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Started by Far eyes, February 26, 2016, 06:51:49 AM

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Far eyes

So i think all of us have a fair amount of stories we write in that eventually stop, perhaps they die perhaps they just peter out things happen, maybe they even finish. Hey its a big site it could happen occasionally.. probably.

I always wondered what the right step after that is, most of the time if a partner when its the case of a missing partner i feel like leaving it up there is always the hope maybe they come back and want to continue. In the case of ended games for what ever reason i feel like deleting the story somehow feels wrong/rude, i dont think i ever tried it but the person who started threader think i can correct?

I know date is space and there are definitely stories that have been dead for long enough that well, RIP.

Is there any forum code of conduct for things like that? Dos the forum auto prune old posts and stories?

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Stories remain forever as per the site rules. Deleting them or your own posts is frowned upon. This disrespects the other persons contribution if you delete your posts, or reverse if they delete theirs. If you like you can always ask staff to lock a thread, just send a PM request.

If stories acre completed you can contact staff and have them moved to the Completed Tales section of the site for members that like to read stories with an ending. : )

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