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Started by AmberStarfire, November 27, 2015, 10:18:26 PM

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I could use some help with something, if anyone knows. I unsubscribed/deleted my Imageshack account a while ago (and downloaded all of my image files that remained) after they had issues with the site and many of my images were lost. The missing images were also replaced on different sites with markers that had advertising, so I felt that wasn't good enough when I was a paying subscriber.

I took care to download my images with the original filenames they had on Imageshack so I could more easily change them on Elliquiy, however now I'm not certain how best to approach things. I could just upload these into a folder on my hosting account and replace the links, but this wouldn't offer any security against people seeing what images I have (opening the folder - though I believe there are ways to block it) or them being cached by search engines (which I don't want).

This leaves me the option of just putting a robots.txt file in the folders where I have them or creating a secure site where I have greater privacy for my images. I've used PHP Fusion before and I'm thinking of doing that, but it's a lot of work to just upload some images. I guess what I'm wondering is if there are any simplified approaches/better approaches to doing this that anyone has an idea about?

Optionally, are there any other services like Imageshack that are free (or almost free) and not laced with advertising like Photobucket now is?


There's imgur which I use alongside with Photobucket. You don't necessarily need to make an account for imgur, but you can if you like to so you can keep track of your images. You can also try tinypic other than that, though I rarely use it. You can also try Flickr though people use it mostly to upload photographs from what I see. You can still upload your artworks in there if I'm not mistaken though.

If you are uploading artworks you had done however, you can always upload them in Deviantart but you will be showcasing your artworks to the public, of course. But other than that, those are mostly on what I could remember and previously used. Hope that helps!


Thanks Timeless. I thought Imageshack and Imgur were effectively the same or associated sites. I've noticed before that some Imageshack links show on Imgur.

Some of the pics are mine (photos and artwork) and some are ones I use for stories that I want to host somewhere. I have a Deviantart account but I've kept the last couple of years of my artwork off there for the most part, because my Deviantart ties in with another username I use elsewhere. My artwork is published under my pen name and I share it here, so I keep it separate from my other stuff.

I know I could put them on Elliquiy but there are around 1300 pics, and it might be a bit much. A bulk upload option would also be really handy. I haven't used Flickr or Tinypic before but I'll check them out.

Thanks for your help.


Imgur and Imageshack aren't related sites. Imgur is related to Reddit. I use Imgur exclusively.


I also use Imgur.  No ads at all, allows for albums, and you can set your account so that your images aren't publicly visible (but direct links will still function fine.) 
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Okay. I'll check it out and see what I think.

Thanks for your help.


Personally, I love Mediafire. It's for free, no advertising, you can create folders and subfolders and you also can upload documents and videos.


Thanks Nick. I'll check it out tomorrow, make a decision, and try and get my images sorted out.



I use postimg for larger images. You'll have to get a premium account ($2.95/month) if you want indefinite storage of images up to 16mb.


Thanks. :) I checked out some of the alternatives, but I decided to just put game and thread images on the Elliquiy wiki and put the rest on my own hosting account.

Al Terego

Some time ago I was looking for an image host that is free, allows hotlinking and keeps images forever.
Here are the results of my search:

The image host I usually use is:

Others that I used are:

Some others that I have bookmarked are:

-- Al