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October 21, 2016, 08:15:48 AM

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Author Topic: A collection of Stories  (Read 294 times)

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A collection of Stories
« on: March 13, 2016, 03:42:52 PM »
Okay, this here is my idea's page. Fair warning, these ideas are and will remain "really specific ideas that I like and would love to do with the right partner:" they're designed to show off the kind of stories and characters that I'm very much interested in writing about right now. I'm likely to be somewhat picky about them, but they're not inflexible, so if the idea seems 'close' to something you're interested in or look like something you'd like to do except for one specific element,-- feel free to PM me and ask about making some modifications, changing out one bit for something similar, brainstorming with me how to fit a character of your own into the scenario, or otherwise making small changes so the idea works for you,-- but if you want a more general, broad idea of what I'm into then please check out my ON and OFFs.

Availability: Currently MOSTLY UNAVAILABLE with regard to new stories.
This means that I'm probably gonna turn down anyone that approaches me, right at this moment, until I finish up a few of my stories. If you have a really awesome idea, or I really wanna write with you for some other reason, individual exceptions might be made.

CS's Ideas: Detailed Storylines
A very long-term intimate Romance story
Girl Next Door is a story that will involve me playing a number of characters. This would start with both of our characters being fairly young, probably at the site's age limit of 16, and having lived next door to each other for a variably long-period of time. They used to be pretty close, but drifted apart over the years as they got into different social circles, until something happens that causes them to reconnect and get close again. My rough idea is that my character's mom dies, and you're there to help me out during a difficult time, and as a result we become friends again. Strained friends from different social circles who don't have a lot in common anymore, except the bond we forged when we were both kids. Your character is also dating someone at this point, her pushy handsy boyfriend who is trying to get her to have sex, and stuff happens there that we play out as our primary characters's relationship is growing in the background. Another fun thing here would be "help studying," which becomes a bit more intimate without being sexual, perhaps involving the two of them waking up one morning realizing that we'd drifted asleep and ended up snuggling. Nothing happened, though, even if things between the two of them get awkward for a while.

We move onto college at this point. The high school boyfriend thing is probably gone by now,-- or that relationship dies off in the first few weeks of college,-- and this part of the story deals with your character getting a bit wild, losing her virginity to an older student (or maybe even a professor?), attending some frat parties and getting really in over her head. Drugs, perhaps, and even some experimentation with your roommate if that would be interesting to you. No goody-goody innocent girls, at this stage, go absolutely wild-- we'll probably really be desperate for it if the High School portion of this story goes as I'm imagining it and the two of us have any chemistry as writers! Hehe. Our characters are going to the same school, probably a local one because they can't really afford to go anywhere further afield, and our characters slowly discover that the other is becoming an increasingly important part of their lives-- like, their best friend, someone they can tell anything to. Someone they're very very close to even as they both date other people. (My character probably has a few relationships, too, and I would prefer someone willing to play those out as well...)

Gradually, though, the relationships between our characters becomes more and more serious. It's quite possible that a bit of a sexual element pops into the relationship before this point, one or both of them telling the other that they should keep things 'strictly casual' or that its just because 'the sex is really good'; maybe they hooked up casually while one of them was dating someone or perhaps it was a drunken hookup at a party. Maybe it just happened one night and took them both by surprise. Each of our characters convinced that they're the only ones having these feelings, until eventually it becomes apparent that there's more going on here, more than they can ignore. That they're falling in love, that other partners aren't important to them in the same way, if at all.

I'd like this story to go on a bit longer, toward graduating college and starting out in the real world together. Some minor obstacles cropping up, maybe your character faces some sexual harassment at work? Maybe my character runs into one of his old college girlfriends, one who he had a very serious and amazing thing with that ended too soon, and is tempted in that fashion. Either way, the relationship between our characters is tempted and tested, and ultimately,-- even if they stumble,-- the story should end on a happy note. A wedding! We'd fade out as we're driving off into the sunset. Well, unless we really really wanna play through the Honeymoon and end on a really hot intimate sex scene.

ye olde tale of Arranged Marriage, possibly with a Supernatural twist
The Curse is an intimate dark-tinted tale with a bit of a fairy tale vibe to it. My character, Sebastian, is the son of a high-ranking nobleman with title over a isolated and somewhat ill-omened part of the land. My fathers' land is a land of stinking bogs and broad empty highlands, of towering cliffs and long winding paths, a land where wolves howl in the night and the people are simple and superstitious. Your character, who we'll call 'Lady Elizabeth' for the purposes of this prompt, is the daughter of a high-ranking nobleman who rules over a prosperous land near the coast. Elizabeth, though, spends most of her time with her mother and sister in the nations capital which Sebastian's family only visits infrequently. They've been engaged since they were both very young, an arranged marriage between their House's, but not one in which they've had no say...

