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Author Topic: Lunar Raven's Requests (Various Roles; M/F for now)  (Read 2494 times)

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Lunar Raven's Requests (Various Roles; M/F for now)
« on: December 09, 2015, 03:37:18 am »
Hello to all, thanks for visiting my request page!  Here you may find the ideas that are foremost on my mind at present.

I do ask, before looking to do a game with me, that you be familiar with my O/Os (both on Elliquiy and my F-List) so as to avoid any potential awkwardness at a later point.  To get an idea of my writing style, please look over my previous posts, which should also help you decide whether I'm the person you want to write with.

A lot of my posts contain anime-style pictures - I know these are not everyone's thing, but don't let put you off; what I'm aiming for is to evoke an idea general description (I'd have more realistic looking ones, but I tend to find myself really, really picky when trying to find ones I like, though this pickiness doesn't extend to what other people choose - weird huh?)

I'm not the quickest poster around, so if you're the sort to shoot rapid-fire paragraphs every 10 or so minutes, I'm probably not the right partner for you.  I'm optimistically aiming to write one post (as in one for all games I'm in) every 2 or 3 days.  I'm usually hitting the 2 paragraph mark (and often a whole lot more).  I'm appreciative of more story (let's say on a ratio of about 70/30) over smut (which I'm classifying as the actual sex scenes; not seduction, teasing, and what-have-you.)

Finally, please note that I'd like there to be some measure of communication between us, rather than just immediately start the posting.  There'll probably be a lot of discussion to start with, but thereafter, maybe a PM or two every week or so just to check the status or exchange ideas (or pleasantries) is appreciated.

My stories are presented in blocks, the format of which, I'll explain here:

Along with extra/other info
<If any, pictures at the top are generally of those I'm feeling frisky for in this particular RP.  They are not a hard a fast requirement, but players willing to model their characters based off/on them get preference if there is more than one person applying for the story.  From left to right, they are in order of descending preference (most preferred starting on the left).  Point and pause over the picture for more information on it (if any).  If the word INSPIRATION (in bold) precedes the picture(s), then all the images thereafter are merely there for inspiration/mood-setting rather than for suggested character modelling.>

This is followed by the story blurb/premise in italics.

Type: Whether the game is open for freeform or uses a system.  When both are mentioned, I have no particular bias towards one or the other, though I'll ask that freeform writers be able to deliver at least a good solid paragraph (preferably more) for their posts.
Major Themes: The big things I'd like to see in this game.  We can add others based on our O/O compatibilities, but these are the ones I really featured at the very least (since they generally form the basis of the whole idea for me ;))   Anything with a (?) next to it, is an optional bonus.  Anything with a (*) means you can hover your cursor over the word for more info.
Seeking: The role I'd like a fellow player to fill.  The actual gender of the person who takes the role usually doesn't matter, but when I feel it does, I'll mark the player gender that gets preference here.  In the event that I'm seeking an player to GM a game, that doesn't mean I'm going to let my partner do all the work (unless the prefer to) and I'll be adding my own contributions.

Development: How I see the story unfolding.  Anything here, however, is a suggestion at best, and I'd prefer to hammer out something more concrete with prospective partners rather than it being all me.

<Other things I might put here are things like a general idea of the character I want to play, and anything else should be fairly self-explanatory.>

Now, without further ado, allow me to present current wants:


In a dark, broken world long ruined by a brutal witch-war, a dark sorceress turns her attention towards one of the last few lands that is as yet unravaged – for a long time now, it's various warlords have resisted the incursions of her brainwashed thralls and summoned demons without even remote chance of success; it's now time for a different approach.  Choosing the best from among her slaves, she unleashes her best at what she perceives is the weakest link in the confederation of upstart Jarls – a young prince-king who has just inherited his lands with the death of his father – easy to infiltrate and easy to manipulate at such a vulnerable time.

Type: Freeform or System (BESM 3rd, Pathfinder, Warhammer FRP 2nd)
Seeking: Player for role of female assassin/pleasure slave; someone who can alternate between a cold-hearted killer and submissive/bashful slave-girl.  I'm thinking that this is a person who has long been through a lot of abusive/degrading situations at the hands of her mistress, perhaps on the verge of being considered broken – she obeys the Witch Queen because it doesn't occur to her that there might be another way to life.  This should probably be set to change a bit in the course of the story.
Major Themes: Conflict*, Interracial*, Intrigue*, Pregnancy Risk*, Romance*, Slavery*

Development: I'm thinking to adopt a something of a semi-GM role for this one, given as the slave-assassin will be up against plenty of situations.  The main focus would be developing her relationship with the warlord-prince, perhaps discovering there is more to the world than adhering to every whim of her mistress.  Until she develops more will of her own, it's generally going to be a matter of obeying her mistress whilst trying to avoid arousing the suspicion of her master.  In time, she might even be able to make him the greatest warlord in the region, and perhaps even High King.  Of course, not everyone is going to appreciate a foreign woman by his side...

