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Author Topic: Female writer seeking other female writers for F/F, F/Futa, or Futa/Futa scenes.  (Read 1707 times)

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Offline SithMistressTopic starter

Tentatively available for new scenes. PMs only if interested! DO NOT REPLY IN THREAD!

My name is Crystal. I'm 37 years old and currently reside in the Southern Plains of Kansas, though I was born and raised in the barren deserts of Arizona. I live with my girlfriend of 9 years and our two beautiful children. I work full time (and then some) at the Customer Care Center for the United States Postal Service. Whenever you call the post office 800 number, there's a slim chance you may talk to me, but it's unlikely. I am a budding cosplayer (mainly Star Wars at the moment) who is slowly introducing my children to the convention world. And they love it! (how could they not?)

I've been writing in some form or another since my junior year of high school, but I started role playing around 2000. Back in the heady days of Yahoo Instant Messenger and their custom chat rooms. My first foray into forum play was on the Literotica forums. I thought I knew what detailed was back then. I was so wrong. I've come a long way since then and would describe myself as an advanced literate writer. But, in the words of LeVar Burton, "You don't have to take my word for it!" My post history speaks for itself!

I only play opposite a Lady/Dame or Liege/Champion. My reasons are various, but it really boils down to the fact that I've yet to meet a man who can portray a woman accurately in a scene. I'm sure you think you can, and are itching to PM me to prove me wrong. If you do, you'll be politely reminded of this paragraph, thanked for your time, and told no. Sorry, but I've had too much experience with Lords/Knights who think their female characters are great, and they're not. So, don't bother.

Typically, you can expect anywhere from 4 to 12 paragraphs per post from me. I would say I average somewhere around 7-8 per post. I expect my partners to be able to post at LEAST 3 paragraphs per post, as I provide you with plenty to respond to and such length is imminently doable. If you respond with less, you'll be asked once to edit your post to lengthen it. If you cannot, you'll be thanked and the thread will end. If you want to play with me and don't feel confident you can meet such length, please let me know. I have no qualms about helping out a fellow writer, if only to help them better their own skills. I don't bite, I promise. Well, unless you ask me to. ^_^

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Offline SithMistressTopic starter

So, let me quickly go over some of the things I expect or want in all of my scenes. And I'm not talking content wise, but just general rules of conduct. I don't have too many, though there are a few.

1. I do almost all of my role plays via thread. I used to use email a lot, but I've gotten out of that practice, for the most part. That said, if you prefer email, I'm still amenable to that as a medium. But, my primary form of RP is via thread here. Gotta pad my post count somehow! ^_^

And I do not do IM or PM scenes at all. Please, do not even ask. You will be declined.

Most Important rule!
2. I usually only do FxF pairings. I am not looking to play with males. I want to play with female writers who play female characters. I will also accept playing opposite a Liege/Champion who identifies as female. Sorry guys, but I have played with too many men who think they know how to play a female character and fail miserably at it. I also enjoy playing F/Futa or Futa/Futa scenes. Again, NO male writers will be accepted

3. I appreciate timeliness in response to my posts. That said, I can be patient and wait, but I expect a nice, long, juicy post if I have to wait too long. I expect at least one reply a month, though I can wait up to 2 months before I consider the scene inactive. Unless you tell me ahead of time that you'll be away for that long, or more. Then I can make special dispensation for that.

4. If you have to leave the RP for an extended period of time due to real life (medical problems, school, family emergency, etc), please tell me. If I don't receive something letting me know you're going to leave due to real life, I will put you on my black list and our rp will forever be defunct. Even if you reply to it.

5. If the scene just doesn't interest you and you become bored, or you've got too many rps going and can't add mine as well, let me know. I will not bite your head off. I understand becoming overwhelmed and will not think less of you for it.

6. As I said earlier, I consider myself to be literate - advanced literate. I tend to write anywhere from 5-12 paragraphs per post. I expect your best effort. One liners will be black listed. I want detail and dialogue. If you are unable, or a new RPer and trying to learn, let me know ahead of time and I will show more patience and guide you.

7. I tend to use a lot of imagery in my posts. Whether it be pictures of my characters, setting, toys, clothing, jewelry, what have you. I use pictures a fair amount. I don't expect my partners to do the same, but I sincerely appreciate when they do. I am even willing to help you find pictures if you are having problems finding some of your own.

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Offline SithMistressTopic starter


1. I tend to be a switch, able to play both Domme and sub roles. I prefer Domme roles, or power equality, to sub, but I am flexible and willing to play any of the above.

2. I enjoy a moderate amount of bondage. Things like tying my partner to the bed (either with rope, handcuffs, silk ribbons, or whatever) or tying my partners hands together and suspending them from a hook on the ceiling. Those things could also be done to my characters, as well.

3. I enjoy light to moderate discipline. Things like spanking, orgasm denial, and the like. Typically, I prefer to be the one issuing the discipline, as I am more Domme than sub. But, again, I'm flexible here and can be the one being disciplined.

4. I enjoy sensation play a lot. I'm talking things like hot wax, ice, feathers. Anything that stimulates the skin in general, and not just genital play. Set my nerves aflame and make them sing!

5. I enjoy including toys into most of my scenes. From the basic (dildos, vibrators, etc) to the more hardcore (nipple clamps, candles, whips, etc). I'm very flexible on this subject, and willing to discuss any and all toys you may be interested in.

