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June 18, 2018, 04:19:56 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking anime-esque, smutty fun with Traps (slutty fem-males sought)  (Read 627 times)

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Offline Lunar RavenTopic starter

A repeat post from the one I made in the Player seeking GMs section, but in this instance also open solo play as well in free form.  The dynamics might be a little different for free form play (probably more bent towards relationship building), but the idea remains more or less the same.  Two players optional.  Preference on the goblin and tiefling characters (see below) in this instance.

Edit: To visit the potential group page, visit here.

Primarily been craving all things trap/crossdresser, shemale, and (to a slightly lesser extent) futanari.  I was figuring a sort of light-hearted, fantastic, yet slice-of-life type of game that takes place in a sort of adventurer academy and follows the story of The Misfits - basically, the 'loser' group that eventually rises to surprise.  Admittedly, there's a strong harem bent in this.  The premise is something like this:

In the mythical First World, dominated by the fae, mystical creatures gather at the prestigious Caernaven Academy of Heroes, where they hope to train to become some of the mightiest champions in the world.  Whilst formerly a place where only the strongest and the elite gathered, recent decrees by the Courts of Summer and Winter have seen it that academy takes in one representative from every tribe, clan, or powerful family of ancient bloodline eligible to apply.  On the whole, everyone sends their best and all is well, but in recent peaceful times, new tribes have sprung up without any truly redeeming talent among their numbers.

Yet, even in that number, three particularly mediocre specimens stand out.  Their particular determination not to become the laughing stock of the academy caused them to seek out a curious tree, said to grant great power on those who could consume its fruit, the Mage Seed.  As it were, the Mage Seed only brought out greatness in those who had it in them, leaving them with no noticeable benefit.  Even so, they still had to go an represent their tribes and clans due to the Fey laws.

In the meantime, Caernaven hosts it's first human student, who unwittingly became the newest vessel of an eldritch entity long trapped in the Real World.  Unwilling to allow this power to remain trapped away in the world of human, he sent to Caernaven, and as part of the group selection procedure is lumped together the three misfits as a show that they are generally unhappy at having to host a human.

Setting: Despite mythical surroundings, the setting has a modern (or even-post modern, given a merger of magic and technology) high-school/university feel about it, with uniforms, cell-phones, and what-have-you.  I'm thinking that most things would happen pretty much on the very sizeable campus, with occasional adventures outside.

The GM more or less presents the challenges to daily life and NPC/monster-based smut.  I could GM it myself, but I'd prefer not to be character and GM at the same time.

As I was seeing it, this is a world of the heroic and statuesque - muscular warriors and voluptuous sorceresses - and as such, a place where a trio of androgynous-to-effeminate femme boys/shemales/futas aren't really held in high esteem; social prestige earned from bedding the most curvaceous babes or manliest studs ill-disposed towards queer slut-boys who prefer to be ridden rather than ride.

Based on certain pictures, I was thinking of three characters:
  • A trashy
    goblin (NSFW)
    with desires to be a great knight warrior.
  • A mischievous
    tiefling (NSFW)
    rogue, seeking to be the greatest thief.
  • A beautiful
    elf (SFW)
    priestess, who got a
    little more (NSFW)
    between her legs than nature otherwise owed.
I'm still open to ideas, as long as the general theme is adhered to ;)

I'd be looking to play the role of the human warlock who joins the academy.  As it were, the entity that now resides inside of him is the progenitor of the one-in-a-millennium trees that grow the Mage Seed; his semen has the ability to awaken the Mage Seed they ate to grant incredibly heroic abilities that would help them fulfill their aspirations.  The problem?  He's only got so much at any given time and the effects aren't permanent.

Adventures?  Choosing/making favourites.  Ensuring his diet is at optimum for semen production.  Surprise test/challenge - how to get your fill.  Dealing with the (often smutty) consequences/challenges of running out of your heroic boost mid-fight/challenge.  Rivals are going to find out sooner or later and want in - time to keep the challengers away.  Developing romance triangles.  Building the team into top-notch Champions.  Beach and swimsuit episodes.
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