As an alternative, whilst she could start straight in the prince's domain (or about to be), I'd be pretty interested to so see how she accomplishes this; with her mistress letting her loose and more or less saying 'get to it'; how does she fulfil her mission of getting in?  This could also help set the tone of the world, maybe even foreshadowing bigger plots if that's your thing.  On the journey, she may have to sleep her way through, get out of life and death situation, and even be ravished by all manner of beasties.

Age: Early to mid 20s;  Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 180 lbs.

The only son of his father, Marrec is the youngest barbarian prince of his region and is highly motivated to show he can keep up with his contemporaries and maintain his real.  Like most of his people, he is a simple individual, used to harsh living against the unpredictable elements of nature and constant invasions of some warlock or witch trying to oppress and stamp out the liberty of some of the last free people in the world, and is contemptuous of the decadence of the 'civilisation' his would-be oppressors offer.

That said, he is not so old as to be xenophobic against foreign ways and sometimes looks longing to some of the more amoral joys that is evidenced just over the borders of his realm, and might just be even willing to take a 'sample' to sate his curiosity.

Talents: Marrec takes a great deal after his father and is a superlative swordsman in his own right, having participated in raids and feuds from an early age.  Physically robust, he has the endurance of a racing horse and can quite often wear out his lovers, who can find it difficult to take him to ecstasy without dedicating themselves to the task.  He's naturally intelligent, but like any person tribally raised, is unsophisticated in his approach to life.

NEEDED: Player for a variety of Monster Girls

In a secret dimension, monster girls steal forward to the real world to mate with men so they can birth the next generation of their progeny, all of their children being a new generation of monster girls.  Until now.  The queen of the kingdom, a powerful succubus, gave birth to a male scion; something quite unprecedented.  She left the boy in the real world and disappeared, leaving the kingdom ungoverned.  Now that he's come of age, representatives from the royal house has come to take him away to a new life that is bound to test his sanity to the extreme.

Type: Freeform or System
Seeking: One partner for multiple female roles (and possibly to GM), ranging from shy maidens, lusty nymphos, through to pragmatic seducers and sinful corruptors.  That being said, I'm not averse to 3 or 4 strong "main" characters, which can be narrowed down to 1 or 2 as relationships are developed.
Major Themes: (Public?) Breeding*, Faux-noncon*, Romance*, Seduction/Teasing,
For any players who are up for edgier themes, an incest slant could be added in the form of half-sisters, and even the succubus mother herself.
, Voyeurism*

Development: I'm thinking that this would start off relatively simple, with naughty adventures and escapades as the heir (see Kazuo Aoi below) is given the tour of his future kingdom (currently being administered by a council), with females of every spot and stripe vying for his attention and favour.  I'm not looking for sex scene after sex scene, but also near misses, teasing, and all the works typically found in this sort of genre (the male is more reserved to begin with, but eventually grows more comfortable with matters of sexuality), and the foreshadowing of larger developments ahead.

If we can establish a good rapport and are comfortable with each other's writing style, we can advance the plot to possibly something a bit darker – for now I'm thinking maybe something like a brewing civil war between major noble houses; demonic Oni (horned ones), magical Kitsunes (fox-tailed), and bestial Tors (tauric quadrupeds), each, perhaps, trying to get him to support their particular side to give them social dominance (men are easy to manipulate after all, right?)

AOI, Kazuo
Age: Late teens to early 20s;  Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 150 lbs.

A high school/university student, Kazuo is a passionate individual who works hard to get what he wants, yet gets very little in return for his efforts, though he has been fortunate enough to be blessed with a strange degree of charisma (unknowingly gained from his demonic lineage) that sees him able to make friends easily, so he rarely has to face his problems alone.  Most people believe he'd do well as a con-artist, an image that Kazuo works hard to discourage since he'd like to be seen as an honest, upstanding individual.

He cultivates an urbane and polite image due to the fact that since he hit puberty, Kazuo has been plagued every night by exotic, sensual, and, occasionally, disturbing dreams that he just can't seem to get rid of – he is caught between trying to have an normal life and an almost constant state of frustration as his mind is prone to notice sexuality in everything.

