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April 24, 2018, 11:42:20 AM

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Author Topic: A new craving from the Fade - Star Wars story and sex! (Male LF Female)  (Read 379 times)

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Offline FadereaperTopic starter

So, as everyone probably knows, the whole world has practically been raving about Star Wars.  I always had my problems and low expectations for the movie, I LOVE the universe and hate losing the books that made it so much more vast to me.  Now, I still love the movie and its characters, but I can help but lament what I lost in some regards.

EU vs movies aside, I would love to do a roleplay that could take place in a variety of time eras, alternate realities (EU vs the new movie again), etc.  I LOVE Star Wars, and this movie has only got me pumped to play a Star Wars Roleplay more excitedly.  So, I make this thread as a separate craving thread to capture a specific craving of the moment.  And this moment, it happens to be Star Wars.

Now, below will be some of the details of what I am looking for.  However, before I can go that route I have a series of rules to express.

1.  I only roleplay with female roleplayers, it kills my mood otherwise and I won't make an exception for this.  I know some think it fair or close minded, I just can't do sexual scenes with another guy, sorry.

2.  Strictly M x F or Futa x F, with me being the Male or futa. 

3.  Do not post on my thread, any interest should be shown through a private message.

4.  Have fun!  I am an easy going and casual roleplayer, I can make large posts, but I can also make smaller ones with no real problem!  I dislike one liners immensely, but I also don't want to stress people out on post length. 

If you wish to get to know me better as a roleplayer, here is a link to my main thread


Now, on to the festivities of STAR WARS

I am looking for a variety of roleplay ideas, I am interested in these time eras however.


With that being said, I am interested in certain settings only so far as sexing up canon characters is concerned, with some lustful OCs.

To that end, I have a list of OCs that I would like to have get ravaged by evil OCs in bad situations.  I don't want to get into a romance with any of these characters, I will make that very clear.

Rey (Force Awakens movie - Big Craving!)
Leia (Original trilogy age - not 7 Leia)
Padme Amidala
Bastila Shan
Satele Shan
Ahsoka Tano

I am open to more, but these first come to mind.

Now, the Star Wars fun train doesn't end here my pretties!

For those who kept reading on, I would also love a Story based roleplay.  One with romance, drama, angst, plot, sex, sex, and maybe some sex in there too?  I don't mean to make it pure smut, but I do enjoy some fun sex scenes as well!  I have a whole host of characters I would love to play in a story based roleplay in Star Wars, I am open to the following time eras with this.

Old Republic (EU)
Pre-episode 1 (like 40-50 years before) (EU)
New Episode 7 (Lucas Reality)

I however, will only do a story based roleplay with an OC opposite your OC.  The only canon lady I would consider doing a romance roleplay with at this moment, is Rey from the Force Awakens.

Now, there is one last thing to mention.

My ideas for Star Wars don't end here, my other thread can attest to that.  If you have other smut based Star Wars plots, long term, short term, story, smut.  Anything you wish to throw at me!  Let me know, and I will love to hear you out!



A Lord and his New apprentice:
  So, an idea I had was to play a Sith Lord who has a new apprentice.  Her age would be young, minimum of the site limits, anywhere around that is what I am looking for in her age.  You can choose her age as she is your character, but I am looking for younger.  So, the idea is that she shows up to study at his estate.  However, she soon finds that he doesn't intend to train her as a Sith apprentice.  Rather, she becomes his new 'plaything' of sorts.  A young Sith apprentice (race up to you, but I prefer an alien race, humanoid preferred with nice human like features), ends up being shown her place as his new 'toy' of sorts.  Not only does he show her that her place is beneath him, and makes it clear that she ultimately belongs to him.  As well, he lets his son, other members of his noble house, and anyone he can think of have their time with her.  She goes from being a prospective Sith Lord in training, to being his little slut.  Anyone interested in a kinky scenario like this let me know!

Behind Closed doors:
Based on an idea from my thread, but this is entirely Star Wars.  Some noblewoman, Republic born, has a bit of a predicament.  She could be a senator, or the actual leader of a planet, maybe even a female Supreme Chancellor!  Her predicament, is she has hired a new bodyguard.  And this bodyguard, let us just say is not one for the Republic to trust, because he is a very skilled Sith Warrior.  How she met him, or why she chose him is unknown to everyone.  However, let us just say this Sith has additional duties to perform.  Besides being her bodyguard in public, and imposing his presence on many meetings to keep order.  He also has a job, behind closed doors, in private. 

She, while maintaining a strong public face, has a more submissive side.  She has made it a special request, for him to act as her better in private.  To engage in love making, where he is given reign to put her in her place so to speak, to ravage her and do so with lustful abandon.  To sort of clarify, I am not saying to be abusive or aggressive, more so her dominant and 'master' sexually so to speak.  While this relationship goes on, there could be anything going on in the galaxy around them, problems of a dramatic kind to solve, all the while having flings in private.  If anyone is interested in this idea, let me know!
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Re: A new craving from the Fade - Star Wars story and sex! (Male LF Female)
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Added two new ideas to the Star Wars section:  "Behind closed doors", "A master's new apprentice"