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July 21, 2017, 08:02:09 PM
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Author Topic: Blissy's Search For; Crime/Dystopian Sci-fi (Story Driven) F/M or F/F!  (Read 15613 times)

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Offline BlissyTopic starter

You are entering a story writers thread! Please be aware that I take my role-play very seriously! That said, I am looking for heavily story based plots!

This request thread serves towards those looking for plot, that might incorporate some adult themes into it. I prefer slow burn to heavy erotic plots. I will never do straight smut as the sole context of a story. If you're looking for a writing partner who enjoys character development/plot pushing/brain-storming/world building, with fun adult and erotic themes to explore and include, then I'd be happy to be your writing counter-part! That said, let's move forward...!

Blissy is looking for role-play at this current time!


- I consider myself an 'Advanced - Literate writer'. I understand my style is not best suited to write against, or collaborate, with everyone. Although those that are willing to collaborate with me, I will be willing to collaborate with them regardless of anything else.
- Average post size 1200+ to as much as I feel I might need. (Negotiable, but usually never under 1200 words for my part!). . If you're looking for quick and vague posts, I'm not the gal for you. I prefer to paint a vivid picture and tend prefer characters thoughts foreordaining into actions.
- No one is expected to match my posting length. I'd never assume that from anyone. Do what you feel comfortable with, but more on that below.
- My posting style follows a small Novella sort of style. Further insight into this can be found by viewing any of my recent, or even some of my older posts. Those who might be interested in writing with me are expected to consider this. I do not care what sort of style you use, only that you respect my own.
- That said, I recommend to anyone reading this thread that has found interest in possibly collaborating some sort of story with me, that you look into my recent posts before approaching me. I like to write, a lot and would prefer not to write with others who mind find this discouraging.
- Long term games preferred. The dynamic of those games is open to some interesting techniques. However, I avoid heavy system games and prefer free form structure. 
- I am can be very active on Elliquiy. However, on average you should reiceve a post within a one week span. Sometimes posts may be more frequent.
- Basic grammar and common sense is required. No text speak.
- I write in the third person only.
- I do not expect an exact post size/word count from my partners, as this is ridiculous. Just don't give me half thought out posts. Detailed posts are always preferred, as it helps paint a picture and contribute to a dynamic scene. The more content the better.
- I do FxM / FxF. I am open to both gender pairings and do not care what you are behind your username. I only play females, males possibly being supporting characters crafted on my behalf where need be - nothing more. If you can write and make your character believable, then there is no arguing with that. I do however have a slight peaking interest in FxF, as it's something I wouldn't mind experimenting with a bit more.
- If there's a plot here you might like, but might propose a suggestion of just altering, don't hesitate to approach me. I like to be flexible, so long as my interest is still compatible to the general idea.
- I love detailed/enriching, heavy, characterization based posts, as well as world-building.
- I prefer to include pictures every now and again to further illustrate scenario, or in a shift of enviroment.
- Please do not rely on me alone to carry a story/plot. I enjoy story telling, but not to the point where there's little sense in making a role-play out overly elaborated thoughts. I'm always open to brainstorm with my writing partners.
- I work with all types of writers (so long as you take your approach with me with serious story building intentions) , though I expect to have substance in my partners writing.
- My post return can be anywhere from a day to a week. If I exceed over a weeks wait time then I will do my best to try and send a Pm and indicate the cause of the hold up.
- I expect writers who might be interested in writing with me to have at least a one post a week return. Any longer might naturally dissolve my muse. Especially if we don't keep in touch about what's going on. I encourage back and forth communication through PM's at whatever expanse you might be comfortable with ^^.
- Please do not expect yourself to match my post length, nor style. Everyone has their own preference, I respect that. All I ask is you try with me and give me your 100% with your writing, or 110%.
I love coloring my post (dialogue) to accommodate for the character I am playing. Please let me know which Elliquiy theme/background you are using, to manage proper coloring that doesn't burn your eyes out! (I use a darker background)
- There's a special word hidden somewhere in this thread. If I receive a message with the subject header, then I know you've taken the time to actually invest your attention in what is written here. Please try not to forget that little word in your subject message header to me, in the event you may want to organize, or discuss a 1x1 game with me.
-I only roleplay on threads. Not IM's, not PM's.
-If you have questions please ask me via PM, and not on thread. I prefer private discussion.
- I may be a bit shy at first, but once I get to know you I tend to open up more.
- I like brainstorming/plotting or just chatting, if you have the time.
- I REALLY want to write with people who can keep me in the know, share ideas and contribute to the experience of our 1x1 game(s).
- In the event my special word isn't included in a message title, I tend to be very tentative with moving forward with new writers. This is only because I like to assure those that might have found some interest in my plots, are also understanding of preferences among expectations in role-play.
- Interesting and well written first impressions are always encouraged. I reflect my interest in writing with others who really show me they are the right people for me to collaborate on a story with. That's a hint. ;)

I'm trying to avoid plot/smut ratio's, but I prefer plot over smut. I won't do sexual driven 'plot' concepts, as they drain my interest to write them out too fast. That said, I don't mind adult themes being incorporated into a story at a writers preference, or sometimes even my own. So long as it doesn't break the original focus of the plot and vapor the narrative. My O/O's talk more about what my preference into eroticism is like, and everything else you might want to know about me as a writer.
- If all you want to write about is sex scene, after sex scene, with no character substance, best look the other way now.
- Romanticism and smut ARE NOT the same thing for me! I am adherent for romance and prefer the inclusion of it. I absolutely love screwed up, and more gritty, relationships in contrast to straight forward fluffy romance.
- Character development is a huge interest of mine and I am not frank of trying weird character pairings, to attempt unique story. I also am not against common pairings either. I am flexible with my plots and who may take an interest in them, or the pairings that surround them.
- I don't make one dimensional characters to fulfill a one sake smut based purpose. I find this incredibly dull and unsatisfying, as far as my purpose for writing might inspire me to reach for.
- I love tension & tug a war results (rivalry/love/push/pull), or conflict within plots. I especially LOVE these themes against main characters. It makes potential kink, romanticism and such, feel much more natural.
- I have an exceptional love for darker stories, and mature themes. Gritty, grim, graphic, horror, are all adored. I don't want to write simple happy ending scenarios. I find them incredibly mundane, and utterly unsatisfactory. I believe if someone is wishing to pursue character develop in some shape or form, then they will be open to putting their characters through utter lows and eventual redeeming heights of equal fluctuation.
- Please contain yourself. If you're the sort to share NSFW gifs, or images, in light of inspiration made up from a story we are doing, please forewarn me. Show me in PM's and we'll work things out from there. I'd rather not have sudden NSFW gifs popping up on plot threads. Any SFW references, art, pictures are always encouraged to be included in posts wherever they may fit.

(Switch/Dom/Sub/Yadda, Yadda..)
Further info about character preferences/dom/switch/sub and etc!
The short answer is; any kind I want. Often by default, I consider my characters more tentative with their exact top/bottom roles, or having some sort of 'switching function' conceived into their general concept with whatever the plot might bring. I do adore back and forth power exchanges, and work best with others who can wrap their head around this. Regardless, all of my characters are strong in some fashion as I avoid weak and willing types with a passion. That said they are never entirely independent, they are not weak, nor deprived. I don't do hapless heroines, or two dimensional submissive types.  I find these kind of character types extremely unsatisfying, and so many of my characters tend to be much more grounded about themselves, their wants, their likes, and so on and so forth. However, sometimes I do pre-establish characters in more dominant or submissive role concepts, and am not outside leaning more one way or the other to appeal more to a plot, or just character chemistry. I'm happy to move around and adjust based on what sort of story my partner might be after, and what sort of plot the initial write up of it might entail, or expect from two parties. I can lean either way really and tend to incorporate top/bottom roles into the nature of the plot/character.

