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Author Topic: A collection of Stories (anyone, really, but a lot of these are going to be M/F)  (Read 5575 times)

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Availability: Currently PRETTY MUCH AVAILABLE with regard to new stories.
You're more than welcome to PM me ( I love PM's, ) I love PM's, and while I am not desperate for more stories I wouldn't mind a couple more of the right stories.

Well, it's been forever since I've touched this page, and I'm kind of getting in a place where I wanna write some more. Some of that is just "for me" writing, some of that is "for me, but still on Elliquiy" writing, and some of it of course going to be cooperative storytelling here on Elliquiy with all of you wonderful people. So, on that note, I figured I'd go ahead and give my story page another once over.

Last time I wrote this intro, I didn't really have a huge idea of what I wanted to do here...

...and that's still kind of the case. :-)

In general, though, just assume that I'm going to toss whatever here with the hope that it'll stick. I try not to erase anything unless it's FIRMLY in the "I do not want to do this anymore," lot, but honestly, there's probably gonna be some erasing of things this time. So, yeah. I'mma gonna rewrite that section of my O/O's, but also, just for here...? I'm pretty confident that I'mma maintain this level of writing, but I feel compelled to note that my default stress reaction tends to be, "I don't wanna write right now." So, sometimes life will interrupt, and I'll be a very quiet writing partner for a month or two. ANYWAY, in general, expect the more "complete" worked out stories with inspirational pictures at the top of the page. Below that, you'll have some more 'seed' ideas that I might be interested in. n', lastly, like, just random stuff and pointers to things that I find inspiring and cool.

If you want a more general, broad idea of what I'm into then please check out my ON and OFFs.


Addendum: I've been putting a lot of "written up prompts/short stories" on my INSPIRATIONAL PICTURE PAGE.

Quick Disclaimer: I'm presenting all of the ideas in whatever format fits them best, with the understanding that we can customize and fiddle with stuff to make it work, so if you like an idea but don't like the way that I've described that idea-- feel free to PM me and tell me that,- that'll probably make me want to RP it with you more rather than less because as I mentioned above... I like working with a partner and getting exactly the right story for both of us!
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Story Seeds and Prompts
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2016, 02:41:00 am »
CS's More Detailed One-Off Ideas & Random Ramblings
I tend to order these as--- "a kinda normal story," "a cute story," and finally, "a sorta weird story." XD

...young college student gets a really really nice room in an old house within walking distance of the campus..

The house wasn't right on campus. No, it was maybe two blocks away, tucked away in a neighborhood that had once been really nice and now was still-- mostly nice,- complete with a grocery on the corner, sidewalks that pretty well covered this entire part of the city, and as noted, easy access to the one of the busiest schools in the state. It wasn't, perhaps, the school with the best reputation... no, it was a bit of a "party school", with a reputation for being a bit wild. It was a school, though,-- with full accreditation and a pretty popular sports program,- as well as all the facilities that you might expect.

Back before Michael had inherited the place, his maiden Great Aunt had lived in the old place all by herself...

...she'd grown up in the house, lived there all her life, and eventually passed away down town in the hospital.

Not long after moving in, Michael realized that the place was just entirely too big for him. Even with the Master Suite all to himself, and making some use of the "common areas," there was a lot of space to go around and eventually he just decided to put up a few ads. Roommates wanted, (3) rooms for rent, price breaks for anyone actively in college. The rooms, as he'd expected, went pretty well. Both of the rooms in the back of the house to some nice-seeming young men that had just wanted affordable places to rest their heads at night. They spent most of their nights out at parties on campus, and he only really saw the boys when they were in the kitchen or flirting with his other roommate.

Meghan had taken the "pool room," which was-- really quite small,- with a single window looking over the backyard. It had it's own bathroom, kind of, rather than the singular shared bath that the boys took-- but, that consisted of just a toilet, a shower stall, and a very very small storage spot for some towels. Everything about it was... a bit cramped.. Nor was it quite as "private" as the other two rooms. No, Michael's little "office" was just around the corner, and the living room was equally accessible. It was a tiny tiny little room tucked away in "his" side of the house and he hadn't really intended to rent it out. Especially to a beautiful young woman such as Meghan.

...but, she'd come after he'd already rented out the other two rooms, and while she'd seemed a little skeptical?

Well, he had basically been giving away the room, and once she did the math in her head? She pretty much DEMANDED he give it to her.

He didn't really expect it to be a huge deal at first, since after all, college kids. How often would she really be in his face? As it turns out, quite a lot, Meghan being a bit more bookish and serious about her studies than either of the boys. It didn't help that, while she spent plenty of time studying in her room, she'd also prop herself on the living room couch with one of her books... or sit in the dining room, pencil in mouth, doing her homework, explaining that she sometimes felt a little cramped in her little bedroom and the rest of the House was pretty much empty most of the time.

--and, well,-

It didn't take long until she was sitting in the living room with him, watching movies with him,-- or hanging out in his office, whenever she had a bit of freetime, talking to him about whatever,-- and before he even realized it had happened... he'd ended up friends with his 19-year old flatmate. Who, when he first mentioned this fact, simply noted that he was only 27 and that wasn't that much older. The words, 'I have a lot more in common with you than the guys on campus my age, anyway,' probably should have raised a few alarm bells. The fact was, though, by that time? He really didn't care anymore himself. The night he wandered into the kitchen in the middle of the night, only for Meghan to pop in wearing an old tee and a thong, he was fairly sure where this was going...

...when he pointed out that, if either of the boys saw her like that they'd go crazy, and she just remarked that neither of them were home tonight..

And, she wasn't disturbing him, was she?


No, she wasn't.

Notes: This isn't just... physical.. The two of them want to sleep with each other, yes, they probably crossed that particular waymark a while ago. In thought, not deed. Their relative ages, life experiences, and all the rest, those are coloring what's going on but the fact of the matter is that they genuinely like each other. Both of them can probably guess that, by the time her Sophomore year starts, she probably will be sleeping in the master bedroom...

...but, there's always that bit of doubt.. Are they really reading things right? What if something goes wrong?? For Meghan, of course, this is a very nice situation and fucking it up is dangerous. Similarly, for Michael, the last thing he wants is to make things uncomfortable for a young girl who has trusted him enough to live in his House. But, even so, the two of them are drawn to each other and they can't quite help it. They both start pushing things in tiny ways, showing each other their true feelings even as they get closer and closer to just confessing, both knowing that sooner or later the tension is going to break.

Basically, this is a romance tale first and foremost, not just a simple tale of a one-time hookup.

Stardew Valley Nights
if you've ever played the game "Stardew Valley," then you totally get this story in general, if not-- well,-- feel free to read anyway!

Haley didn't really have anything against Pelican Town, or the Valley itself, not really. She'd grown up here, the Valley was the only life that she'd ever known, and it was comfortable. It was also small, and that was the problem, because the pretty little blonde felt that her life here in town was too small. Sometimes she imagined she could feel this place getting to her, hemming her in and compressing her, pushing her down and forcing her into a set shape rather than just letting her be herself. She didn't want to live in this town, didn't want to get a job working at the bar like her sister or doing heaven's knows what to fit into this community that didn't really seem to have a place for people like her.

It hadn't always been a problem, of course.

