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Author Topic: GM Seeking 2iC / Co-GM for Marvel Game; Deets inside! :D  (Read 457 times)

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GM Seeking 2iC / Co-GM for Marvel Game; Deets inside! :D
« on: January 23, 2016, 06:07:43 PM »
Hey guys! This is just a quick "net-casting," as it were; I have a Marvel RP idea knocking about in my head that I really want to get on paper, but the nature of it necessitates that I get a Co-GM on board. I don't want to give too much away, but it takes elements of Civil War and Dark Reign and puts them together into what I hope is gonna be a relatively unique storytelling experience :-) Basically, the old Avengers team has been "neutralised," and a pair of new teams has arisen through different means to try and "Plug the gap," as it were...except the twist is that they don't particularly like each other, and are just as likely to fight each other as the bad guys because of their mutual distrust and rivalry. The general idea is that both teams will be made up of PC's, and over the plot of the game, they will EITHER come closer together and start working together, OR try to kill each other. Either/or :P

The General Idea Of The Plot:
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and the front line of defence against all threats to humanities safety, be it extraterrestrial or purely Earth-bound in origin, the team of Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Bruce Banner and Doctor Strange deal with it all...all villains seeking world domination, Earthly destruction or just general chaos and anarchy have to deal with them in order to succeed in their plans...and to date, nobody has been able to take them out permanently. No matter how hard they get hit, they always come back stronger. No matter how long the odds, they always pull out a Hail Mary in the end and secure victory oftentimes from the very jaws of defeat. Many people view them as indestructible, invincible, unbeatable...they see the team as a beacon of hope and a symbol that somebody out there is looking out for them, even when things look to be their darkest. Even when the villains are winning and nobody seems capable of saving humanity, The Avengers always manage to pull something out of their hats. At least, that's the perception....or rather, it was, until very recently.

Only a few months ago, Avengers began to drop like flies; it wasn't some world-destroying Superpower that eradicated them. It wasn't some climactic battle or an overwhelming foe or some reality warping magic that erased them from existence. It wasn't Galactus or Apocalypse or Thanos who managed to finally defeat The was just a string of bad luck. Everybody has bad days, everybody has moments where things don't go their way. Alas, with superheroes...days like those can easily be your last. One wrong move, one foot falling flat and suddenly everything you knew and valued and cared for is disappearing in the blink of an eye and you're falling from your place as Hero to a cold box six feet beneath the ground...if you're lucky.

It started with Ant-Man; during a routine patrol in his general neighbourhood, Scott activated his shrinking suit...and never reappeared, his belt apparently having malfunctioned to the point where either he can't grow back to normal size, or – more worryingly – he's continuing to shrink even now. Next was Doctor Strange who, when visiting The Dark Dimension in pursuit of a trans-dimensional being who had taken to stealing away mothers newborn children, was ambushed by agents of Mephisto himself, and was somehow defeated and taken prisoner in Hell. Thor followed, when – for some unexplained reason -  during a battle he suddenly lost the ability to wield Mjollnir, and lost it over the side of the ship that he was standing on, losing it to the depths of the ocean. He is still Asgardian and therefore super strong, but he is no longer Thor. Either he doesn't know why he was suddenly deemed Unworthy...or he does, and simply won't tell anybody. Hulk simply...went missing. Scarlet Witch was hit by some kind of magical attack when hunting a new supervillain that culled the majority of her Reality-Warping powers, leaving her a shadow of her former self...and, most tragically of all, when trying to track down whoever had caused Banner to go missing, Captain America himself was struck and mortally wounded, dying long before he could reach civilisation. Tony Stark, who had been accompanying Rogers on the mission, blamed himself and quickly spiralled into a drug and alcohol-fuelled haze of depression, self-loathing and Survivors Guilt.

In one fell swoop of bad luck...The Avengers were neutralised.