All this said, I will also add it's not unusual for me to play flawed characters, which is something I love and make a close habit of revisiting in various stories. More often then not there is something 'broken' or 'repressing' about my characters. I recommend those that approach me to keep an open mind about this sort of thing. I love giving my protagonists and antagonists unique qualities within their characteristics. Many of these characters are distinct in their personalities - from the greatest things about them - to the utter worst unredeeming qualities. None of them are perfect, nor will ever be. I am happy to write with either submissive, dominants, or other switches. Some more boldly then others, despite me knowing exactly how to fit them into the puzzle that is the plot around them.

For further info on what exactly I am 'into' please click here for my O/O's.

You clicked here? I am amazed! The only other thing I wanted to say was that I'd love to see the mention of “Peaches” being used in your subject title, if my thread has at all interested you! Seeing this lets me know who really went that 110% to read over my thread and give me the best first impression they could!

*I commend you for eet!”

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Offline BlissyTopic starter

[[Please refer to the symbol above, or within the listed genre categories below. They reflect my current interest in certain plots. I will update and adjust them as my muse fluctuates, while these plots remain open to collaboration.]]

List is as follows

= Cravings or preferred. (Craving in orange is only used for text)
= Willing to collaborate.
= Not so interested (presently) / Unavailable.

All plots earning of some point of interest of mine can be found here. There is no one themed arrangement to these plots, just please pay attention to the tags beside each, as they will indicate what sort of themes/settings & genres, I'm interested in exploring in correlation to each idea.

All of my plots are in depth concepts. However, they all provide a more vague grounds of specific pairing, as I like to be open with ideas while working in spiritual likeness to the main idea's posted below. If you have any questions about the plots, please PM me!

For those who may find themselves interested.. They may find plots within..

-Plots To Tickle The Muse-

All supernatural plots are no longer available.

I'm currently digging crime/dystopian/disorder themes, extreme, and fairly gritty plots. I also have an interest in power flips, coercion, and more twisted romance. Further ideas in likeness of these more vague themes can be found below! Although most plots will include these themes to some requested degree.

[♣]"Something to do with vampires & modern masquerades" [Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Horror, Political Intrigue, And much more]
Pairing: [YC] Vampire x Ghoul (Ghoul meaning; A special little blood doll) [MC]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This plot is yellow due to it being in a state of tentative discussion, and may become unavailable very shortly. (I drew much inspire for this plot from WoD's 'Vampire') For a while I've been wanting to explore a plot involving themes of subterfuge, secrecy, and vampiric societies pulling the strings of ones we know. That said, this isn't quite a genre I am unfamiliar with so much as I've explored this idea from different approaches a few times before. In particular I am looking to play the role of  human. Someone naive, and somewhat feeble against someone else playing some sort of supernatural being of almost any experience, or certain semblance they might prefer. There's quite a few possibilities on how I'd be open to tackling this, and character concepts have a bit of fair resilience at this time.

As far as plot goes I'm looking for something a bit broody. The core of this game would be about a human discovering this reality, and how that might come to effect her. Not necessarily demanded in the characters, but more then certainly in the atmosphere. Dark, dismal, twisted, gothic, and most certainly urban fantasy, with undertones of horror as well. I'm interested in exploring this world equally as much as I am intrigued with a connection involving a mortal and an immortal together. There's really quite a few possibilities, and because of that I've chosen to keep my interest in this plot much more vague and simply rebound off a show of potential interest. I'd be wanting to tackle this plot with someone who's a bit more competent in these elements, or at least feels comfortable going a step or two beyond bringing a single interesting character to the table. I'm looking for an interesting world here, despite it not having to be entirely developed on whim. I do expect whomever might be interested in this to be equally interested in this setting as well. Obviously this world is a fairly dusky, and there's more than honest practices taking place behind the veil of everyday society, I'd certainly like to play off those more mature elements in terms of plot-work and overall pacing as well, and am not against exploring themes of debauchery as well.

If anyone is interested in this plot and might want to know a bit about some of the character concepts I've been mulling on to fill the role of a human, all you must do is ask!

[♣]"Deceivers & Diabolism" [Supernatural Fantasy, Demon, A-bit of horror, Corruption, Deception, Black mail, etc.]
Pairing: [MC] Demoness x Mortal [YC]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
As far as write up goes, this isn't a fully fleshed out idea. That said, I have an interesting concept that's sort of been probing around my muse lately, that has led me to try and write this out in less refined context. The basis for this concept involves a demoness (played by me) and a mortal of more faithful contrast. This demoness is a succubus, but not of the caricature nature. She is true evil incarnate. The kind of evil that whispers in your ear and soothes your worries our doubts with adherence or twisted confidence. Furthermore, this is not an outright good versus evil plot, as the purpose of the plot is for the more morally driven character (whom we will call Character B) to feel tested by corruption, and remains slowly uncoiled from the focus of good, and humanity, and not a battle of good versing evil on a more action packed level. However, there will be some action involved in this plot alongside, corruption, romance, and a great deal of much more degeneracy.

Plot wise I was preferring things to be set up in some sort of dark almost medieval fantasy scenario. We can either expand around our main characters - and what's led them together - or keep things a bit more undisclosed in more expansive extent. Regardless, this demoness can either be in character B's presence based on prosecution (meaning character B would begin their impression of Character A from a more dubious frontier), or her own free inquiry of wicked will deceived by a facade of kindness and attendance. The point is to put two unlikely individuals in the same scenario. Whether the writer in question prefers the approach of more forward deceit, or more antagonistic tempting curiosities are entirely left up to them. One other idea I had was to say that character B. might be someone more militarist. A solider, or paladin, of a sort injured in an act of war, left to meet the strangely alluring company of an almost ethereal veneer of a nurse, or care taker in their time of weakness.

The point here is to lead character B. into deception. Character B slowly finds themselves becoming more intrigued with Character A (my character). In traditional contemporary form my character appears entirely human, with few differences that distinguish her from others. This comes at a cost, a cost she has cleverly concocted in the background, a dark secret of a sorts that grows and becomes more evident each night. Obviously Character B isn't aware of her true nature, and what's withholding that. Eventually Character A helps Character B back to normal health, and in a rather abstract way. Character B assumes she may be angelic, or baring angelic semblance of some sort (angels are the subject of myth in this setting), as Character A has made no forward indication of her inner infernal nature. As time goes on the two become close and are put through some interesting endeavors. These endeavors only strengthen their bond, but slowly begin to draw suspicion from Character B, as inevitably the demons necessity to evil remains detrimental to the setting of her existing invasion. That is until things start getting very strange, like esoteric nightmares of unearthly imagination that seem to slip through one mind and into another – a second mind, that feels almost intimidating, yet abhorrently detached from the reality they think they know. They are becoming someone else, the subordinate to this creature. Although even in skepticism, character B can't seem to distant themselves from their natural feeling loyalty to their admirer, as the grip of her will feels as if it wrapping around the life force of one  almost uncertain to escape its grasp.

[♣]"Covenant Among Desire" - [Dark medieval fantasy, Dark romance and more?]
Pairing: [MC] Witch x Ranger [YC]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A ranger, or mercenary, is sent on a quest to find a witch that's rumored to live in the forest. He is led by the motives of his small village which stand at the mercy of the thickets and trees of the darkened forest that's taken more from the village then they simply can continue to lose. This forest is rumored to be a place of rumored slumbering evil. For many years there have been disappearances within the forest that the village people are unable to explain. Some blame this 'witch', who is believed to be an ancient spirit fit only on the malevolent intents of sin and appeasing her darkened gods. Others believe there is more to the story. Regardless of what one might make of the stories, the forest is undoubtedly a place of penumbra, paramnesia, and whispering mystery that even the most noble of hunters (which is not your character) could never understand.

