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December 04, 2016, 10:24:39 PM

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Author Topic: A Kitten's Current Cravings (F looking for M/F or possibly F/F)  (Read 624 times)

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I've had a few ideas bouncing about my head for some time now, and haven't had the chance to play them out. So I've decided to put what my active little muse has been holding back onto the interest threads and see if maybe someone couldn't help bring those ideas to life.

I've been with E for years now, but I don't mind giving someone new a chance if it seems our styles and ideas mesh well. So don't be afraid to send a pm my way, I am all for playing with the ideas presented below and making them something we both can enjoy. Most of the stories can be played with either a M/F or F/F couple. I may even be tempted to play a male character if the plot gets that sort of muse aching to write.

I would like to be able to have a partner that can post 2-3 paragraphs per post, and at least 1-3 times a week. If we go back in forth a bit in one night great, If we only get one post to each other that week, that is fine. But I do hate to be left waiting for weeks, specially if you just vanish in the middle of a story with no word.

Also Good communication between myself and my writing partner. Have a craving, don't like what is happening, want to change things up or don't understand just pm me and we can chat to make sure this is fun for both of us. :)

Here are y on's and off's, I am willing to expand and try something new if it is present well enough. So don't be afraid to ask about a craving if it's not listed, but I'll be honest with you if it's not something I'm into.
~Two Kingdoms ~
With this one I'd like to play with a power struggle, as well as some historical and possibly even fantasy setting aspects. Two kingdoms at war for decades now, possibly even generations, of war between these two powerhouses. Suddenly the tables turn, and one of them gets the upper hand. But it isn't in the most honorable means.

They take hold of their enemies' lands and people, but found it difficult to hold onto it due to the people rebelling. They seek to end this fight by making their enemy's family theirs. There by taking hold of power not only by force but by law. The only member left of the other family is their princess, and the king has decided to marry her to his son.

This probably doesn't sit well with either of them, and will lead to a great deal of struggle between the pair. A struggle of wills and in the end of emotions and what the truth could possibly be about it all?

I can see this being in several different settings kingdom wise, European, Italian, even Vikings could be fun! Open to ideas and plotting to make this one great.
~Winter Soldier ~
Ok I admit it I'm a total dork :P But I have once again watched the Winter Solider movie and just want to play against this man (on top of...besides...under...) I mean, I would love a story between Bucky and an OC I can play. Maybe she is a spy after him, maybe she a genius techy or doctor that helps him, or maybe she is just that normal yet beautiful girl that he just can't get out of his head?

Lots of possibilities here, I can see a power struggle with a spy being after him. But I can see him being the dominate, or maybe she even brings out his more human side again? Maybe all of the above, maybe they end up fighting at some point. LOL see lots of ideas and possibilities with this one.

~Better then Grey ~

The movie was a short silly attempt at a somewhat great idea. Only I was thinking she worked for him, maybe this woman was a younger intern. And he is the older exec that can't get her out of his head, he expands her mind and shows her possibilities she had never dreamt of. While she brings a life and passion back to him that he hasn't felt in some time.  Maybe she the first female assistant that doesn't just go weak at the knees the moment he lays on the charm. And he can't shake the need to have more every time she says no? Can he change her mind, and when he does, what next?

PS images from a comic called sunstone, LOVE IT and highly recommend it if you haven't read it yet!

~ The living AI ~
They were called companions, and it was a regular thing in the year 2060. People had robotic care takers, maids, baby sisters, nurses, and even sexual partners. So when your character went to get one for himself, special ordering the perfect woman and taking her home just didn't seem weird. Or maybe you're a tech working at the plant and notice that after electrical mishap the bot that normally only mimicked humanity seemed to suddenly truly understand and show it. A living, learning AI...and youíre the only one that knows. What do you do with her? Do you teach her? Do you show her the world, or hide away for only your pleasure? What do you do when she really starts to feel and need things?

~ Random Encounter ~

Was it a party? An encounter on a train? A random personal add risky run in? No matter the reason this couple has come together and had the best sex of their lives before suddenly vanishing from each otherís lives. You dream and remember it for years, until suddenly this person comes back and that same spark is there. You ache and need to have each other, but you have new lives and responsibilities. But you need each other so badly it can't be ignore, and when you do finally give in you realize you don't want to let go again. What do you do then?

Tons of possibilities with this one, maybe you both have to travel for work and that is why you keep coming and going into each otherís lives? Maybe they are on different sides of things, the law, gangs, kingdoms much can happy with this one. So brainstorm with me and help come up with something amazing!

~ I will find you ~
I will search a thousand worlds, and ten thousand lifetimes to find you again. Soulmates seems like far too simple a term for what these two are. Their souls have always been intertwined and drawn to each other. They have each played some part in history, guiding it and playing out some key part as they search for one another.

Lots of possible ways this can be done, and if we get bored we can move them to a knew setting and point in history. Maybe we even work time, travel into the story? Maybe one of them remembers each past life for one reason or another? While the other forgets, and they have to find some way to reconnect with the lost part of their soul.
~ The Ritual ~

Two were chosen, masked or perhaps kept from ever seeing one another until the rituals night, either way you are presented to one another. Virgins giving their bodies over to the carnal desires and delivering the innocence on the altar of the gods. A night that began nervously, ends in relentless passion as the dawn comes about.

By all rights you were never meant to know one another after that day. But something gives it away, somehow one of you finds out the name of the other. And because that night has left you both marked you can't help but break the laws and try to see each other again. Maybe he is a warrior and she was a noble, both strong bloodlines. Maybe one was a commoner, maybe they both were and risk losing all they gained due to the ritual to be with one another?  I'm open to ideas, so feel free to pitch something if it fits the idea.

~The Gladiator's Claims ~

After watching a bit of Sparticus again my muse has a craving that needs to be taken care of. I wanted to see about having the Gladiator draw the eye of a slave girl, or even possible the young wife or perhaps the daughter of their master. There would be need for secrecy in either case, and the story could go any way depending on how it and we decide to play. I can also see this taking on a viking theme as well, both tempting ideas. :)

~Stargate Sci fi Fantasy~

Ok yes I am a nerd, but I can't help it. I have an idea that would involve my OC and Ronon Dex. I know the show played with DNA manipulating, and had an idea spark. Perhaps there was an experiment that the wraith (Micheal probably) trying to make a ancient/Wraith hybrid so that it(she) could interact with ancient technology. The SG team from Stargate comes across this experiment for some reason and she ends up with them. Could lead to a lot of great rp, and I think with some plotting it could end up being really amazing.
~ Caught Hot and Horny ~
Are the bully that used to torment my girl in school? Are you her new stepbrother pain in the ass? Are you the new pool boy? Are you the new house boy at my girlís sorority? Any idea is open, either way your character saw a closed off woman. Maybe she is a nerd you overlook, or a bitch to YC when out in public. Either way YC hadn't thought of her as someone sexual and desirable. Up until YC catches my character playing with herself unexpectedly. Maybe it's in the bathroom or with a toy in her bedroom? The site of it sticks you your character and he or she has to have the girl he or she never paid attention to. Does it become blackmail? Or is confronting her with the idea enough to tease her need into giving in?

Is my character a bitch out in the real world until you get her in the sheets? Or is your character awakening her inner sexual goddess? Again there are several ways this can be taken, feel free to give me your spin on things.

More imagery that inspires the muse, Some NSFW

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Re: A Kitten's Current Cravings (F looking for M/F or possibly F/F)
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