Before her and Emily's parents had left on their world tour, when she'd just recently gotten out of High School, Haley didn't really have any of these concerns. It wasn't until a few months after the parents had left, when she'd first started taking her correspondence classes and took over most of the housework due to Emily having gotten a job, that Haley began to realize just how little place there was for the young woman that she envisioned herself to be in this small little valley and how little the paths that seemed available to her actually appealed to her. Even the petty little romantic dreams that she'd always had about the boy she'd always imagined she'd eventually marry seemed to have lost quite a bit of their sheen.

Haley liked Alex, but he didn't make her heart race...

She just wasn't in love with him.

Never mind that, in his own way, Alex seemed as lost as her and had even fewer answers: just empty dreams of becoming a sports star without any actual plans to make that happen. Not that she was much better, Haley understanding that she had little idea what the middle step between "taking my correspondence classes and getting my degree" and "move to the big city and become a photographer/fashionista." She wasn't even entirely sure what a 'Fashionista' was, and if you could actually learn a living doing that, and while she enjoyed photography she wasn't sure if she wanted to do it for a living. She was at least trying, though, and had something at least approaching a plan to find a little happiness in her life.

She knew, though, that there was something missing from her life.

She tried to fill the emptiness by walking around the valley, taking pictures,--
--even buying fancy dresses and hats and shoes from the mail order catalogue whenever she had the spare cash to do so.

If nothing else, at least her life was looking to get somewhat more excited, for the rumor was that someone had inherited the old farm on the edge of town. It had the entire town in more than a bit of a titter and even Haley was getting caught up in some of that energy, wondering just who the new farmer would be and what they'd be like. It was doubtful that the two of them would have much in common, of course, but she was still looking forward to having a new face around town and-- well,--- they might end up becoming friends.

You never knew, right?

Notes: Just for absolute clarity,-- if anyone is interested in this story, I'll be playing Haley, and you'll be playing whomever moves into the new farm. I mean, if someone REALLY wants to do this story and play Haley, talk to me about it and I'll consider it. Seriously, though, I absolutely adore the blonde and I wanna play her. :P The details of your farmer are entirely up to you, and you don't necessarily have to feel beholden to the storyline of the actual game, the only required part is that you're moving to Stardew Valley and taking over your Grandpa's old farm. Which you should name, or I can, it's really entirely up to you how you want to do this. I'm mostly looking for someone to play a Male opposite my Haley, for the record, but if you'd rather do this as a F/F storyline... that's workable too... just pitch me your idea and I'll seriously consider it. Also, yes, I know, Haley is not the most common Stardew Girl. Come at me. She's the one I wanna play! XD My version of Haley is adorable anyway.
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Re: A collection of Stories
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2016, 05:32:20 am »
CS's Quick Ideas & Prompts
Genre/Setting: Modern/Contemporary
1. Blushing Bride, is a story all about a wedding! Aaah, what a special occasion, so full of circumstance... everyone's family gathered together, huge amounts of money being spent, the sort of thing that every girl dreams of when she's little. Most expect the bride to be a little crazy, and a bit of a bitch, of course, and that's part of the reason why you invite so many of your friends there...! Really, there's lots of guests at these kinds of events, but there's also one guest that generally doesn't get invited to these sorts of things. That's, you know, the ex-boyfriend. The incredibly attractive, very well hung, best-sex-you-ever-had-in-your-life ex-boyfriend who you haven't seen in five years. Thankfully, you didn't invite him. You would never do something like that. Also, thankfully, your fiance has no idea who he is-- though a bunch of your friends do, and that's going all sorts of ways, and of course, your PARENTS know him. Which is a problem because, invited or not, he is HERE. And, he looks even better than he did 5 years ago.

2. Don't You Have Anything Better To Do? Which, you know, of course you do. You have all sorts of better things to do! But, well, you're home from college same as your brother, and playing 'little sister' while him and his best friend goof around the old homestead is at least entertaining if not productive. Plus, well, your brother might be complaining, but his best friend doesn't seem to be and you are very much enjoying that. You're 18 now, after all, and a freshman in college. You've even lost your virginity--sadly, NOT to your best friends' brother, whom had promised to take you to prom when you were both kids and then gone and gotten himself a girlfriend by the time he was up to bat, so you'd given up that particular card to a lesser man,--but, well, he was single NOW. You were single too. So, no, nothing better to do. Seriously, you wish your BROTHER would get something better to do. You have all sorts of things you wanna 'catch up' with his friend about and it's hard to do so with him hoggin' the guy...

3. Cheating Hearts'd thought you had it all planned out, honestly.. There he was, the perfect mark. He was somewhat naive, cute but not too attractive, trusting almost to a fault,-- and, most importantly, having just inherited a ton of money from his dead parents. So, you know, rich-- not used to money,- and in grief. It was easy enough to worm your way in, become a friend and confident, then a girlfriend, then a fiancé. Once the marriage was through, maybe a couple of more months-- possibly a year,- and you'd be able to funnel most everything out of me that you could and then you'd be able to wrap everything up and go back to your boyfriend. It should have been easy. You'd expected that he'd be sweet, and doting,-- it was nice, but really, she'd expected that,- it was a shame but this was about money. About your future! The one thing you hadn't counted on, though, was that your new husband-- when you finally let him into your bed on your wedding night,- would quite literally fuck your brains out. How did he learn to DO that??!

n' some shorter idea-seeds that can be developed further with someone who is interested!
4. you love your sister, enough to cover for her almost all of her life, but-- well, her having an affair with your husband? That was a step too far,-- and, you knew JUST how to get even...
5. "I'll never end up in any kind of cult," you'd always said to yourself. Then, well, those two girls had talked to you. They had been very... convincing. So, yeah, you're in a Cult now.
6. You have nowhere else to go, no one left to turn to,-- your parents won't even pick up the phone, you lost contact with all your ex-boyfriends, but... you know that if you go to ME, I'll take care of everything.

Genre/Setting: Modern-ish/Not-Quite-Contemporary
1. The Sex Doll, was shipped accidentally to my address, some kind of shipping error. I'd not ordered her, and worse, she didn't come with any kind of manual or a remote control or nothing. Once I turned her on she just 'called back to the office,' and a few minutes later, I had an apology... and a sex doll.. which customer support had rolled back to 'factory default' and which had been built for someone else. The weirdest thing that was "she" looked and acted just like a human being-- except for the whole "trying to talk me through various set-up options," thing that was going on, and even that was just weird. I think "she" could tell that I was a bit off-center about all this, and it was making her act a bit off about everything too, probably going into some kind of 'diagnostic mode'. Really, more than anything else, it was just AWKWARD. Someone had to do something to break the tension...

2. Believe It Or Not. The important thing to remember here, really, is that all of this "Ghostfacers" nonsense? That was your Brother's deal. You never really believed in any of it, you were just tagging along with your boyfriend, your brother's best friend and kind of your soulmate. Except, well, once you'd kind of gotten into all of this? It increasingly became more and more obvious that there really was something out there, and worse, that whatever it was that was out there.. it was really dangerous. Hell, on a couple of occasions, you and your friends had only made it out by the narrowest of margins. And, well, you knew that as much as your brother and your boyfriend might hate them? Those "Winchester" guys were... well.. When the older of them offered you took his number and promised to call if anything REALLY messed up happened.

here are some smaller one-off ideas, just brief little snippets to be developed:
3. Your new neighbor is 9 foot tall, blue (with horns!), and has a Claymore strapped to his back. Only you notice this, somehow, and once you realize you're not going crazy you just have to know more!
4. We're two sorcerers, husband and wife, who have been reincarnated time and again. Our loves and hates have burned through the annals of time; now we're reborn into this Modern Age.
5. We're both so in love, with such amazing chemistry, cutting through the very different worlds we came from-- it's the kind of love that burns. It's just a shame that we didn't meet while we were alive.