6. I enjoy stories where a female character is playing opposite an Intersexed character, or Futa, if you prefer. Typically, I prefer to play the Intersexed character, though I am amenable to playing opposite one. I prefer the Intersexed character to include both male and female genitalia, and am flexible on background history for why said character has developed in such a way. Be it medical experimentation, genetic enhancement, genetic mutation, magic, etc. I have a complete section of plots specifically for this particular kink.


1. Playing any other gender than female. There is only one exception to this. I will play a Hermaphrodite, or Intersexed Female. But, without a superb partner, even that probably won't happen.

2. One line responses. If I take time out of my schedule to write five or six paragraphs, moving the story along and describing what is going on, and you respond with anything less than one paragraph, you are IMMEDIATELY added to my black list. This is a zero tolerance policy.

3. Godmodding. Okay, this is a rather completed subject. If we've discussed what's next in the RP, and how my character is going to react to it and the like, then predicting my character's response and writing a short snippet of it is acceptable. BUT, if you just take control of my character without asking or discussing what you have planned, then we are finished. You will be black listed. This is another zero tolerance policy.

4. While I am a fan of Bondage and Discipline, I am NOT a fan of humiliation, degradation, objectification and the like. I am not into any of these, under any circumstances. I treat my partners with the utmost of respect and require the same. These are just too extreme for my tastes.

5. Scat, toilet, watersports, menses and the like. No. Never. Period. I am a bit of a stickler for my own personal hygiene, and I expect the same from my partner.

6. Vore. Not just no. Fuck no.

7. Pregnancy. I hated my pregnancy when I had my daughter. I love her, but being pregnant was not fun for me. And I won't pretend that it is.

8. Age Play. A minor age difference between our characters is okay. But, I will not play any kind of more extreme age difference. I'm not a fan of playing opposite much older or much younger characters.

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Offline SithMistressTopic starter

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Offline SithMistressTopic starter

Title: The Blind Date
Genre: Slice of Life
Pairing: F/F
Themes: Romance, Seduction
Notes: This scene is available for discussion in the Plot Ideas section.

When it comes right down to it, most law offices look damn near the same. The oak paneled reception area replete with couches, uncomfortable chairs and the obligatory attractive blonde receptionist. The wide hallways lined with glass walled offices and conference rooms. The suit wearing men and women bustling about, discussing their various cases, escorting clients and gossiping about their coworkers. You  could walk into any other law office and expect to find a similar atmosphere and layout. Similar, but never exact.

However, the twisted genius that designed the many offices of Crane, Poole and Schmidt took that idea and ran with it. Every office, no matter what city you were in, was identical. The reception area was next to the elevator and a part of the hallway leading back to the offices, the walls adjacent to the hall made of glass. A conference room with a trio of those glass walls at the end of the main hallway that branched out in 2 directions. The break room off one of those hallways identical to the break rooms in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles...and a host of other cities around the world. Rumor had it that Denny Crane himself had designed the offices. The belief that, no matter where in the world you were, the offices of Crane, Poole and Schmidt would be laid out the same. Some said it was a sign of genius. Others, a sign of dementia and a failing memory.

To Crystal Lynd, it mean she knew where her office was no matter what city she was in. Luck or good fortune had blessed her with the same exact office she'd had in Chicago when she transferred to New York. Which was almost identical to the office she'd had at her father's lawyers before she transferred to Crane, Poole and Schmidt's Chicago office.

She was stunningly beautiful. Those that dared described her as a Greek goddess, though never to her face. To maintain her devastating good looks, Crystal worked out daily, spending a minimum of a half hour either before work or after work at the gym. She was slender and toned because of her workouts, and had the kind of curves some women would truly die to have. She had definite muscle tone, though it was just enough to show, and not enough to be considered excessive by social standards. Her hair was a rich crimson color, akin to a fine glass of red wine. Her eyes were leaf green, a pair of emeralds that spoke to the ice in her soul and steel in her spine. She was gifted with a generous bust, both a nuisance and an asset she accentuated to great effect. The time she spent in the gym also gifted her with a toned and sculpted behind, something she knew most men (and some women) would stare at long after she had walked past them.

Her personality was less attractive. Owing to the necessity of placing her academic work above her social life, many people now found Crystal to be heartless and unfeeling. She buries her emotions deep, ever in control. She can be quite vocal, especially when talking about a subject she knows, or when someone has pissed her off. Owing to her looks, many believed that Crystal either had to have slept her way into her position or to have been given the position by a partner who wanted to sleep with her. Those that have seen her in the courtroom know better. Within the courtroom, she was a force to be reckoned with, and the bane of many a prosecuting attorney.

On this day, she had finished up her work and was preparing to head home. She was between cases at the moment and considering some pro Bono work to help pad her resumé some more when her cell phone started ringing. Pulling it from her suitcase, she saw a message from her good friend, Lucy. A lighthearted woman who was the antithesis to Crystal in almost every way, the pair had met in college. They became fast friends, owing to Lucy's sense of humor and charisma. She was everyone's best friend, but was also a bit of a busybody, constantly trying to set Crystal up on dates with her single girlfriends. Crystal humored the woman for a while, but, eventually just started declining to meet strange women she had nothing in common with. Lucy, sensing Crystal's reluctance, eased up some. But, when Crystal went to check her cell phone, she was worried her friend was trying to set her up again.

'Dinner tonight? We haven't spent any time together in more than a week! Meet me at 7 at Per Se. I'm buying!"

