Cold War pulpy fun. (M/F Low logic, more fun)

Started by Lustful Bride, December 23, 2015, 07:49:15 PM

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Lustful Bride

So after watching way more "Archer" and "venture bros.' than should be healthy I have gotten a massive craving for something set in that crazy era of the world but with our own twists to it. All the Sci fi, ray guns, and superweapon craziness of the best of the pulpy spy novels that throw caution and logic to the wind to have fun with what they have. Hell, we could even throw in aliens/Area 51 in the mix just to add extra fun and craziness. Logic is far too boring. We don't even have to respect the timeline. Similar ot how Archer is in the Cold War but makes modern references and uses cell phones. didn't start out as an Anthro rp but it became one the more I wrote it.

The cold war grips the world in its terrifying grip ever tighter with every passing moment. The lines are drawn in every inch of the world as the alliances between the two superpowers prepare for the day where violence might break out. But despite all of the preparations, the Cold war will not be fought by thousands of soldiers and the launching of Nuclear missiles. But in the shadows by specialized teams, in the skilled hands of spies and infiltrators The war will even be fought in the laboratories of pioneering scientists and engineers, as they invent new weapons and even new soldiers to  wield them.

The world's first introduction to 'Morphs' as they would come to be called was the terrible incident with the mutant mantis men army that broke free from the laboratory of a careless scientific institute. The mutant, insect/animal and human hybrids were difficult to take out and brought the company down as its stocks crashed almost as hard as the building did when it was destroyed to stop them. 

Oddly enough, this event did not cause the world to ban their usage, but instead want more of them. Morphs suddenly became a symbol of power, being grown in labs and turned into lethal killers, animal hybrids trained and made to only be loyal to their own country. Agents who would never defect or betray their homelands. They became a valuable tool in black operations, for a while. Like all things, they eventually became obsolete.

The draw and usefulness of Morphs among the NATO alliance was being worn out, as newer and better ones came out. Some countries were even doing away with them altogether, seeing them as nothing more than a waste of money, an exotic toy that was outstaying its welcome. Teams of Morphs were failing against more advanced models or newly implemented weapons systems, and were no longer cost effective, leading to the programs being scrapped. They sadly couldn't be taken out to a desert somewhere and disposed of, since their presence had been used by the media on both fronts to help make their side look more powerful.

So now they are forced to use what skills they have to make their way in the world. Either rejoining their armies, becoming mercenaries or private bodyguards to those who could afford them.

And from there we would start off our RP, working out the future. Feel free to talk and plan out anything since it should be about fun more than anything else :-)_