Your hero is set on a quest not only to find the witch, but to return her to the village where she can be properly trialed and likely executed, under the suspicion of snatching away the wary and naive that had wondered this wood – the assumed demonianism of her coven brought to a just and erudite end. However, what happens when a valiant hero sets out to find out that they might not be in pursuit of a old witch fitting of mythical notion, but instead someone who might be a great deal more misunderstood? A fighter themselves in ways less understood by those that may never see through her eyes, or hear through her ears? What happens when this ranger discovers this witch, and learns of the further depths of her practice to witchcraft, and what the motive of those spells might entail? To discover that this is hardly the whore of the devil many had made her out to be, but something much more? Might there be another evil that slumbers in the dark. An olden evil, that the forest witch might wish to escape or risk being consumed, a creature that might control and enforce her conduit of pagan abilities? What of the truth this traveler might learn of the witch whom once came from the same village as they?

I have several small ideas for how to push this plot, but I'm solely interested in a unsteady dynamic between a witch and character that might pursue her from a more roguery standard.

[♣]"The Dance Of Night & Lust" - [Human x Vampire, Gothic Romance (Somewhat), Modern-esc Vampires, Urban Fantasy, Corruption, Etc]
[YC] Vampire x Ghoul (Ghoul meaning; A special little blood doll) [MC]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This plot is yellow due to it being in a state of tentative discussion, and may become unavailable very shortly. She works at a nightclub. He owns this nightclub of ambiguous agenda (think hellfire sort of club). She is nothing more than a mortal waitress who works there, with a certain darkened touch to her. She's a bit different then other girls, and she wears this dim touch of beauty in her skin.  (I'm thinking the alternative gothic sort of appeal for this girl). He is an elder vampire (doesn't reflect his physical age) who has not bore a childe for quite some time, being selective amid his splendorous curse. He is a well put together individual, someone of status, name and discipline within his place in the vampire society, the best of mentors, as well as one seeking to expand his success and allegiance. She doesn't have much going for her beyond her regular mediocre life, and some talents that have gained her some underground attention from quite some interesting individuals. She has not yet to come to know of the full nature of her place of employment, granting she's only been there a few months and knows only what she is intended to see. A veil, that with time cannot be cast forever. He wants something more to add a certain feeling of possession to his own, given material wealth and reputation alone do not suffice to fill the woes and sorrows of loneliness, or voids left by absent legacy.

He knows of her dilemma and the impending discoveries she may find in time, as a dark fate seems to impend upon, and surround her in other ways beyond his business. She knows nothing of the vampiric nature of the clubs ownership. For what she has seen she always seems to forgot, as she only seems to find comfort almost lulling the doubts of her mind amiss. However, tonight things are about to change..

I'd be looking to explore a plot where this waitress, who is also in the subject of interest by this imperative vampire, is turned, and exposed to the reality of secret vampire society existing around her, and becomes somewhat of an assets to this more important vampire character. However, the journey getting there will be what the greater context of the plot would focus on. A story about a blood doll/ghoul immersed in the temptations of her new master, verging dangerously close to discovery of the dark underworld looming behind the veil of feeble humanity. To please her master is a convoluted thing. Sometimes he wishes for her affection - other times he simply takes it - and furthermore there are times where he wishes for her to demonstrate it in less tactile ways – like playing agent to some of his subterfuge of business, testing her will, spirit, loyalty, and worth in other ways that drive her further into his willful grip. I'd like a balance between story and eroticism here, and I'm particularly looking for another writer who might be talented in this kind of pairing – strictly because I like dynamic added to these types of supernatural plots. A bit of world building would be nice as well.

[♣]"The Neophyte & The Ace" [Grimdark Gothic Victorian (Or likeness to), Vampire/Demon Hunters, a dash of horror, and a dash of action.]
Pairing: [MC]The fallen noble turned hunteress x The hardened hunter [YC]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A former aristocratic princess ends up a wench after an occult controversy ruins her family name, has her escape to a different place in the world. For years she spends her time trying to prepare herself to take revenge against an immortal, and powerful enemy without true direction. One day she meets an unsuspecting ally who shares a likewise cause in an familiar place. Together, they find common cause, but not without conflicting ambition. An interesting plot twist to this might say that my in my characters resent she's grown sensitive to the effect of that in which she hunts. Another, might have this hunter having a convoluted dark history that may reprise him more as an outlaw of a sort.

This plot is still very unfleshed out and may be subject to change, and is most currently open to forward collaboration.

[♥]"Of Kings & Queens Of Anarchy" [Modern-esc, Dystopian, Crime, Gangs, Subterfuge, a dash of horror, with a dash of action.]
Pairing: [MC] Gang Leader x Optional [YC]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Edge of dystopian. Crime gone out of control. Low science fiction-urban. This is a plot about subterfuge malfeasance with an element of horror on top. So our modern scenario is somewhat split in two. On one side of the city there's a threshold of the old urban society maintaining a grip on civility on things. On the other side we have the frame of the old city stuck in a paradox of disorder. This place, that city beyond the wall, is a place no honest sane person would want to be. It's rumor that the old city was sanctioned off as a sort of prison sector with the large scale increase in crimes over the years. Be that true, it's hard adhering of qualities that might define a safeguarded penitentiary. Midtown has become something else over the years of it's own warped coercion, and there's plenty of figures responsible.

The main pairing I had in mind for this plot could be of one of three things. The first, a pairing between two unlikely characters from this kind of grimdark world – keeping in mind that this world's figures tend to wear nightmares on their sleeves and find purpose in molding motif from such things. A traditional story of opposing powers finding some fragment of compassion in between. The second would be an outsider, someone sent in to almost infiltrate and deduce a growing rumor of war that's believed to sake the wall that keeps crazy and lawless from seeping into the cultivated society – a task not so easy when the convoluted interests of diverse criminals find themselves always intersecting. A cause meant to settle, or solve the old flames of Midtown war that have gone too long. The third concept, being about unlikely new blood to the faction my character would be running (although this would only be open to FxF).

At the end of the day the scenario is quite bleak and violent. This remnant of the city has become somewhat of a militia shred of the old city. Things don't quite work the same way here as they do in places unknowing of this place. This city is in a constant struggle for power, and figure heads running this freak-show are hardly the sort to substitute power over moralistic conscience.

I ask that anyone interested in this general scenario keep an open mind about the setting and be content with engaging in a story involving some more disconcerting groups of individuals, as well as themes that may pertain to them.

[♥]"Untitled Dystopian Plot" [Dystopian, Wasteland, Marauder Gangs, Subterfuge, a dash of horror, action adventure.]
Pairing: [MC] Gang Leader x Gang Leaderl [YC]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Reading the plot above gives a sort of perspective into what the world/genre/themes would be like for the idea that is listed below;

With the above plot in mind I've been considerate in sort of expanding on the circumstance that might establish a sort of Dystopian world gone to the dogs. I differentiate this plot from the above, solely because it would be a great deal more vast and open to a mixture of fantasy and science fiction, with the former being more grounded and picky with it's fictional themes and where they might go, thus separating them entirely with only a few overlapping themes and ideas I might bring to this one in particular.  Additionally the plots would be very different and unique to its own. The conditions that leave us in this sort of moderate gritty rot of the world – full of violence, salvaging, and cataclysmic values – would be a great deal more convoluted then a division in a withering society. What this might mean and what sort of history the world might have is something I want to arrange with someone who might show interest in this kind of thing. I will say that I'd prefer to stay away from anything extremely nuclear, and would be leaning more to some sort of insurgency that collapsed civil society and other examples of likeness. Following these events disastrous struck and rampaged the world leaving waste and ruin in it's wake. I would particularly like to work around a ruined society sort of concept, as full barren wastelands and basin terrain are of less interest to me. Ideally I'd like to bring the ruins of urban metropolis and wasteland themes together, as we situate this story around a sort of tarnished city being origin to one group (well a few, but particularly highlighting one) and the wastelands ahead being owned by other, less urban stylistic raider/marauder groups.

