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Author Topic: Seeking partner(s) for a harem game (M/F/L welcome!)  (Read 187 times)

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Seeking partner(s) for a harem game (M/F/L welcome!)
« on: December 27, 2015, 11:19:01 PM »
This is a concept that I actually brainstormed with the help of another Elliquiy writer, but never actually got the possibility to play. I'm leaning toward a sci-fi setting, mostly because it's not a setting I've been able to write in for some time, but I'm flexible on that as I am on most details. As always, if you're iffy on something, I'm always glad to discuss it. Current inspirations for this setting are Battlestar Galactica, Xenosaga, Firefly, Dark Matter and Outlaw Star. While I take a lot of enjoyment out of harem anime, I would rather this story not be that silly.

Let me be clear on one thing, though; this is not a project for the faint-of-heart. The partner(s) that take this on will be writing multiple characters, and will also be expected to help carry the story to some degree. I don't want all of the other characters to be cookie-cutter damsels in distress, I actually want them to have their moments. I've seen some real talent in so many writers here on E when it came to coming up with so many diverse and amazing characters, and I hope to see that here. Not all of the cast you bring in needs to be a permanent fix. Some can be temporary characters serving the purpose of a plot.

Anyways, I will digress for now. Here's the plot. I'll go ahead and say that there's really not a whole lot off-limits here in the way of races and kinks. If you like what you see, feel free to PM me!

In the far future, humanity was invaded by aliens, and a massive interstellar war was fought. My character was a soldier in that war - probably just a junior officer dragged into the war somewhat unwillingly, because as things got desperate, they started making every young person fight. He was on a top-of-the-line battlecruiser that came under heavy attack. Virtually everyone was dead and the ship was moments away from being destroyed, so the Captain made a desperate maneuver around a massive star - diving deep into the gravity well, so that if the enemy followed they would be torn apart... but the time dilation would be so great that the ship would not emerge until years later (though the crew would experience only minutes). Unfortunately, the ship was too badly damaged and the Captain miscalculated... everyone on the ship was killed, and the ship was trapped in the gravity well for hundreds of years (though, again, the lone survivor - my character - experienced only minutes).

While my character was trapped in the gravity field, the war ended. Humanity lost. The snake-like aliens took over the human worlds, and turned humanity into a subjugated slave population. A handful of human worlds and colonies still exist, left alone so long as they pay taxes and tribute to their serpentine overlords.

Hundreds of years later, there is a small alien transport ship that has a small group of human females on board. Humans are often used as cheap, expendable drones to do dirty, menial, or dangerous work; females are preferred because they're less aggressive and can squeeze into smaller spaces. These females were all raised on human livestock farms before being sold as drones, so none of them have ever seen a male (the sexes almost never mix unless they're being used for breeding).

One of the women manages to reprogram one of the sentry droids (a bio-organic cyborg a la Kos-Mos/T-elos) usually used to keep the human livestock under control, and they stage a mutiny and take over the ship. But... they're hardly free. There's nowhere they can go in the universe. They can't go to a snake-alien world, obviously... but just as obviously they can't go to a human world because the humans will simply turn them over to the aliens - they can't afford to defy the aliens, and harbouring runaway slaves would definitely count as defiance. And they can't simply fly around forever; they'll run out of supplies or be caught by a patrol ship.

But one of the women has heard a legend. The legend of the last battlecruiser. According the legend, a human battlecruiser is trapped in a gravity well, frozen in time. It's not considered any kind of a threat: first of all it's likely that everyone on board died during the gravity maneuver and the preceding battle, and secondly it won't escape the gravity well for another few hundred years. But if they can use the transport's grapples to pull the ship out... they might gain themselves a battlecruiser. Then they could fly space forever, and no one could challenge them! It would be very risky - the transport might be torn apart, or fall into the gravity well itself... but the alternative is almost certain death.

So! Of course they manage to pull the ship out... and they discover to their surprise that the crew isn't all dead! And, my character discovers to his surprise... that he's a couple hundred years in the future, the war is over, humanity is now a slave race, and there's a ship with a couple of hot women and a reprogrammed killer robot who desperately need his help - and his ship. They have to teach him about this new, dangerous universe he finds himself in... and he has to teach them about what it means to be human, and free. And of course, they all go off on adventures in his battlecruiser - or, when they don't want to attract attention, they use the captured alien transport, which is small enough that it can actually dock in the battlecruiser's hangar - generally acting like space pirates robbing and destroying alien ships when they can, and seeking treasures that might give them an edge, and a better chance of long-term survival. Occasionally they'll rescue other humans (to add to the harem, or just to have a girl-of-the-week character), secretly work with the human worlds behind the aliens' backs, and meet with various rebel groups and other human pirates (most of whom will, coincidentally, also be hot girls).
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