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Author Topic: Van's Mad Little Desires (M for Any, Short and Long Term)  (Read 2672 times)

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Van's Mad Little Desires (M for Any, Short and Long Term)
« on: November 11, 2015, 10:26:02 pm »
Hi there, E!

Name's VanTheMad, sometimes Vanna, Van, or V. I'm really craving some new roleplays, and I know you guys are always up to the task. I'd be playing a male more than likely, and I'm okay with any kind of partner (M/F/TS), with F or TS being preferred for most of the stories (though go ahead and message me if you're interested in any of the hooks too, gents.) I also do not care what gender the writer is, be it male writing as female, female writing as male, lifelike android writing as actual human, all are welcome. Below are my personal cravings in the order I'm most interested in, starting with most and going towards least. Feel free to message me with similar plot threads even if you don't see it listed here.

I mostly prefer posting on forums, for the games, but can be convinced to do PM or AIM if interested enough. I am also willing to reverse the dom/sub roles in just about every single one of these, so just feel free to ask, though I'm really craving a more sub/switch-y role right now!

Please respond via PM if you are interested, as I don't really come back to this page unless I'm changing some of the information in it. I also tend to forget or look over PMs that are just a sentence or two- tell me a little about yourself, or ideas you'd had for the concept, or ask some probing questions to see if we're really going to make a good pair. Essentially, if you don't make an effort to engage me in return, I won't have a whole lot of reasons to believe we'll make for good writing partners.

Current RPs

Items in RED are my biggest cravings at the moment.
Items in BLUE are already taken, but if the offer is good enough I might be interested in taking.

Long-Term Story Ideas
Short Term and Original Pairings
Fandoms and Fandom Pairings
Writing Samples
Ons and Offs
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Re: Van's Mad Little Desires (M for Any, Short and Long Term)
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2016, 12:26:19 am »
Long-Term Story Ideas

The Trial-Seeker: In the Kingdom of Ennion, it is common for noblemen and women to partake in the Grand Trial upon coming of age, to be granted the title of Knight, and to claim one of the Kingdom's ancient Relics as their own by right, to add to their own Reliquary, and to thus increase their family's power. The Trial is arduous, each challenge within it spread across the distant reaches of the Kingdom, and it is a quest that must be done alone. However, what were to happen if two Trial-Seekers were to meet on the road- the Trial must be taken alone, but it's hard to travel alone when there's another person following the exact same path as you. The roads are long and lonely, and the nights cold; what could bloom between two, who find each other when all others must be alone?
Character Inspirations

Possible Themes: M/Any, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Forbidden Romance, Adventure

Meeting Again: Disclaimer- this story focuses heavily on the idea of reincarnation, and non-linear timelines. You and I have lived a thousand times, across a myriad of years, though not sequentially- each time we die, we are reincarnated at another point in time, future or past, and we have no control over it. This complicates things when the first time you meet someone is the hundredth time they've met you? I'd like to explore this concept- it's modern day, and the two of us have a chance meeting, except one of us has a sudden realization that we know the other one; how does the other react to being pursued by someone who knows all about them, knows how to best make them happy, but with no memory of that person?
Character Inspirations

Possible Themes: Romance, (Long-term) Courtship, Non-linear memories, Experimental

Life on the Rim (Star Wars): The Outer Rim, home to many worlds, and many people, where no governing body has ever truly held power. It's barely any surprise that bandits, pirates, and all other sorts of ne'er-do-wells call it home. When a lone gunslinger manages to cause enough trouble on one of those far-flung planets, you're the one sent to bring him in or take him down. But you meet that gunslinger, for the first time, true identities unknown, and an ember of chaos burns up your plans- there's a spark of attraction that you never could have expected. What do you do then? Whether you're an Imperial hunting down a lawbreaker, a Jedi keeping the peace, or a bounty hunter looking to make a few credits is up to you- era is flexible as well.
Character Inspirations