Most of my ideas for this plot are vague, but center around a group from the urban ruin of society and a group from beyond, the wasteland (or outer domains). The city groups differ from the type of groups in the outer wastelands, and up until now both groups have not known very much of one another. They tended to their own respective matters which pertain to other rogue groups inside their own turf zones and circles of operation for the last some odd years, making their interest in these further gangs a sort of unmet conflict by this point in time.

One direction I might like to take the plot in is some conflict of interest that inevitability ties these two groups in one anothers business. At first they assume oppression, one wanting to crush the other as the 'natural law' of things go in this new world. That is until they find out they might have some common perspectives with one another, and benefits of working together instead of as advesaries – though trust is a fickle thing in this kind of world. Of course neither gang is foolish, and so any one arrangements made with the other are very tentative. For plot I'm looking for a great deal of fitting complications to insinuate between two secondary leaders of each group, while they try to figure out a way for them to sort of find common ground with no shortage of hiccups along the way caused of their own matters, and others that have coincided around them for longer.

Ultimately character A and character B are these secondary leaders in these 'marauder' groups. We would be playing these characters and their certain interest in the opposite leader, and exploring/story mapping what that all might mean. The twist is one group is entirely composed of women (the city group) and the other is entirely composed of men (the wasteland). It's a battle of the sexes, in more then one simply way.

[♥]"Untitled Crime Plot" [Modern, Gangs, Subterfuge, Assassin, a bit of action adventure, a bit of sci-fi, and whatever else.]
Pairing: [MC] Unlikely Assassin x Gang Leader [YC]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The picture for this plot is pending..

The general pairing would involve a gang leader (YC) and an unlikely asset to them (MC). My character would at first seem like someone who was just meddling in the wrong affair, in the wrong place at the wrong time, that's become a liability to this group. That's what got her into this mess in the first place. While she's a danger to them, she'd make an immensely powerful ally once she's straightened out. Over deciding how to deal with her this gang leader quickly discovers this girl has potential, only knowing of her from a far at first. The only problem is she doesn't seem entirely happy to put it to use in benefit of this gang. That's because this girl isn't just another delinquent like them, but something much more dangerous then that. An assassin who's found herself coming to understand her inner nature, struggling to survive in a world where a great number of people want to exploit that potential. This couldn't be better for your character seeing as there's a lot of problems this woman could clean up for them. The gangs never had a reliable killer before, even if she isn't what most people might suspect from the archetype. That's really part of the charm. The real problem is controlling her, which is something they've decided to take a personal hand in. Fortunately for this leader, she doesn't know who the leader of this group that's claimed custody on her is. Using this sense of anonymous to their advantage they step into the part of playing a lacky. This girl won't level with a notorious gang figure with a legacy of bad deeds, but she might level with someone like her, just another character that got caught in a similar scenario and now owes their loyalty to this gang. Either way this is a gambit that could make or break success for the gang.

There are a lot of possibilities that could occur. I'm really opening to navigating this plot in either a very dark direction, or something more redeemable involving the gang leader. My character could either succumb to this characters benefit inevitability (with them tapping into her inner darkness and exploiting it), or she could find a way to unintentionally draw conscience with them, making them doubt their path forward. It's more about the chemistry of this pairing that I want to explore.

« Last Edit: July 14, 2017, 03:48:12 PM by Blissy »

Offline BlissyTopic starter

Yikes! Now that all that information is out of the way, it's time to give you an idea of how I write as a player. Here I am going to include two samples of my role-play that are completely OPTIONAL for you to read at your own leisure, for further insight. Many of these samples are outdated, and I am intending to update these as soon as I possibly can.

- Establishing Post Example
"Of Blood, Sweat & Steam” (Purely OCC's)

"Miss Cleora Napel" | Outfit
It almost seemed unusual to write the protagonist of this tale from the perspective of someone who hardly seemed fitting of the conditions of such a story. For Miss Cleora Napel, were hardly the sort of low class citizen to find herself faced with the grievances of such tales that'd she'd endure..

Growing up almost literally wrapped in fine silks, royal etiquette and unending riches, hardly seemed the huff and puff it was when you were her. While most saw that of the society she grew up in to be nothing more then ruthless sense of elitism, having long out stretched it's glory in time, Cleora knew that the front of being a “Sovereign Sister”, wasn't exactly something she had picked by choice. This was something she were born into, even if she felt so unlike that of her family and blood relatives.

By the age of twelve she could kill a grown man with nothing more then a knife she may use to butter her own bread. By the age of fourteen, she could fire a gun better then most able bodied solders of the era could and by the age of sixteen, she had already killed several people, strictly on the premise of contracts requested upon from her family. It was fair to say that living life as a royal child assassin, only served to make her feel so crude in her placement about the world, so much in fact that Cleora often found herself doubting she'd ever slip from the arrogant and the conceded fist of her cruel royal family. Though don't fret, most stories have happy endings..

Well, then again, saying it were a happy ending wasn't quite just. However, it did serve to make Cleora feel a bit better in knowing that she might someday be more then what she were. All the guilt and weight that swayed about her conscience had caused the young royal to lash out. Eventually, she took in rebellion against her family and there dismal ways of raising killers to cater to the twist conspiracies and deceits of crooked people all around the world. Now this rebellion weren't quite so extreme as one might consider. Former assassin of royal blood, finding herself against the imperium of her own family? Well, maybe one day, but for now she'd start small and what better way to start simple then to pay attention to smaller subtle things. Fighting wars in airal battles on ships engineered by aether, was a tale for another day I suppose.

"Wonder Peak"
It all started with a small idea, as all big things did. The family wanted to send her away, across seas, to observe upon one of the new wonders of the world. Wonder Peak as it had been called by some of the high class families. Apparently it were a new intuitive marvel of dazzling engineering and astonishing steam-work, a place of future and example of an achievement to man, that had been unmatched by the like of any other. Even the aethertechnist seemed utterly bedazzled by the rumours of this place, often trying to find ways of invitation into this fine city. However, such welcoming was not so easy to obtain. Now while this region in whole sounded truly as interesting as the clever slogan they used to pull in the attention of certain worthy others or more accurately, aristocratic gold, Cleora had her doubts about the idea of the city as a whole. No good thing comes out of a vulgar display of money... It were an old saying she followed, one she picked up when she realized that waging a persons life over a coin, wasn't quite such a fair or moral thing. For where she saw ill of of a concept, she often found herself asking far more questions then anyone seemed keen to hear and Wonder Peak, was just the new subject of that.

Perhaps it was cursed about her through old habits? She had been trained to be mindful of her surroundings after all. Being an agent of life and death wasn't something the common peddler might find themselves doing. This was something you were trained into, moulded by and couldn't so easily forget. While the dread of knowing that Cleora was much more quick to think, fit to endure and clever in adapting, all these traits hadn't totally come without good purpose. For it were these same talents of hers that made her both desire to question and approach certain problems, that most sane others wouldn't even dream of daring to step near. So while everyone marvelled over the brilliance of Wonder Peak, Cleora often found herself much too questioned by all the enigma that came behind making the worlds newest wonder, the success that it had been. Everything, no matter how brilliant or subtle.. Had more to it then an image.

