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July 25, 2017, 03:47:15 AM
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Author Topic: "Blissy's Smutty Shenanigans":: F/M or F/F - Closed!  (Read 1427 times)

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"Blissy's Smutty Shenanigans":: F/M or F/F - Closed!
« on: January 30, 2016, 11:20:26 AM »
Welcome to my new “Smutty Shenanigans” thread.

Not available to taking on new games!

A couple concepts/kinks/themes that I've been craving..

-Superhero & Pirates

-Specific Kink Cravings-

Light to Medium Bondage
Non Consensual or Pseudo Con
Eroticism / Romance
Light Humiliation / Degradation
Possibly BDSM

(Would like to try) Peril/Defeat Scenario's

Some of my other kinks can be found : here (On/Off) .

Please see plots below for further insight! Though I am always open to suggestions (if they correspond with what is written here)

& Always open to hear your ideas!

I decided it was time to make this thread due to an inevitable mix up with two predominate interests of mine, when it comes to writing. While I always do prefer a very good story backing a duo or group of interesting characters, sometimes I can't refrain but allow certain writing concepts to be inspired purely by kink, or more inspired by them. That said, you'll see a lot more simple plots posted here, all of which will contrast that of the likeness of my   “Pocket Full Of Plots” thread . My aim with this thread is to elaborate a bit better on some of the more “smutty or erotic” centred plots that I may be craving.

So with all that said my expectations are a bit more lenient here when it comes to indulging in smutty shenanigans!

My story driven thread can be found here!

Smut? Oh smut indeed..

This is an adult role-play site and that just means that smut and eroticism are on par with everyone’s expectations. I am not oblivious to this, but that doesn't mean I use it as an excuse to only diverge into smut or smutty interactions. Story is important to me, even if the plot is about a slave bound to a master. I need story! Otherwise smut alone becomes a repetitive boring cluster of a mess of “moans and thrusts” that bare anything but the ability to hold my attention. Sure, all that stuff is fun in good time and where it fits, given what the theme of the role-play may be, but that doesn’t excuse smut to stand on top of everything else and to be the only motivate for pitching me a plot or trying to write with me. This being kept in mind, you may jump into the smutty shenanigans or story concepts you may find listed here. Just please know that I am someone who values involvement of both concepts and not solely one without its other.

A few things Blissy is into..

Blissy likes tension when it comes to eroticism or smut and the idea of it being present between two people.
Blissy likes everything from non-con to pseudo-con, but prefers not to be to vanilla in terms of consent (not without good reason anyway).
Blissy Is open to master-sub concepts through characters.
Blissy favours and adores DiD concepts, one where she may find a characters of hers left to face some degree of peril or danger.
Blissy is open to (and interested in) force, bdsm, bondage and the works!
Blissy has her limits, but her limits can be lenient. She will never break her hard limits however!
Blissy would describe herself as pretty hardcore, but is not necessarily always looking for hardcore smut or eroticism in the nature of her smutty shenanigans. Please always ask before doing, as consent is key outside of character.
Blissy is in a serious relationship outside of role-play and as such she would appreciate role-play being kept only as role-play, despite the nature of blatant smutty themes.
Blissy is not the character and as such will treat any partners she meets as simply writing partners or at most writing friends. She is in no way shape or form using the nature of this type of writing to compensate for sexual attention, outside of who my character may be.
Blissy is in a committed relationship with ♥ November Bleeds ♥ and is only looking to write with others who share her common kinks based on interest and hobby. Friends can certainly be made, but anything more then that is way off limits.


The Details In Short Term
I expect that you've read over "my general scheme of things" over at my main thread . You'll see this hotlink being reused here several times and that is because I cannot stress how important it is that you are familiarise yourself with the details that surround me as a writer. I'd like to avoid as many redundancies as I possibly can and because of that, I will not be reposting those details here in full. Instead you will find a much more brief explanation on what to expect from me.

