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Author Topic: An Officer's Rivalry. (F for F or M as F, WW2, more fun, less logic.)  (Read 931 times)

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Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

PM me don't post in the thread.

This one is actually an older RP idea I had, inspired in part by too much “Battlestations: Midway” and Hetalia as well as some Kantai Collection tossed in :P. Im more than willing to do some brainstorming for this and see what we come up with. Logic can take a backseat for this (Logic is for Squares anyway) and fun will be the main priority of this rp. I jokingly like to think that Hannah is related to Revolver Ocelot as a reason for her skills, to the point I almost want to give her a Colt Single Action Army pistol.

I am still in the process of working this out and editing up this page so expect changes here and there later on. 

This rp scenario follows two women in the days before the US entered the second world war on the side of the allies. One girl is Hannah Walker, famed granddaughter of an old west gunslinger who took out a Confederate unit with only his revolver. The other is Niri Goto, descendant of a long and honorable warrior line. She is the only child of her family and has a great amount of expectations placed upon her. As tensions between the United States and the Empire of Japan were heating up, the two women ended up meeting each other multiple times on the many peace and negotiation summits that occurred between their homelands.

They had both been under orders to befriend their foreign version and see if they could weasel any information out of them. It just happened to work far too well. They truly became friends and the thought of ever hurting the other was a completely alien concept to them. They would each be looking forward to the next peace meeting in the hopes of seeing each other again, but the world had other plans and nothing good can ever last as madmen pull the strings of the world.

 Both women were originally just glorified mascots for their soldiers, to drive up recruitment and to inspire women to work harder in factories and other volunteer places along with warbonds and other such things. But when the war broke out they both proved just how effective they were.

I was thinking they keep meeting each other in battles and build respect for one another. So much so that the Samurai girl refuses to kill her counterpart when she finds her floating at sea and injured. Instead nursing her as much as she can and sending her off later on a raft. If they are going to kill each other then it will be on the battlefield, in a fair and honorable fight.

Low logic stuff: Women leading fleets, there being highly skilled female fighters who defy logic and help the war for their prospective countries. (IE: England has an RAF girl, Germany a fem Panzer commander, Russia has a Commando girl, etc.) Such as the samurai girl blocking bullets with her swords and the gunslinger making nearly impossible shots with ease.

This story could take place over the course of the war, with the two of them being stranded on an island after their ships go down, meeting up after the war or fighting in a new war against evil creatures unleashed by the Nazis or awoken from the bottom of the ocean from all the fighting and forcing them to team up. We could even make it a Romeo/Juliet like tragedy where they both kill one another in the end, but die happily embracing the person they loved most in the entire world.

Hannah Walker

Niri Goto

I'm still working on it but feel free to PM me if you are interested in it at all and we can work something out.  :-)

I am perfectly fine with thinking up different storylines and such to make this enjoyable. Perhaps its a team up of sorts, you can even bring in your own character if you think up one. There are no shortage of stories to inspire. Everything from a Female Tuskegee pilot who can outfly every male pilot in the world, to a resistance leader against the Japanese in the Philippines, to maybe the real world mercenary group
The Flying Tigers
who protected China for a while against Japan. There is a plethora of stories that can be used to craft fun stories here. Feel free to brainstorm with me.

Alternate scenarios/characters:

Other possible scenarios could include a Soviet girl trying to illuminate her naïve American counterpart on the glory of Communism and the wonder that is the Soviet Union.

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As well as some good old fashioned Nazi killing.

Or an English RAF (Royal Air Force) pilot of unmatched skill who will cover the sky while her yankee friend handles those pesky AA guns. Maybe she will develop feelings for her American Cousin.
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Or Hannah being surrounded by Panzers, led by none other than her German counterpart.

Perhaps even leading a group of the Reich's newest Uber soldiers.

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Re: An Officer's Rivalry. (F for F or M as F, WW2, more fun, less logic.)
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