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April 23, 2018, 12:44:14 PM

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Author Topic: EDF: Lunar Liberation!  (Read 526 times)

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Offline Lustful BrideTopic starter

EDF: Lunar Liberation!
« on: December 20, 2015, 10:38:29 AM »

The EDF, the United Earth defense force, drawing the best soldiers and scientists from all over the world was formed in 2012 after the Earth received an undeniable sign of life from space. An alien signal that grew louder and louder as an alien mother ship approached earth, and in 2017 they arrived and invaded. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned the EDF's support of military units all around the globe proved to be the deciding factor and the mothership was destroyed near the end of that year. Then in 2025 another invasion fleet arrived and yet again the Earth was under attack, with the EDF as its only hope.

The EDF had done more than most people thought in the face of the two Ravager invasions, destroying multiple motherships, retaking the earth twice from invader forces, and even destroying the massive Earth eaters in the second invasion of 2025. It has now been five years since the second invasion. Much of the world is still in ruins, especially some of the major population centers hit directly by the Earth Eaters. The Ravager Base on the moon still presents a clear and present dangers

Many good soldiers lost their lives holding on to small positions against waves of Ravager insects and robots. They did the impossible and kept humanity from being wiped out by the Ravagers, casualty rates among the EDF were up to 70% of combat personnel and 50% among noncombat personnel. But through their brave actions and sacrifice, Civilian casualties were fart below what had been expected and reconstruction was easier with everyone puling their weight to help. And this would prove useful as the war was nowhere near an end, Especially when it was discovered that the Ravager base on the Moon was still active and a danger to the Earth.

With most of the flying insects and Ravager air power eliminated, the EDF had a much easier time to eliminate the insect swarms with air strikes against their swarms and even dropping more powerful bombs upon their hives, allowing Humanity to expand into fallen regions, taking back much of the Earth with air superiority.

In the five years since the invasion, the Ravager moon base has remained unnervingly silent this entire time, with only the occasional raid from Ravager fighter craft. It is only a matter of time until the next Ravager invasion comes, the moon had to be liberated, but this would be the EDF's first assault on another world, it had to be done right. There was no room for failure.

So for the planned invasion and liberation of Earth's moon, a modified verison of the Fencer armor is planned to be deployed to deal with the atmospheric conditions up there. The newly designed Phalanx Armor will give the ground troopers the needed protection, mobility and strength as it combiens the Jump Packs of the WingDivers and the strength and protection of the Fencer into one mighty powersuit.

Phalanx Trooper Armor

But the invasion can not go underway until major hotzones on earth are liberated. We cannot fight a war on two fronts, so before anything can be done on the moon, the final insect and Ravager holdouts must be destroyed.

For those who don't know, this RP is inspired by the very corny but fun Japanese Third Person shooter games Called Earth Defense Force, in which you fight aliens and giant insects and save the earth. Its not meant to be anything but cheap and cheese popcorn fun.  And pretty much like the Games this RP would be nothing but cheezy bug smashing fun with all the subtlety of a cheezy anime. :P Feel free to toss in ideas and general thoughts.
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