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April 10, 2021, 09:03:26 pm

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Author Topic: Federation Pet. (M/F) lf M sub. (Closed)  (Read 1269 times)

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Federation Pet. (M/F) lf M sub. (Closed)
« on: December 24, 2015, 04:03:23 pm »
Federation Pet:
For the past 30 years, the Concordia has been traveling through space on ever diminishing fuel and resources since 10 years ago it was forced off course and into the uncharted blackness of space. And only recently found a new home.

The Concordia was a colonization vessel of the New Terran Federation. Sent out into the frontier to establish a new colony they never expected to make first contact, and for that contact to be violent. The unnamed alien race attacked the Concordia relentlessly, forcing them to abandon their pre planned path and go to uncharted space to lead the enemy away. Since then the Concordia has been on the run, with occasional attacks by the Prone, as they would later be called, forcing their supplies down to next to nothing. So when they discovered a habitable world, they had no choice but to try and settle it.

Unfortunately, the Prone were already there. The Prone had conquered this world long ago, enslaving the native populace and turning it into a base of operations. But the Humans of the Concordia were not about to give up. The world was small, had only one continent while the rest was either ocean or small Archipelagos, a liberation would be difficult but not impossible.

The humans attacking them may not have had much, but they were driven, if the mission failed then the small
rag tag Human army
would have nowhere to go. It was either victory or death. And with this everyone fought hard and victory was achieved, even turning their own planetary defense guns against them. Sending the Prone fleeing the entire solar system in fear of the Human Monsters.

They never expected another equally aggressive race to show up. Having been so accustomed to finding weaker, less developed, or pacifistic species to push around, the Prone were no where near ready to an invasion force suddenly hitting the small slave world. (Or so the humans believed.) They were so accustomed to pushing around submissive species that the Prone were never ready when someone hit hem back.

And so the humans liberated the world, landing their colony ship on the only continent on the planet, claiming it as their new home. The now liberated Natives welcomed the newcomers with open arms, and asked only to be protected from further Prone attacks, in exchange for their world being the firt non human world ot join the Federation, and much more.

The Humans, with nowhere else to really go and not much fuel to go with, agreed and made Mira their home. and the native species became their friends.

Officer Juliet Mitchell was one of the first to be given a medal in recognition for her efforts in leading a raid against the Prone and was the one who thoguth of using their weapons against them, as such even the natives wish to thank her, by assigning her a servant for life, much to her utter chagrin.

But the truth is, the natives of this world have been subject to invasion and conquest before. They simply chose not to fight. After the third time their world was conquered by an outside force in the constant back and forth fighting between ‘outsiders’ as they were referred to, the natives figured out that they would have a better chance by not fighting and making themselves as useful to their conquerors as possible. And if need be, to work from within to subvert them in any way possible.

Did the Humans truly think they won that battle all on their own? If it hadn't been for the natives sabotaging the planetary defense weapons and 'misplacing' much of their ammunition and explosives, the battle may have gone in a different direction. Still...with so little resources and training the humans did impressively well against the Prone...perhaps they would make perfect permanent masters. Only time would tell as the natives welcomed the new owners of the world and made themselves useful in any way possible. Because as they so graciously tell their new Federation masters, 'We Live to Serve."

Have no idea what the native aliens would look like, im just thinking of something cute that you would never expect to have alterior motives/to be plotting against you should you harm it. Only really have the basic skeleton of an idea here so if anyone is interested I would more than love to go over thigns with you. :-)
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