Abilities: With his human heritage dominant at present, Kazuo's abilities are about on par with any healthy human male, with some minor exceptions.  Whilst the physiology of humans and monster girls is awkward at best, resulting in very rare conception, the demonic taint in Kazuo bridges that gap resulting in a virtually 100% conception rate, something (that when discovered) would make him in high demand – of course as royalty he can't just go knocking up every monster girl he meets...

Exactly what changes would manifest should his demonic side wax dominant are as yet unknown.  When it does, Kazuo may have to make a choice between being one with the darker side of his heritage or trying to use the power at his disposal to find a different path.

NEEDED: Player for Avatar Korra
AU; Avatar/Naruto Crossover

After Avatar Aang died, the Fire Nation came directly for the Water Tribes, knowing that the next Avatar would be born there.  With the aid of the White Lotus, Korra was smuggled out, but got caught out between a violent storm and an encircling Fire Nation fleet.  In desperation, she froze herself in a sphere of ice and went into hibernation in the deep reaches of the ocean.  Now, nearly a hundred years later, she's broken free from her prison to face a greatly different world, her path crossing with that of an unusual outsider who may have something to do with the current state of the world.

Type: Freeform
Seeking: Someone to play Avatar Korra.  Knowledge of the Naruto-verse not needed.  Playing canon Korra is not completely necessary, given as she has had different life experiences (though it would be appreciated if she's still sort of recognisable as Korra.)  She might even be a little broken down with all that's going on.
Content/Themes: Action*, Angst*, Interracial(?)*, Pregnancy(?)*, Romance*

Development: The pretence behind this idea is that the Avatar-verse has been turned upside down, and everything is a bit of mix-up between the The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra – indeed the main inspiration for this idea comes from The Flashpoint Paradox, where a small change in the past has dire consequences for the future.  I have a few ideas, though I'd prefer to leave the exact state of the world up for collaboration.  It may be possible that Korra is aware that something is not quite right with the world, or is even fully aware of the false existence.

The initial start, I'm thinking, is that things would start very similar to how it occurred with Avatar Aang with Korra being freed from the ice by a stranger who identifies himself as Sasuke.  Thereafter, Korra can find out about the state of the world, and probably be chagrined to learn that Water Tribes are now gone.  An ambush by Fire Nation troops could put them in a pinch, during which Sasuke uses his water-style ninjutsu, which Korra is very likely to mistake for waterbending, however unorthodox.

For the most part, it will be a voyage of discovery, finding out what happened, and how (or if) to fix it.  In a fairly hostile world, the two of them will only really have each other to trust.  I think the big dilemma for this idea will be whether to work at restoring the Avatar universe to it's true state, or forging on ahead and going into a new future; either one works for me.

Sasuke Uchiha
Age: 17-18;  Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs.

Sasuke is a powerful individual in his world with a wide array of powers, though he bound to slowly lose it all when he enters the Avatar universe, given the very different laws of reality.  His existence is bound to confuse more than a few people since he 'use' air, earth, fire, and water (albeit in a strange way; I'm thinking his ability to use 'waterbending' should be what initially attracts the Korra's attention, given as she's supposed to be the only waterbender left in the world.

At this point in his life, Sasuke is undergoing revaluation of all his beliefs.  Being prone to impulsiveness and vengeance formerly, he was travelling his world on a quest for self-discovery and how he could atone for the wrongs he did.

The use of his original powers (ninjutsu) is extremely debilitating to Sasuke in this world, causing his great pain (since he's using a power that is antithetical to the reality he's in) and in time, he will lose access to it completely, leaving him with nothing but his martial skills to rely on.  Without his powers, Sasuke is still a highly competent warrior, both with sword and unarmed.  Since he has the potential to be a firebender, I'm thinking he'll also want to learn that, of which Korra could be his instructor in this.

Talents: Sasuke has powerful element-based abilities, amongst a host of other supernatural abilities, but he's destined to lose all of these due to continual erosion of his abilities the longer he stays in this reality.  Once gone, Sasuke is left with his considerable skills as a warrior and stealth as a ninja.  He is a fast learner, and it wouldn't take him too long to learn to use firebending, being his element.

