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Author Topic: Male switch looking for female play partner (M/f, m/F, M/F)  (Read 663 times)

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Male switch looking for female play partner (M/f, m/F, M/F)
« on: December 25, 2015, 08:12:07 PM »
I'm a male switch looking for a new story.  I like 50/50 sex and story with both being intertwined and essential to the RP.  I write 2-5 paragraphs a post and enjoy PMs to bounce ideas off of my partner and visa-versa as we write the story.  I'm a heterosexual switch IRL, so I enjoy playing male characters that dominate female characters and male characters that submit to dominant female characters.  I only want to RP with a female playing female characters.  As it is rare to find a good RPing female dominant, I'm greatly craving a story where I can play the submissive male to a dominant female, so any woman that wants to play such, please don't hesitate to PM me with your ideas!  I am also including some ideas of my own for that genre.  I am also including some M/F and Male dominant stories that I am very much craving right now as well.  Please PM me if any strike your fancy or if you have an idea you think I might be interested in.

FEMALE / male stories I'm craving
Get it Out of Him!
The Kingdom has been invaded and taken over by an invading empire.  The emperor's, or empress’s army, have taken the capitol and have heard tails of a powerful treasure that will grant the owner unlimited power.  The Priesthood of the conquered kingdom is said to possess the knowledge of the treasure and guard it with their lives.  Much of the Priesthood has been killed during the invasion, but one young priest has been captured by the empire.  The empire asks its best female interrogator to get the secret of the treasure out of him by any means necessary.  The female interrogator is the best because she's not only schooled in the effective use of torture, but is also very sexy and knows how to use it.  Most men will give up any information to have sex with her after a little bit of torture.  Yet this priest will not give in so easily, she will have to make him her sex slave and torture the truth out of him.  It's nice for her that he's an attractive male and a virgin with all the deep, “dirty”, sexual desires any 22 your old male would have.

Captured Rum
It’s the early 1600’s and the Rum running black market is big money for some daring young merchants.  One such young merchant runs into some bad luck and the ship he is on ship wrecks on some uncharted island.  He’s able to save one keg of rum which he is burying when one of the young females of the island finds him.  Women rule the island and the men are their slaves.  Any new-coming male is either to be taken as a slave, or killed.  They are not allowed to leave for fear that they will bring other men with steel and guns back to harm the women.  The young woman likes the looks of the young man and decides he’d make a great slave.  She captures him and uses her sexual nature and sexual torture to make him want to be her slave for life.

What Did the Witch Unleash?!
A very attractive young warrior lays hurt on the battle field.  A very attractive middle aged witch finds him and promises to heal him if he takes an oath to be her slave/pet.  He accepts.  She is in danger and needs the warrior’s skills for protection, but his quite confidence, constant curiosity, and stunning good looks, take their toll on her resolve not to use him in other ways.  She’s bond him by his oath and her magic to obey her.  Finally giving in to her desires she uses her powers to restrain him and take what she wants from him.  He obeys her and (at first secretly, but increasingly up front about it), enjoys her use of him in this way.  To keep him in line she puts a spell on him for whenever he might try to hurt her he will feel physical pain.  At first he tried to escape, but when she’s attacked by townsfolk, he protects her.  This story is femdom and romance with some power exchange.

Vampires / human male
Open to almost anything with this.
She’s hungry again so she goes to find her next meal.  She goes to the dance club, her favorite predatorily place.  She meets an attractive man who can dance well.  They dance together and then she asks him back to her place.  He joins her and once home she pushes him against the wall and bites his neck passionately.  After a while she feels him go limp, but she stops before she kills him.  She likes him and decides to have more fun with him.  When he wakes up he finds himself tied up and naked at her mercy.

Space Femdom
A space woman dressed in a short silver skirt and silver bra with a ray gun comes down to earth looking for some much needed energy for her ship. (Elaborate as you like)  She finds the human male she wants, attacks him and shoots him with the ray gun which stuns him. He can either be immobile on the first shot, or it takes a few shots to knock him out.  Unable to move for a little while she takes him on her ship, strips him, and ties him up.  Now helpless she is free to torture and play with him as she likes.  The sexual energy that his body gives off as she plays with him refuels her ship.  To complete the refueling she has to make him cum. (how much fuel she needs is up to you.)

More long term stories for high level RPing...

The Mistress that Saved the World and the Disgraced
At age 34 (age isn’t that important, somewhere between early 40’s to early 30’s though) he had lived a life worthy of a blockbuster movie trilogy.  A Harvard grad, certified troubled genus, secret CIA agent since the age of 16, and by age 34 a disgraced, depressed, and sorry case.  He finds solace in a bottle of rum to chase away the pain.  A classic case of knowing too much about the world and losing the only people he ever truly cared about he hides away in the mountains as a legend in his own time.  When the world she loves starts to unravel and the secrets that she starts uncovering about the world are more complicated than anyone else knows about, she hears a legend of one man that might have the answers she craves so much.  He won’t see her, or anyone!  That is until she finds out that the lost love of his life was a dominatrix.  Being to him what no one else can be, she holds the key to finding out what’s going wrong in the world and what they will have to do to work together to save it.  Using her womanly charms and dominating style, she’s able to trap him, interrogate him, and lovingly cajole him into telling her what he knows.  In so doing she helps him find that life is worth living again and love can still blossom in the heart of the disgraced.