Cleora couldn't be sure whether her family had sent her to Wonder Peak to truly grasp the extraordinary qualities behind it, or to analyse the place from the perspective of the daughter of a cynical family, merely dappling their most profound offspring in waters that were unknown to them. Cleora never doubted her families unnerving desire for more money and so thinking anything simple of what they did was hardly within her nature or something foolish enough for her to ever consider. Whatever the reason, Cleora didn't like being sent away from home on a whim and especially when that had her exploring new places, that made her feel a sense of illness in her stomach. Cleora was just a young woman of conscience and she would always be.

No matter, she'd make well of the situation. This was still an opportunity after all. For her family may thought it wise of them to send her away to the newest wonder of the world, but Cleora knew that idea of doing so was so opposing to that. Wonder Peak was going to be the start of something new for her. She wouldn't just play loyalty to the crude business of her family name any longer. They sent her away, only too never suspect her to vanish in the process. Her days killing people without a reason were over.. Today, she wanted to help people without a reason instead..

Three days in and already she felt far too wary of the dangers of the Cogsmore Caverns..

For she had seen things that one may only be able to describe as fuel to some ghastly form of society and not all traits of that society seemed, even bound by there own traditions and normality. The first day hadn't been so bad. Cleora managed to slip easily into the city, even with the addition of an important side arm revolver of hers that she carried almost everywhere. Normally she came a bit more prepared when it came to the act of self defense, but killing someone wasn't why she found herself so many miles beneath the surface of the earth.

It was exploration. The degree of appeasing her curious wonders as she tried to tie up the loose ends of what really gave Wonder Peak that certain bedazzle of prodigy, that frankly all the wrong people couldn't shut up about. It worried her and when Cleora found herself worrying, her instincts often seemed to be some sort of initiation that only brought worse dangers. It didn't take a detective to know that something was wrong in the Cogsmore Caverns, as if the recent cave in of the whole place were even needed, in adding to the problems that plagued this very place. This was a shallow place. A place of survival, strength and ruffian nonsense. While these people had been stripped of their civil rights to return to the surface, it often made Cleora wonder just how far the madness of greed could cause other people to go.

Day in and day out these people worked hard, harder then the likes of the fools that they so dreadfully found themselves working to appease, as if they were bound in some twisted conspiracy of servitude to the newest wonder of the world beyond them. It were unjust. It were unethical and both of these elements hardly served to make Cleora feel renowned by the marvel that the world so easily looked on to in awe. This was the start of something far more criminally masterminded, then anything she had ever encountered before.

It were dark that day.. As if it weren't ever not dark down here. It almost felt impossible to reaccount whether it were a Tuesday or a Wednesday, but the insignificance of dates, hardly seemed like something worthy of being considered here. Why did it matter? When nearly everything you did here seemed to bring a danger in itself? Now that wasn't to say Cleora spoke from the perspective of a worker. Sure, she posed as that, but she hadn't dug, nor engineered worth a single day in her life. Instead she were just wearing the cowl of an engineer because it had so easily bought her entry. Buying entry and maintaining reputations however, were two very different things in the Cogsmore. For one, if you did anything outside of the usual, it didn't take much longer then a minute for someone to notice. That element alone of this place really put her skills to the test and that wasn't even mentioning the obvious fine qualities that she had. She didn't stick in. There was no way around saying it and even still, she had managed to find a subtle place among the many few civilians down here, even if that place had only lasted a day or so.

It was complicated. She couldn't explain it to anyone. Lately people were pointing fingers and their victim had only been her. At least she had the benefit of enigma on her side, even if for now, while a small faction of workers down in Lava Quarry had set out a certain hit on her. At least it were reassuring to know that these few overworked bruisers with a certain bone to pick with her, had hardly any idea what the real scenario were. Simply watching them from a place of safety above, were enough to dictate that to her.

"Cogsmore Caverns"
“How many times do I have to tell you lot? There's a gun totting maniac done here, picking off us hard working folks.. We already got enough problems as it is and we don't be needing any that.. I swear, when we find this good for nothing murderer.. Im gonna pour the smelts of these drains all over his face..”

The beckoning voice of the leader of the pack spoke up, as the rest of the men went about tending to their jobs at carefully rerouteing the flow of very real lava. At least they didn't know he, was actually a she.. It were something to work off anyway..

There'd be little commotion amongst the men before their primary focus went back to the dangerous labors of their jobs. Cleora watched them in silent idle from the roof a shoddy shelter, that these types of men used as some form of living. She'd then slip from the cast of the shadows that hung around her and toward the side window.

So, where was she going to sleep? It wasn't like the workers this deep into the caverns got much of that anyway and that just meant, they'd be out on their guard always looking for something suspicion to point their fingers at. It was a difficult conclusion to come too, not that the idea of having no allies in the core of danger was anything too unusual for her. It just felt odd to know that she hadn't come down here for those same reasons at all and still she found herself having to end a life. He wasn't normal.. it didn't take a medical professional to tell.. Something had got into that particular miner.. It wasn't like she had a choice not to put him down.. He could have hurt someone else, transmitted whatever disease he had- Cleora's thoughts of attempting to make moral sense of what she did, stopped the minute she found herself slipping through the window. Right now, making sure the small bunk room was empty, was her only prime concern.

She'd step into the small shoddy little room. The weight of her boots gently pressing into the rigidity floor beneath her, as she tried her absolute best at masking her footsteps. Head turning left and then right, she'd sweep the area in mindful observation. Even if she wasn't going to be her long.. she'd had to be reassured.. She'd quickly conclude her search. Her head turning to a chair at a desk, standing apart from some rusty old cogs and bolts scattered along it, that served to say that someone had been here at some point or another. Taking that chair, she'd gently prop it under the knob of the door on such an angle that would restrict it from opening from the other side. It was an old trick, one a crummy outlaw had taught her some time ago in a former run in. You can never be too safe.. And the old chair gag worked wonders.. Even if it felt very unlike her style. No matter her feelings on it. She'd dig that chair in place and simply walk over to the dusty cote across the room and let her back roll into worn square of wool, that served to be some workers bed.

Her fingers gently reached up to her nose, as she'd pull down the former brown bandanna mask she wore to conceal her features and prevent dirt or debris from getting in her eye. Once the small piece of cloth was pulled to rest around her neck, she'd gently lift those brass framed goggles she wore across her eyes and shift them to rest on her head. A soft sign ensued, as Cleora did her best to simply embrace in the poor comforts of the cote beneath her and doze off, if even for an hour. It were unlikely, but, she hadn't slept well in the last three days and frankly she felt to exhausted to continue playing hide and sneak..

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"Fablegrove" A Noir Fairy Tale Game - Alice Liddell x Knave Of Hearts Scene (An example of 'my' Alice Liddell taken from a defunct Fairy tale group game)
:: This Post Has Been Altered Slighty From The Original Version ::

Alice Liddell
Location: Wonder District (The Rabbit-Hole)
Date: September 19th / Night
Wearing: Outfit (With a small apron at the waist) With tattered striped stockings and such as well as these
Mood: Off in another world and very happy about it.
Tagged: Konnor (Knave)
Note: Wears big black make-up and a bit pale of skin. Hair up and a bit messy like so with a black bow headband on top.
Content: Alice enters another dimensional, while under the influence of some serious drugs.

