ShimapanThief's Requests (NB Seeking F) Fandoms and More! [NSFW Images]

Started by ShimapanThief, February 09, 2016, 01:09:16 AM

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Hi, I'm ShimapanThief, and welcome to my thread. I'm not very new to the world of roleplaying, as I've been roleplaying for quite a few years. I've been told I'm pretty good at what I write, but I'm no where near as skilled as some other writers on this site! Roleplaying is a hobby and it's something I've grown to enjoy.

That being said, I'm quite fond of anime and gaming, and lately those are what I've been craving the most. You'll find those in my 'Fandom Ideas' post below. Similarly, I have a 'Normal Ideas' post if you're not interested in fandoms!

So, if I've had your attention so far, here's some more information about me:
  • I almost  characters, except for some background characters. These are anywhere from masculine to lithe and feminine, it depends on the situation. They are switch, or sub or dom, depending on the situation.
  • I am looking for players to roleplay exclusively female characters, other than some background characters.
  • I will double when needed.
  • I am open when it comes to kinks and what will make both of us have fun during our story or one-shot. If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, so to speak!
  • I enjoy getting to know my partners, whether on or off-site, in OoC chat. Feel free to message me if you want to chat about anime or gaming!

    Now, if you're still here, on to the rest of my post!

    Table of Contents

    Here is a link to my O/O's, so you can get a feel for me! ShimapanThief's Ons and Offs!

    Important Bits:
    If you see any pairing you may enjoy, or even an idea, or have an idea in mind yourself, feel free to message me!
    Edits will be incoming!


    • Special thanks to Flower for her tutorial on coding tables here. Link!


Current Cravings!

This page is dedicated to ideas I'm really wanting to play out. They will migrate between the respective categories and cravings depending on my wants at the time.

  • Did You Hear About Mikami-san..?

    I took this idea from a doujin I read. Shiro Mikami is a senior at a high school in Tokyo. He's a pretty straight forward anti-social otaku. He collects figures, hentai, doujins... He'd known as a pretty creepy dude. That being said, his family is hilariously rich - his dad works in America, and his mom is in America with him. Shiro has an entire apartment to himself, as well as more money than he knows what to do with. What happens when he hears his class crush talking about wanting an expensive new cell phone? "You know, if you help me out I can give you the cash for it."

    I'd love this to play out where he pays her for increasingly kinky things, throwing tens of thousands of yen on her (10,000¥ is about $100) for just about anything she wants. He even has her bring her friends when they want anything they desire.

    We could go as kinky as we want here, but I've been craving it for MONTHS.


Normal Pairings and Ideas

Here are the usual pairings I enjoy:

  • Student x Teacher/Professor
  • Brother x Sister
  • Twins
  • Father x Daughter
  • Intern x Boss
  • Master x Pet
  • Mistress x Pet
  • Friend x Friend
  • Husband x Wife x Friend
  • Catgirl pet x Husband x Wife
  • DD x lg (Dom Daddy x little girl) dynamic
  • Photographer x Model


  • The Office Addiction - Boss x Intern (M x F)
    MC as boss, YC as intern. He is a mid level boss/manager at a firm, and she is a new intern who happens to be his teammate's daughter. He is loyal and married, never thinking about doing anything with anyone other than his equally loyal, loving, yet very vanilla wife. He was very professional, yet this was the intern's first office job, and she can't help but be distracted by her boss. It's Friday, he's staying late to finish up some paper work regarding her and the internship program, and she graciously offered to stay to help... And try to flirt. She comes onto him, and he ends up giving in. Over time, even though he feels terrible about it, he continues to toy with her after work, even taking surprise 'business trips' to be with her on weekends. The intern has so much more progressive, kinky ideas when it comes to sex, and he enjoys them. He could never tell his wife, but one day she starts probing. She finds out, but at this point they've been married so long, she can't stand the idea of leaving.
  • A Little Tease - Nerdy Schoolmate x Popular Schoolmate (M x F)
    Our poor girl has just been dumped dramatically, in front of the entire school. Her relationship was the only thing keeping her from being labelled the school slut again, and the dumping stung. As any girl would do, she decided to find a way to make him jealous - find another guy, attractive, but without the same social status as the jerk who dumped her in front of everyone, and carry on with him.

    What I would like is a sweet, well meaning kind of guy, maybe a little nerdy. Probably a virgin. She would decide to use him to let off some steam and also rub her absence in her exes face. Their relationship would be one of convenience for her - she is essentially using him as a booty call, maybe even getting him hard then leaving him hanging a few times. This goes on for a while, maybe our boy putting up with it because he's young, horny and wants to lose his virginity. But eventually, he snaps. Our girl calls him up in the middle of the night for some nookie and when she tries to send him home unsatisfied, he decides he's not going to take it anymore.

    I think this could go a lot of ways. Maybe he gets really dominant with her and she discovers she enjoys being told what to do. Maybe he forces himself on her, then blackmails her into continuing the relationship. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Lots of potential, but the game MUST have things being turned on their head in some manner or another.