Men's Suffrage 4179 A.D.
For the last 1,500 years mankind has explored the nearest galaxies and colonized its own.  There are many human inhabited planets now.  All these planets have their own societies, laws, cultures and planetary identity.  About 1,000 years ago a large colony of feminists colonized a distant planet in the galaxy under the ideal that if woman ruled society that everything would be better for everyone.  Now in the year 4179 A.D. a distressed ship asks for permission to land on the remote planet.  The ship is allowed to do so but only a few men and woman are still alive on the ship when it lands. 
(I'll play one of the men from the ship.  We should discuss what the society on the planet looks and acts like.  I'm open to ideas of what would happen in a strictly female dominated society, the goods and ills of it.  My character will either be forced to live submissively to a woman, or many women on the planet, or be an actual slave to a woman on the planet.  But that's where the story begins.  My character isn't happy as a submissive male and will lead a male rebellion to gain male suffrage on the planet.  You can play as many dominant females, militant females, or caring and sympathetic females as you think there would be in the society.  Other them the female dominance, I’m interested in what you see such a society looking like.)

My favorite long term story for truly dedicated female players
The King’s Whore and the Map Maker
(This one is special to me.  It will be full of mystery and will not be a short story.)
In a medieval fantasy world the King has a lady in the most distinguished city brothel who he likes the most.  She is exceptionally beautiful and very intelligent.  In a male dominated society of medieval European fantasy she thinks this is the best place for an outgoing, independent, woman who likes sex and males with power an intrigue.  On occasion the king has asked her to get information for him from advisors or others in “any way possible”.  She is rewarded handsomely each time.  The King has asked her to get close to the head Map Maker of the rival Kingdom.  It sounds like an easy task.  The map maker is 28 and without a wife or kids.  As it turns out he’s fairly attractive as well.  She’s good at what she does and she finds success in seducing him, however, thinking this might be her most pleasurable job yet she soon finds out she’s bitten off more than she can chew.  What she finds are secrets and realities that blow her mind!  She soon realizes that this man is more interesting and more powerful than any King or Emperor in the world!  Will she stay loyal to her King, help the map maker save the world, or secretly work for her own desires?  Will she use the feelings of the men in her life for her own gain, like she’s always done, or find a calling greater than herself and fall in love with a man that can help her reach pleasures she has never even dreamed of?

MALE / female stories I'm craving
Homeless to Heaven
she’s become dirt poor and living homeless.  He’s a rich, attractive looking, young man that simply hasn’t had any luck in the rich dating world.  Randomly they come in contact with one another and somehow, (we can discuss how) he takes her in and back to his mansion.  He can see her beauty behind the dirt and tangled mass of hair that could act as a metaphor for her life and emotions at that moment.  He offers her is stable, loving, home for the small price of being his maid, yet… there’s more to being his maid then simple cleaning.  (This will be a highly sexual driven story line as they tease each other until mind blowing sex.  Almost any fetishes can be used in this one so please don’t hesitate to tell me what you like.  I am also including below a potential expansion on the plot below that you can incorporate, or ask to do something else.)
She grew up rich or upper middle class and next door to a rich young man about 10 years her elder.  They were family friends, but unbeknownst to either they secretly lusted for one another.  As she developed into womanhood out his windows he found her painfully attractive as she unknowingly teased him while sunning in her bikini by her family pool.  When he had her family over for dinner every few months his open smile and disarming charm accentuated his good looks so much so that no other man could possibly live up to her first understanding of what a man could do to her deepest desires without even knowing it.  Fast forward many years, (could be 3, could be 10 and then re-read from the top).

Thank You for Kidnapping Me!
She grew up in the cult from childhood.  She’s trapped in an abusive situation where she is forced to stay a virgin and never know a man other than the father that beats her.  She’s made to believe that if she leaves the cult she will be struck down by God and sent to eternal hell.  One day the car her family is traveling in breaks down near the only gas station for miles.  The 24 year old male mechanic offers them his little house for the night while he fixes their car.  Extra curious she sneaks out in the middle of the night to visit the mechanic as he works on the family car.  She is scarred of him and what her family might do if she is caught, yet she still can’t help but want to know someone outside of her cult.  She finds out he’s a nice guy and nothing like what a “Man” is supposed to be in her life.  She’s able to sneak back into her bed before her family knows and soon it is morning.  The car is fixed and she leaves the only friend she’s ever had behind.  A month goes by when one night she feels a hand and foul smelling cloth over her mouth with male lips by her ear whispering, “Don’t scream, I’m here to take you away.”  When she wakes up she is tied in the front passenger seat of the mechanic’s car and he’s driving her away from the nightmare of her life.  He gently reaches over and begins to run his hands all over her pretty body.  Is she being violated, or truly loved for the first time?

