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Started by Kismet, November 01, 2014, 04:28:45 PM

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Will you write a story with me?
[ Don’t let the pink fool you. There are both dark stories & light tales within. ]


I’m looking for fellow storytellers who are interested in penning epic tales together. If you’re someone who loves watching a character develop during a roleplay, sculpting out the world our characters live and breathe in, and that rush of adrenaline that creeps up your spine when you write a fantastic post, I’m your girl. I’m looking for partners that are creative, imaginative, and are excited about taking our characters on amazing adventures.

I'm looking to play M/M or F/F pairings. I will play M/F, but only if I'm the male, never if I'm writing as a female. Most plot ideas can be tweaked and are negotiable, so if you want an idea clarified or want to change up aspects of the plot, please let me know. In the event that none of the ideas illustrated here take your fancy, but you’d like to write stories with me anyway, PM me. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

PM me if you’re interested in writing with me.
Please do not reply to this thread. Thank you!

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Stories in which Kismet plays a male character.
All ideas can be either M/M, M/F or M/Other unless otherwise stated.


He is the demon lord, investigating a bitter crime.

MEDIEVAL FANTASY, DARK FANTASY, MYSTERY, ADVENTURE • A young demon lord’s master passes away in a mysterious fire, one that ravaged the forests outside of his sprawling manor, but did not touch his home, or the many inhabitants inside. The demon’s lord master had many friends and enemies— all whom he let live in his strange, otherworldly manor, which seemed to have an infinite number of rooms, passages and secret entranceways. In the master’s will, he leaves the manor to the young demon lord, and suddenly, he realizes that his enemies must be kept closer to him than his friends, lest he suffer the same fate at his master.

There is only one person he dares to trust, and that is you— but who are you? Are you an enemy, disguised as a friend? Are you a longtime comrade, hoping to help the young lord navigate this new treacherous life in the manor? Do you know who killed the master, and are holding this information over his head? Or, perhaps— are you the killer yourself?

My hopes for this roleplay— let us navigate these cryptic halls together. Let’s think Victorian for this manor; think masquerade balls, passive aggressive tea parties, lazy days playing croquet in the manor gardens while trying to suss out which amongst the demons set fire to the master’s fire and killed the master outright. I’m hoping for this to play out as a murder mystery, where your character and I must watch our backs and keep an eye open for deceit ‘round every turn.

He is the poet, the philosopher, who dances with a bitter blade.

KIDNAPPING, DARK FANTASY • He is a poet, a philosopher, and a man well learned and read, but he only dreams in one color — ruby red. He is a murderer, a slaver, a rapist, someone who takes pleasure in spilling crimson blood from veins. But one has to make a living, so on nights when the midnight sky is extinguished from stars, he takes men and women off the streets and sells them for profit. Hell only knows what happens to the lot of them, or where they go.

One night, he decides snatch someone up, as usual, and it is the usual song and dance, perhaps — but he has so much time before he has to turn this person in. Eventually, he gets to know this person, and something about them is... different. And while he owes the slaver a body... he won’t let the slaver take this person away.

I want this to eventually be non or dub-con, and eventually grow into something more— romantic, a twisted addiction to this person, what have you. It’s up to you what kind of character you’d want to play for this— as long as it’s someone you think can entertain a beast, we should be in the clear.

He is the demon, tormented by an Almighty.

DARK FANTASY • As demons go, this one is one of the most discordian, one of the most chaotic— one of the most unpredictable. In a world where demons dwell in darkness, sitting in lofty manors when they are not preying upon innocent humans, this demon is not privileged to live such a peaceful life. Millennia ago, he made a pact with an Almighty spirit to survive, and ever since, it has been devouring his soul, bit by bit.

To save his soul and sanity, he knows what he must do. He must first kidnap a human, then take him to the Gala— a gathering of demons, where secrets are spilled and spells are exchanged. Perhaps one of these spells or secrets can answer his prayers. The human he must steal is naught more than an object to  him— but perhaps the partnership will prove to be more fruitful than he would’ve assumed…

He is the Maegi, blessed— or cursed— with an incredible power.