Characters/Roles: I tend to play strong switch characters for most story based plots, though my interest with this thread is more along the line of switch-submissive or switch-domme roles. I may or may not be open to the idea of playing a domme, but the plot better be good to boot and my motivation to do so, would really just have to be there. For the most part you can expect me to play submissive's or switch type's, about eight-five percent of the time.

Writing style/length: Have you seen my posts? (If not, I advise you to peak in to them before PMing me just to get an idea of what my writing is like) Typically they range from 800 words or more. I am perfectly comfortable with an eight hundred word range on my behalf and will never post anything too small, or bland of detail. I consider this length of wording a common goal for me to meet, each and every time I jump into a characters shoes. I understand that not everyone is so elaborate with there characters as I can sometimes be. That said, I expect a decent post from you. Anywhere from several paragraphs to onward is absolutely a-okay for me.

Communication: Brainstorming is nice, no? If were going to write a story together then I expect you to be able to communicate with me. Be that under the circumstance of scene building or simply just throwing ideas around for the plot, I like to be in the know. In the event something ooc takes you by surprise, please let me know what's up if you absolutely can. I don't like silence between writing partners and I especially don't like being left with the work load of having to formulate everything.

All plots below are open to a 60(smut)/40(plot) approach or equal ratio's of 50/50.

So what am I looking to explore exactly with this thread? Simply put, I am looking to diverge into some smutty scenarios that may be more defined by their kink element then their long term intention of developing into a plot based story. Normally I'd never be interested in doing one shot scenarios, but I understand that some of my listed plots below fit better into that general make up. If you haven't already seen my On/Off thread, then I suggest you take a peak there before diving into some of the scenarios you will find posted here.

There are a few things you should be aware of if you think im someone you may share a common eroticism writing style with. Please review the very beginning of my "Pockets Of Plots" thread for further details. I tend to look for a special little word in new PM's from new people that tells me you've actually taken the time to peak into what I will and will not tolerate while taking on new writing partners. I'll repost my "Seven Deadly Sins One Must Never Break Nor Expect, While Role-Playing With Blissy" below this segment.

'The Seven Deadly Sin's Of No'

While I've spend the bulk of my time explaining what it is I do want, I figured I should put a few examples or concepts of things I do not want. Another nickname for this section is the "The Seven Deadly Sins".

While I've spent the bulk of my time explaining what it is I do want, I figured I should put a few rules of things I do not want below...

1. If you are someone who lacks the patience to play a character or take part in a world that you bare no true interest in helping generate then you might as well look the other way. I am not here to please anyone out of character sexually, as I am in a committed and serious relationship with my dear partner “November Bleeds” who also partakes on roleplay on E-Rp. Role-play is role-play this isn't a personal's site and I am definitely not interested in being "picked up".

2. I am looking to role-play and chat oocly with players who are willing to try to show me that they are interested in literature and improving their own and as such one liners or extremely small posts don't have a place in my desired form of writing. I'd expect you to be able to speak decent English (no it doesn't have to be your first language) and in no way shape or form am I interested in talking or role-playing in chat-speak format.

3. Do not ask me for role-play on my thread, if you have any questions PM them to me!

4. If you have any personal problems with my thread or something in it. I'd advise you to keep it to yourself as I won't bother to respond to negativity in a positive role-play environment.

5. Futa | Ageplay | Scat = No no! On the subject of age play, I understand that Elliquiy allows characters of 16+ to be played. Regardless of this rule, I will never have my character below the age of 19.

6. If your trying to make a good first impression, please do not send me a single sentence. I tend to grasp an impression of someone new to me based on their first approach. If you show me you have very little to say or to add on your part, then why would I latch onto the idea of being the one to do all the work? Please try to send me a slightly interesting message if it's your first time trying to set a role-play up with me.

7. If something goes wrong with the role-play earlier on and you don't think you can continue writing with me, either from lack of interest, intimidation or whatever, then tell me at the very least. I HATE posting a thread that never gains a response or a PM'd reason as to why. Don't avoid me if there's a problem, tell me!