A longer, more involved story for higher level of RPing...
Girl Meets World
She is a princess that feels cooped up and wants adventure.  She knows there are evils in her own land and she wants to make them right for her kingdom.  Her kingdom is winning a war with another kingdom.  The other kingdom sends a spy to kidnap her to then demand an end to the war and the other kingdom’s survival in exchange for her survival.  After kidnapping her, the kidnappers take a liking to her beauty and start having “fun” with her.  (How far they go is up to you.  She can stay a virgin if she was before, or find herself brutally raped repeatedly, or somewhere in between.)  Each kidnapper starts falling in love with her.  Only a month or so after being kidnapped she is rescued by a dashing peasant, who at first is just looking for money, but he has the capacity to fall in love with her.  She doesn't want to go home and back to the prison she grew up in.  (Also, if she was raped, she might feel unworthy of being a princess again.)  Will the peasant bring her home against her will like he was ordered to and collect the monetary reward he needs, or give in to her desires and show her the real world that she craves to see?  Will the spy that captured her once find her again and recapture her?  What will she do when she finds that this is only the beginning to a complex story where everyone has multiple motivations and belong to more than one organization?  (Maledom turns into romantic adventure.)

MALE / FEMALE stories I'm craving
Returning the Favor of Blackmailing
A very attractive woman of a high status family is caught doing something that would disgrace not just her, but her whole family.  Something like steeling, or a wild sex act, or petty vandalism.  The good looking, mischievous man that catches her committing the embarrassing act blackmails her into letting him do what he wants with her for a full night or maybe a full week.  The woman is held against her will but actually enjoys the night.  Towards the end of the night or sometime during the week, she finds out something about him that would send him to jail.  She is able to turn the tables on him and forces him to submit to her desires.  We can have them go back and forth, finding new ways to blackmail each other.

Run for Your Sexual Lives!
A local amateur sports organizing group has many sports leagues to choose from on their website; soccer, flag football, softball, bowling…ext.  You pay $60 and join a team.  They advertise it as a great way to meet new friends and stay active.  At the bottom of the page there is one last league which unbeknownst to you only you and a select few see. The league will pay you $5,000 a season!  "Looking for athletic, fun minded individuals who want to spice up their lives and play with lovely people."  Information on where to meet and when is the only other info on the site.  You really need the money so you decide to see what it's about.  When you arrive at the address you find large gates which open mechanically for you.  You drive up a long driveway through a forest for at least ten minutes.  When the trees give way you find a huge mansion and a group of handsome men and pretty girls all in their 20's outside on the front porch.  You recognize your friend who is part of the greeters.  They greet you, along with only a handful of others, apparently this is an exclusive league.  Once everyone has arrived they tell you the rules.  This is a chase game.  To win the $5,000 you must outrun the people chasing you and not get caught for an hour.  Men chase the women, women chase the men. You are given a five minute head start.  If you are caught the captor, or captors, gets to ask one sexual favor from you and demand an article of your clothing before letting you go.  If you refuse, you will not get any money.  If you are caught three times you will be forced to become the third captor's slave until dawn to still get your money.  Last chance to leave penniless?  (We can both play multiple characters if you want.  The captors can chase as a group or individuals.  Thanks to Literotica for this lovely idea)

Super-heroes vs. Super-villains
There has always been rumors of secret government experiments carried out on unwilling prisoners at the super-maximum security prison just outside of the large city.  A year ago there was a major explosion at the prison and a large amount of hardened criminals escaped.  Most of the prisoners have been recaptured, and the government claims all have been, but there are a handful of prisoners that haven't been caught.  Ever since that explosion a ring of villains with special super-human powers have terrorized the city.  The police are totally helpless.  In response the government has created a special elite unit of warriors and given them super-human powers as well.  Now it is their job to confront the super-villains and stop them.  There will be times when some super-villains defeat, capture, and take advantage of some of the super-heroes, but also, it can go the other way as well.  (You can use published characters if you desire, but I’ll be using original characters.)

Spy vs. Spy
Two competing nations are at war with each other.  The top spy in one nation is a very handsome male while the top spy for the other nation is a very attractive female.  One captures the other and interrogates them.  Then he or she has his/her way with the other before the other escapes.  Later the tables are turned.  They capture each other again and again and secretly love the sexual exploits between the two of them.  They enjoy it so much that they both, "accidentally" leave the cuffs a little lose so that the other can escape and not get killed as they begin to secretly like each other.  At first they are passionate rivals but after a few encounters where they make each other cum many times, they begin to like each other.  Then through their interrogation of each other they find out that their whole world is in grave danger and they have to band together to stop a worldwide catastrophe.  Will they save the world, will they confess their secret love for each other, or will they be good little soldiers and die where they stand?
(Aspects of femdom/maledom with romance and good fight scenes)
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Re: Male switch looking for female play partner (M/f, m/F, M/F)
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2015, 02:17:35 PM »

I'm still hoping to find a lady to RP with for one of my stories or a story of your own that has similar story lines.


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Re: Male switch looking for female play partner (M/f, m/F, M/F)
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Re: Male switch looking for female play partner (M/f, m/F, M/F)
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