With the way things were going, and never seemed to breach from their fundamental functions, Alice wasn't sure how much longer she may even be able to manage the Rabbit Hole alone. Without Absolem, or rather the knowledge of the public knowing where they might find him, Alice felt the worth of the work was starting to outweigh the purpose. It seemed like whatever she did that there'd always be some hidden purpose beneath. A cause and an effect, that Alice herself ever felt hardly ready to address. If she did a good deed, someone took advantage. If she turned a blind eye to a bad deed, someone came pointing fingers at her, or was hurt because she tried to give the worst kinds of people the benefit of the doubt. Then of course there was the guilt of knowing that Alice couldn't even hold on to her relationships, with the few friends she had left.

Bo's administration to Bedlam Penitentiary had done quite the number on poor little Alice. Not even a day ago she was seeing her best friend off to be confined under the supervision of some crummy doctors, that her gut instinct knew she couldn't trust. Be it some personal illwill she had for doctors, given her own history, or the fact that after having a rather long and strange talk with a certain head doctor, Alice felt unlike any of her problems had been solved. Knowing there was no obvious answers, no excursion that awaited her to seek some deeper meaning of the journey, just had a way of chewing away at her motivation to do just about anything. Speaking with the doctor hadn't done much other then strangely numb her senses, in a way Alice had never quite experienced before. It could have been the prescription he gave her, the effect of the rather dreamlike narcotic that her forgetting smaller gaps in between the things she had done the day before, but Alice knew something was certainly abnormal.

Oh bother. When was anything wrong side up and right side down? She should be expecting this by now.. Contemplating on why finding a sense of satisfaction with the terms of her high's, seemed unreachable, seemed to stir and storm about in the boil of her usual brooding. Everyone else had their fun. Drank their tonic and was off and bewitched by the potent effects of some bizarre tonic, but for her she always had to take five more then anyone else, to even just start to feel anything. This need for finding escape, this irresponsibility to reason was slowly chewing away at the young waitress who doubted she'd ever truly leave the rabbit-hole, even if she doubted that the tavern might not last forever. There were other rabbit holes to transverse.. Looking glasses to reflect upon, surely what was left of them wasn't all here? The thought of if caused a light chill down her back as Alice recalled what suffering through traumatic grief had done to her once before. Even to this day she doubted she truly ever recovered. Underland had been destroyed before she could really find any resolve after all, and that meant that the only place she may ever find it, was now in Fablegrove.

Wishful thinking was not the predominate way of the golden haired girl, who spent far too much time trying to drown her doubt by the flush of precarious liquids, or huff of rainbow smoke. Not any longer anyway. That much she knew for certain, especially when she found herself feeling obligated to feed her tricky addiction, to things that tore reality apart. That much was anything but unfamiliar to her, however, doing them on the job was something Alice had only ever done when she felt truly and utterly at the abysmal of her own hollow dismay.

A light closing of her bedroom door would force the door to speak with light creak with the shift old hinges that kept the door tethered to the wall. On this particular night Alice only moved with cautious advance, a strange serene quality seeming to manifest within her gentle steps. No anger, no bother, no displeasure took her from the seal of her room in some quick invigorating entry. No impractical nonsense of Tweedle's forced her to come stomping from the room with some intention of arguing the two twin's, that never seemed to learn anything from her fits of anger or notable distress. Instead, Alice only shifted from the silence of her room and into the quiet vacancy of the dimly lit upstairs hallway. Her fingers curled around a rather variegation of a small stick that sired a strange mesmeric smoke, that made her feel almost entirely enthralled by some zombish sense of somnolent restraint. And such a ataractic forbearance it was.

Those gentle steps with almost dazish carefree venture had her move from the seclusion of her room and down the hall with simple dis-concern. Dressed for work and guided down towards the stairs that would take her to the main visitation area of the Rabbithole, had Alice taking her sweet gentle time in knowing she were more certainly early, then late. As a matter of fact, if asked just how early she thought she was, within the hypnagogic venture to her room and to the bar, she'd likely tell you time didn't exist at all and that the worry for it seemed silly, with the inevitability of it's unconquerable essence seemingly brought to a bittersweet rival, that only came within the elevation of whatever very pensive drug she were smoking at that particular time.

The world around her seemed still, unmoved every subtle sound only whispering away in some slewed audible presence, while the colours around her moved changed and swapped places with one another. Shades of red became blue, shades of blue became red, green regurgitated purple and sometimes there wasn't even any colours at all. Every fine detailed shade or hue of the interior of the upstairs of the Rabbit-hole, seemed to become an ever changing mystery, as Alice only found the near somnolence of her attention gently hung on some dreamy sense of drugged euphoria.

"Under the effects of Rainbow Smog'
With careful address she'd move down those steps, being mindful not to trip and knowing that if she did she may very well never hit the ground. Or that if she did, she'd never realize it. Each step became a light hop as Alice's desire to test her stability, seemed to intrigue her more with her desire to experience the surreal world around her, to it's every prominent effect and detail. By the time she hit the bottom stair Alice felt utterly inclined to take another long hit of the rainbow stick, oozing mystifying smoke around her. A long drag would ensue by the gentle grace of fingers to the end of the stick that made reality fiction, as the gentle purse of her lips would force her to take a deep heavy hit from the only friend she seemed to be able to hold on to, without anything truly terrible happening to it.

A soft exhaling of the smoke would gust around her in a cone shape and relinquish coloured smoke into the air, that seemed to only change an alter countless times, before disappearing into the dark silence around her. Alice felt a sense of exhilarated dreamy content near embody every inch of her mind as she watched the thick cloud of the rainbow smoke evaporate into bleak absence around her. However, as the smoke vanished, Alice found herself feeling anything but sustained, by the heinous effects of the narcotic controlling her entire conscience and quite possibly body, as well.

Straight ahead of her sat a figure, one of which did not speak. At first Alice couldn't help the sluggish revelation of realizing that someone else was within the emptiness of the Rabbit-Hole, force her to feel embarrassed. Quickly that concern became a dismiss at some much more curious venture forward, that had her stepping closer to the mysterious stranger, that she had not recognized right away, while under the influence of the drug. Letting the rainbow stick remain in place between her dark red painted lips, had her hands linking together at her back as if to display some much more elegant, or innocence about her indulgence into exploring the effects of the drug. “You're much too early.. Though I suppose, when time doesn't exist there's no sense of punctuality upholding any true principle.. Perhaps you should come back yesterday, I imagine things might be a little more full with yesterdays gathering of tomorrow..?” Alice spoke the definition of nonsense as she tried to uphold some sense of decency, among the shadow who only seemed to bend and tilt, by the smudge of the vibrant coloured lights that turned him into a living water colour painting, instead.

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"Poison Hearts & Twisted Love" - Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy Fandom (My first jab at playing Harley Quinn)

"The Sickness Of Grieving And Broken Hearts.."

Moving on was.. well, it wasn't easy. Forgiving and forgetting, that's what she always did.. back then when- She wasn't going to back there, she couldn't go back there. Or so Harley Quinn told herself on multiple occasions. At least she was loyal right? Even if it was really only to the clown prince of crime. Yeah.. she missed him.. a lot.. Surprise, surprise!. Saying any of this was easy for her, just wasn't fair. Harley didn't understand why he had to go when he did. She always thought he was invincible, untouchable, even when it came to the repulsive meddling of Batman and all his bullying. That's all B-Man was.. a good for nothing bully and now thanks to him.. she didn't have anything..