Anything Else..?
You clicked here? I am amazed! The only other thing I wanted to say was that I'd love to see the mention of “Peaches” being used in your subject title, if my thread has at all interested you! Seeing this lets me know who really went that 110% to read over my thread and give me the best first impression they could!

*I commend you for eet!”

Read at your own risk!


So with that said, let's just into some of the plots that currently are intriguing me!

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Re: "Blissy's Smutty Shenanigans":: F/M or F/F - Anything Goes!
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2016, 11:20:58 AM »

The Plots.. so far..

(Taken plots are left up strictly as example. Please pay attention to the status of the role-play beside the plot.)

Each plot will be broken down by setting and character to avoid confusion. Every plot listed here will be done in a generalised way.


-"Some kind of super-heroine peril plot" (Superheroine/villainess x Crime or Villain) Open ★New!★

Super-heroine plot is fairly self explanatory. While I know what kind of story I'd like to write, I'll admit I don't have any one set scenario or plot to pitch here. I do have something very rough to share though, that may spark a flame for an interesting plot. I'd be looking to either play a heroine who get's in over her head with a superior villain/enemy, or play a super villain myself who works with a league of other super-villains and hasn't been very successful within the allegiance. Both scenarios would ultimately lead to the same conclusion. Scenario one paints the heroine in a 'defeated' scenario. Scenario two paints the villain in a 'punishment' scenario. I'd be interested in formulating a story around these concepts and further exploring them.

Sci Fi / Fantasy

-"Potential dark/smutty fairy tales" (Dark/Gritty/Smutty/Fairy Tales) Work in progress!
Work in progress.. More to come soon.. Though, I am especially fond of Alice In Wonderland concepts, or ideas relating to them.

-"To Catch A Thief" (Pirate, of what kind is debatable) Open ★New!★
What happens when a pirate captain of all female crew sends one of her scallywag rogues to infiltrate the ship of her greatest rival? Trouble of course! My character is someone from an all female pirate ship crew, someone who's been sent to infiltrate and destroy an opposing pirate captain (of an all male crew). She has no choice but to show her loyalty to her own crew or risk being executed by their wicked leader. With no choice, she ventures out to find this opposing sanctity of men and assassinate their captain. Unfortunately for her she doesn't get that far before things take a disastrous turn for her and she finds herself becoming her enemies newest and only pirate wench.

How this all happens is entirely up to myself and the writer interested in the idea. My character can somehow stowaway on your characters ship, or she can try to get the drop on him in a pub on a pirate isle. The possibilities are certainly open!

Pretty self explanatory. I don't have any specifics in mind, but if any come up I will post them here. I still think it's good to mention this concept in whole.
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Re: "Blissy's Smutty Shenanigans" :: F/M or F/F - Anything goes!
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2016, 11:26:17 AM »
Everything Else!

Anything else that may effect the contents of this thread may be mentioned here.

- Further plots will be added as soon as I come up with them!
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Re: "Blissy's Smutty Shenanigans" :: F/M or F/F - Anything goes!
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2016, 03:55:19 PM »
- Made some changes to thread.

- The "Cultist Conundrums" plot is no longer available.

- Still looking to take one on or two new writing partners.

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Re: "Blissy's Smutty Shenanigans" :: F/M or F/F - Anything goes!
« Reply #4 on: February 25, 2016, 12:31:22 PM »
Reopening interest with a few plots here.

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Re: "Blissy's Smutty Shenanigans" :: F/M or F/F - Anything goes!
« Reply #5 on: February 28, 2016, 01:11:55 PM »
Still looking to take on another writing partner or two!

Offline BlissyTopic starter

Changed up an old plot to more properly reflect my current cravings. Also adjusted title of thread to accommodate for changes made.

Offline BlissyTopic starter

Reopened my thread and am open to taking on another writing partner or two!

Offline BlissyTopic starter

Reviving this thread for a game or two..!