The only allies outside of their system the Humans and Nazzadi have  is the Great Race of Yith. Scholars who travel through time and only seek to record all things for themselves and wishing to know everything that there is to know. Their allies, who constantly gave them vital intel during the war whenever they could, tell them that while Earth carved out a victory from an uncertain future, much is left to be found. The future is unwritten and even they who travel through time and live with it, cannot fully guess what is to come. But they are able to see hints.

When Humanity is ready and back on its feet properly, the Great Race of Yith sends some coordinates, with the location of a Mi-Gou mining operation. And Humanity takes the bait, not knowing the Yithians are gambling with the lives of all sentient beings, on the slim chance, that just maybe...the elder things and all others like them, may be defeated. The cycle must be broken. The Undying horrors must die, and new races must rise...

The Humans prepare for a full year before launching their invasion of the world with a sizeable Mi-gou hive on it. The first to hit the ground are Mech troopers in dropods, with plans to hit the Mi-gou hard and fast, to send the bugs running and skittering about while the rest of the army comes. But while the two longtime foes duke it out in an a bloody meat grinder between their forces, things are about to change quickly.

Turian patrols will be arriving soon, catching the signals of combat, the signs of Eezo ,and some unknown energy being used in the combat zone. They will arrive to discover the Terran Confederation and Mi-gou forces doing battle with one another with the savagery that would match a Krogan.

The game is set now, the players are at their stations, and the clock is ticking. The Awakening of the Reapers is on its way.

And after the cycle completes, the stars will align, in these strange aeons where even death may die.

Lustful Bride


Overhauled this thread and added a bunch of new ideas to it :P

Currently craving things from the "Plot Bunnies", "Fornax" and especially "Citadel Politics".