Crystal smiled as she read Lucy's text. Even in that format, her ebullient personality shone through. The woman was perky, but not to the point that it was annoying. Checking the time, Crystal saw that she had plenty of time to get a work out in before meeting at the restaurant.

An hour or so later, Crystal walked into her apartment, clad in an emerald green sports bra and black yoga pants. She was covered in a thin patina of sweat from her workout. Glancing at her phone, she saw that she had a little less than an hour to shower, get dressed and made up and leave before the appointed time. She wasted little time, stripping naked as she stalked through the apartment to her bathroom to take a hot shower.

Once she was freshly showered and clean, she stepped into her closet and began perusing her clothing selection. She knew that the restaurant Lucy had chosen was probably formal, so she chose an emerald green dress she'd been hoping to find the occasion to wear. She donned a strapless bra and matching panty before sliding the dress on, taking care to avoid her still wet hair.

The sheer back and top of the dress had a stream of elaborate beadwork that cascaded down from the neckline, which would accentuate her bust well. The dress had a sheer top with a brilliant beaded neckline, open back, and a fitted silhouette, with a slit that ran from mid-thigh to the hem. Crystal knew she would look as if she had been poured into the dress, it hugged her curves so tightly.

She walked back into the bathroom and began curling her hair. Sensing it was getting late, she rushed the job, though it was hard to tell from looking at her. The crimson curls framing her face beautifully. She took her time applying her makeup, tinting her eyelids a hunter green with leaf green accents and painting her lips a crimson that nearly matched her hair color. Some eyeliner to accentuate and a bit of mascara later and Crystal was ready. She grabbed her purse, a small emerald clutch, threw her cell phone inside and dashed out the door at 6:58.

Traffic was heavy, but moved steadily, allowing Crystal to pull into the parking garage only 10 minutes late. An improvement from her usual 20 minutes, she felt she was making progress with her estimates.

Heads turned to stare as Crystal walked by, her heels clicking on the concrete or wood floor as she walked to the elevator.  A quick ride to the 7th floor and she was there. She walked over to the maitre d'. "Excuse me. I'm meeting my friend, Lucy? Is she here?" The maitre d' nodded and led her into the dining room, weaving his way through the tables. Heads continued to turn and stare as Crystal followed, gliding along gracefully in his wake until he stopped at a table.

Crystal looked down in dismay to find a beautiful woman with copper hair sitting at the table. The woman had a similar look on her face. "Excuse me, but I think you are confused. This isn't my friend," Crystal said, her tone becoming glacial as she suspected Lucy had set her up again on another blind date. "I'm looking for a woman named Lucy."

Crystal stared, somewhat dumbfounded at the maitre d' as she stood beside the table with the beautiful, copper haired woman. Anger bubbled up inside her as she realized Lucy had done it again. After telling her friend over and over that she did not wish to be set up with any more of her friends,  Lucy had planned this and done it again. The maitre d' looked nonplussed at Crystal's icy gaze. "I am sorry, madame. But this is the table to which I was instructed to escort you to. If there is a problem, perhaps you might take it up with your friend," he sniffed in disdain.

Crystal was fuming mad and was tempted to turn on her heel and storm out of the restaurant. She would stalk Lucy down and give her the dressing down of her life. She was getting ready to turn and walk out when the attractive woman at the table stood up. She looked at Crystal briefly as spoke. "I believe we’ve been duped. Are you looking for Lucy Caldwell?”

Crystal was too stunned to speak. The woman's voice was soft and sweet, though Crystal could hear anger and frustration in the woman's voice as well. Crystal was sure she hadn't reacted, had continued to give her best icy stare. But that seemed to be all the answer she had needed. The woman dismissed the maitre d', who appeared relieved that an incident hadn't occurred in front of him.

As he walked away, Crystal turned to the woman standing before her. She was beautiful, her Copper hair cascading down her shoulders. Her eyes were a softer green than Crystal's, and a fire burned in them briefly. She was clad in a simple black dress. While the woman paled in comparison to Crystal, the crimson haired woman knew that this woman could shine just as brightly if she wanted. The woman seemed warm and inviting, a contrast to Crystal's icy demeanor. It took a moment, but Crystal slowly realized her anger, while justified (and Lucy was going to hear about it when Crystal got her hands on her), was not against this woman. She might as well enjoy herself while she was here.

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Offline SithMistressTopic starter

A star next to the plot name means I'm craving it. The more stars you see next to a plot, the more I'm craving that idea. 5 stars is the max.

1. A Twist on Sappy Romances(*****)
FxF, FxFuta
Slice of Life, Romance

So, this idea is one of those sappy romance plots. Your character is in a loveless relationship, either with a man or a woman. She is stuck in a rut and just can't seem to end her relationship, whether it be because she's afraid to, or just too used to the routine, or she just doesn't want to hurt her significant other. One day, she's taking the subway/train/bus home and she sees a startlingly beautiful woman get on the subway/train/bus. (we'll continue with subway, just for continuity sake) The woman is drop dead gorgeous, and your character cannot stop staring at her. When my character gets off, your character tries to follow, but the subway is packed with people and the doors close before she can follow. This pattern repeats for several days, your character seeing mine and staring, trying to muster up the courage to say something, but missing her opportunity. Finally, after a week, your character is resolved to make a move. But, she doesn't want to appear desperate. So, she compromises. She writes her phone number on a piece of paper, along with her name. Her plan is to slip it into the pocket of my character's coat. The idea of planting her phone number like that being such a turn on for your character.