Genre/Setting: Fantasy
1. Of Knights and Ogres, is a familiar tale,-- you were kidnapped, taken by force and dragged away to a horrible fate. There was nothing you could do, no words that you could say that would save you, and your fate seemed sealed until I came out of nowhere. I killed him, killed that horrible beast, and if others might have seen it as brutal... you'd only seen a monster being put down-- even so! you'd been so frightened, at first, but I'd put an arm around you... so gentle, gentler than you'd have imagined,... held you softly, stroking your hair, cooing at you that it was okay and that you were safe now. That the monster was dead and would never hurt you again. I offer to take you home, but you have nowhere to go, so... I let you stay with me.. surprised at how quickly you adapt to this new life. Even growing fond of you, over time, as we grow closer. Of course, I know that it isn't over,-- not yet,-- the Knight... he wasn't alone. Others will come looking for their fallen brother.

2. Cross-Discipline Training, is a story about misplaced magic. You were born in a small village, with gifts that your parents and neighbors hadn't understood. As happens to all such girls, you were sent to live with the local Witch and became her Apprentice. One day, you would take her place, but until then... well, you kind of lived like her slave, but it was all that you'd ever known. Then, when your Mistress died, everything that you had ever known died with her. You weren't really ready to become the Witch yourself,-- nor was your Village any more ready to accept you now than they had been before- you didn't know WHAT would become of you... until he came.. He offered to take you away, to a place where you could learn to control your talents, something he called a School. You had no choice but to accept.

3. White Snow, is a story about loss. You were a princess, one of a noble line stretching back to the beginning of the Kingdom, beloved by your Father. He would tell you stories about your Mother, sometimes, of what she had been like and how he wished you could have known her. Then, one day, he met another woman-- and, for a time, you thought that perhaps she could become your Mother. Instead, she took your Father from you and locked you away. Those who still speak to you say that she claims that you-- YOU- killed your father. That... some horrible power lurks within you.. which had taken your Father just as it had surely taken the woman whom had birthed you. You know these for lies. There are still those who love you, though, who whisper that you will be freed. That you will reclaim what was taken from you.

n' some shorter kinds of ideas...
4. Once every 1,000 years, I descend from the Mountain and-- if not appeased,- it is said that I will destroy everything. You're the one chosen to 'appease' me and you're not really clear what that means.
5. Your village is burning,-- your husband, your sons, are dead,- and the northmen? They are coming for you now. You have an axe, you can still fight, but you know what lay at the end of that...
6. When the Imperials came to your village, demanding their tribute, there was no one else. Not after the famine, not after the plague, not after the raiding. You stood up for your people. They took you.
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Exalted-related Story Prompts and Ideas
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2016, 06:01:07 am »
Just a place to put, like, picture thread stuff that I don't want to forget about...
* one of my picture plot bunny's,-- fuckboi and bitch painter girl- is a kind of "two ships passing in the night" sort of thing... where one of the ships decides that it's ready to make berth here..
* This, more recent, story hook,-- where a wife is left alone with a "stranger",- feels like it'd be a lot of fun for a one-shot.
* This entire story hook,-- a wife bartered away by her husband during a poker game,-- would be SO MUCH FUN to play through. XD
* Specifically, this character played opposite this one, more or less. <.<
* This set-up, specifically this character, seems like it'd be all kinds of fun to play (or play opposite). Though the exact story idea for it hasn't yet occurred to me.
* Some kind of "Van Life" type story, details still forming, like these pictures here in my Inspiration thread.
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Re: A collection of Stories
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Re: A collection of Stories
« Reply #5 on: November 20, 2016, 10:42:10 pm »
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The New Girl
The New Girl
a young curvy ingénue begins working at her new job as a hostess at an exclusive and somewhat scandalous club in the big city. Who knows what trouble she'll get into...

Violet was never happy back home in the Elven Forest.

Everyone treated her like a little kid because she didn't yet have a hundred years to her name, her parents were overbearing and constantly set-upon her with their expectations, and her older brothers were overprotective to the point of keeping her from having any fun. Even her studies were... at best.. okay. She didn't mind the endless practice in sorcery and swordplay, to be honest, but most of the rest of her studies were just boring and seemed to serve no point at all. Worse, no one seemed to understand her complaints at all, at best saying that her restlessness was just a phase she was going through and that she'd grow out of it in a few centuries.


It was enough to drive her mad, but there didn't seem any kind of escape for her...

Until she met her first human.

He'd come to the elven territories on some kind of trade mission, and he was so exotic and strange to look upon. Even better, he'd not been alone, and for months she'd spent as much time as she could sneak away from her responsibilities immersed with the humans. Even before she slept with her first human, she knew that she fit in much better amongst these folk than her own people, and after one of the human men demonstrated to her just how inept all of the elven boys she dallied with had been at the art of love...

...well, when the caravan left, Violet went with them and never looked back.

13 years later, she's never once regretted her decision, occasionally wondering if she might have somehow been a half-elf... Her Mother certainly seemed quite set on this 'phase' thing, after all, but it still didn't particularly seem like a thing that could actually be the case. She was a bit surprised when the Caravan "stopped"-- it'd been a shock at first!-- but gradually she'd come to terms with it. Most of the people that she'd stopped travelling with had long since stopped travelling with the Caravan, and while she could have signed on with another of the Company's groups, honestly, it did feel like a time for a change. She'd only been in the Capital of the Human's Empire a handful of times and it had always intrigued.

Plus! She had just earned her first full century.

Maybe it was time to try something new.

In this case, "something new" ended up being the Golden Chalice, perhaps the cities most exclusive club. She'd known the place from a few years ago, when the Caravan Master had taken her there for a long week of relaxation, and she'd enjoyed her stay enough to remember the place as she settled back into the Capital and pondered what she wanted to do from here on. It hadn't been hard to get a position on the staff, despite the fact that she didn't really have the same kind of training and background as a lot of the Chalice Girls that worked there, for the simple fact that she was an Elf. Plus, honestly, over a human lifetime of time in the Elven Forest had give her more than a little experience with 'refined and elegant'.

This was all going to be so much fun!

This is somewhat less of a story, per se, and more of a character. Exactly what kind of trouble is Violet going to get up to at the Golden Chalice? That's really up to you, what kind of character you bring me to play opposite her, and what kind of plot we end up cooking up. Some of the details are very very much 'shiftable', however, and we can decide how we wanna do this exactly. Fair warning, while this is obviously a pretty sexual kind of story, I'm picturing it as involving a lot more teasing and build-up than actual sex. Chalice Girl's are also not on the menu... a variation that I would very very much enjoy, BTW, Violet could very easily get a job as a waitress at a bar and that could also be a lot of fun. So, if your idea runs more to that tone, feel free to toss me something along those lines. I feel like the "high-class hostess" angle is a bit more story-friendly, so it's what I wrote up above, but I think playing a cute flirty curvy elven barmaid would be a lot of fun. It'd just need something more than that to be more than just a one-shot.

So... yeah!

Looking For Daddy
Looking For Daddy
really hot girl dates a man's son in order to worm her way into the life of (and seduce) his divorcee father.

Markus had first seen her at his Son's graduation,--
--she'd attracted a bit of attention, despite how unflattering those gowns tended to be, mostly because...

