Looking for M/M smutty, fantasy RPs

Started by Kismet, January 20, 2016, 07:17:01 PM

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I’m looking for fellow storytellers who are interested in penning epic tales together. If you’re someone who loves watching a character develop during a roleplay, sculpting out the world our characters live and breathe in, and that rush of adrenaline that creeps up your spine when you write a fantastic post, I’m your girl. I’m looking for partners that are creative, imaginative, and are excited about taking our characters on amazing adventures.

Currently, I’ve been craving angsty M/M stories. I am best at playing dominant characters/roles. If I’ve piqued your interest, please read on! While I have a couple of plots that I’ve penned together, I’m also interested in hearing your original ideas as well.

I want our RP to be smutty. I want shameless smut, lots of it, but with a plot woven ‘round it to keep it altogether. <3 My kinks include: public sex, humiliation (giving), lite BDSM - whips <3, blindfolds, chains - and more! We can always talk kinks, of course~

The limits I have are few: I don’t like using pictures of real people in my RPs (I prefer artwork, or nothing at all), I’m not a fan of watersports/bathroom play, and I prefer to play with characters who are 21+, physically and mentally. I also don’t do fandom RPs. If you’re still with me, read on!


He is the alpha, your alpha, leader of the cult.

DARK FANTASY, WEREWOLVES, CULTS, RITUALISTIC SEX • Dhaval is the leader and alpha of a pack of loyal wolves, and a cult of loyal, obsessed humans who believe werewolves to be gods. Dhaval knows his wolves are Enlightened of their greatness, but rival packs see their existence as a threat to werewolf kind: if humans are allowed to be wrapped up in werewolves’ lives, it could tip off their presence to werewolf hunters, and more. And so, Dhaval’s pack has fought and struggled against unenlightened werewolves for centuries. In a recent battle, he’s lost more wolves than he’d like to admit.

He needs new blood, so he recruits you, a new Pelted, into his fray. Perhaps you’ve just been turned, and have been abandoned by your sire? Or maybe you were once human, now wolf, turned to help Dhaval win this war against his fellow Wolf, who’d strike their cult down. All relationships amongst Dhaval’s wolves are sexual, as sex is used to bond, to strengthen them, to cleanse and heal— sex is a ritual, another magick used to empower wolves. And while Dhaval has sex with many of his wolves, sex with this new wolf is different...

He is the poet, the philosopher, who dances with a bitter blade.

KIDNAPPING, DARK FANTASY • He is a poet, a philosopher, and a man well learned and read, but he only dreams in one color — ruby red. He is a murderer, a slaver, a rapist, someone who takes pleasure in spilling crimson blood from veins. But one has to make a living, so on nights when the midnight sky is extinguished from stars, he takes men and women off the streets and sells them for profit. Hell only knows what happens to the lot of them, or where they go.

One night, he decides snatch someone up, as usual, and it is the usual song and dance, perhaps — but he has so much time before he has to turn this person in. Eventually, he gets to know this person, and something about them is... different. And while he owes the slaver a body... he won’t let the slaver take this person away.

I want this to eventually be non or dub-con, and eventually grow into something more— romantic, a twisted addiction to this person, what have you. It’s up to you what kind of character you’d want to play for this— as long as it’s someone you think can entertain a beast, we should be in the clear.

He’s up for a bit of the ol’ ultraviolence.

GANGS, DYSTOPIAN, INSPIRED BY CLOCKWORK ORANGE • Jak is the leader of the city’s notorious gang, Moloko’s Boys— they steal, they fight, they run this town, and the whole town knows it. Nights are spent basking in ultraviolence: their carefree havoc has painted the town red with rage.

That’s why, when a member of their gang— the former second-in-command — is killed and strung up in front of their hideout for display, Moloko’s Boys know they have to seek revenge. And they have to do it proper.

And you— who are you? Are you a new member of the gang the jackal has taken a liking to, and has aspired to teach the ways of ultraviolence? Are you the newly appointed second-in-command, dedicated to finding the old’s killer? Or perhaps it was you? Did you kill the second-in-command, as an opportunity to move up in Moloko’s Boys? Are you an undercover cop, who has infiltrated the gang? Who are you, dear stranger— can you survive this ultraviolence?

He is the demon, tormented by an Almighty.

DARK FANTASY • As demons go, this one is one of the most discordian, one of the most chaotic— one of the most unpredictable. In a world where demons dwell in darkness, sitting in lofty manors when they are not preying upon innocent humans, this demon is not privileged to live such a peaceful life. Millennia ago, he made a pact with an Almighty spirit to survive, and ever since, it has been devouring his soul, bit by bit.

To save his soul and sanity, he knows what he must do. He must first kidnap a human, then take him to the Gala— a gathering of demons, where secrets are spilled and spells are exchanged. Perhaps one of these spells or secrets can answer his prayers. The human he must steal is naught more than an object to  him— but perhaps the partnership will prove to be more fruitful than he would’ve assumed…

Medieval Fantasy
Shady cults, who worship dark/light gods
Knights and chivalry
Subverting chivalry— knights with a darker moral code, working against their kingdom
Magical boarding schools
Shifters (werewolves, etc)

Science fiction
Space mercenaries
Anything involving aliens

Steampunk pirates/mercenaries

Realistic settings
Modern fantasy
Boarding school
— And so much more!

I’m so up for chatting, so let’s plot out something smutty, angsty and fun!