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Author Topic: The Succubus Ring  (Read 769 times)

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Offline loviatarTopic starter

The Succubus Ring
« on: December 03, 2015, 11:28:42 pm »
Sorry this is now full, not taking and more at this time

I am looking for a man to help role play an interesting idea that can to mind while I was role play a succubus.

I am looking for a role player that can do more than one or two lines. The more you role play the more I can role play back, therefore I an seeking for somebody that will do more than a few sentences. I do not expect the replies to be long but I do want you to give them some length to them.

The stories will be Non-con and most likely more depend on how far you care to role play your part.


The succubus Ring.

In the time before our modern world, existed a greater world where our world and civilization a merge from. Man was still learning and growing as he enters into the species knows as Homo, sapiens modern from his ancestors Homo sapiens, sapiens. He was not the only intelligences creatures around; in fact, man was the lowest of creatures to the other.

Gods, both good and evil rule the world, and the rest just bow to their presences. Failure to do as your God command, then punishes was swift. No mercy was shown, no pity taking.

Aine was one of the most beautiful creatures of the time. She often dances for the gods and seen to their pleasures. She enjoys her life and she enjoys the gods using her for their pleasures. However, one day Berkita, a less know demi-god was being turn on by her as she dances for the majors gods around her.

Berkita demand that Aine serve him, and give him pleasures. She laughed at him, for he was a small-unknown demi-god of no important. She felt she only belong to the Majors gods and did not fear Berkita thinking the other gods would protect her since they so much prizes her abilities. She was wrong.

Angry Berkita sit there staring at the creature of beautiful, toying with his black ring he worn on his left hand. Rubbing it as he chant repeatedly while he watch her dance from one god to other. As he chanted while rubbing the ring it began to cast a black glow.

"Cursed be Aine for the rest of time. Cursed be her binding her to my ring. May she be the species of man, lowest rank creatures among us. May she be curse to live off their cum, with so much lust and passions she must feed on them. Her beautiful be that of a fall angel."

Instantly Aine disappear from her dance and the glowing black ring went to a dull black. Berkita took the ring off throwing as far as he could with all his strength, losing the ring in time and space.

So go the legend of the Succubus ring... until now.

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