    Borrowed from quitefancy.

  • Sexting and Similar Names - Husband x Coworker/Wife's Friend (M x F)
    MC as the husband, YC as his female coworker or his wife's friend. The husband is out of town on a business trip. He has a few male coworkers with him, and as inevitable on a night out, they go out for some drinks. He gets a bit more drunk than he should, but he's a loyal husband. When he gets back to the hotel, he's been texting his wife, and she's been sending him photos of her, something to get off to. As soon as he's back, he gets ready to send her one back... However, when he's picking the contact he wants to send it to, he doesn't just select his wife's name. He selects the one above/below it, his coworker or his wife's friend, who has a similar name (like Kathryn and Katherine, or Brittany and Brittani). He doesn't catch it, and neither does his wife, until one day he sees them. It was just what they wanted to get at him, something they could blackmail him over. What happens when they see each other next?
  • Giving in to Her Escort Fantasy - Stranger x Stranger (M x F)
    Content: A man staying at a hotel discretely asks the concierge for an escort for the night. A twenty-year-old or so girl working at the hotel for the summer overhears and, finding the guy hot, she decides to give into her secret escort fantasy. She calls back the escort service the concierge called and cancelled. Instead, she shows up at the man’s room. I was thinking of this as a PM role play and have no idea where this would end up if we did it in the forums (it could conceivably go in most forums depending on how the man treats the girl or where we go with the story). I'm open to discussing it.

    Scenario: I see your character as being eager to indulge her prostitute fantasy, reasonably sexually experienced, but ideally finds herself getting in over her head as she finds out my character’s sexual tastes. I want to have fun with the scenario.

    Setting: Modern, United States, it could be set anywhere from Las Vegas to some small roadside motel in small town middle America.

    Requirements: For this one, expect her to fulfill his needs. And ideally, not a sweet, romantic encounter, but one where she walks away with money in her pocket and feeling like the whore she’s fantasized about becoming.

    Other info: I would want to get a sense of you expect from this role play so that I can cater to your fantasies as well as mine.

    Borrowed from Lianna with permission! Rearranged a bit to make more sense from my perspective.
  • The Pledge - Nerdy Guy x Sorority Pledge (M x F)
    Content: Even though YC was never much interested in Greek life even during the applying process, she had no choice but to join the sorority once she did enroll in college. She had gotten into her mother’s alma mater and like her mom, she was expected to join the Gamma Kappa Lambdas. YC had imagined just going through the hazing process as effortlessly as possible, but she soon discovered that things weren’t quite as her mother remembered. Each potential pledge was expected to seduce a boy of the sorority’s choosing. Some wannabe pledges got to do so with a good-looking athlete or a cute frat boy, but if a girl had already gotten on one of the sister’s wrong side for whatever reason, she could be handed a less appealing mark. Such was the case for YC, who was assigned to reeling in a nerdy sophomore (MC) who was not so much unattractive as he was seemingly invisible. With photographic or video evidence required of them going at least to third base, YC was now at the point where she went ahead with it or forgot about pledging altogether. 

    Scenario: YC successfully seduces the nerdy student, but in the process she discovers she really likes him. That presents her with two immediate problems:
    -   Once Hell Week is over with, her new boyfriend will discover she only seduced him as part of her hazing;
    -   Does she want to face the mockery and scrutiny this new relationship will undoubtedly yield?

    Setting: Modern day college campus

    Requirements: A player to portray the sorority pledge. This starts off as a one-shot, but if we both like it, we can extend it to a longer game in which we explore the developing relationship between two opposites.

    Other info: I would be looking for a moderate pace for this game.

    Borrowed from RedEve with permission! Rearranged to make sense from my perspective.
  • If It's Connected, It Can Be Hacked - Student x Student (M x F)

    This is an idea I had after seeing a Symmetra x Sombra fan-art. A guy has just started college, taking computer science as his major. He's just like his other classmates, however, he had an injury when he was in middle school - he lost his arm in an accident. Medical science has improved to the point where high end prosthetics exist, and he has a nice replacement arm that allows him to type and get along like he doesn't have a mechanical arm.

    Like most technology today, it can be connected to a computer to be updated, tuned, etc. He makes friends with girl who is a freshman like he is, although she's taken some programming courses at her college preparatory school. At first they're just friends, with nothing too much more going on between them. However, after he shows her his arm, she's intrigued. She's worked with hardware before, but nothing quite as indepth as his replacement arm.

    For this idea, I could see her asking if she could program his arm, just to toy around with it, and 'accidentally' controlling it to do something lewd, like grope her, or possibly reveal himself to her. She could maybe make it remotely controllable and blackmail him, saying unless he does what she wants, she'll make him do something in public that he would get in trouble for.

    We can discuss more, if anyone is interested.

All photos assume to be NSFW.

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