Predictably, it's the one day my character is NOT on the subway. Your character is upset and frustrated. The next day, she's depressed about the fact that the universe hates her, that she blew her chance, etc. Just a terrible, horrible mood. She gets on the subway, resolved to never seeing this gorgeous woman ever again, and bam! There she is! Looking just as gorgeous as ever! Your character moves through the crowd to stand next to mine, but then freezes. This is such a stupid idea! Who would go for such a thing?

As the subway lurches to stop, she makes her move and drops the piece of paper in the pocket of my character's coat. Now, the ball is in her court. Will my character call? What would she say, if she did? And where does this go if she does?

2. The Blind Date (*****)

FxF, FxFuta
Slice of life, seduction, romance

Your character is fed up with dating. She's used online dating services, been set up by friends, and even tried speed dating at several different venues. But, all she's met are shallow, petty women more interested in one night stand than a meaningful relationship. So, when her best friend (who is the worst when it comes to setting her up with dates) offers to take her out to dinner, your character decides, why not? She doesn't get enough time to chat with this friend, and she needs a night to herself for once.

When she shows up to the restaurant, her friend is nowhere to be found. But, the server offers to seat her and to bring your friend when she arrives. Only it's not the friend that arrives, but my character. She's also been told by the same friend to meet up for dinner at the same restaurant at the same time. Looks like your character's being set up on a blind date. Only this one seems different. My character is drop dead gorgeous, unlike some of the others. And she's a lawyer! Maybe this night won't be a waste, after all!

3. Never Meet Your Heroes (*****)
FxF, FxFuta
Slice of life, hero worship, seduction, romance

In discussion with one, can take one more for different take on scene

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet that actress or artist or author you've had a crush on for so long? Ever wondered how you'd react in a situation like that? Would you be coherent and funny, or would you dissolve into a babbling puddle of hero worship?

The basic premise starts after my character (the celebrity) finishes a fan event. She returns back to her hotel. With her transient lifestyle, moving from convention to event to shooting locations, she's fairly lonely and fills that empty spot in her life with escorts. It's a well kept secret that the paparazzi has never caught on to.

Your character is a super fan of mine. She's seen or read everything my character has done, and is borderline obsessed with her. She would never admit it, but she has a major crush on my character and would kill to have one night alone with her. She's ecstatic to learn that my character is coming to town for an event, and she's practically the first person to get a ticket to attend. Nothing is going to stop your character from meeting mine!

Well, nothing, except for work. Just as your character is about to leave work to go to the event, she's stopped by her boss. He needs her for a project. It shouldn't take more than an hour to finish! And you'll get overtime, and be in your bosses favor. Your character's job is important, and she decides she has to do this, if only as a way to get in better position for a promotion or raise.

The project runs late, and your character rushes to the venue wherey character is. Only to find that she's missed my character at the event she'd been planning on attending for weeks! Your character is devastated. This was so important to her, and the one opportunity she'd ever have to meet my character is now gone!

That is, until she overhears a conversation between two employees of the venue mention the hotel where my character is staying. It just so happens that one of your character's best friends works at the desk of that hotel, and he/she owes your character a gigantic favor. And, to your character's surprise and delight, her friend is able to get her up to the floor where my character is staying.

When she gets off the elevator, she's nervous. Someone has to know she's not supposed to be there. However, she's surprised to find that she's ushered right in. She thinks she's there for a private meeting. She doesn't know that she's been mistaken for an escorting my character hired earlier in the day. How would your character react? What would happen next? And what would the day or week after be like?

4. The Trophy Wife (***)
FxF, FxFuta
Slice of Life, Seduction, Angst, Redemption

My character married for money, she made no bones about that. While her family was fairly rich in their own right, she didn't want to have to share wealth with two sisters she didn't feel deserved the money as much as she did. So, when she met a somewhat handsome, older man at a high society event, she did whatever she could to seduce him. She was so good at it, that the two were married a year later. He showered her with gifts, letting her live in the lap of luxury she felt she was entitled to. And their marriage was one of convenience. My character pretended to love her husband, but she was only in it for the money. The sex, which hadn't been great to start, made her sick, and she tried to defer as much as she could. Which was difficult, as her husband enjoyed fucking his much younger bride. But she wasn't attracted to him, and couldn't enjoy the sex like he did.

Life was okay for her, though. That is, until his daughter showed up at their door, unannounced. Her mother had kicked her out and she needed a place to stay. Of course her father took her in, setting some fairly simple rules of the house.

My character was outraged that she wasn't consulted. She would never have allowed his daughter to stay in his house and split his affection, and more importantly, his money, with her. But, she had no choice. The two became bitter rivals almost from the start.

The marriage began to fall apart. Her husband began drinking and staying out late, annoyed with the constant bickering between our 2 characters. He was caught cheating with younger women twice, both times promising it would never happen again. Claiming he still loved his wife. But, my character could see that he was moving on and her time in the spotlight was coming to an end. Which made her resent your character even more.

And then the husband announced that he had to go on a business trip for two weeks. And this is where the scene begins. Our characters have to find a way to live together, and maybe they find a bit more than they'd been expecting in one another. Especially when your character catches mine in a few tender, vulnerable moments.

5. My stepsister used to bully me (****)
FxF, FxFuta
Slice of Life, Redemption, Seduction, Romance, Angst

It's cliché, I know, but have you ever wanted to confront that bully that just made your life a living hell? And even though you're successful and happy, the memories of being kicked around by that bully just make you want to rub your success in their face.

