Femboy Student + Married Professor [romance | angst | smut]

Started by kasper, December 26, 2015, 06:42:15 PM

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Femboy Student/Male Professor
romance | angst | smut

I would like to play a little idea I have about a male femboy/trap college student luring his professor into an affair. I will play the femboy and you can play the professor~ Let me know if you are interested in playing this either via PM or reply to this thread. There will be story + smut. I enjoy all kinks except scat, obesity/weight gain, vore and vomit.

The Student

The college student's name is Dakota and he is about 18 years old. He is a boy but dresses as a very cute girl. He wears his long blonde hair often in a pretty braid or loose and sometimes in messy buns. He often wears white or very light pink dresses with white thigh highs and white or pink high heels. He is very feminine looking and has a very dainty build other than his thick, juicy ass. He has a little cock. He is often very sweet but can sometimes be a little bratty.

Dakota's plump, juicy ass.

The Professor

The professor's name is Roman and he is about 27 to 34 years old. He is a married man who is very unhappy in his marriage due to his nagging wife. However, he hopes to fix things with his wife even while having an affair on her with a femboy student. He is mature and sometimes grumpy but he can also be sweet and romantic. He will slowly come to care for Dakota and treat him less like a nice fuck on the side and more like a serious relationship but will still have troubles letting go of his wife. He often times treats Dakota like he is a child even though he is fucking him, which makes Dakota frustrated and sometimes even angry.