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June 21, 2018, 05:19:21 PM

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Author Topic: Dresden Files Crossover. (F for M) (Re-opened)  (Read 833 times)

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Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Dresden Files Crossover. (F for M) (Re-opened)
« on: January 04, 2016, 10:33:32 AM »
Too much caffeine, lack of sleep and access to Dresden Files audiobooks while reading MLP comics led to this :P I don't have a problem. really, I don't. Don't look at me like that! X3. It is also inspired in part by a fanfiction I found. I enjoy the strange combo that it would be of the very happy and hopeful world of MLP mixed together with the dreary Magic Noir of Harry's world. a nice fun contrast I feel.

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden (conjure it at your own risk), Wizard for hire and Private Investigator to all things macabre and magical, is no longer the only wizard listed in the phonebooks (although to be fair she also calls herself a Magician,). Some new comer managed to get herself in the books right above his name. Hopefully, this might keep those annoying crank callers and mothers with birthday kids from constantly calling him up on the phone, or at least calling him as often. This "Sunset Shimmer' had such a hippie name that is was likely to keep the crank callers going for her for having parents who were way too into the flower power. And that was the last Harry thought about her for some time, it had been nothing more than a momentary amusement to the Wizard. That was until his employers sent him a 'friendly reminder' that he was a Winter Knight who had duties to fulfill and missions to enact on their behalf.

One day there was a knock at his door and an envelope slipped under his door like some wannabe spy flick. They provided him with a file and a target to investigate and bring in for them, who happened to be the only other wizard in town, Sunset Shimmer.

The file provided on her was rather illuminating, Miss Sunset Shimmer was not as Human as she let on, she was apparently a Unicorn in disguise. Which in itself was rather earth shattering, since no one had seen a Unicorn in years, maybe decades. Their bones were made of Alicorn and were a rather powerful magic amplifier, leading to them being hunted down to (supposed) extinction. This amplification would explain how she managed to pull off some very major magic to become human, considering she didn’t have a huge honking horn for the whole world to see. Even her blood, organs, all of it, would be a magical artifact, unicorn blood alone was priceless, being able to reverse aging and make one younger. Just the mere rumor about her existence was enough to cause gears to begin turning in the underworld. As worrisome as that was.

From what her files said she had just appeared out of nowhere in some high school in Washington state, and overtime became the local heroine by age 18, helping all around with a smile on her face. Cats in trees were her specialty. (How cliche.) By age 20 she moved to Chicago and set herself up entertaining at children's parties and made enough to rent a tiny apartment. But despite her love of kids, helping her landlady with her garbage and in general kindness, she was dangerous. Very Dangerous.

The incidents, that they knew of, so far consisted of her casting a spell through the phone at a crank caller, and making the crank caller spit slugs out of his mouth for about an hour, putting her on the map for those who were on the lookout for anything odd. Her next incident dealt with a magical attacker of some sort.Apparently they somehow figured out she was a unicorn and wanted her bones, and organs and everything else, judging by the tools he had in what was left of his bag. But it seemed that their skills couldn't match, since her would-be kidnapper was reduced to nothing but charred bones, as if someone brought an old WW2 flamethrower and let loose on him. It took the boys over an hour to "Sanitize" the area, and even then the smell stuck to the area.

The Winter court wasn't too pleased though that she seemed to be following in Harry's path of 'Self defencing' people to death, and had sent instructions for Harry to find her, see first hand if she was the real deal, and bring her in. It would take some doing and research but luckily his pal Murphy has a nephew that is having a birthday party soon. After some persuasion, countless promises to Murphy, and patience, he managed to find the human/Unicorn girl there, entertaining the kids with tricks that would impress even the best Las Vegas entertainers. For the member of an endangered species and dangerous creature, she honestly seemed to enjoy making kids happy.

Hell, she even looked pretty good in that magician costume of hers , it was almost a shame that her world might be coming down around her just because people (and monsters and fey and etc.) couldn't let her live in peace. For all Dresden knew, she may have been the very last unicorn in the world, who just wanted to spend eternity making kids happy. But she was a walking talking Nuclear reactor of magical energy, and his bosses wanted her...badly... and there were any number of magic users out there who would use her power to do terrible things.

And little did anyone know, even the Outsiders wanted her...for sunset was like them, from outside of Dresden's universe. And her home was one that was a place of such delicious power, that if fully devoured, the Outsiders would be able to break through the Outer Gates with ease. 

Yes this is a crossover between My little pony (Equestria Girls) and the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher...that's what makes it awesome. So I have started book 4 (Summer Knight), and so I have a good understanding of the universe so far.
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Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Dresden Files Crossover. (F for M) (Re-opened)
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2016, 08:36:17 PM »
Sooo, it seems like my previous partner for this has been lost to the Ether and been MIA for a while. (He chose the worst time to disappear since I jut got back into the books) :/  So  I am reopening this up. If anyone is interested, just PM me.

If he show up again and wants to keep going, both RPs will continue. I don't mind doubling up on this. :P
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Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Dresden Files Crossover. (F for M) (Re-opened)
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2016, 10:20:04 AM »