This scene is like that. My character was relentlessly bullied throughout high school by one particular girl. She was popular and beautiful, and had dedicated her life to making my character's life a living hell. And all the taunting and embarrassment and pranks madey character dedicate her life to that shining moment when she'd be able to rub her success in her bully's face and laugh.

But when my character's mother decides to remarry 10 years after our characters graduated from high school, my character is flabbergasted to find that her mother is marrying the father of the bully. And worse, the bully has become much more sedate and kind. But my character can't  get over it so easily. And the bully, well, she doesn't even recognize my character!

To make matters worse, the bully has gotten even more beautiful since high school, and my character develops a crush, against her better judgment. She's so busy vacillating between anger and lust, that when the day of the wedding comes, my character is about to burst. One way or another, she needs to confront your character. And when the time comes for their respective parents to share their first dance as a couple, my character makes her move. Before anyone else can, she pulls your character onto the dance floor. As the two dance slowly, my character finds herself unable to speak. And when your character admits that she's happy to finally have the sister she's always wanted, well, that was it. Rather than collapse into a crying heap of emotions on the dance floor, my character escapes to the bathroom. She didn't expect your character to follow. And she never would have expected what happens next.

6. A Failure of Faith (*****)
Slice of life, angst, redemption, religious undertones

A deeply religious woman, born and raised in a devout family, has had an epiphany. She has struggled her whole life trying to reconcile her latent attraction to other women. With all the court battles that occured concerning same sex marriage, she has become increasingly aware that her friends and family are staunchly opposed to the subject and have extreme opinions on the topic. The woman knows what scripture tells her, but finds little solace in the words. She's grown ever more aware that the Bible she clings to was written and edited by man, diluting the message of God as she sees it.

She can't talk to friends or family about her struggles, as they'd shun her outright and practically exile her from their lives. In confession, the pastor can only quote scripture and suggest conversion therapy. After a few sessions, the woman can see that the therapy is a sham and there's nothing wrong with her. God has made her who she is, and how could he be wrong. The woman begins to seek help from someone outside the church.

An anonymous online forum for religious individuals questioning their sexuality recommends the woman speak with an LBGT advocate a town or two over. The woman makes an anonymous appointment for the next day. She dresses in baggy clothing, wearing sunglasses and a hat to try and disguise her appearance. However, either genetics or (as she believed once) God, have endowed the woman with what many consider to be the ideal body. She has a perfectly proportioned, nigh hourglass figure, and was well endowed with a bust most women envied and most men yearned to lay their hands upon. Even the slightest amount of exercise yielded muscle tone, and she worked out three times a week to maintain her weight. Anonymity for the woman is damned near impossible, given that she is noticed and stared at wherever she goes.

What happens next? Well, I have a few ideas about that. But, I'd also like to hear your own thoughts.

7. Masquerade (****)
FxF, FxFuta
Anonymity, BDSM, Discovery, Surrender

Four times a year, the high society scene in the city of Chicago gets together for one of four balls so well known that they are covered in the arts section of several local newspapers. The guest lists are a who's who of the rich and famous living in the city, and tickets are incredibly hard to come by.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the city, a fifth ball has been introduced, and it's the most anticipated ball of them all. The Lynd Family Masquerade Ball. While it's been a tradition amongst the Lynd family for years, their parties had gotten bigger each year, until the high society wonks decreed it to be the fifth ball of the year. Unlike the others, no press or media is allowed. And the atmosphere is more relaxed and permissive than at any other ball. The one rule of the ball is anonymity. No one is to ask or demand the identity of whomever they are talking to, unless otherwise told. The punishment for breaking the rule is to be barred from the event in perpetuity. Which typically also leads to the offender being banished from the other 4 balls.

The anonymity of this ball is the perfect environment for my character to work amongst. All the wives of the powerful men in the city know of her. And while they only know her by a pseudonym, they all speak her praises in hushed tones. She offers her services to bored trophy girlfriends and neglected house wives, giving them a night of unbridled passion with no strings attached. There is no direct way of contacting her. You must be referred to her services by one of her former clients. And there is a contract that must be signed in order to contract her services. But, once that's done, she will take your character to places they'd never believed they'd ever go.

Your character has been handed a business card with the name Phaedra one it, and an email address. She's been told only to contact Phaedra if she's interested in a night of unbridled passion. Would your character dare to send that email?

8. An exclusive spa (****)
FxFuta, FutaxFuta

Picture inspiration under NSFW spoiler

As science progressed, it was inevitable that genetic engineering would eventually become an attractive option to an aging population. Geneticists were able to create therapies to extend a person's life by years, or even decades, through stem cell research in order to repair cellular damage and partially restore the bodies natural rejuvenation mechanism. Plastic surgery became a thing of the past, as geneticists were able to alter a person's genes to give them bigger breasts or a metabolism that helped eradicate their excess weight. It wasn't long before geneticists began to advertise the ability to tailor an infants genes in order to create a more ideal child for parents. Removing chronic, genetic conditions like asthma or severe allergies. And gender reassignment became as simple as altering a person's DNA to match their inner gender.

