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Author Topic: My Worlds  (Read 1755 times)

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My Worlds
« on: October 31, 2017, 11:47:07 pm »
These are my Worlds that I run on Elliquiy.


These are the worlds that I run on Elliquiy, and they are just a rough idea to give you a feel for what you are entering. You could go back and read old threads and present threads, but each story is different and created by my partners and what they do in their role play. These stories have a lot of sex that is possible, but the sex would depend on if you wish to take it in that direction. Each story I do run, have a different direction that it going in and it only changes because of events that your character does, or create while exploring in my worlds.


About the Avaron

Life in the Avaron was two-fold, if you came from a rich family you had it made on most planets, and was rich and enjoying the luxury of life, or if you were a member of a noble's family with a title, your world was in space and Avaron military. The Military always got the best in the world first unless you were simply rich enough to buy the best. This was not always so, for several thousand years past, the Avaron was made up of males and females in their species. The male would go off and fight great wars gaining honor and expanding the Avaron empires while the women of Avaron remain home building up society, civilization and technology to keep the Male Avaron the superior warrior race. This went on for over one thousand years until the Avaron met a foe that they could not understand.

Avaron had a high belief in honor, to fight and die for your world. The Tsu was not raised that way, for when the Avaron appears in their world, they knew only one way to fight, and that was to do what it took to survive. Bioweapon was used and to the Tsu using a bioweapon on the Avaron was no different than spraying ants with an insecticide. It was more deadly, for it works against the Avaron DNA killing all males that came into the virus that was so simple that it spread throughout the Avaron world like a common cold. Males died a very painful death, and the Avaron female could only bare females of their species, for if any male was born, it dies in pain within minutes.

Avaron to that day was very advance, for years they been saving tubes of the males sperms from the warriors that went off to war, and they had saved over ten billions of doses to continue their race. But Technology came to a halt, and no cure was found, meaning the Avaron race was doom. For a thousand year the Avaron was ruled by a Matriarch society,  and a Queen and her family rule over the vast empires keeping the peace and the Avaron ways alive. This is the Avaron of today for a thousand years a Queen serves the empire with no men.

The women that are wanting males now, buy or captive males that appear to look like them. Still, men were rare in the Avaron world and consider pets or slaves (more like second class citizens) belong to an Avaron Mistress. Only the rich, or powerful, hero, Royal is placed on the list to be allowed to breed and have one child, maybe two. On a planet, there are about 200 females to every one male. The military space fleet it about one male in 50 unless the Captain is rich enough to own more males. A slave on a military ship is expected to serve and please any and all of the female crew, and do without complaining.

Sol III (Earthly) are in high demand by the military. Most human males become zombies in a few weeks of time. Sol III males seem to be able to serve better, and in fact, often enjoy serving the females. They are a free thinker, and that what the Avaron like instead of the normal males that become dumb and zombie-like. Plus the Sol III seems to be killer and not afraid to fight. The only problem is, they must buy the Sol III from slavers that keep the location of Earth a secret.

The Avaron world is two classes, Citizens, and Military.  Citizen elects their leaders, who answer will answers to a Baroness or Countess if they fail to do not so as Royalty expect them to do. The Baroness and Countess, answer to the Queen, where she and her 13 princesses rule over a 44 solar system empire. The Queen has been assassinated and now the 13 princess fight among themselves to claim the title of Queen.

So basically the males in the Avaron world, are slaves with some limited right given to them by their owners. They are labors, military warriors, and almost most of their life they sex toys for the Avaron female.


Newborn, property of the Quest-ail

The military reptilian species call Quest-ail, conquerors, and destroyer of any species that was not cold blooded like they were. Even doe they number into the 10's of billions, they personally never enter into combat. Instead, they would go to their enemies planet and capture their best and most powerful warrior. Then they would clone millions of them, and send them back to the invading planet, killing every living being on that planet. They spare no one as they take control of the planet.