...well, he'd caught her looking at him. She'd smiled when she'd noticed him looking back. Then, the same thing had happened a bit later, and if anything the smile was a bit larger and he hadn't been quite as quick turn look away that second time. Then, he'd practically bumped into the girl in the crowd when he'd gone up to congratulate his son for successfully graduating high school, the two of them sharing a 'moment' before he'd felt her eyes on him as he shared a few words and then escorted his boy out of the ceremony.

It hadn't been a huge thing, but, it had been enough that when she'd showed up a few days later Markus has definitely noticed that it was the same girl. That she'd showed up on her son's arm, his date, had been more than a little surprising. Mostly because, though Markus might love his son, there was absolutely no denying the fact that this girl was way out of Travis' league. But, well, love makes no sense and who was he to rain on his boy's supposed good fashion? She seemed like a nice girl and that first date was followed after by others.

He never really forgot the way she'd acted at the ceremony, though,--
--and the feeling, that something was a bit off, if anything only got stronger.

For one thing, they seemed to spend a lot of time at his house. Which, well, his son lived at home,-- or would at least until college,- or at least that had been the plan.
"Come on, Dad, it's not that big of a deal. It'll save a lot of money if I live at home and commute to Campus, right?"
Really, she spent a lot of time over at his house,-- started going out to dinner with them,- his son had even asked if his girlfriend could join them on their family vacation this Summer. That last big blow out before Travis starts college. Which, somehow, didn't seem quite as huge of a thing now that he wasn't actually leaving the house but still...
"I really love her, Dad, I never thought that... I mean! I've had a thing for her all school long and I never even knew that she noticed me. Please. I just... I wanna go on our vacation, but, I wanna spend more time with her too. Please don't make me choose."
The first time that he'd walked in on the two of them making out, everyone had been embarrassed,-- the second time, he'd been more annoyed than embarrassed and she'd taken a bit too long to get her top back on,- when he'd come home after a long night at work to find his son getting blown on the living room couch, well, he'd been REALLY pissed. Driven the girl home that very night. But, it hadn't really stopped anything.
"Oh, hi Mr. Monroe. I didn't expect you to still be awake... uh... I'm so embarrassed. I should go put a robe on or something. I'm so sorry. Oh? The t-shirt is fine? Yeah, it's one of Travis'. I love how it smells. Are you sure I'm not showing too much skin?"
It hadn't exactly been hard to spot, really, but he'd tried to avoid the obvious conclusion none the less. She did seem to be good to his son, admittedly, which is part of what made it so difficult. She doted on him, treated him very very sweetly, but...
"Ugh, Mr. Monroe sounds so weird and I don't like calling you Markus... Uh... can.. can I just call you Dad? I mean... would that be okay? I've never really- you know,-- had a man in my life. Nobody like you."
...but he was fairly sure that his son's girlfriend was actually interested in him..

What exactly was he supposed to do? She was getting more and more bold, admittedly, and soon he'd have to talk to her. Get through to her that this wasn't going to happen. But, gently, if he was too hard there's no telling what he might do or how that might impact his son. That, really, was the part that kind of pissed him off,-- or at least, that should piss him off,- but honestly? It was hard to be mad at her. She was so sweet, so warm and loving, sometimes he could almost imagine that he was wrong about everything. Then, she'd do something that just made it ever so clear and he'd find himself right there all over again.

There was no way his son would see the light, in any event, especially since honestly except for a few weird little tics designed to keep the two of them around 'Dad's' she was a pretty damn good girlfriend. Plus, they'd actually started having sex, and from what he'd heard she wasn't going to be losing his son's interest in quite a while. She seemed more confident around him, too, though still always demure and above all sweet. Really, honestly, that was the worst part.

He was beginning to crack.

And, he was fairly sure that she knew it.

This is kind of messed up, but I think the basic scenario is outlined above fairly well, though I kept details about the girl pretty vague. The only real core here is that she's basically involved with the son, but isn't really actually long-term romantically interested in him, instead being focused on the Father. I imagine her as a bit more broken, a bit more messed up, as opposed to evil and/or conniving. Very likely a bit in over her head, not entirely sure how the situation she's found herself in ends with her getting what she wants, but still committed to moving forward. Especially since she can tell that she's getting at least part of what she wants in the form of attention from the man that she'd actually interested in.

I wouldn't be opposed to reeling back the timeline a bit, and playing this out through the first time the son brings the girl home, but I will admit that I see most of that early stuff as "backstory." The story itself would begin a bit later on, once she's gotten well and truly into things, once she decides that the time is right to actually start seriously making the moves on the guy she actually wants. She knows she has to keep things up with Travis, but, she needs Markus and isn't willing to wait anymore. Once she has him, she'll figure out how to extricate herself from the first relationship.

THEY'LL figure out how to move on...

...and then everything will be happiness and butterflies and rainbows forever and ever.

TAKEN: Coming Unburdened
Coming Unburdened
the Therapist's newest client is someone he knows quite well... like, every inch of her body.. because he frequents the strip club where she works.

The instant Gregory saw her, he knew instantly that there was no way he could accept this client.

He had been skeptical to begin with, ever since he'd talked to the girl's mother and gotten the impression that it was her rather than the woman's daughter that probably needed therapy, but he'd agreed to see the young woman before making any decisions. She certainly wouldn't be the only client he had whose parents paid her therapy bill, after all, and while the impression he got was that her Mother mostly wanted her to stop stripping and be a 'good girl', that didn't mean that the girl didn't have something that she wanted to talk about... wasn't like he didn't have other Strippers as clients after all..

The issue, of course, was where this particular young woman worked. Specifically, in one of the nicer upscale clubs, the sort of place that attracts a lot of professionals. Including, in this case, him. In different circumstances, even that wouldn't be a huge issue, as he really only went to that club to see one specific girl. He barely even knew the rest of the girls that worked there, probably wouldn't even recognize most of them in their street clubs, and he probably wouldn't have any issues with having them in his office... of being their therapist..

There was that one girl, though, the one whom he went to the club to see. It wouldn't be fair to say that he was obsessed with her, because he wasn't, and nor where they in any fashion particularly close. He'd given her quite a large amount of money, though, more than he could honestly remember. Or, at least, more than he wanted to calculate. $10k? $20k? He'd once, quite seriously, volunteered to buy her a car if she'd go home with him and she'd seemed to seriously think about it even she'd been clearly shocked. He'd withdrawn the offer before either of them had been particularly tempted. It hadn't been appropriate.

At the club, she was everything that he wasn't supposed to want.

At his office, she was everything that he couldn't have.

...for the record, the above conveys the set-up, but I'd have to talk to the person in question for the specifics of our story to do this. Other set-ups, not related to strippers and therapists, are even possible but I do like this set-up in particular. The core here is the element of the forbidden. The sense of two people being drawn together, and both of them knowing that it shouldn't happen but wanting it anyway for their own reasons, of the slow breakdown of normalcy as the situation slowly dissolves into chaos and becomes something that both of them want but which isn't in any fashion what's supposed to be happening. It's about temptation, about giving into temptation, about getting things that you aren't supposed to want and doing things that aren't strictly healthy.

I'd want this to be a long-drawn out emotional story with a lot of resonance for both of our characters. Very very slow build-up and played as straight as we can. With the given premise, we'd have scenes set during therapy and other scenes at the club, each with a very different feel and dynamic. Both settings have their own rules... which, naturally, will end up bent and broken as the story goes on.. there'd be personal interactions between the two of them outside of those contexts as well. Phone calls that they shouldn't be having, getting together for lunch, etc.