Possible Themes: MxF/TS/Futa, Forbidden Romance, BDSM, Non-Humans, Femdom

Lines of Code: Each year, the possibility of a truly intelligent artificial entity grow more and more possible, as scientists learn more and more about the way the human mind functions. AGIs (Artificial General Intelligences) are commonplace in society, performing all manners of tasks for people, but are, as yet, incapable of 'creativity' as we see it, or emotion- or, nearly incapable of it. A highly advanced AGI, created from the digitally mapped memories and thoughts of its human creator is about to enter testing; enter you. Selected from a group of subjects based on your personality and history, you will take up residence in a smart-home with the AGI and its human creator. Intending to test how an advanced AGI and a human will interact as so-called 'housemates', your only social contact for a multi-month stretch will be with each other. What if the human housemates were to become involved? And what of the AGI, whose avatar and memories are near-identical to its creator's own appearance and memories? An emergent love story, perhaps also with an emergent love triangle? Mostly, a nonconventional story of romance, uncertainty, and societal norms, for anyone who may be interested in such things.
Possible Themes: Love Triangle, Non-human (AI), Romance, Betrayal, Societal Taboos, MxFxAI, Experimental

Reflected Light: Wilmot 'Wil' Grimalkin is a 'creative type' living in the suburbs outside of a big city, in an inherited property. He works only as much as he has to, usually doing odd jobs and commissions, and spends most of his time supporting his friends' bands, cooking, and writing; that is, whatever time he has left between his more esoteric past-times- Wil, like most of the members of his family, is a witch. To his knowledge, he's the only one around, his family having driven away the other witches in the area decades ago- until one fateful night, at least. Out in the city, Wil meets your character- another witch- and the two flirt, neither knowing the other is a witch, and likely, both assuming they are the only witches in the city. How will love bloom between the two? What magical mishaps and misadventures can the two get into? Ideally, a wholesome punk/alt romance story, but with magic! With the right partner, I'm interested in working to collaborate on a proper story arc for the two, as well.
Character Inspirations

Possible Themes: M/any (with a particular interest in a M/nonbinary plot; I am also willing to play Nonbinary in this role), Romance, Magic, Urban Fantasy, Witches, 80:20 plot:smut

A Gentleman Magician: Magic- long the queer interest of the rich and idle, few who take interest in the occult can actually muster magical power, but there are those among the scholars and the strange, who have the gifts required to take up the title of Magician. I am one such individual, a minor-to-mid-importance aristocrat in England, heir to my parents fortunes and in want of profession, so I have plied myself to the task of becoming a Magician, but lack training and guidance. You, on the other hand, have great skill and talent, but are 'unusual' in some way- perhaps you're a common street magician with a true calling to the craft, a scholar with strange proclivities, or a faerie lord or lady who has taken an interest in humans, or perhaps, simply a woman who refuses to accept the role assigned to her by men and follows her own path. In any event, I seek your tutelage, despite whatever taboo or difficulty would accompany a gentleman of my status associating with you, and perhaps, over time, our lessons bloom into something else, be it passion, romance, or mere lust.
Character Inspirations

Possible Themes: MxAny, Magic, Romance, Societal Taboo, Georgian or Victorian England, Class Difference

A Rivalry Arrested: We're rival mages, vying for the same seat on the council. We constantly find ways to undercut each other, cursing each other's name at every turn- but we've never actually met. Secluded in our distant laboratories at the guild, we've gone about hating each other from afar, but could a chance meeting and an opportunity to actually speak as equals change all that?
Character Inspirations

Possible Themes: MxAny, Rivalry, Magic, Romance, Non-Humans; see Rivalry Unrivaled for more details.
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Re: Van's Mad Little Desires (M for Any, Short and Long Term)
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2016, 01:21:46 am »
One-Off/Short-Term Plots

Bounty Hunted- My character is a crook- his crime isn't terribly important to the plot, but his deeds have been great enough to warrant the attention of bounty hunters. Your character, a skilled bounty hunter, catches mine, and while transporting him back to claim the price on his head, decides to use him for some fun. Can be fantasy, sci-fi, or a fandom universe.
Possible Themes: M/F, M/futa or M/TS, Non-con/Reluctant Con, Bondage, Femdom, Variable Setting