MAGICAL BOARDING SCHOOL, DARK FANTASY • He is a rare being— one of the few hundred on this planet that has the ability to gather mana from the stars. Professors from an esteemed university stumbled upon his village, and he volunteered to be taken back to their school for further study— so they would not devastate his homeland. At first, their experiments seem innocent… But eventually, their practices grow darker and darker…

By his side is you— but who are you? Perhaps you are a fellow student, a roommate, who has taken a liking to him. Or maybe you are a professor, tasked with experimenting on him, but later, cannot do the more extreme experiments? Whoever you are, dear storyteller, let us explore the halls of this school together. There are so many possibilities for both fun and frights in a magical boarding school: think field trips to abandoned magick runes, school festivals, galas and balls… and experiments that leave you sore for days, dark mana rituals, and darker things still…

He is the once shining knight— now exiled, now lost.

MEDIEVAL FANTASY • A young lord, the second born to his father, was critically injured while leading the charge against a group of rowdy barbarians that sought to ravage the province. After an attack, the young lord walks with a limp, and has been deemed useless by his father, despite the fact that he can still ride and fight, albeit not as well as he used to.

He is sent into the countryside to another lord’s manor — an old friend of the family — to ‘recover,’ but the young lord knows it is an exile. Depending on whether you’d like for this plot to have incest or not, a younger sibling could insist on accompanying him there. However, if not, he could meet the son or daughter of the lord’s manor he is staying at, who helps him recover and deal with the loss of his family, his province, and his people.

Eventually, however, as soon as the young lord has begun to adjust to the idea of never returning home, a letter is brought from his old province — the barbarians have invaded it, taken over, and may have killed his remaining family. The young lord and his companion — be it his sibling or the befriended son or daughter of the lord’s manor he is staying at — realize that they are the only hope for the province, and journey forth to gather allies and take back the ravaged land.

He’s up for a bit of the ol’ ultraviolence.

GANGS, DYSTOPIAN, INSPIRED BY CLOCKWORK ORANGE • Oh, my brothers, the old jackal has done it again! The jackal— he’s a wily fox, the leader of this here gang. Moloko’s Boys, they call it— they steal, they fight, they run this town, and the whole town knows it. Nights are spent basking in ultraviolence: their carefree havoc has painted the town red with rage.

That’s why, when a member of their gang— the former second-in-command — is killed and strung up in front of their hideout for display, Moloko’s Boys know they have to seek revenge. And they have to do it proper. If this town thought they were ultraviolent before— just wait until they found out who killed their second mate!

And you— who are you? Are you a new member of the gang the jackal has taken a liking to, and has aspired to teach the ways of ultraviolence? Are you the newly appointed second-in-command, dedicated to finding the old’s killer? Or perhaps it was you? Did you kill the second-in-command, as an opportunity to move up in Moloko’s Boys? Are you an undercover cop, who has infiltrated the gang? Who are you, dear stranger— can you survive this ultraviolence?

[Knowledge of Clockwork Orange is not required to play this game, but it would be appreciated.]

He was a threat, at first— until you exposed his embarrassing secret.

BLACKMAIL, COERCION, BDSM, MEDIEVAL FANTASYSTRICTLY M/M • He was a mercenary, born and bred, raised to never turn his back on a job ‘til the employer placed cold coin in his hand. So when he was sent on a bounty hunting mission, he thought nothing of the job.

He did not count on his target— you, of course— being so… resourceful. Clever. Crafty. Slippery. You slipped out of his reach, narrowly evading his knife, and in the struggle between the two of you, you flip off the hood of his mercenary jacket, only to find… that he sports a pair of cat ears underneath.

You gawk at him openly— you had thought his kind was extinct long ago. He attempts to get you to forget what you saw, but since he cannot best you in a fight, and he cannot kill you, you’re now his to control. He must obey you, lest he spill your secret. And so, you take him as your servant, and as your toy to fulfill your every need.

This is one of the few plots which I’d like to be only M/M. My character for this idea is closeted— he knows he’s gay, but is very uncomfortable with the idea. I’ve love for BDSM elements to come into play, with my character finding comfort in looking to yours as a master. Your character would take the lead in this story, so wherever we go would be up to your character’s goals.



Stories in which Kismet plays a female character.
All ideas are F/F or F/Futa


She is your everloving priestess— turned dark via the moonlit glow.

DARK CULT, RITUALS, DARK FANTASY • You used to look up to your priestess. You respected her, you adored her, you wanted to bottle her holiness keep it for a rainy day. That is why you and a few other members of your village decided to accompany her when she said she was going on a holy pilgrimage. How honored you were to be chosen by her!

