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Author Topic: Kismet is looking for M/M stories! [Plots + Pics Inside!]  (Read 411 times)

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Offline KismetTopic starter

Kismet is looking for M/M stories! [Plots + Pics Inside!]
« on: January 31, 2016, 05:14:29 PM »
Kismet is looking for M/M stories!
I play dom, sub and switch characters. Let’s write!

I'm looking to take on more RPs, so if you want to pitch an M/M idea to me, I'd love to hear that too! <3


I’m looking for fellow storytellers who are interested in penning epic tales together. If you’re someone who loves watching a character develop during a roleplay, sculpting out the world our characters live and breathe in, and that rush of adrenaline that creeps up your spine when you write a fantastic post, I’m your girl. I’m looking for partners that are creative, imaginative, and are excited about taking our characters on amazing adventures.

PM me if you’re interested in writing with me.
Why not take a look at my
Ons & Offs too?



Your character is a young lord of moderate status, one who has been promised to the most successful lord in the country. The marriage will bring prosperity to your once wealthy family; but your fiance is not a good man. He has an explosive temper; he shouts, he screams, he’s hit you on more than one occasion… only to apologize straight-after, and promise it will never happen again. (It always does.) But you put up with it, because if you don’t, your family will be ruined. They’ll never return to their former glory. Everything rides on you.

My character is YC’s bodyguard, one who takes his role very seriously. How is he supposed to protect YC from the man YC is supposed to marry? Not only that— but his care and concern towards YC is blossoming into something else… until he can’t help but hope that he was the one betrothed to YC instead. And so begins the slow seduction; of being there to comfort him during nights when the fiance has lost his temper; of stealing a kiss before bed, underneath the moon’s glow… Eventually, their love turns into secret trysts, one they know they must hide well, lest the fiance catch wind of what they’re doing behind his back…

Would love to play the bodyguard here, but I would be up for playing the young lord as well! I like the idea of the bodyguard being a confidant to the young lord in times of trouble, with my character comforting him, eventually seducing him… To the point where they have secret trysts at night, keeping their relationship a secret from everyone, especially YC’s fiance.

Maybe eventually, my character and yours escape the house, to start over somewhere where no one knows them? And maybe the fiance sends his goons after them… but that’d be a long time down the road, of course. Super open to discussing this more!


[ Note that I’m taking a lot of creative freedom with Cthulhu-verse in this plot! ]

Every decade, the denizens of Edgeport are visited by a chilling phenomenon— one that they’ve called the Dreaming. In the final days of summer, the town is ravaged by a relentless storm— one that beaches whales, uproots trees, and strips the town of their power. During this week, all those who fall asleep in this town are cursed with nightmares of undescribable horrors: of eldritch creatures laying waste to their cities, crunching bodies and spitting venom, annihilating all in their wake. It is said that if you were to venture to Helga’s Peak— the town’s cliff that overlooks their beach— one would see a glimpse of R’lyeh, the sunken city, where the Great Old One sleeps. It’s just a legend, of course, and no one’s been crazy enough to do so.

Except for the Professor— a man who’s dedicated his life to studying Cthulhu and his mythos. He teaches classes at the local college on Cthulhi lore (it’s labeled as a mythology class, much to the Professor’s ire), and belongs to a secret society of scholars and archaeologists who’ve made it their mission to prove Cthulhu’s existence— for the greater good. Cthulhu's existence poses a threat to all of mankind— and Edgeport’s Dreaming is one of the many examples of his great power. If he is capable of such chaos while sleeping, humans are doomed should he awaken.

During the Dreaming’s storm, he ventures to Helga’s Peak and sees the sunken city— and more. He sees the Outcast— an eldritch creature who has taken on a humanoid form, who has been expelled from R’lyeh. The Professor takes the creature in, at first meaning to take him to the Society as proof of Cthulhu’s existence. However, after speaking to the Outcast, he learns that the best way to save humans is not by exposing Cthulhu’s existence, but to return him to R’lyeh, so he can help the Great Old One sleep his eternal sleep…

Who’s Who? I would like to play either the Professor or the Outcast in this plot. So whoever you’d like to play is your pick! [If you’re worried about sub/dom/switch dynamics, my character can be whatever you’d like them to be, no matter which role you choose for yours.]

Here’s the pics I’ll use for whatever role you’d like me to be:


Some things we can discuss are:
— Why the Outcast was expelled from R’yleh is totally up for debate, but I’ve conjured up an idea: perhaps the Outcast was the one responsible for casting a spell on Cthulhu which has made him lay sleeping… Perhaps he was a son of Cthulhu. His siblings discovered his betrayal and expelled him from R’yleh— now they await for the spell to wear off Cthulhu can awaken, and they can lay waste to this planet and many more that lay beyond…

— I imagine a lot of the roleplay’s tension/drama can come from: escaping the Society’s prying eyes, who may suspect the Professor is hiding something; perhaps eldritch creatures emerge from the deep to kill the Outcast off for good— and I’m sure we can add more adventure and mystery along the way!