The Sacrifice- (inspired somewhat by Corruption of Champions) My character is a Holy Paladin, groomed and raised from birth to vanquish evil. In a quest to slay a great demon, he was flung into the Netherworld, and has chosen to continue his quest- however, he's become somewhat tainted by the world, and now has a somewhat unorthodox method of vanquishing his foes... Your character can be any sort of monster-person you desire, who falls victim to my overzealous and slightly unstable Paladin, and whether or not they are actually interested in his attentions are also up to you (a succubus might be delighted, while other monsters might be unwilling).
Possible Themes: M/Any, Monster-person, Corruption, Non-con/Dub-con, Fantasy setting

Boy Wonder Meets His Match (DC AU): In another world, where Bruce Wayne wasn't able to adopt Dick Grayson after the murder of his family, another hero of Gotham steps up to help a scared and lonely boy- Commissioner Gordon. Unfortunately for Dick, his older adoptive sister, Barbara, has for quite some time been the apple of his eye. After months of awkwardness and sexual frustration, Dick sneaks into Barb's room to steal something- clothing, panties, something... and is caught. I'd love to explore the relationship between the two, especially if both have fancied themselves as crime fighters too, unbeknownst to the other.
Character Inspirations
Like these for Dick, but younger!


Possible Themes: MxF, Romance, dom!Barbara, Adoptive Incest, Superheroes

Pairings (Original)
May or may not be noncon, with myself being either the dom or sub, depending on my and your mood, and in no particular order- these are nice and vague in order to keep levels of discussion between myself and my future partner nice and open.
me x you
  • Noble x Sell-sword
  • Invader x Frail Villager
  • Brother x Sister
  • Shy Student x Encouraging Teacher
  • Superhero x Villain
  • Adventurer x Succubus/Incubus
  • Cultist x Cleric
  • Elf x Monster(-girl/boy?)
  • Detective x Reporter
  • Guard x Escapee
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Re: Van's Mad Little Desires (M for Any, Short and Long Term)
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2016, 11:41:06 pm »
Please note that I'm seldom interested in roleplaying canon characters, rather, these are simply existing settings and universes, also in no particular order.
  • Marvel/DC Comics (and their respective cinematic and animated universes as well)
  • Star Wars (All time periods)
  • Harry Potter
  • The Venture Bros.- I particularly enjoy the whole organized arching rules
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Lord of the Rings/Tolkien
  • Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder
  • Firefly/Serenity
  • Steven Universe
  • Adventure Time
  • Abhorsen Trilogy
  • Borderlands
  • Dune
  • Fallout
Pairings (Fandoms)
  • Fugitive Jedi x Bounty Hunter/Inquisitor (Star Wars)
  • Imperial Citizen x Stormtrooper (Star Wars)
  • Smuggler Captain x First Mate (Star Wars or Serenity/Firefly)
  • Soldier x Commander (Star Wars)
  • Student x Professor (Harry Potter)
  • OC Gem x OC Gem (Steven Universe)
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Re: Van's Mad Little Desires (M for Any, Short and Long Term)
« Reply #4 on: November 01, 2016, 11:42:02 pm »
Writing Samples

Below are some examples of my writing as taken from various other roleplays that I have participated in, if you wanted to take a look into what you might be getting into if you begin a roleplay with me.

Student and Teacher
Wil went through the first class pretty smoothly, but he expected as much, given that all he had to do was explain the curriculum for the rest of the year. He introduced himself to his new students, and then spent most of the remainder of class finding out what the students liked to read so that he could better plan some of the side projects. He took time while asking and answering questions to mentally mark students, noting friendships, contributors, slackers, potential problem students, and playing a silent game of matching names to faces, and the students to characters. He selected a snarky-looking boy sitting towards the back of the room as Mercutio, pegged a girl and what might have been her boyfriend towards the door as Legolas and Gimli, then scanned the room for other obvious connections. Banquo, Becky Thatcher, a few others- then her.