Basically, the core to this story is TABOO.

The Hitchhiker
A bit of a switch between an epic adventure and a modern slice of life story, this tale focuses on two characters meeting in a manner that should be self-evident...

He'd been driving for days without end, and had days yet to go, an endless procession of highway exit signs, seedy little hotels, barely lit rest-stops, badly maintained backroads, shitty little diners with cute waitresses, and missed turns in the middle of the night because he'd not been using his GPS. Really, why would he? He was travelling so far that the concept of "getting lost" was rather pointless and he'd never actually been to where he was going so it's not like he knew the way. He'd already had all of his belongings shipped to his new address, had paid people to get his new apartment ready for him so that he didn't have to worry about buying new furniture and could just concentrate on his exciting new job. It was clean and efficient, which he figured made up for the massive inefficiency of driving cross-country instead of taking a plane.

He'd given himself a few weeks to make the journey, allowing for time to stop at the odd landmark and actually have a bit of fun on the trip without having to rush, and just... set off without much in the way of a plan other than 'head in the general direction that he needed to go and keep driving until he got there.' It was like one of the road-trips that his Father used to take the family on, when he was younger, except that the car was considerably emptier... wife, no kids, no bickering from the backseat, nobody to tell him that they needed to stop soon to use the restroom or to argue with him about when they should stop for the night.

Of course the empty car also meant no voices other than the radio, no one to play driving games with or to keep him company in the long lonely hours of driving.

It'd been the main reason he'd switched off of the highways,-- he'd always intended to take backroads, of course, but after nearly a day on I-75... well, a bit of time driving around aimlessly had been a nice distraction from the long empty stretches of highway. He'd even stopped at a roadside curio store and bought a large stuffed bear. He wasn't even sure why! He'd just forked over his credit card and stuffed the thing in his back seat before getting back on the road.

Maybe it was that loneliness that made him stop when he saw her.

The desire to just... have someone to talk to.. at least for a little while.


She'd been kicked unceremoniously to the curb several miles back, on some dark and abandoned stretch of nothing, miles from anywhere she'd even been in her life and with nowhere else to go even if she had decided that she wanted to turn around and head back home. She knew that she couldn't, though, knew that the only way through this was forward. The night sounds were thick and heavy, ranging from the incessant chirping of crickets to the stranger sounds that you heard in these little stretches of deep forest that just happened to have a road cutting through. It almost made her wish she'd just done with the guy had asked, after all, "ass or gas" was the law of the road but she didn't actually have much money left, but if she'd been willing to do that sort of thing with wrinkly old men then she'd probably still be back home.

It'd been a bit of a no-brainer, really, leaving when she did. So long as it was just her and Mom, life wasn't too bad, but when she'd invited that old drunken son of a bitch back into their home that meant that it was time to nope right the fuck out of there. The instant that she'd come home from her shift and seen him in the living room, she'd just headed right for her bedroom and started packing, tossing what she could into her briefcase and noping right the fuck out of that shithole trailer. She wasn't a minor anymore, was an adult, and even if the road was a long and dark one... she'd find her own way in life..

For the time being, of course, that "way" involved walking along the edge of a road where she saw maybe a couple of cars every few hours and sticking her thumb out.

The last few cars hadn't even stopped, which was making her more and more nervous, because if she was going to get ax-murdered it was going to be on a long stretch like this.

Really, she'd feel so much better when she made it back to the highway,-- to a town or even a city,-- somewhere that wasn't so vast and dark and empty. Where she could at least cry out and hope that someone actually answered her if she ended up in over her head, if someone tried to force the issue, where she had enough potential tag-alongs to actually be somewhat picky in terms of whom she got in the car with in hopes of not hating herself after the negotiations ended. She had such a long way to go, after all, until she reached her sister's or maybe her grandmother's and hours of darkness on the side of the road had convinced her that she'd maybe have to be a little more flexible.

When she heard the car approaching, saw the reflection of the headlights, her action was just about automatic.

Arm outstretched, thumb up,-- silent prayer,-

I like the above set-up, and can easily see myself playing either role,-- the driver or the hitchhiker,-- and you can consider the above characterizations "how I'd play them, more or less, if that's the person that I end up playing in this story." Obviously, if you end up playing one of them, you might choose to fiddle with the way that I've presented them above or just throw that out entirely and pitch your own idea for who the person is and what they're doing along that particular stretch of road. Which, in a way, is the story seed itself-- the picture,- not necessarily of the girl but of the road.

It's a long stretch of nothing, rimmed by trees and grass, and not really all that well-maintained. It's miles and miles away from anything, there's practically no traffic, and if our little hitchhiker passes up on a ride then she might not see another one for hours. Also, unlike the picture, it's the middle of the fucking night when I see these two crossing paths. Now, that said, my expectations for this story are more romantic than coercive. I like the idea that the hitchhiker is afraid of big bad men, and feels pressured to give up things that she'd really rather not give up, but I'd prefer if the actual scenario is lighter and more romantic. If there's sex, I'd like it to be genuinely consensual, rather than coerced in any fashion. That said, if you'd prefer to run this a little differently, feel free to talk to me. I can even see some potential for a NC scene here, so long as it's something that happens before our characters meet... terms of longer ambitions, I figure that both of the characters are going to be together for a while, and neither of them are in any particular hurry. They'll stop at landmarks, maybe see the grand canyon, and otherwise have a lot of time to bond and become friends with one another. I'd have absolutely no issue with this story, like, not even including any sex at all. Maybe a bit of tension, a bit of clash, but eventually they arrive at her grandmothers house and she gets dropped off. With his phone number, and the hopeful note that they keep in touch, but this story doesn't need sex for me to consider it sexy. That said, in my mind's eye,
 I see the two of them falling for each other and her ending up just... going with him.. perhaps after a short detour at wherever she gets dropped off.

A Bridge to Reality
a lonely horny college student finds a woman drawn into reality out of his computer... which isn't quite as 'sexy' as he'd always imagined it would be..

The Waifu.

She's just pixels on a screen, just a fantasy given form in light and shadow,-- she isn't real, often isn't even particularly close to being real, only a styilized homage to a certain oft quite narrow subset of reality. They come in many many forms, at the end of the day, depending on the interests of the ones who depend on them. Most common, of course, are the sweet innocent ones, dressed in modest clothes. Such tiny eyes, such a narrow waist, such a tragic backstory. The kind of girl that exists to be printed on a pillowcase and cuddled softly deep into the night. Maybe she's a modern day Action Girl, with improbably sized tits and a talent for carnage that would beggar the imagination, whose clothes could be called many things but never 'functional'. She's spunky, never boring, and yet never entirely leaves behind that 'walking wet dream' aspect even as she's robbing tombs or piloting mechs. Others are straight up icons, images given shape for no other reason than to be worshiped, whose blank eyes have watched countless worshippers spill their seed in supplication to their impossible bodies. They exist for little other purpose, or even none, just altars of a newfound faith -- Goddesses of a Godless age.

Or, at least, she was just pixels on a screen...'s not unknown, really, that such a girl can come to life. It's rare, of course, rare beyond imagining. A magic most often unspoken of, born in the hearts of the lonely and desperate, which pulls these women into the world and connects them to the one who bridged their world and this one. Most prefer this world, they desire to stay,-- to live out a life of flesh and potential,- but always a life. They were born of fantasies, idle thoughts that seldom left much room for what they want, but they do want. Yet, at the same time, the one who bridged their world and the one to which they now wish to belong are important to them in a way that they cannot quite escape.