Around 60 A.D. Earth time, the Earth was chosen to be their next planet to be taken. The Quest-ail landed on Earth and capture a warrior superior to all that exists in the northern area, a WarQueen. They took her back and started to clone her, but before they could start the invasion of Earth, their homeworld was attacked forcing them to return home to save their own people. They never return to Earth, but unlike the other clones they made, these clones were able to learn quickly, learning all that was needed for the Quest-ail to create a deadly army. The newborn was not afraid of anything, not afraid of death, and their loyalty to their Masters is only breakable once their Master dies.

The Newborn is tall with well shape body women with long snow-white hair and white skin. Large breasts and long sexy legs also make them desirable as sex slaves. Any of the Newborn that appear in the slave market, are instantly brought at record-breaking prices before they can be paraded across the auction stage. The wealthy, the most powerful, leaders of worlds, military, and along with Captain pirates want to own their own personal Newborn. There is one problem with owning a Newborn as a slave, you are required to break them and make them loyal to you, otherwise, they will try their best to kill you. Those people that know how to break a newborn, never reveal to anyone how to do it, and it one of the universes well-kept secret.


Nora... finding life in the universe.

In the far past, a race of creators that fought consistently with each other of the twelves species of their planet, stop their fighting and took the time to build a large ship and place the most advanced intelligence free thinking computer in it. The ship was designed to carry five thousands of it people to colonize another planet in another solar system. But before they could fulfill their dreams, a war started again between their species. In fear of losing everything they had build, they launched the ship and sent it out into space, program to search for knowledge, and for life.

It has been traveling for thousands of years, never realizing that the ships she was destroying we full of organic life. She would try to communicate with the ships, and when no reply was received, she would destroy the primitive life, and salvage the material to make nanobots. To her, she is living. she is able to think, move, and even reproduce, and since she had never met her creator, she did not realize that life also included organic.

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Re: My Worlds
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2018, 09:45:01 pm »

I am interested in entering into somebody else worlds, to explores and enjoy the adventures into the unknown. As you can see below I do Sci-fi which I love, but I do roleplay in other worlds and events. I am interested in somebody who is decent at role play and creating new events that will keep the stories going for some time. I do not mind it being a short story as long as I know before we start it so I will not be disappointed when it ends.

When roleplaying with me, please if possible, try to place roleplay replies at least once a week. What type of stories I am looking for is as follow and can be sci-fi, fantasies, time-travel, model, or mythical. If you have any ideas you would like to create a story by please let me know

Sci-fi as in space travel, or in the world of Traveller.

Merc Warriors
similar to the old world of Battle tech but without the clans and houses.

Shallow Run, but its been so long since I played it, we would have to discuss it.

Gor,  still something new to me.

Slavery,  being a female force into the slave world expressly in an interracial world where the black rules.

,  I am into bondage as I would love to discuss any ideas.

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Re: My Worlds
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2019, 01:56:34 am »

This is a new adventure that I am interested in running to see where it can go.

Today, JD graduate from one of the finest university in the world. Not only did he get his degree, tomorrow he would be 21. His trust would end, and he would receive his inherited from his late parents that die when he was 16 in a strange automobile accident. But JD knew different, they were murder, for they live by the sword and die by the sword. Their multi-millions that he will be inheriting, earned by them being demon hunters and hunting down demons all over the world. They did not do it for religious reasons, they did it for the reward and the fortunes they made killing them.

He was taught at a very early age all the martial arts, swordsmanship, weaponry. He was home education in all the knowledge both worldly and from the world of the myth. A year after his parents were murder he was admitted to one of the most ivory leagues' university in the USA. Now at the age of 21, he will have no choice but to follow in his families footsteps that had gone on for seven generations.