He couldn't place a character squarely on her, and as the class went on, he noticed that she went out of her way to keep a low profile; she would participate when needed, but not when it could be avoided. It didn't seem like slacking though, more like she chose what to answer to remain undetected. She's pretty, he thought, then regretted thinking. Pretty enough that she should have the attention of the boys. Maybe that was why she was so quiet? She seemed, at the very least, to be sharp and pleasant when she chose to speak. Finally, the bell rang for the end of first period, and most of the students left right away, while some of the students straggled behind to introduce themselves as Drama Club members. Wil stood up and walked around to the front of his desk and sat on top of it, trying to come off as casual, but likely appearing a bit awkward more than anything, and slid back down to just stand in front of the desk instead.

"Hi there, Mr. Snow, and welcome to Elliot High," chimed an overly peppy redhead guy in a brightly colored blazer, extending his hand fora shake. "I'm Tom Warton, I'm one of the set designers for Drama, and I'm also on Student Council! I really look forward to working with you for the school play." Wil couldn't help but grin at the exuberance Tom showed, so he shook his hand in earnest.

"Pleasure to meet you, Tom. I'm sure we'll do great work together," Wil replied, working his way though the handful of kids introducing themselves, until only the girl he'd spotted earlier remained.

"It's Sasha, right?" he intoned. "A bit hard to place twenty-four names and faces after just an hour. Are you in Drama?"

King of Briar Keep
Dunan and his men arrived outside of Southdell on the last day of Summer, when the leaves had begun to change, and the weather had grown colder. There were thirty-one of them; he led the men, a ragtag bunch of malicious archers, vile warriors, sadistic cutthroats, and dark mages. They watched the town from the forest for the night, planning their attack. Dunan had sent one of the men in earlier that day, posing as a travelling trader, to gather information about the town, and he had received the full report earlier that evening. As they surveyed their latest target, they took careful note; with so few of them, one mistake could ruin the entire plan, and Dunan would have to flee and recruit more madmen to join him. The men watched, from the cover of the trees, and located the homes of those who looked to be more powerful mages, or more experienced soldiers, and marked them as the first targets. The men however, did not simply look for threats, they looked for opportunities. A large scaffolding stood next to a building, a decrepit warehouse on the outskirts, and any number of other seemingly trivial things that the men could use to their advantage. They watched for the houses that seemed most embellished, prime targets for looting and stealing. Dunan however, kept his eye open for a different kind of treasure.

Slaves were a great luxury in his so-called palace, Briar Keep, and he had a bad habit of wearing through them. Each time he would set forth with his men, he'd take any living survivors back to his castle in the marsh as prisoners, to do his bidding and perform the labor he was unwilling to do himself. It was how Briar Keep had been built, and it was how he had kept the palace running for so long. Strong men, strong women, and occasionally, a child or two, to raise as servants.

The next night, while the Festival of Autumn was in full swing, Dunan's men crept in from the outskirts, sneaking into the houses of those they could, and silently dispatching of them that way. Dunan stood at the outskirts of town, near the old warehouse, with a burning lamp in one hand, and his longbow in the other, his black hair flapping slightly in the breeze. A malicious grin spread across his face, and his lips parted slightly in a sneer, revealing teeth that flashed like daggers.

Stir Up in Manhattan
Alden Crawford was what most folk would call a rake; heir to the fortune of his father, a wealthy surgeon, instead of using the years of medical college his father had paid for in a hospital or practice, he sought to outrage his parents and forsake their wishes. In his gambling and general roustabouting, he met some unsavory individuals, a group of street toughs who went by the name of The Portside Princes, and was soon helping them on odd jobs; buglary, muggings, even a ransom or two. If anyone got hurt, it was Alden's job to patch them back up.