...the two of them have met numerous times, over the course of those infrequent visits to the Capital. Elizabeth knows her intended to be a proper gentleman, with impeccable manners and a certain air of mystery, not to mention that he's very attractive in a dark almost foreign kind of way. She could do so much worse; some of her older sisters have done very much worse. For his part, Sebastian dotes on his intended and is overly attentive whenever they're allowed to be together, and certainly seems to find her suitable marriage material. It's not Love, of course,-- Elizabeth has certainly caught the eye of some of the son's of Courtiers back in the Capital, perhaps even the Prince himself who is of a similar age, and she likely suspects the same of her intended. How could he NOT have a beloved, back home, after all? He's fetching enough. The two of them, though, were put into this world for each other and their marriage will occur.

The only aspect of the union that the Lady Elizabeth doesn't particularly like, of course, is the prospect of having to move up into the highlands. She's never been to the land of Sebastians' father, but everything that she's heard tells of it as a near-savage land filled with little but sheep and stinking bogs. There's a city, over a day's hard ride from the Castle where Sebastian and his Father live,-- nevermind that while Sebastian himself is more than acceptable, his Father is... far less reassuring. He's a massive man, burly and mean, unshaved and only a few steps away from the berserkers whom he rules over in the name of the King. He's a Duke, like Elizabeth's father, but he's not at all civilized or refined. No, she would much rather stay in the Capital, and so when Sebastian receives word that his father has passed and he will have to return home following the eve of their wedding...

...when he abandons even their wedding night, in his hurry to return to the highlands, dragging his new untouched Bride with him..

Well, to say that poor Elizabeth is a bit unsettled is quite the understatement. This nonsense about a Curse, especially, is pure superstitious poppycock. Or, at least, that's what she feels until she arrives at the Castle. Fawning servants, long dark nights filled with the howling of wolves, darkened corridors that seem to twist and coil amongst themselves, rooms that seem to move-- all conspire to rob her of her modern sensibilities, to make such things as Curses seem less like distant fairy tales and more like something that might be real, even as she awaits the return of her Husband-- The Duke (!!!)-- following the weeks-long tour that was required of him by the assumption of his new duties. Too many nights on edge, too many nights still a virgin, too many nights with no company but her own fingers, leaves poor Elizabeth almost giddy when she finally hears the clarion calls that announce that her husband is back. Except... he still truly the same man that she admired so?

Does she believe in Curses, in the Mark of the Wolf that he claimed to have inherited when his father passed, or is she a educated sensible young woman who is being overly affected by her new environment. Why, this might all be a prank, might it not? If only she could talk to her Mother in Law,-- but, she is in mourning. Regardless of anything else, Elizabeth knows something that she definitely is, and that is a horny young woman who desperately needs to get fucked. Mmmm, tonight, hopefully. Or she'll take matters into her own hands (and not as she has been...)

CS's Ideas: Story Hooks
Interested in M/M? Look here, though, it's kind of a weird one
Dragonrider is a high-fantasy story, set in a world on fire, about the bond that sometimes grow between a Dragon and the one that he bears into battle. The Dragon, a majestic Silver named Satoriax, and his rider, the Dragon Knight Varan Ghale, though names may of course be changed as necessary. The two of them have faced death together, have survived countless battles and even the bloody Dragon Purge, they stuck together during the fall of the Copper Flight. They are closer than Lovers, the two of them, bound together by spilled blood and shared pain. When their luck finally turns against them, and Satoriax is forced from the sky and grounded in an isolated part of the continent, it is only natural that Varan would tend to him.

This is a story about comrades in arms, about Dragon and Man, it's an M/M tale about two warriors,-- forged in battle, tempered with blood,-- who discover they share more than camaraderie. Sator is wounded, unable to fly and unable to fully defend himself, forced to assume a human form just so he can limp about.. and, for once, forged to rely on Varan. He'd always loved his Knight, but its only when they wear the same shape that their relationship grows and they become more than merely comrades... not merely as close as Lovers, but Lovers in truth, a bond unbreakable that will see them safely home again.. a union not soon forgotten. This is one of those stories where I can see myself playing either character, for the record, though if I had to pick... I'd probably go for the Dragon..

a campy fun not-very-serious story about Elves and Sex
the Elf Maiden is a story build around a single (mental) image, that of a beautiful Elf Maiden bathing in a clear forest glade, at first unaware that she's being observed. Who is the observer? That would be my character, a rugged leather-garbed Human Woodsman, a dead rabbit at his belt and a bow at his side. She'd not really expected anyone to disturb her in this space, a quiet place on the edge of the forest where she occasionally retreats when she needs some time to herself. Now, there's a human peeping at her while she bathes; what pluck! I mean, the humans only founded a village near her forest something like 25 years ago. They mostly stayed out of the woods,-- they had hunting rights, and limited logging rights, and there hadn't been any issues that she'd heard about,-- and yet, here is one, spying on her while she's taking a bath! What a cheeky little bastard, she might just need to teach him a bit of a lesson about disturbing the solitude of an Elf Maiden.

This is presented as a campy funny fantasy story, about a Human and an Elf, and a bit of star-crossed love and a bit of friendly low-impact smut. It's the kind of story that doesn't take itself very seriously, but still is in point of fact a story with the elf-maiden discovering all the joys that humans can bring, and getting all caught up in sexy smutty adventures in the periphery between both worlds. All guided by her new friend, the exceptionally well hung Human Ranger that was peeping at her that one time, heh. (I imagine her calling him 'Pervert,' but that's just me). One idea that I had for this, when the scenario first occured to me, is that elven women have sex drives way higher than their male counterparts which they mostly deal with via masturbation and the attention of each other. Until, you know, humans enter into the situation. (Though, when an elf man IS in the mood for some sexing, MY GOD, hehehehe).