Which was only a short step away from engineering a new gender. While geneticists called them Intersexed, the term Futanari (or Futa, for short) rapidly gained traction until everyone was referring to them as such. Born with both male and female genitalia, they were outwardly female, with feminine features that tended to include a generous bust and a trim figure, due to genes promoting a high metabolism. The first Futanari were sterile, geneticists more concerned with seeing if they could create an Intersexed person first. But, as the genetic engineering technology progressed, geneticists were able to create fertile, breedable Futanari. Unfortunately, with the fertility, came the sex drive. Futanari have the sex drive of an 18 year old male, and that drive doesn't appear to diminish as time passes.

As expected, Futanari were treated poorly when they were first introduced to the world. The religious factions claimed the geneticists were playing God, and a third of the first Futanari were hunted and killed by religious fanatics within the first few years after their inception. Government was slow to catch up, though laws were finally passed granting Futanari the same rights as any other human beings. However, most Futanari quickly learned not to admit to being a Futanari in public, and that was a hard habit to break. They banded together and formed a Coalition, called the Futa Freedom League, aimed at educating the population and creating understanding and tolerance. In more progressive cities, their appearances were welcomed with open arms, and Futanari were encouraged to come out of the closet (as it were) and join the community.

In one Californian city, an enclave of Futanari popped up quickly, and shops began tailoring themselves to their needs. While their needs were no more unique than the other two genders, such inclusion helped and more businesses grew. One such business was a Futanari exclusive gym. Most Futanari found they needed a safe place to work off some of their sex drive, and exercise of any fashion was a great outlet for that. And with the added bonus of being exclusive to Futanari, it was a safe place free of discrimination and judgement. The management was tolerant of most activities, turning a blind eye to the rampant sexual acts undertaken daily in the locker rooms and showers. It didn't take long for those acts to spill out of the locker rooms and onto the gym floor itself. Rather than make rules forbidding such acts, management instead laid out broad guidelines regulating such activity. All machines needed to be cleaned and sanitized of a pair of Futa decided to have sex on it. Any messes made needed to be promptly cleaned and the area sanitized by those involved in the act. Some of the employees of the gym began joining in on the activities, and organized workout sessions became thinly veiled orgies.

It was inevitable that a man or woman would eventually bring a discrimination suit against such a business. The owners of such businesses would need to change their rules and began admitting men or women. However those men and women had to undergo a thorough vetting process and are subject to a 3 month probation period. Any infractions during that time would result in expulsion and a permanent ban.

This scene is really about the adventures of a Futa in an inclusive environment meeting a young woman or Futa who's different from all the others. She's looking for a committed relationship with a Futa. But, all the Futas she's met are only interested in dating or casual sex. Can she find a Futa willing to settle down and raise a family?

9. The Twi'lek Dancer(*****)
Star Wars, Bondage

NSFW Photo inspiration under spoiler

A Tukian (green) Twi'lek Futa was captured by slavers when she was young and sold to a Hutt on Nar Hekka named Gormanda. The Hutt was fascinated by the young Twi'lek, as she had both male and female genitalia, while outwardly appearing like a woman. At first, he was sympathetic to her plight, as Futa Twi'lek were exceedingly rare and shunned by their peers. Also, Hutts themselves were hermaphroditic, changing from male to female when the time came for them to give birth to an offspring or two. He immediately put his new slave in training to become a dancer, and she strove to be the best dancer she could be.

4 years later, Garmonda was beginning to tire of the novelty of his Futa Twi'lek slave. While her beauty had deepened as time had passed, the Hutt began to view her as just another Twi'lek dancing girl, and he began sending her to his more loyal minions and sycophants to perform sexual favors for them. And when she balked, which was often in the beginning, he had her beaten and disciplined. She quickly learned to keep her mouth shut and obey.

Because of the sexual favors she was forced into performing, the fact that she was a Futa became common knowledge amongst Garmonda's minions, and they began to berate and ridicule her. She was forced to perform sexual acts in the Hutt's throne room, humiliating her by allowing anyone to take their turn and defiling her body. When she misbehaved, she was strung up naked behind his throne and forced to endure whatever abuse his minions visited upon her. Though the Hutt was clear that no permanent damage should be done to her, what she had to endure was, on some levels, more humiliating than the times she was forced to have sex in the throne room.

It was during one of these punishment sessions that your character arrived in Garmonda's throne room. Why she's there is open for discussion. Is she an Imperial Officer looking for a bribe to defer any Imperial Interference with Garmonda's operation? Is she a Bounty Hunter answering an ad about a Bounty posted on the Holonet? Is she a Rebel Officer looking to bribe Garmonda for information or weapons? Maybe she's a smuggler looking for work? The possibilities are endless, but there is one caveat. NO JEDI. They're too cliché and offer too much of a deus ex machina for the scene.

Your character is sickened and disgusted by the way mine is treated, though she realizes she can't show it. Instead, she goes about her business with Garmonda, showing disdain for those minions and sycophants surrounding her. Garmonda is impressed by your character and offers her a job/takes the bribe/pays the bribe. But, contingent on that job/whatever is one caveat. Your character must prove their worth to Garmonda and humiliate my character in some way. (which will be discussed in PM, should you show interest in this scene) Whatever it is that will be done must be done in the throne room before all gathered, as it is part of my character's punishment.

Your character has no choice but to go along with it, which she grudgingly does. The whole time vowing to take vengeance upon Garmonda and his minions. Your character is praised for taking part in disciplining an errant slave girl and she is allowed to leave.