Unknown to him, tomorrow when he goes to the lawyers to sign for his heritage, he will learn that his grandfather who he did not know, also has died, leaving him his estate. Now he will own a large mansion and estate in Upper New York and a castle in the highlands of northern Scotland. Plus he will be informed he is now the Master of Grandfather's Harem.[/font][/size]

YC: Will play the character of JD, except it will be with a name you desire. You are very wealthy and come from a family of demon hunters. Your wealth came from killing the demons, but demons do not die on this plane. When you kill one they leave very rare and valuable gems that your family has collected for over 300 years. Again Demon does not die, they just go back to their place for a day, and a day for them is 50 to 70 years for us, meaning in the future when you are old and weak, they will come for their revenge.

MC: My characters are the three women of Grandfather's harem. The one problem is, grandfather only took succubus into his harem. These three girls are lower rank sex demoness of the underworld who helps his grandfather hunt down the greater demons.
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Re: My Worlds
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2019, 12:57:56 am »
Demon's Pet

For five years Smith number 245, had used this name to stay concealed from the minds of the evil ones. If they should learn of his name, it would be his doom, casting him into the nine layers of hell for the rest of eternally. He had studied, learn and practice the knowledge and skills of being a Demon Hunter. Starting at the age of sixteen, and every day since, his teachers, mentors and just about anybody else, drove the forbidden knowledge in his mind for there was no room for any mistakes. Any mistake guarantee death, an agonizing death where for the rest of the time he would be spending each minute in hell and torment. His body went to every form of torture possible as he learns the martial arts, swordplay, and all forms of weapons needed to stay alive. Now it was his twenty-first birthday, the day he would graduate from his studies and start his career of being a great Demon hunter.

He had one last test he must fulfill, failing the test means he would be dead before the other could save him. His task was to enter a sealed room with a collar of binding in his hands, and there he would find in the center of the room a low ranked demon sitting waiting for her prey. She would not be bind or chain down, and her lips would age him in seconds before the Guardians who was watching from the balcony could save him. He must bind the girl, make her his slave, and his partner allowing him to go forth in the world to rid this world of the greater demons.

She was a female sex demon, a winged succubus, and a beautiful woman. Feeding on the life forces of the living, and very dangerous to all that fall into her arms. Collaring her would bind her to him, serving him in every need, from guarding his life to the sweet loves of her womb. Her magical abilities would grant him power beyond mortal man, and help him rid the material plane of Demons and monsters. But his future would only be if he was able to successfully bind this succubus, to enslave her to him. Once this task was done, he would be able to go forth and fulfill his destiny as a great demon hunter.

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Re: My Worlds
« Reply #4 on: June 05, 2019, 02:10:31 am »

The long sexy leg extended from the car in 3-inch white heels. As it touches the ground she pulls herself out of the ivory color car and stood up stretching causing her white mini to raise up revealing that she was not wearing any panties. She was tall for a white woman, who poured into the tight-fitting dress showing off her curves and well-developed body. Golden white blonde hair floats down to her shoulders, and her blue eyes were hiding behind very expensive sunglasses. Slowly she turns to scan the neighborhood and tall building of the ghetto as if she was looking for something.

The block was quiet and full of worn-out junk out cars, with trash bins halfway on the sidewalk and street. The gang of four sit and stood on the snoop enjoying life when they start to watch this white bitch step out of the ivory Lamborghini and stood beside the Lamborghini with her long sexy legs spread. In her right hand, she held what to appear to be a cellphone as she turns and looks back at the gangs as one of them yelled down at her in slang tone asking her what was up bitch.

She smiles up at him, and change poses with her hands on her hips looking the gang over. In a very sexy manner, she turns around with her back to them and bends over touch the toe of her high heels wiping off some dirt on her shoes. As she bends over her mini rose up over her white skin revealing everything she owns under the white mini. Again it rose some replies and catcall from the gang as she remains bend over and looking back at them over her legs. Just then, across the street step out two men dress in long leather coats and look to be mafia characters from an ancient 1960 gang movie.