You’ve lived on the Iota 959— a spaceship colony— your entire life.

It’s been a safe, quiet life— at least, until the raids. Throughout other colonies, tales have spread of a team of space pirates who’ve been exploiting weaknesses in spaceship colonies’ old, outdated tech: they’re easy to break into, easy to jump aboard. They steal the colonies’ supplies and even their inhabitants, selling them into slavery… or worse. To combat these space pirates, colonies have been training their own pilots, sending them out to stop the pirates before they make their way to their ship. Your boyfriend was one of these pilots. They sent him out on one of their old, creaky ships— knowing it was outdated tech, knowing it wouldn’t stand a chance against these high-tech, ruthless space pirates, who’d no morals, no code.

You haven’t seen him in a year. And then, the Midnight Raid happened.

Space pirates broke in. They stole everything— they captured your long-time friends and sold them into slavery. You were sure you’d spend the rest of your life in slavery as well, until the leader of the space pirates tilted your face upwards, getting a good look at you. His lips formed a quiet, cool smirk.

“I know you.”

Your boyfriend gave them hell, he tells you. Some plucky kid from this colony— he managed to escape their clutches, but not before damaging the space pirates’ ship considerably, slowing down their assault. Where is he? No one knows. Your boyfriend’s probably dead, he tells you. And good riddance. But the leader of the pirates— a man by the name of Monsoon— still has a grudge. And he’ll satisfy it with your body.

I’m all about dub-con growing into something more with this one. I like the idea of your character being taken aboard the space pirates’ ship as the leader’s slave. At first, it’s all about revenge for the leader— your character is his sex slave; and despite himself, he grows to like it.

There’s some stockholm syndrome elements— maybe your character can’t help but develop feelings for mine, as they open up to each other, as Monsoon’s rage subsides, as time passes.

I’m also really looking forward to building up to a scene where your character’s old boyfriend comes back. He hijacks the space pirate ship, and is ready to take his boyfriend (YC) home. But maybe your character wants nothing to do with him— maybe the old boyfriend beats Monsoon but YC would still rather stay with him— maybe the old boyfriend does take YC back… for a time, until YC craves the roughness of Monsoon’s touch, and sends a signal for him to find him, to take him back to the “home” they’ve created.


Professors from a boarding school nestled away in the mountains have come across an ancient settlement: a village of beings that are able to control astral powers, mana of the stars. Thought to be long extinct, the professors of the academy approach the village and ask that they relinquish one of their own to them for further study. These professors, armed with weapons and not adverse to violence, did not need to speak of the consequences that would befall the ancient people if they did not agree.

With a heavy heart, one mage— the Starchild —  stepped up to leave the village, so that the rest of his people would remain unharmed, and could continue to live in secret.

The boarding school is polite enough, despite the trouble he has adjusting to life outside of her peoples’ customs. But when classes are finished, professors study her— their experiments are benign enough, at first. Eventually, the experiments begin to become more and more invasive, as they go to darker means to figure out how to control the stars themselves.

I’ll be playing the Starchild— but there’s so many options for what kind of char you’d like to play! Would you like to play a professor that is experimenting on him— that perhaps grows fond of him, and takes pity on him? Or perhaps you’d like to play a fellow student, who helps him through these tough times? Perhaps both? This RP is super flexible; any kind of magical character you’ve been dying to play would fit well in this school!

I’d also like to do lighter things: perhaps having field trips, school outings, school festivals, etc. This plot should have a mix of light and dark themes— perfect for if you’re not married to the idea of doing a particularly light-hearted RP or simply a dark one.

Picture Plots & Inspiration
I don’t have a fully-fleshed out plot for these— just snippets of ideas that I’d love to develop further with you!

Dom Angel/Sub Demon

I love the idea of an angel being dominant. Perhaps the angel is trying to coax a fallen back to heaven, helping him earn his wings again? Maybe the demon is the angel’s ward, and he’s tasked with making sure he doesn’t stir up any trouble...

A Lord & His Kitsune

A kitsune and a lordling— perhaps the kitsune is a mouthy, stubborn bottom; the lord’s pet? Perhaps he has some power that the lordling wants to harness… perhaps he can grant wishes!

Brawler + Civ

Love this pic. Perhaps… a brawler, or a gang member— with a normal civ? Perhaps he’s gotten dragged into a mess? Maybe he’s the son of a rival gang member and their love is forbidden…

Motorcycle Gang

Perhaps they’re in a motorcycle gang? Hmm… I like the idea of two ragtag troublemakers causing causing chaos, getting into crazy adventures, the works! Could be a lighthearted RP.

Lords - A Secret Tryst?

Two lords from feuding lands can’t help but sneak out to see each other now and again. They know one day, their secret may be discovered— but for now, they indulge each other.

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