That night, when all inside Garmonda's palace are asleep, your character makes her move. She sneaks inside, slipping past the guards and into the throne room. My character is still strung up against the wall, naked. While everyone sleeps around her, she has allowed her emotions to surface and is crying at the humiliation and degradation she's endured throughout the day. However, she hears your character as she draws near and cowers away from her as best she can. When your character offers mine freedom, she's convinced it's part of the punishment she's been enduring throughout the day. No doubt Garmonda and his minions are waiting for her to agree, before springing some trap to humiliate her further. If Garmonda doesn't tire of the punishment and just feeds the Twi'lek Futa to his pride of Nexu. My character is resigned to her fate and tells your character that it doesn't matter what she does. Her will is not her own, and it's been decreed that she is to be punished. Do whatever you will.

What happens next? Are the two caught? Is a daring escape necessary? Or do they escape quietly, only to find a bounty on their own heads placed by Garmonda? How long would it take for a Bounty Hunter to come looking for them? And for how long would your character be able to resist the allure of a grateful Futa Twi'lek wishing to repay her savior?

10. The Unexpected Roommate(*****)
Slice of Life, Romance

One day, while walking home from work, my character spots yours alone on the street. Your character is crying her eyes out, sitting on the street in front of my character's apartment building. My character recognizes yours as her upstairs neighbor, who's locked herself out and can't afford a locksmith. My character takes pity on her and offers to let her stay in my apartment while she waits for the locksmith, which my character graciously offers to pay for. However, the two are floored when they're told it will be the next day before someone can get out to unlock the other woman's door.

Your character is still in college, finishing up the third year of her four year bachelor's degree, and it's nearing the end of the semester. She's in the middle of a project she needs to finish, and is going out of her mind. My character offers to help, which your character readily accepts. But first, my character needs to take a shower after a long day at work. Whether consciously or unconsciously, she forgets to lock the bathroom door when she goes in. My character has had fantasies about your character, owing to the fact that my character is a virgin and has never had sex with anyone. Much less a woman as beautiful as your character is. Before her shower, she sits down on the counter in front of the mirror and begins stroking her penis, a lurid fantasy of our two characters fucking running through her head.

Your character, not knowing that my character forgot to lock the bathroom door and assuming my character was using a different bathroom, opens the door and lets out a curdling shriek as she seesy character, naked, stroking her penis in the mirror. My character has never, EVER, told anyone about her anatomical anomaly, and is immediately worried that your character will run away and tell everyone.

My character is surprised, however, when your character not only doesn't run screaming, but shows fascination with my character's anatomy and curiosity. She walks over to my character and grabs her penis, stroking it softly and expressing wonder over it. While your character is no virgin, she's never seen a woman with a penis, especially one that was a bit larger than average. And it's been a while since she's had sex! She begs my character for it, wanting to see how different things would be, again, because she's insatiably curious and very aroused by it. What makes it awkward is the fact that my character very much IS a virgin and has never slept with another person. Not that she doesn't want to, but that she's been afraid of rejection and revulsion from any prospective partners. Of course she would agree! She's been wanting to make love to another women for a very long time! And she's especially wanted to make love to your character for a long time, too!

Where does it go from here? Well, that's something to discuss, isn't it? Is this a one time fling for our characters? Something to get out of their system, as it were? Or is this a deeper, more in depth scene where our characters develop a relationship, despite knowing very little about one another?

11. Who says Romance is only found in novels? (****) *New*
Image inspiration

Content: F/F, Romance/Seduction, Light - Bondage (depending on partner), Consensual.

The term best friends is tossed around so casually nowadays that even mere acquaintances are being introduced as such. However, in this case, the two characters have been the best of friends since they were 7 years old. Their friendship has withstood the test of time, unchanged despite one character's change of social class, distance and time. 20 years later, the two still communicate with one another daily. Though now it's mostly emails, phone calls and packages in the mail.

When your character moved to the city of Boston for college (paid for by my character's parents), it was with the expectation that she would be returning to Chicago after completing her degree. Now, 8 years have passed since your character left. She's completed her degree and gotten a choice job in her field. (Whatever field and degree you'd like your character to have). The only caveat is that she cannot move home as originally planned.

My character has become an established lawyer in a fairly prominent Chicago law firm. A court case has come up, requiring her to travel to (you guessed it) Boston. Our two characters immediately make plans to spend all their free time together.

What my character does not know is that your character is madly in love with mine, and has been for some time. Distance has only strengthened your character's feelings, and she had made a secret vow. To win the heart of my character before she returns home to Chicago. The catch? She has 7 days to accomplish her goal.

To what lengths will your character go in order to coerce, cajole or seduce my character into being with her?

Setting: Modern day Boston, Massachusetts

Other info: Keeping in mind that the scene is Consensual, no mind control or drugs can be used to induce my character's willingness to stay. It can only be your character and whatever she can realistically do to win over mine. This will be a heavily romantic scene, and I expect a ton of romance. Yes, it may be a tired trope. But, I'm seriously craving some sappy romance.

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Here you will find either recurring characters I use in different scenes that center around their home region, or characters I've created that need a home or are available for a scene of yours.

We'll start off with the first ever character I ever made, who has the most fleshed out of backgrounds.