NEEDED: Player for Stranded Princess and/or native Female

In danger of losing during a civil war for the future of a galactic empire, the Royal family sent their baby daughter away to protect her from the encroaching war.  Whilst taking a detour through uncharted space to avoid enemy forces, the ship she was on is caught by an anomaly and forced to crash land.  Nearly two decades later, a Knight of the Reborn Empire is sent to investigate the fate of the princess so that the future successors of the empire can be decided.  Retracing the steps of the lost ship, the knight's own ship suffers the same fate.  When he recovers consciousness, he finds himself lost on an unknown world, where two primitive stone-age cultures battle, and he finds the girl, now a woman and every bit as savage as the native inhabitants.

Type: Freeform or System (d20 Modern, Star Wars: Saga Edition)
Seeking: Player for one or two female role(s).  In a sense, this is a sort of reverse-Tarzan story, but with a more sci-fi/sword-and-planet (think John Carter of Mars) feel.  The Human heroine is considered the most beautiful creature on the planet (aren't all human women to aliens? ;D) and is highly desired as an object of lust.  The non-human female likewise idealises her childhood friend as a thing of beauty, except now there is a male version as well...  On a non-sexual level, she also serves as a sort of story aide to develop the tribal culture of the planet.
Content/Themes: Conflict*, Oviposition(?)*, Quest for Pregnancy*, Romance, Survival*

Development: The planet at large is dominated by two savage cultures – the
Four-armed Ape Tribe
and an
Orc-like Tribe
(proper names pending).  I'm thinking that the main heroine has been held close by the orc tribe as a prize, with whom she has lived most of her life, and wants to leave and see the world she only hears about by story.  Like the Tarzan premise, she knows she's different from the others, but not sure why – at least until she meets the male lead.  This should provide the original impetus for her to get out (followed by her close friend if played).

The journey to her crashed ship may be far, perhaps on the other side of the world (the orcs being nomadic) so it's a long journey (perhaps in the vein of 10,000 BC style journey) and with self discovery on the horizon with every step.  And now with one of her kind in reach, the prospect of motherhood, what seemed a long forgotten dream, looks to be in reach.  Being a savage, she's forward about her desires, but might be a little hesitant as she doesn't know what 'courtship rituals' her people would use.  There still is the problem that she's still a object of high desire amongst the natives of this world...

I'm also seeing a Tech vs. Natural living sort of theme.  In addition, although this is a sort of low-tech sci-fi setting, I'm not averse to adding some form of mysticism in the form of some sort of ability similar to, say, The Force from Star Wars.

Age: Early 20s;  Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lbs.

Chosen because of politics and family prestige, rather than experience due to Empire politics and his distinctive military record, Kayden takes his responsibilities as a landed noble seriously.  He admires the royal family almost to a fault, especially for the stability they bring to the empire, and is intent on successfully completing the mission he has been assigned.  Like any Knight, he's chivalrous, courtly, and cultured among friends, but the war with the rebels has given him a ruthless streak when it comes to enemies.  Kayden is a survivor in the sense that he does not give up easily, and would rather die with his gun/sword in hand rather than because he didn't make the effort to try and live.

He is unlikely to want to engage the princess in carnal trysts (at least to begin with) simply out of a matter of respect for royalty (that and facing castration if he's ever found out).  That said, the time he's spent in the war means he hasn't spent any intimacy with a woman in a long time...

Talents: A capable warrior, Kayden is used to technological arms and armour, though once the armour loses its power, he's bound to be tested to his limits, being accustomed as he is to the edge he is used to having with it.  He has working knowledge of medical techniques that could be used on the battle field.

Anything that features
one of these girls
, or better yet, both!

Something of a rare find at any given time, but I have something of a craving for orcish women of the rough-and-tumble variety, who's manners would put them at odds with polite society, eminent in their earthy sexuality, and ready to be bred by a powerful male.
        (Point at the pictures for more of my personal thoughts on each, if any.)

Rough and tumble women who are equally capable of dishing out violence as getting rowdy in the bedroom.  Generally these are women who not bimbos in chainmail, and don't fight with finesse.  They smash, dash brains, sing bawdy songs, burp loudly, take a piss outside the tent before going in to bed their mate, and find no need to be polite about all of it.
        (Point at the pictures for more of my personal thoughts on each, if any.)

Impossibly pretty and often more feminine than the fairer sex; often possessing insatiable libidos; male sluts twice as slutty as their female counterparts; often essentially a flat chested girl with a penis and balls instead of a vagina; feminine boy who wants to be an ideal girl.
        (Point at the pictures for more of my personal thoughts on each, if any.)

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Re: Lunar Raven's Requests (Seeking Avatar Korra for 'The Last Waterbender')
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2015, 04:17:12 am »
NEW PLOT added: The Last Waterbender