I could easily see this transitioning to other stories of elf maidens set in the same world.

sort of a story based on open-relationships and polyamory, with a slow-build up and a lot of frustration/pent-up lust
Six Months Apart is a story about a married woman, who for whatever reason is forced to live apart from her husband for six months. Maybe she's been living in England, got married there, but has gone back home to the states and is waiting for her husband to be able to follow behind. It's a far enough distance, regardless, that they aren't going to be able to meet up on he weekends or anything like that,-- most likely, the only contact they'll have for the entire period is over the phone,-- the internet,-- and so on. A very difficult situation for the both of them, and one that gets progressively harder for her, despite the marathon sex session that they attempted before parting in an attempt to 'get it all out of their system'. This problem is made worse when she moves into her new apartment, gets settled in, and meets the neighbor.

This isn't intended as a cheating story! It's entirely possible that, during the six months apart, the two have an agreement that they aren't expected to be totally celibate-- even so, she didn't really intend to start anything, and figured that she'd be miserable and horny for the entire period. Except, she meets her neighbor, her hot attractive genuinely-sweet neighbor... who reminds her a lot of her husband, but in his own delightful way, and who she has a lot of chemistry with! The kind of thing where she moans and whines to her husband about how much she wants to jump him, but she isn't sure how he'll react, and so on and so forth. Lots of teasing build up and a slowly building momentum as everything slowly comes out. Until, eventually, pay off and an exploration of a growing friendship and sexual relationship. One that will probably last even past the six months.

a one-shot type story with a focus on tease, denial, and power games
Taking You Over My Lap for a teasing, flirting, spanking-type story that might be a bit of a one-off or could be something longer term. The rough idea is a kind of college-age friendship type story, involving a young man and a young woman, who probably met in a class and became friends. The sort of thing where she's very huggy and affectionate with him, snuggly, gradually getting more and more flirting and teasing as she starts to find that she enjoys playing with him a bit. It's arousing for her to get him all worked up and see how far she can push him before he actually makes a move and tries to start something. At which point she can decide if she wants to let him or not, and I figure she mostly doesn't, batting away at hands that try  to touch her-- sort of a, "nooooo, I'm just torturing yoooou!" With a certain fire-in-the-eyes 'what are you going to do about it' kind of attitude behind her behavior. I.e., despite being such a huge tease, she's not going to make it easy-- she has no intention of making the first move,-- she's gonna need more than just a simple gesture of desire. She wants to feel that he NEEDS her.. and for more than just relief!

I picture this as a bit of dub con, but the kind of dub-con where it really is "she says no but she means yes,"-- she wants him to push, she wants him to make her give in, and as much as she's saying no... she kind of wants him to not take no for an answer. Maybe even some teasing about that as well, at a certain point, helping him work up to everything. The actual tipping point, though, isn't incredibly aggressive in a sexual manner but instead a kind of... taking the girl, putting her over his lap, and spanking her because she's been such a little tease! Just, a lot of build up to that, I really want to play through the teasing parts and her almost daring him to do cross his comfort zone a bit and take her. The pay-off, i.e., the actual sex, is also important and probably something that we'll both need by the time we finish this story.

CS's Closed Stories: I Have Partners For These
A very dark abusive story about addiction and co-dependence
Rave Daddy is set amidst a sea of grinding bodies, under a haze of drugs, all set to the constant beat of the music. Patrick isn't new to this scene, he's been coming to these things since they first came to the area and he just never stopped coming even as he became more and more of a noticeable outlier in terms of age. It gradually became less and less about the music, or enjoying the atmosphere, and became more and more about scoring himself some hot young pussy that just seemed to get younger and younger as time went on. He was attractive, he was hung, and he was a good hookup,-- drugs, alcohol, or whatever,-- so he normally didn't have any trouble and had more than a few 'repeat customers' from amongst the girls that didn't feel too guilty and weird after they came down from their high. More than a few times he had a girl, even a few, living with him full-time either because they didn't have anywhere else to go or just because they couldn't pull themselves away from the drugs and the sex. You play one of those girls; maybe more than one.

This is intended as a darker story, not really romantic at all absent a larger storyline,-- it focuses on addiction, on dubious almost predatory behavior, on 15-20 year age gaps. Even if you're playing my characters 'girlfriend,' she is not the only one that he's sleeping with and she's really not that important to him. He will almost certainly kick her to the curb, at some point, and no amount of begging or pleading or crying will change his mind once he loses interest in what you have to offer. Bonus points if you play a really upbeat hopeful girl who slowly becomes a drug-addicted burnout who fucks Patty's friends for money, who goes to more and more ridiculous lengths to keep his attention, and eventually is abandoned onto the street pregnant and alienated from everyone who had once been a part of her life. (Yes, this is that kind of dark story.)
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