Oh trying not to think about Gotham's dark knight, always made her feel so deranged. There wasn't a damn thing wrong with her, she liked who she was now and she didn't want to go back. She were apart of something so much bigger and better that anyone could have understood. That wasn't love.. it was obsession.. you know- Shadda up! That damn voice in her head was coming back again. Ever since Joker had passed on, that damn voice kept trying to take control of her, always trying to make her get some kind of grip on herself. Harley always hated that voice, that ever so familiar tone of her old self and who she used to be, always pestering her about her flaws now. She didn't need that no more, there were bad people out there like Batbrain and his friends to deal with.

Call it a weird sort of self declared retribution, but Gotham wasn't going to be saved by a handful of freaky bat obsessed people with a certain disregard for clowns. All those guys did was make it worse and make her feel a hell of a lot more irritable then she liked to be! Harley couldn't even begin to recount the many times she had become the victim of some abuse at the hands of the Gotham's special knight and his mean friends. It wasn't fair.. she never got her damn way! It wasn't fun to be humiliated by those meanie-losers that always seemed to come running every time Mista J thought of an ingenious plan to brighter up the good people of Gotham. Why didn't anyone get that? Why didn't anyone see that's all this was ever about. Putting smiles on peoples faces? Making people laugh! Wasn't like B-Man ever did that.. Quite the opposite in fact.

Harley Quinn
Being torn between the reminiscing feeling of envy and agitation, didn't really help Harley think all that straight. Whatever, it wasn't important so long as Mista J's legacy lived on.. Harley actually believed she had a duty to carry out, even in the event that the motivation for that duty bad been long since dead for over the last few months. Telling herself she didn't need him wasn't easy, because deep down inside she knew she still wanted him. How could she forget all those times when he used set her up, make her the butt of all his clever little charades gone wrong? It was fun. Made her smile, made her love him so much more.. Then sometimes he'd play more crude gags on her.. Throw pie in her face, make her do a job that got her hurt.. It was so funny, so long as she made him happy.. Everything else she could deal with.. Back then she was happy.. Harley's mind raced off into the inevitable dismay of recalling the many times the joker had supposedly expressed his undying love for her. He loved her, didn't matter what anyone else thought.. He just had a weird way of showing it right? Yeah.. that was it.. It was one of the few things that kept her grounded these days, remembering what she once had and now no longer did.

Sometimes she wished she could live in the past, turn back time and just fix things. She'd even go through his neglect again, if it meant being able to see him very much alive and smiling as he always was. He was never a downer.. Always so pleasant, she could still remember that smile.. You know, the one they burned with the rest of his body..!!!!! She was gonna make those pigs pay for that.. But first she needed to make Joker happy and make sure that he was remembered by everyone in Gotham, since apparently for some god awful reason, everyone was trying to forget him and all the wonderful disorder he had brought to Gotham as the former clown prince of crime.

At least she had a motive still, you know, to do petty things, even if her expertise in doing them was hardly as refined of that of the her rememorable mentor she had always looked up too and loved, more then anything in the whole wide world. She still had a following, even if it wasn't nearly as big as the Jokers was. Everything he did was so perfect.. You had some good times together- I said SHADDA UP! There it was again, that damn voice, always serving to creep up on her and try and make her feel doubtful all the time. Harley promised herself she wasn't that person any more, she wasn't going to be some blind psychiatrist, that foolishly went on by being told that people like Joker were dangerous. What did the people of Gotham know? They didn't know him like she did!

It made her want to cry, despite the fact that to everyone else, she probably looked a bit awkward doing what it was she were doing, being near dumbstruck by spending more time in yesterday, then she were today. “Uh.. Harley..-”. One of her thugs started, trying to mouth off something non-important about the idea of trying to draw Batman out, or one of his annoying little followers. “WHAT?! Im tryin to think dimwit.. whatta want?! Doesn't anyone around here know how to give me some private time?!” That ever so distinctive high toned voice of hers rung out and and echoed through the silence of the warehouse, or more accurately put, what was the foundation of Harley's newest bright and messy idea. Harley's Horror House! Fun name, had a good ring to it and was going to be the central place of her operations, for slowly luring out the Batman and all his weird little friends. Oh she woulda made him so proud if he could see her now..!

She spent so much time decorating, making sure everything in former expansive warehouse, was drenched in red and black. Messy hearts of love and graffiti nearly painted every inch of this place. She even managed to kidnap some fancy painter to make the far back wall a splendid mural of the Joker, or at least how she remembered him to be. Every time she looked down there she felt a cute smile slip back on her face, even when she felt as agitated as she did on this particular night. Like her guardian angel from heaven, always looking down on her..

“Oh.. uh, sorry, sorry.. I just I dunno if this is a good spot to lure out Batman.. It's really dark in here..” The thug continued off, declaring his opinion on the conditions of what she had chosen to be Gotham's newest and biggest attraction to preserving the joker and the essence he had left behind, all done with a little creative touch of her own. Despite the nameless nobody of a thug, painted up in red and black, stating his opinion, Harley only ever heard what she wanted too. “Hmmm.. you realli think so? Cause I dun really care what you think? Why botha tellin me? If ya scared of BATFREAK.. then put some more lights up.. I ain't scared of em no more though.. Had about enough of B-man's abuse.. TIME TO PUT HIM DOWN FOR GOOD!” She'd declare back to the hooligan who's opinion really didn't matter to her.

Truth be told, Harley was still very scared of Batman. She kind of hoped Robin or Nightwing would show up instead, but then again, she really didn't like Batman. Probably hated him by this point! It was his fault that the joker was dead after all. For some reason, anger always seemed to be enough to blind her from the obvious inevitably that she hardly felt as on top of things, as she sometimes led herself to believe. Doing this whole thing without Joker was like walking around without her shadow or more accurately, her not having being able to be that shadow, that once belonged to the most wonderful man she had ever met in her entire life. He was just apart of her now, even when he wasn't there.

A muffling sound seemed to sound in the distance of the warehouse, before Harley turned on her heels and her expression swung into utter boredom resolve, for just quiet things had got around here without the Joker breathing a certain life into them. Following the sound of that desperate muffling in the near distance, Harley slowly walked over to the bound and gagged hostage she had kept kept not to far away. Any minute now the rest of the boys would be back, with more.. This had to be the best idea she had since.. well, she didn't know.. but it was a good idea! Doctors, lawyers, a couple cops, important people from around Gotham were being bagged like cattle for the taking. Right now though, Harley only had a doctor and he was about to be the most unlucky doctor in the world, once she was done with him.

His protests never ceased, only worsened in frantic desperation as she got closer. Harley only began to hum a light tune. It was the wedding song that she always thought she'd have playing on her wedding with Joker.. It both calmed her down, but got her almost angry in a weird way. Your doing this to your- Shut up brain doctor lady.. I swear, I'd put you in this chair if I could.. It got Harley thinking about her old self. If who she was now and who she had been back then were really two separate entities, she may very well have the time of her life bashing her old self into a pancake with the big ole favourite mallet of hers. Speaking of which..

“SHADDA UP! You know, sometimes I wonda.. If you were really here and not pestering me in my brain, I'd probably lay you flat into the ground like a pancake.. Kind of funny to think about how that all might work, me, crushing me.. Ha ha! Sounds kinda fun actually.. like something Mista J woulda done..-” Her voice rang out, as the former discreet arguing in her thoughts seemed to break from the boundaries of her own fragile imagination. That damn muffling the doctor kept making, only seemed to remind her that everyone else couldn't hear that other side of her, you know, cause it was all in her head?!

Thus feeling silly for mouthing off aloud about her thoughts, Harley only found herself smiling at the thought of how crazy that sounded. And Harley Quinn wasn't crazy, contrary to whatever the hell anyone else said.