They weren't the only team protecting the innocent, of course, but they were among the biggest and the remaining teams quickly found themselves overwhelmed trying to deal with the overflow of villains that came out of the woodwork on The Avengers fall. More and more nefarious schemes were hatched, more innocent bystanders endangered and more crimes committed in the vacuum left behind by Earth's Mightiest Heroes, to the point where nobody was entirely certain how to handle the new spike in criminal activity. Until certain individuals had an idea. The Illuminati, the council of Earth's Great Minds who guide humanities development for the greater good, decided to encourage several of the existing hero teams to grant their support to a new team that would be created in order to protect the innocent in The Avengers absence. The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, The Defenders and many others almost unanimously voted one member of the Superhero Community to create their own team of superheroes, straight and narrow pillars of justice and hope, who could live up to the symbol that the Avengers became. They set about creating her team, assembling heroes that were symbols in their own right of the core principles of what heroes should be; Truth, Justice, Mercy and – where necessary – the willingness to fight to the death to protect the Earth and its innocent inhabitants. [This would be one GM Character ]

But at the same time, Nick Fury of SHIELD had a slightly different idea; many hero teams are idealistic and often suffer because they don't make the hard decisions when they should...The Avengers were effective, but they were taken out because they had blind spots. They couldn't think like their enemies, they couldn't anticipate dirty tricks and weren't capable of making the “dirty” choice, even when it would have been more sensible to do so. So, as the "goody goody" hero was beginning to create their own team, Fury decided to sanction his own superhero squad. They would be indirectly funded and supported by SHIELD personnel and equipment, much like the other team would be supported by the teams that voted their leadership if she needed it, but would be given autonomy and only covert assistance from SHIELD in order that SHIELD be able to maintain plausible deniability if anything should go wrong. He placed his newest agent [The Second GM Character] in charge, and ordered them to gather like-minded heroes who could – if necessary – kill to protect the innocent.

So the stage is set; The "idealist" hero has managed to assemble their “New Avengers,” and Fury has his “Wildcards.” They have since encountered each other once or twice, both teams are now publicly recognised in the media, and neither of them overly like the other. The New Avengers distrust the members of the Wildcards due to their chequered history and their questionable methods, and The Wildcards dislike the New Avengers self-righteous and naïve moralising and their – as they see it – unjustified distrust of The Wildcards motives. They don't like or trust each other, and both find themselves in an intense rivalry to fill the space left by The Avengers fall...but a new danger lurks in the shadows; a new team of supposed Superheroes has arisen, calling themselves “The Protectors,” but something seems off about them...wherever they go, crime seems to follow – as opposed to the reverse, which you would usually expect – and whilst they stop crimes, they seem to do so almost begrudgingly...and they seem to take orders from an as-yet unseen leader, hiding in the shadows behind the group. Who is this shadowy figure? Who are The Protectors, really? Was the fall of The Avengers and the subsequent crime wave really just a string of unconnected coincidences, or is there more to this than anybody suspects? Can The Wildcards and The New Avengers set aside their differences to figure it out before it's too late, or will their rivalry blind them until they, too, fall like their predecessors? Marvel: Darkest Days.

I have a general outline and the "Big Bads" planned out for the future of the game itself, so I don't necessarily need help in the creative aspect (though extra ideas and brainstorming as well as feedback on my own ideas is more than welcome!)...what I need is a Co-GM to help with some of the management aspects (managing two groups of four players isn't easy, after all, and I've found myself getting kind of busy as of late), to provide extra creative juices AND to play the leader of the second team. I can't play both leaders myself, after all, so I need somebody who's "in" on the plot to guide the second team to where they need to be.


I need to get on with you :P

You need to be active and reliable.

You need to know at least enough about Marvel Comics to get by.

You need to be a half decent writer ( ;) )

You wouldn't necessarily need GM experience, but you would need to be able to assert yourself, since you'd be my 2iC; that is, if I was absent for whatever reason, you'd be in charge until I got back.

So...please let me know! I really want to get this game off the ground, and I need a 2iC / Co-GM in order to do that. So if you're interested, please either post in this thread or send me a PM for further details! Please and thank you! :D
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Offline Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: GM Seeking 2iC / Co-GM for Marvel Game; Deets inside! :D
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2016, 07:26:19 PM »
I feel the need to specify that I am open to altering the plot a little...I just need a second GM-type player to help me with the teams, and creative input is welcomed and encouraged. Please, I want to get this idea off the ground and I can't do it without a "Partner In Crime." :P

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Re: GM Seeking 2iC / Co-GM for Marvel Game; Deets inside! :D
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2016, 03:05:42 PM »
You know I'm interested!!

Offline Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: GM Seeking 2iC / Co-GM for Marvel Game; Deets inside! :D
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2016, 05:26:44 PM »
I do indeed, and I appreciate it muchly! :D