In ideal circumstance, a compromise is required. A pact between Bridge and Waifu. The woman gets to exist, gets to be real,-- gets to pursue her newfound dreams and exist in the world that is so much more rich and vibrant that the one that she left, to experience all of the joys and sorrows that make existence such a cherished commodities. Their bridges, their Men, they get to be a part of those lives and can replace their pillow covers with a real flesh-and-blood woman. They get at least some of what they wanted. It's not as unlikely as it might sound, at first, even. In the best of circumstances, a Waifu truly loves the Man who helped her into this world, how can she not be awed by that level of devotion and obsession that drew her to paradise. All that she requires is acceptance, is room to be herself, and if she is given that then showers of kisses are the least of the rewards that her Bridge can expect.

...of course, some Bridges can't quite manage that..

And, even in the most benign situation, sometimes the transition is difficult for one or both.

Sometimes it doesn't work out, sometimes the thought of going back is preferable to the idea of staying one more second with him. Sometimes the Bridge finds that he cannot stand the one that he called, cannot accept that this is who he wanted to exist, and there's a certain point where no matter how much she might want to stay it doesn't matter if the Bridge no longer feels that connection. Sometimes things... work.. but not in a way that either party is happy. Maybe he wishes he could get rid of her, but, he cannot quite stop himself from letting her exist no matter how miserable a mess she makes of his life. Or, somewhat more common, maybe she is so utterly desperate to be real that she molds herself into what her Bridge wants her to be even in defiance of her own will.

This is a prompt, a story idea, but there aren't really characters in it. (The picture inspired the idea, but isn't really a character,-- I figure she's an "Idol," in any event, some random 3d model that some guy has been masturbating to way too long. Until he becomes a Bridge and she a Waifu.) There's considerable variation, thusly,-- is she a Video Game character? An Anime Character? Some foxy animal girl from an online comic that some guy has obsessed on way too much. What is the Bridge like, and, what is their relationship like?? Do they BARELY get along, or, is theirs a relationship that actually resembles something mostly healthy?

There's room for some pretty horrible abusive stuff here too. You're fictional masturbation material, come to live and become as bright and vibrant as any girl, but your Bridge doesn't care about any of this and wishes you were just a glorified toy. Really, why not just give him what he wants? It's a small price to pay for what all you get. ...isn't it? Or, as an alternative, maybe the Waifu is the abusive one!!! How easy, really, to wrap someone that obsessed with you around your little finger. What's he going to do? Suddenly NOT be obsessed with you? Hah! Yeah, sure. Little fucker probably gets off on it.

Obviously, in any event, if this idea appeals to you then we'll have to talk about all of these details. But, you know, FEEL FREE. I like this particular concept. It could be fun. XD

Broken Hearts
a "picking up the pieces of a broken life" type story, about a man going through a messy divorce, details subject to change. TAKEN

Christopher Blake had a good life, only a few months ago, or so he'd thought. He had a good job, lived in his dream house (with a very affordable mortgage), had two cars, three cell phones, landline internet, and cable. Shelly, his 16-year old daughter, was as beautiful and intelligent a girl as any father could want, and had inherited her mother's kind heart and his own sharp mind,-- he worried about her starting to date, admittedly, but that was just another part of the 'good life'. He thought he had a good marriage, 16-years of happiness with only the third girl he'd ever dated and by far the best lover he'd ever been with. Sure, Amanda had put on a few pounds over the years, but he still loved her: still wanted her.

He still didn't understand how a woman who had, just the week previous, given him a blowjob and ridden him all night like they were back in college could then serve him with divorce papers and ask him to move out of the House that he'd helped to build just as much as she had. It didn't make any goddamned sense to him and she refused to talk to him about what it was: he wasn't fucking his secretary, he didn't spend all of his time at work to the neglect of his family, and he was sweet and sensitive and a good listener. It didn't make any goddamned sense to him!

Shelly didn't understand it, either, and in the manner of children was blaming herself...'d led to many tearful intimate conversations between Father and Daughter, hoping to get her to understand that it wasn't her fault,- that sometimes things didn't work out,- but that it didn't mean that either of her parents loved her any less. Which, well, he assumed was true. As far as he was told by his daughter, Amanda seemed perfectly content now that he was gone, almost as if she really didn't care one way or the other about the well-being of her husband. The only time she seemed upset, at all, is when she and her daughter got into a row. Which, at the very least, was something.

So, he'd moved out, getting himself a small little apartment not far from where he worked and more or less planning on eating as much of the divorce as he could. There'd been more than a few arguments with his divorce attorney about that, of course, the grubby little man making it clear that he didn't think they should give Amanda anything unless he supplies her husband with some kind of explanation. Chris was just done, though, if she was ready to throw their marriage away like that then it obviously wasn't important to her. There wasn't anything medically wrong with her, the Doctor's had cleared that real quick and he'd only bothered to pay the Private Investigator for a few weeks before admitting to himself that she wasn't having any kind of affair.

She'd just hit the emergency break on their marriage and he might never even find out why.

Notes: What happens from here is entirely up to the two of us. I like this specific scenario, the stark reality of it, and I can see it going all sorts of different ways. Maybe the story is about him and Amanda working through whatever the issues are and getting back together, assuming we can come up with a good reason for why she broke up with him and how they'd end up back together. More likely, though, he meets someone else,-- ranging from a coworker who has always been interested in him, to a kindred spirit in the form of a bitter divorcee who hates men but can't quite gie them up, to your 'average' Manic Pixie Dream Girl who helps to revitalize his life (but with more sex than that typically involves.) The only scenario off of this that I'm not interested in is Father/daughter incest, as that is listed in my "Hard Limit's", so please don't even ask. Though one of his daughters friends or something like that could work with the right idea. This is a story that I see involving a lot of banter, anyway, and probably a lot of drinking and booze and talking about his ex-wife and everything. Christopher is not in a happy place right now.

OFF ROTATION: Fall of Constantinople
The Fall of Constantinople
a story about escaping from war and death, about an unexpected romance, and starting a new-- simpler-- life together with your loved ones...

You had long since grown tired of watching,-- day by day,-- as your husband sunk deeper and deeper into Insanity.

He was once a powerful man, in spirit if not in truth, the Emperor of the once-great but long-since faded Byzantine Empire. Emperor Constantine XI, Palaiologos, who would in the fullness of the historical record be remembered as the last Byzantine Emperor and the one who oversaw the cities fall to the Ottoman Turks. The great enemy had overseen the slow retreat of the Empire for far too long, slowly hemming the Greeks in until they controlled very little more than the city itself... wasn't until the young Sultan of the Ottoman's, Mehmet II, began constructing fortifications to control the Bosphorous Strait that the Empress Theodora finally realized that there was no hope left. Even if she had no cares other than for herself, she likely would have acted no differently, but it was not for her own sake that the Empress cast her cunning eye over the various servants of her husband in search of the one whom she could bend to her own service. No, when she broke her wedding vows and took Ser Branas into her bed, she was thinking of her daughter more than herself. It was no easy feat, to seduce the strong young Cataphractoi who had served all his life at the whim of her Husband, but the time spent in the task was well-spoken.