“Oh look at me.. Talkin off to my good old self, I could give two-nose dummy Dent a run for his money..” She'd start, letting the meager failure of trying to amuse herself about taking jabs at Two-Face, be some form of actual confidence in maintaining that delightful little smile of hers. She seriously wasn't developing a second personality right? She near chattered her teeth in comedic paranoia at the thought. “But I ain't crazy soo.. It dun matta.. just a little fragile is all, can you blame me docta? All this time without good old Joker, it just makes me feel loopy sometimes.. I bet ya miss him too don'tch?” She'd state, slowly finding herself yet again enamoured by the idea of someone, she didn't have. This time however, the feeling of the moment even caused her to reach out and hug the bound doctor, who only sat in frantic protest in the chair. He protested like a fish out of water, in all his muffled terror.

“Ssshh.. It's okay, you don't need to be scared.. Im here for ya now.. and I promise I'll find a way to bring him back.. That's why I kidnapped doctors.. I mean, there outta be something you can do to bring back Puddin..” She'd remark, as if to sooth the bound doctor with the idea of making herself feel better. It was pretty fair to say that without Joker, Harley was getting worse by the day..

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"The Incarnate Of Madness & Broken Hearts" - OCC
So many questions and such little time.. Phoebe couldn't suppress the idea of the statement seeming oh so ideal for her current situation. If this guy thought he was getting off the hook that easy he was in for a real world of surprise. Clearly he had his suspicions and she just had her curiosities, despite knowing that digging into them wasn't going to be anything but easy. Just another masked nobody.. wearing a cowl Hell, he wasn't much different then her after all, but the real question was why he did it? The last thing she'd want was some narrow minded do gooder mucking up her favourite nightly pass -time and standing for that kind of thing just wasn't something she'd look forward too. This was all about her in the end and her bloodstained revenge on this good forsaken city and no crime fighting vigilante was about to get in her way.

Gun cocked in a show of warning the minute she ordered him to crawl out the window. The funny thing was she didn't want to shoot him at all, not yet, but if he wasn't compliant she could always try to improvise where her shot may end up. Pain was a great motivator after all, especially when it was being endued upon you by a clearly delusional pink and green cheerleader with a certain enthusiasm for guns and violence and murderous ass-kicking.

“Get goinggg..”

She'd warn in an edgy tone of voice as she always seemed to make some form of intrigue of the matter of her words by even the end of some of her even most threatening sentences. Keeping her intentions unclear was just part of everything that she was now.

He obliged her command, crawling out the window ever so slowly as she'd follow in his footsteps, never taking the aim of her sights off his face the entire time. She almost felt surprised that he didn't try to disarm her, but maybe that was because he wasn't as stupid as most people were. That's when he said his name.. Sean.

Upon hearing the nature of his name she couldn't so easily mask her intrigue by all her deluded character traits, as a half smirk found itself shown about her expression.

“Sayyy... that like your mask name or that like your real namee? Hmm? I meann.. Seann isn't really a good name for a crimee fightingg vigilantee..! Youu need something more cuteee.. Or at leastt somethingg that sounds moree like yourr tryingg to makee a pointt.. by really putting the moral terror into them! I can't imaginee how funnyy it is when you showw up and yourr likee.. Name's Seann and im about to kick yourr ass!”

Clearly she was having fun playing stupid. She knew full well that Sean wasn't a cowl name, but she couldn't help but make some fun out of it. She only paused for him to pitch a similar question back, one she was waiting to hear for the last little while. Upon hearing the question she'd slowly lower the aim of the gun the moment the two had become covered by the state of their alleyway surroundings, as the former nature of those glorious sirens seemed to fade into the background as nothing more then subtle ambience.

“Freindss, cause I have so manyy of those noww.. call mee RiotBlisss.. you knoww my friendss that aren't in the Riottclubb? We all got cutee little namess.. Sayy.. you didn't happenn to give the smack downn to my two boyss did yaa? One wears an angry maskk.. and the other's looks like some kindaa lightbulb was painted on it?”

It was a good question, especially because she hadn't seen Fury nor Whizz since the beginning of there night. Not like she was worried about them, not unless this do gooder put them out of commission and they might have currently been being arrested by the cops. That wouldn't be good at all.

Before he could pitch a response of his own, she did something quite unexpected. She'd take a step forward before literally throwing the entirety of her weight into her masked friend against the alleyway wall, almost like she was trying to hug him by the ever so invading proximity of her body. She pinned him under her ever so closely almost molding her torso into his as she used the back of the alleyway wall to keep him sandwiched. Thus she'd stare ever so widely and wondrously into his eyes. It was almost like her gaze was so hypnotically from the way she stared back at him with so much enticed intrigue. There was no hiding all the matter of true craziness she bore in her own eyes, as if her own contrasted the stability of his own in every way possible.

“I still havee soo manyy questionss for youu.. Letss start at what youu doo huhh? Letss start at whyy you do it hmm? Mee well, I do what I doo because it needss to be donee.. Youu remember those dredgess back theree.. all the deadd oness.. well I used to bee one of them you seee. Until thosee bastards decided it would bee funny to ruinn my lifee! But who's reallyy laughingg noww?”

She spoke back to him in a messy display of almost unsettled emotions. One minute her voice peaked with delight and the next she seemed to speak entirely from the pit of her mortified conscience as if the matter she spoke of was anything but the light joke she claimed it to be. Her forceful pin against him never lessened, as one of her hands slowly began to slide down the shape of his chest in a careful vertical draw downwards display. He certainly had a body worth checking.. Maybe she'd make him strip next.. Oh, she were so bad indeed.

“But theress only sooo many leftt you knoww.. And that justt meanss I havee a good thing going heree.. and I don't need anyy cutee little vigilantess getting in the wayy.. Sayy..  I wonderr if yourr as cutee as you are without the maskk.. hmm? Maybee I'll takee you homee I couldd use more special friendss..! ”

She'd threaten before ever so carefully reaching up towards his face with the intent of unmasking him. Despite having him pinned to the wall as she did just that, she made any former suppression she had of him much lighter in degree. With her mind slipping into the confound wonders of her own fantastical imagination, it was obvious he could easily turn this whole situation on her. She sacrificed her sense of control to appease the extend of questions and that just meant he could easily have her spun around and pinned exactly where he was if he was smart and didn't want his identity exposed.

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~ Stories of all sorts, with a select few special people.. This list is currently outdated and has not been revised

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Role-plays that are on official hiatus are not listed here, but may be added upon continuation.

Title: "'Us' Against The Underworld"
RP Partner: ObscureObscenities
Pairing: Vampire x Special Blood Doll
Genres: Urban Dark Fantasy / Supernatural
Post Owed [Y/N]: Y

Title: "Of Temptation & Diversion"
RP Partner: November Bleeds
Pairing: Vampire x Special Blood Doll
Genres: Urban Dark Fantasy / Supernatural
Post Owed [Y/N]: N

Title: "Of Wonderglass & Descendance"
RP Partner: November Bleeds
Pairing: Fandom / Spin-Off; 'Alice In Wonderland'
Genres: Twisted Fairy Tale
Post Owed [Y/N]: N

Title: Alice in Terrorland
RP Partner: OmegasTrinity
Pairing: Fandom / Spin-Off; 'Alice In Wonderland'
Genres: Fairy Tale Fantasy
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And several role-plays in discussion. Those in mention will be added here once officially started!

Group Role-plays

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Looking for potential interest from other writers for this particular plot.


Added! - "Alice In Underland (Dark original plot)" [Fandom, Psychological, Darker themes, open to discussion]


Added! - "The new Batgirl" (Original Character x Whoever)" [DC Fandom, OC, Whatever else!]


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Added! - "Of Smoke And Mirrors" [Vampire/Dark Fantasy]

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