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January 20, 2019, 09:18:25 PM

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Author Topic: A Minnow Among Whales (F seeking F for F/Futa)  (Read 998 times)

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Offline SithMistressTopic starter

A Minnow Among Whales (F seeking F for F/Futa)
« on: December 24, 2015, 11:34:29 PM »
So, I've had an odd craving kicking around a bit, and I figured I'd create a scene to satisfy that craving. Hence the thread you're reading right now. Before I begin, though, let me lay out what I'm looking for in a partner.

I am after a female player, please. That's a lady, or a liege who identifies as female. If you are male and contact me about this idea you will be met with a polite but firm refusal.

I have the following additional requirements:

1. Be willing to put up with my somewhat slow posting rate. It's the holidays and I work for the post office. We're deep in overtime territory.

2. Be willing to respect my offs and include a few of my Ons. I'll try my hardest to do the same.

3. Be willing to discuss the story via PM in order to keep it moving. Communication is important.

3a. Be willing to go back and edit things if they need to be changed to keep the story consistent or keep things realistic, or stay within each others ons & offs.

4. Be capable of using a spelling checker, and willing to post at least 200-300 words at a time, preferably more.

5. Be willing to move the story forward, be creative and imaginative, but not god-mode my character. If you feel you need my character to do something in a scene, we can discuss it over PM and I can provide coaching, or write it myself. Nothing worse than someone taking my character and doing or saying something she'd never do/say.

6. Be willing to play via thread. Of late, all my scenes have been done here on E via thread. I've been rather neglectful of my email, given the surfeit of overtime I've been working. I will say this. I will not, under any circumstances, play via PM or IM. Do not ask.

With that out of the way, let us delve into the plot itself.

The idea itself is fairly basic, and stemmed from something I saw online. A woman and a Futa share a jail cell and get it on. From there it kinda grew into what follows.

My character (the Futa), was tried and convicted on multiple counts of aggravated assault, battery and attempted murder. Her lawyer was somewhat inexperienced, but was able to obtain what he considered a fair sentence. Rather than life imprisonment, my character was given 15 years in prison and a 250,000 dollar fine. In lieu of the money (which she didn't have), she agreed to an in-house work program to pay off her sizable debt.

In the time she's been imprisoned, my character has quickly risen within the ranks of the inmates, third in the informal chain of prison command. Shrewd as she was, she allied herself with the top two inmates and was considered untouchable as far as physical assault went. Which, in prison, meant she garnered a fair amount of respect and was not one to be trifled with.

It also allowed her certain opportunities that she never neglected to indulge in. For starters, it put her third in line when it came to meals, not that she was lacking in access to food. In fact, she regularly ceded her place in line to whichever inmate she was currently sexually attracted to. So long as that inmate is not off limits.

Your character is a new inmate. Jailed for a crime she swears she didn't commit. Whatever that may be, I'll leave up to you. Your character is a law abiding citizen and has never had so much as a parking ticket. Jail is a new and terrifying experience for her. She is constantly in fear for her life, as she is mercilessly taunted and bullied by the long term inmates, as well as those that have been there only slightly longer than your own. She is, in short, a sitting duck amidst wolves.

There are several ways this can go from here. I'm open to discuss anything, as long as it is within my limits, as laid out in my O/Os page.

Offline SithMistressTopic starter

Re: A Minnow Among Whales (F seeking F for F/Futa)
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2016, 02:18:43 PM »
Had one of my two partners withdraw from this. So, I'm reopening this. I have one slot available to discuss this particular scene.

Offline SithMistressTopic starter

Re: A Minnow Among Whales (F seeking F for F/Futa)
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2016, 03:00:04 PM »
I'm reopening this scene if anyone is interested. It's still a scene I am somewhat craving.