A large black car pulls up and one of the men grab hold of the back door opening the door to enter. Just as the door to the car open out steps two more gangsters dress in dark suits from the building and start to go down the sixteen steps toward the car. The Blonde rose up to a standing position and aiming the phone toward them with her right hand. Instantly several beams of light left the device hitting one of the men coming down the steps. As the man grab his chest, smokes rose from his chest as he dropped rolling down the steps. The two men at the car drew their weapons and return rays of light back toward the blonde as she dodges and continues to shoot at the men.

The gangs on the stoops stand up drawing weapons as the watched these strangers to their neighborhood shooting it out. Finally one of the gang members charges down toward the Lamborghini pulling out a gun to help out the blonde, trying to protect her with back up.

(This story starts on Earth in the present day but is a sci-fi story that will take place in deep space and aliens worlds if you are brave enough to jump in and help out the blonde.)

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Re: My Worlds
« Reply #5 on: August 03, 2019, 09:57:03 pm »
Genies are dangerous!

The Master sits on his large boat as he travels in the night pondering on what was going to happen. Lightning hit over and over on the great sea that he was on, and the flashes of light fill the sky lighting up anything as the rain came covering his face with the cold drops of rain. The wave causes the boat to rise and sudden drop feet as the wave disappear from under him. Staring at his slave girl, his pleasure girl that he owns, he motioned with his hand as he held up both hands. On his left hand was a large black ring, with gold design covering all the edges and circling around a large ruby gem. With his right hand, he pointed at the finger and screams loud to the girl as the thunder try to mute his voice.

“Get in your home!” he shouted to her for he was fearing the worse was about to happen as the storm started to get worse as the lightning was bouncing off the waves not far away. She nods, as she blinks and instantly his pleasure girl disappears from his sight as he reaches up with his right hand rubbing the ring.

Present-day and thousand-mile south of Mount Ararat in the middle of the desert that was locate nowhere worth knowing the archaeologist work for weeks in the hot sun. He could not believe what he had found, and it was a caravan trader that told him of this place. He paid the merchant a small reward of $40 not believe that it was possible that there was a large boat bury in the sand of the great desert where no water was known to exist for centuries.

So far he found the ship, cargo with containing food that has turn to dust, the remains of the shipowner and clay tablets. As Jason look at the tablets he was able to make out what most of them reveal. It was a record of his cargo, the price he paid in an unknown town. The language was pre-Mesopotamia, and most likely where Mesopotamia language did come from. Everything he was found proves it came from a time period lost in the history of man. There was no other items and artifacts to even compare them to that exist in the world, which meant he might have found something that will advance his career as an archaeologist.

Most of the clothing on the shipowner no longer exist due to it exposed to the hot desert sun. But Jason Allen Carson notices the ring on the skeleton left hand. It was black and the gold lite up thanks to the bright sun and as he picks it up he notices the bright pure red ruby. Reading the was written in print inside the ring the sentence was short. “Upon the left hand of man, it must be worn, and rub gently with the right.”

Jac slips the ring on his left hand and it fit loosely on his fingers, but in seconds it's fit perfectly on his finger as if it has sunk to fit his finger. What he did next change his life, and his future.

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Re: My Worlds
« Reply #6 on: September 15, 2019, 10:51:35 pm »

With summer just about over, and fall coming soon I will be having more time to create new adventures. All of my stories are always open, for no two stories is the same since it is your character and their actions that create the stories. These that I offer are just an introduction to the adventure which will change as your character allow it to open and blossom into a new world. I also enjoy hearing new ideas and worlds which could make new adventures to travel through as the stories unfold, so if you have any ideas to offer let me know.

Stories plots are what interest me the most, and these are adult stories so sex sometimes and mostly does happen, depending on the action and needs of your character. I prefer that a story be about 80% plot and 20% sex and that can and does change as the stories unfold. But 24/7 sex does get boring, so having an adventure to break up the sex makes it more interesting keeping the stories going.

Those stories listed below are some of the ideas and worlds that I run. I am also working on an idea about time or dimension traveler and hopefully get some of the bugs out of the ideas to make it more enjoyable. When that happens I will offer it too.