That is… until she revealed her true nature. She brought you and the other unsuspecting villagers back to her true home, a dark cult which worshipped the moon goddess, one that had never believed in the light she preached. The cult is having a disagreement with the nearby drow, and she needed warriors to fight in her cult’s war. Sorry, hun— you had never been chosen for a greater purpose. You will live as you will die— on the front lines.

Who are you, dear follower of the light? Are you truly a follower of the light? Will you seek a method to return home, or will you not accept your priestess’ dark nature, and attempt to bring her back to your senses? What of the moon goddess? Perhaps you have never heard the goddess of light speak to you, but it is the moon goddess that calls your name… A new life awaits you here in this dark cult; you may forge a new one for yourself, or you can craft a way back home for yourself— if there is even a home for you left to go back to...

She is the asylum patient, haunted by ghostly visions.

ASYLUM, MEDIEVAL, DEMONS, DARK FANTASY • Everyone thinks she’s crazy, of course. Somehow, she wound up in this bedlam after her family refused to believe her when she told them that a demon’s been lurking in the house. This creature, this malevolent spirit, ended up killing her mother, and now she’s sure it’s followed her, and is aiming to kill her too, or worse…

Who shall you play in this tale of horrors? Perhaps you are a fellow patient that can also see the demon? Are you a caretaker who believes her? Or maybe, perhaps you are the demon yourself?

She will destroy anyone who dares to get in her way.

MEDIEVAL FANTASY, GUILDS, POTENTIAL INCEST• In a world where magic is only wielded by large, powerful families— who organized in guilds as a power structure, she is the child of two guild leaders of a moderately powerful guild.

She has always been ambitious, to a fault. Such is why she killed her parents— they were leads of this guild, comprised of their large, extended family, and they were incompetent leaders, in her eyes. Of course, the rest of the guild has been told that they died of natural causes. Some are suspicious of her, and whisper for justice— but others follow her, and accept— even welcome— her leadership. She is cunning, crafty and tenacious, and plans to take this guild to a higher level or power. Those who follow her will be rewarded— those who deny her will be destroyed.

Who are you in this roleplay? Due to its nature, your character may be a sibling or cousin of hers, as this setup is prone to incest. Perhaps you are a follower of hers, working by her side to destroy the other guilds? However, if you’d rather avoid the incest route (or think this idea would be more interesting), perhaps you can be a hostage she has taken from another guild, forced to do her bidding...

She’s a half-demon, hiding it from the world. Are you here to help or hinder her?

MEDIEVAL FANTASY, DARK FANTASY • The lord and lady of a well-to-do province keep their youngest daughter cloistered from the rest of society. Most people think it is because of her stutter and her gripping shyness, but the real reason is far more severe. Their youngest daughter is half-demon — as the lady of the house was forcibly taken by a demon during a raid on their province. This daughter’s demonic side can take over at random, and she frequently has the urge to feed on souls and cause havoc and spill blood.

Fed up, they hire someone to deal with the problem… You are the person they’ve hired, but what are your intentions? Are you a speech therapist— do you genuinely want to help? Do you pose as hired help, but are actually a demon yourself, planning to teach the young lady the ways of demons?


Character Snapshots, Setting Snippets & Inspiration



I don’t have a plot for any of these character snapshots, I just really want to play these roles. Do you have an idea involving a character of these sorts? PM me— let’s hear your thoughts!

A demoness who is a leader of a harem— preferably for a harem roleplay. Would need help coming up with a plot for this one, or perhaps someone wouldn’t mind roleplaying the inner workings of a harem, and the fun relationships that may stem from it.

A beggar princess— a princess who has lost her memory, was betrayed by her kingdom and forced to beg on the streets. She has no idea of her true heritage. Would be interesting for her to possibly be used by a rival kingdom, perhaps…

A supernatural being who can grant wishes via orgasm. When you have sex with him/her, they grant you a wish. How is this power used— what does the being’s owner hope to gain by using them in this way?



I really want to play in these settings, but I don’t have a plot for them. Do you? PM me, and let’s flesh out an idea together. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

• Skyrim / Oblivion
• Fallout 3 / Apocalyptic settings
• Cyberpunk genres
• RPGs with Lovecraftian themes




None yet. Inspirational pictures and music to come as I discover them.




JANUARY 22, 2016 - I am back at Elliquiy! ♥ If we had a RP that we were doing that you'd like to start up again, please let me know! Otherwise, I'm still looking for takers for all these lovely ideas. Right now, I'm really craving M/M and F/F ideas and dark, twisted romances. Let's drum up some fun together~ ♪