He was younger, virile, twice the lover that her husband was and wiser than even she had at first given him credit for. He, too, saw the doom that was approaching the city and with her beckoning whispers shared in the dark of the night she managed to win him over toward her side. If only she had chosen to act sooner, when escape would have been easier, maybe she would have been able to seduce her savior before the Turks had closed the straights and begun their siege. Maybe the plans and preparations that they saw too were too carefully laid, too slowly put into action, such that by the time they were able to act it would be too late and they would have but little hope of escaping until the chaos of the invasion itself struck.

If she had any doubts of leaving everything behind, it was all abandoned when she sat in Court while her husband received the Ottoman Emissary. For a bare moment, as the offer was read, the Theodora even dared to believe that they might be saved and she might not have to run away from everything that was her life. May still, perhaps, be an Empress-- if one with no Empire,- as she heard the most generous and kingly terms of surrender that the young Sultan had offered to her husband. A personal pledge, sealed by Mehmet himself, that any who wished to leave would be free to do so.

The words that her husband had answered in kind, pledged the Emissary to return to his master, had burned themselves into her mind: "My people would rather die to the man..."

They were words that, that night, she repeated to Ser Branas even as her lover clutched at her naked body and offered her what comfort he could with his own. They had a plan, one that they had to be ready to enact on the very day that the invasion itself began in earnest when the walls were breached and the battle began. Only leaving at the very final moment when all eyes were focused on everything but those refugees fleeing from the city. Just the three of them, amidst a flood of similarly minded souls,-- Ser Branas, Theodora herself, and her daughter, the Byzantine Princess who still knew nothing of her mother's plans.

Notes: A slightly better write-up of this idea, and one that I still find very interesting, with a few different options. It's easy enough to back this prompt up a bit and deal with the Empresses seduction of Ser Branas and the formulation of their plan. That said, the essential form of the RP focuses entirely on their escape from the city and what happens from there on, with a focus on the glowing closeness between Branas and Theodora and the shock to the Princesses lifestyle as she loses everything that she'd valued... but NOT her life, as she'd probably expected..

In terms of the Princess, I can see a few options,-- I'm not at all averse to this being a bit of an MFF storyline, with both Mother and Daughter becoming involved with the Eastern Knight (or Cataphract, as is the more culturally correct term, as I understand it) but I'd also be more than fine with the Daughter ending up with a love interest of her own. The rough intention, in terms of the story, is that they do manage to escape despite many trials and difficulties along the way and that rather than entering into exile or anysuch... they find some other answer.. disappearing from history as if they never existed but finally- perhaps for the first time,-- being happy.

This is a quasi-historical story, anyway, though I'm not a huge stickler for accuracy. It's also a bit of an alternate timeline, where instead of dying in childbirth along with the child the Empress Theodora gives birth to a daughter but is rendered barren in the process. I can't find a good solid range for the Empress, but probably early-to-mid-40s, and the Daughter would be 24. It's worth noting that "Empress Theodora" is almost certainly not the name that she was born with, but more of a title, and the Daughter of course doesn't have a name. Ser Branas, for the record, I picture as about 31 or so.

These are just, you know, story ideas that someone has already approached me about and which I'm either currently writing,-- started writing and the idea fell through but I'm not ready to try again,-- or which I've finished writing and am no longer really interested in anymore. I.e., these ideas aren't really available but if one of them really appeals to you or you have a different take on it? Feel free to run it by me.
  • In The Claws of Insomnia (TAKEN)
    Nathan was beginning to feel a bit like a Zombie, honestly, it having been months since he got anything approaching a decent night's sleep. He'll just fall down onto his bed and collapse, now and again, and if he gets more than two or three hours then that counts as a decent night's sleep by his standing. Mostly, though, Nathan was living a life harshly regulated by alarms and coffee. It hadn't been easy, and thank god he lived in the city where he could pretty much didn't have to drive and that his job was pretty much just... mind-numbing.. which was something he never thought he'd ever say in his life.

    Once he'd gotten used to just-- not sleeping,-- he'd found the hardest part of it all was just keeping himself occupied throughout the long hours of the night.

    He'd listen to music, play videogames, goof around on the internet and chat with far-flung people from other-timezones. Really, just anything to stave off boredom, since there was nothing worse than being absolutely exhausted and utterly utterly bored. (That was called: Work.) The other thing Nathan liked to do, of course, was go on walks. The world was so different at 3am, and while it'd felt a little odd being outside at that hour at first, he'd... gotten used to it. It was kind of nice, anyway, wandering the empty streets with no company except the empty vault of the night sky.

    He didn't notice Her until a few weeks ago, but rather or not that was because she was new to the area or he'd just never noticed her,-- that wasn't clear,--

    She lived across the street, in a nigh-identical apartment complex to his own, occupying some unit on the third floor. Near as he could tell, she didn't sleep much more than he did, if she did at all. He'd just noticed that there was always a light on up there, at first, but Nathan had gradually come to learn more and more about his not-really-neighbor in Insomnia. She was about his age, pretty in a dried out 'needs more sleep,' kind of way that he imagined he shared, and had managed to get a job slinging coffee at a nearby cafe.

    He felt a weird kinship with her, despite not knowing her name or the least thing about her,--

    --just a figure he'd see in the window, now and again, with whom he shared the occasional wave at ungodly hours of the evening when they spotted each other. He'd pondered going and visiting her cafe, just to say hello and introduce himself, but he could never figure out a way to do it without coming across like a stalker. Plus, it wasn't like "can't sleep" was all that much to have in common, really, so who knew if they'd even get along in the end anyway? say that he was surprised when he had a knock on his door at 2:45 would be an understatement..

    There she was, though, when he opened the door.

    "...hey.. You're welcome to come in, I guess.. Coffee?"
  • I Never Noticed You, not until my life fell apart,-- after my fiance left me at the altar, or after I took my parents' death particularly hard, whatever it was,-- you were there for me. A shoulder to cry on, arms to wrap around me and hands to stroke down my back, someone who cared and way more than I figured. The time I told you that I didn't want to be alone, and you just nodded and climbed into bed with me, I knew that you were more than a friend and it amazed me that I never noticed before. How long have you been in love with me? Can you forgive me for being such a blind fool? This is the kind of story where we probably play through the entire thing right from the beginning, with my character gradually discovering what he'd been missing because it was right in front of his eyes, and your a bit distant at first but gradually giving in.
  • The Witch and the Widower, you've lived outside of the Village for a very very long time, always alone and somewhat shunned for your strange powers. They leave you goods and come to you for folk remedies and the occasional working of magic, but they don't let you into their homes or share with you their joys. You have, though, shared in my Sorrow. Ever since my wife died, I've been drifting further and further from the rest of the villagers and you've more and more frequently run into me in the wilderness while you're gathering herbs. We talk sometimes, but its not until you hear my fervent knocking at your door and open it to find me bleeding your stoop that we begin to become truly close to one another.
And, of course, some of the more 'story seed' ideas that I'm either currently writing a story on or have previously done so.
  • the geeky computer-guy and the prim popular sorority girl,-- this just appeals to me, a very much 'different people drawn together', kind of story, focusing on their love story in particular.
  • a story where I'm a young attractive priest, new to the parish and taking over for the late Father, and you're the seductive young minx that has set your eyes on me and intends to make me break my vows.
  • You're a pretty bosom-y serving girl at the village Inne, I'm the injured Adventurer spending some time in town recuperating. Be careful, when your ontop of me, or you might re-open my stitches.