Crystal Lynd

Age – 25 - 32 depending on scene|| Height – 5' 7" || Weight – 130 lbs || Cup size – 40D

Crystal Lynd Background
Crystal Lynd was born in the town of Aurora, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Her parents, Daniel and Renee, lived in a small, ranch style home that they could barely afford, but that they'd worked all their life to own. Daniel was in the process of building his own lawyers, with two partners he'd met in law school. Richard "Dick" Strauss and William Lyon. The lawfirm of Lynd, Strauss, and Lyon started off small, dealing with mainly personal injury clients and small time defense trials. That all changed when Daniel Lynd was hired to defend a well-known banker who was charged with embezzlement and grand theft. The trial was given a lot of media attention, with nightly recaps and highlights making their way onto several national news stations. His defense of the banker was nothing short of brilliant, and the man walked off scot free, despite a seemingly insurmountable mountain of evidence against him.

The law firm of Lynd, Strauss, and Lyon found that their status had changed practically overnight. High profile cases seemed to find their way to their door regularly, and several large companies expressed interest in hiring the firm on retainer. The firm got so successful that Daniel was able to move his family from the suburbs into the city itself. The family moved into the prestigious Gold Coast region of Chicago, into a spacious and luxurious home far larger than the ranch home in Aurora. Which was advantageous for the Lynd family, as Renee had recently given birth to the second Lynd daughter, Danielle. As for Crystal, she was enrolled in one of the more exclusive and sought after private schools in Chicago, where she excelled. She graduated from a private high school as valedictorian, having sacrificed almost her entire social life in exchange for a shot at attending an Ivy League University. She succeeded wildly in that, as several prestigious Ivy League Universities offered Crystal full scholarships to attend. Crystal took her time deciding, conferring with her parents, before accepting the offer from Yale. Her major was simple and chosen long before she ever thought of going to college. Crystal was going to follow in her father's footsteps and become a lawyer.

She flew through the Yale Law School, graduating summa cum laude in 6 years and earning a J.D. degree from one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. In fact, not a week after her graduation, Crystal had no less than 6 job offers from prestigious Law firms looking for up and coming lawyers, and her name had been at the top of their lists. However, Crystal wanted to work with her father and learn the advanced skills she'd need from him.

Daniel was proud of his eldest daughter, and offered her a position as a junior associate. On one condition. Crystal had been burning herself out with school and was mentally exhausted. Her father told her to take a year off and enjoy her youth before it disappeared completely. Then, and only then, would he allow her to set foot inside his lawfirm as an employee and not his daughter.

After her year long vacation, in which Crystal visited places like London, Paris and Rome, her father proudly accepted Crystal as a junior associate at the lawfirm of Lynd, Strauss and Lyon. She quickly made a name for herself, first as an exceedingly great co-counselor, having acted as second chair in both high and low profile cases. She did not limit herself to working only with her father, trying to learn the job of being a lawyer from every other partner in the firm. Each of them had initially thought she'd gotten the job by virtue of being the daughter of a name partner. She quickly disabused many of the partners of that notion by being observant, patient, and exceedingly knowledgeable. When she finally won her first case on her own, it was no shock to any of the other attorneys in the firm that she would be considered one of the rising stars in Chicago's legal scene.

She rarely lost, winning case after case that others had deemed unwinnable. She made a name for herself as being the one lawyer in Chicago who could pull victory from the jaws of defeat, by virtue of her skill and knowledge of the law. She became so well known that she caught the eye of a very well known attorney from Boston by the name of Shirley Schmidt. Ms Schmidt offered Crystal a job as partner in the prestigious firm of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt. A lawfirm known throughout the country to have the most elite pool of lawyers around. And while Crystal knew she could have become a name partner at her father's firm, the knowledge that she could be known nationally among names like Denny Crane and Alan Shore was too tempting to pass up.

Danielle Lynd

Age – 20 - 32 depending on scene|| Height – 5' 7" || Weight – 130 lbs || Cup size – 36D

Danielle Lynd Background
The middle daughter of Daniel and Renee Lynd, Danielle was named after her father. A compromise made because Renee had chosen to name their first daughter. Danielle differed from her elder sister, Crystal, early on. Where Crystal was driven to succeed and excel,eschewing most social interactions and preferring academics, Danielle was the opposite. She made friends often, and with an ease that her elder sister occasionally lamented. Danielle was constantly being invited to parties and sleepovers, eager to chat and gossip about whatever she could with whomever she could. It wasn't until her sophomore year in high school that Danielle realized she needed to plan something for her future, lest she end up like one of the jobless, idle rich kids she'd met at social events she attended with her mother. Danielle, with the help of her sister, Crystal, was able to pull her grades up from a C average to graduate with a low A average.

Unlike Crystal, though, she wasn't offered a full scholarship to an ivy league university. Instead, Danielle attended a university in Chicago, and, on her mother's urging, she chose to go pre-med. Danielle wasn't as diligent as Crystal at her school work, but she still managed to graduate in the middle of her class. She did her internship at Cook County General Hospital as an Emergency medical physician. She enjoyed it so much, she applied to become a member of the staff. When she got her match letter placing her at Cook County General, she was thrilled. She's currently in her third year as a resident, and is a candidate for chief resident, something she is extremely proud of.

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Here you'll find pictures that sparked my creative side, but not enough to be able to create a scene. This will be constantly updated as I find new photos that inspire me, but only to a degree. It's split into both FxF, and FxFuta/FutaxFuta sections.

All pictures are NSFW, or close enough to it. You've been warned! View at your own risk!

FxF Photo Inspiration

cosplayer best friends

teasing kiss

Sexy Vault Dweller

Sexy Vault Dweller 2

Futa Photo Inspiration

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