Okay, here's a bit of a World of Warcraft post, and since my long-term WoW character was female...

Reconstituting the Clergy: Arch-Bishop Saiah
This story takes place during the time-frame of Mists of Pandaria, not long after the discovery of the continent, when Anduin is missing and things have yet to be established in that strange land. It deals not with adventures in that magical mist-shrouded land, however, but instead with the turmoil within the Cathedral of Light following the discovery of Archbishop Benedictus' secret conversion to the Twilight's Hammer.

It's all over now, you see?

It was worse than most any of us expected, a true Cataclysm, but Deathwing is dead. I know, I was there, lending the power of the Light to those brave heroes that fought to stop the rampaging beast before he destroyed all of Azeroth and doomed all Life to a meaningless nothing. How any sane mind can serve such a thing still baffles my mind, but then, most of the Twilight's Hammer were not exactly sane are they? Some few of them might still exist, but they're scattered and broken, their leaders dead and their cult shattered. Even their apocalyptic savior is gone, and with him, the Time of the Dragonflights has come to an end as well.

I'd not really known what I expected when I returned to Stormwind. I didn't feel like a conquering hero, and so the lack of any great parade was not something that I missed. Still, there wasn't any that didn't know of what had occurred in at least some vague detail and I could see the thankfulness of the common folk as they looked upon me. My companions and I parted ways, for what I thought was just another brief passing before we would again be reunited for some new adventure, as I forced myself to not think of the devastation that still marked the cities Park District and the even greater hole left in the soul of every follower of the Light. In normal circumstances, when I felt like this, I knew who I'd go to unburden my soul.

The Archbishop...

I can still remember running down that devastated path in the heart of the Dragonblight toward the Temple, the madness of the Old Gods still bubbling up all around us. I'd seen Archbishop Benedictus then, and my soul had been lifted as I thought, oh thank the holy Light, the Archbishop is here, surely he will save us. Except, that wasn't his intent at all, was it? When had he exchanged sanity for madness, when had he forsaken the light and let the chaos of the old gods claim him? It hurt, deep within, because I knew that whatever he'd done to himself had likely consumed him entire. If he existed still, at all, it was likely only as some idle whim within one of the great old gods that have ever so recently returned to their fitful slumber.

Where once, staring up at the shining beacon of the Catheral of Light would have brought me only relief, now it just filled me with regret.

What manner of peace could I possibly find in such a place, now that its guiding light had been snuffed out? It wasn't for guidance that I walked across the plaza that now seemed somehow darkened to me, however, but instead the answers to a summons that I'd received in the midst of the boring logistics following the death of Deathwing. (Which had begun, but not ended, with "Okay, how do we get off this rock...") The first half completed with my return to Stormwind, that left only the second, which I seemed hesitant to fulfill as I instead stood at the first of the steps leading up into the Cathedral. It was still a beacon of Light, of Hope for all of Azeroth, but it still seemed empty and cold to me.

Even so, I took to the stairs and tried to force myself to smile as I entered into its hallowed halls.

Halls that bore the bones of my late husband, our fallen child, and too many of those whose lives I'd touched over the years.

I was greeted by a quorum of Bishops, who smiled at me and beckoned me forward, as if they'd been expecting me. Old bickering men, focused more on politics than the Light, that was what my younger self would have thought upon seeing such a gathering of notables and I'd be lying if I said the thought didn't occur to me. Except, in all truth, I was beginning to get no few gray hairs myself and had of late grown weary and even somewhat wry. Whisper, one of my oldest friends and a devotee of the Druidic Arts of the Night Elves, had even remarked as such and noted that I should not stand so heavily in the Shadow that I began to forget the Light. It was easy, though, to draw upon that aspect of and I'd found myself relying upon it more and more.

I dare say I 'd scared poor Anduin half-to-death when I'd wreathed myself in it, following the attack by the assassins in the woods behind the City, and I'd seen the fear in his eyes even after I let the Shadowform lapse. Initiates find the side of the Light frightening, that much I knew, and I even knew that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Too many had been driven astray by the Shadow, not realizing that it was merely a necessary aspect of the Light that we worshiped and not some maleficent force of a different and equal aspect. Maybe this was why I'd been summoned here? Some misguided concern for my soul, fear that one of Benedictus' closest students was walking down the same path?

"Saiah... it is good to see you," came the kindly voice of the eldest Bishop, Lazarus.

I simply smiled, embraced him in turn, "Thank you, Brother. It is good to be home."

One of the others, who I would be embarrassed to admit I did not know, simply nodded but added, "Does it still feel like home to you then? That is hopeful."

I was silent, for a long time, but I finally couldn't hold back the words that welled up in my heart: "In truth, no, this Cathedral is still a beacon of hope and light. It doesn't feel like home to me, however, not any longer. A shadow has fallen over it, over us all, and though I do not fear the dark... This, this I fear."

Bishop Halle simply smiled, lightly, regarding me with understand and compassion. "Do not fear to speak your truth, Sister. We all feel as you do."

" do? Then-- I had worried that I was being called here for some chastisement,--" I said, voicing my earlier concern.

The entire gathering looked at me as if I'd somehow sprouted another head, and I simply looked back, vaguely self-conscious but trying not to let it show.

Finally, Lazarus simply noted-- a bit of humor in his voice,- " have, quite literally, just came back from helping to slay the embodiment of this world's total destruction. No, Saiah, we've not called you here to chastise you or--"

"--why then, please? Let's not bandy words. I'm tired, emotionally and physically, and I'd know you brought me here," I said.

The Bishop simply nodded, and said the words that would change my life forever, "Saiah, we've all spoken and come to an agreement. You are to be named Archbishop."

Notes: This, you know, is a WoW prompt and if you don't know anything about that then you should just move on. It's set just before Mists of Pandaria, right after the end of Cataclysm and it doesn't deal with adventure and monsters-- though the RP might involve such things, if it makes sense,- so much as healing the soul of a city, rebuilding a Church that has suffered unimaginably, and the exploration of a character with far more depth and vibrancy than the MMO ever allowed me to explore. Saiah Yen is a high-level Priest, equipped with Holy Artifacts of unimaginable power, who is about to enter into a situation where all of that power will avail her absolutely nothing.

I'd be perfectly fine playing this with no sexual element at all, but honestly, I'd like to play some kind of story here. Saiah is an older woman, in her late 40s to early 50s, and she's lived a long and eventful life. She's loved before and sworn that she wouldn't again,-- but, her life is changing, and who can tell what is still writ in the book of her life? In my mind, Saiah is very very straight, and the relationship is thus likely to be a M/F one. The most likely candidate is either another Priest, perhaps a Junior Priest assigned as her assistant, or more of a colleague who is assigned as her advisor and attache. I'd also, very easily, see something developing between her and a Paladin assigned as her Bodyguard. That said, I'm open to just about anything. Though, for clarity, only Humans, Night Elves, and Worgen need apply for any romantic relationships.

That said, while I can't see anything involving Goblins, Gnomes, or Dwarves-- and an ABSOLUTE no to Forsaken,--, but if you have some kind of more far-fetched idea? Go ahead and voice it. I could potentially be lured into some kind of F/F scenario here, even though that's not really where I see this going and I don't really actively look for those kinds of RP's, perhaps with a Night Elven Priestess of Elune or a Worgen Druid-girl or something. Cross-Faction Romance is not impossible, though you'd have to have a good idea for what to do there, especially since I can't really imagine how it'd work...
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