Alden was a lucky sort of hellraiser, well-dressed and well-spoken enough to win over the minds of most who approached him in regards to his dealings, he evaded many an arrest with a careful word or dropped name. He tended to have similar luck with women; his black hair was a kept cleanly in a short, waved fashion, and his pale blue eyes could look innocent enough to fool even the most worldly of whores. His face was clean and angular, with high cheekbones, a striking chin and ever-so-slightly aquiline nose. He was lean, almost bordering on rangy, but his clothes were always tailored immaculately, in a way which enhanced his appearance despite his physically lithe form. He tended towards rich blues and reds in his clothes, and walked with a distinctive silver-tipped cane. His vanity even earned him a nickname among some - the Portside Peacock, but even with a name like that, he still had a propensity for wickedness that would oft show when intoxicated- which he found himself now.

It was nearing dawn, something in the back of his liquor-addled mind told him, and he needed to sleep. Earlier that particular night, he found himself occupying a seat in a booth at the Bash, a dimly lit bar owned by the Princes. He'd spent his night carousing and celebrating with his mates, commemorating a new member of the Princes. Pockets were emptied and glasses were full that night, but in the drunken haze, Alden found himself distracted. Though she wasn't serving his table, he couldn't help but stare at her- a lovely new serving girl, with a face that was equal parts sorrow and determination. He watched her, nearly all night, or at least until he was too drunk to keep track of who was who, and quietly hoped he'd get to speak to her some day soon. Until then, though, he suddenly recalled an urgent appointment with the railing, and rushed outside as quickly as he could to empty his stomach into the East River. After a few minutes of agony, he stumbled back inside, paid the barkeep a bit extra, and promptly fell asleep in the nearest booth.

A Rivalry Unrivaled
The High Spellknight did not have a stationary office or bedchamber, no guarded tower or fortified cellar- the High Spellknight had a tent. Positioned to stand over the training fields where morning drills would be practiced, the tent was unassuming and barely worth note to anyone unfamiliar- from the outside, it looked nearly identical to the standard tents used by every other officer in Etron's Royal Army, save for the sword and starburst insignia of the Guild's battlemages, and the warbanner of the Guild which flew opposite the banner of Etron. Aldricht continued forward, passing through the cloth doorway of the tent and onward to its interior, where the unique features became more apparent.

Within the tent was a space at least triple the size of the outside, and the floor and walls were made of sturdy, warmly-colored hardwood instead of the beige cloth one would expect. A small but comfortable bedroom was tucked away in one corner of the space, with a sliding wooden doorway to provide privacy, while the rest of the space was taken up with bookshelves and a large war table, with a number of chairs and stools around the area. A stone hearth with a fire crackling away was set into the wall opposite the doorway, and Aldricht allowed himself a content smile. His match with the Arcanist had not gone as planned, but being here, in the tent of the High Spellknight, filled him with a warm nostalgia. The quarters had always reminded him of the cabin he'd grown up in, on the outskirts of the city, and now, he truly felt at home. He crossed to the bedroom and laid back on the bed, letting himself sink into the blankets and think about the day's events.

He'd scarcely gone five minutes without thinking of the elf, and the duel they'd had in the garden, since their encounter earlier that afternoon, but now, in the solitude of his quarters, Florence was the only thing left for his mind to turn to. The Arcanist had beaten him; of course, he told himself, Mourn had used dark magic to earn an easy victory, but he knew that there was more to Florence than cheap tricks. Aldrict himself hadn't fought at full power, their duel being a contest between rivals, not a fight to the death, but even that wasn't an excuse for his loss today- Florence seemed to be holding back too, almost like he'd been toying with the battlemage, to see how long things could last. Aldricht had seen it. His years of training to best other mages in combat had made him keen to spot body language and motion, the way Florence moved his limbs when casting a spell, measured and graceful, the way he rolled with hits rather than collapsing, the way his dark, silky hair flowed through the air when in action- Aldricht sat up quickly, the slight hints of a blush on his cheeks and a full scowl upon his lips as he realized he was getting sidetracked.

Standing from the bed, he walked to the washbasin across the room and positioned his arms on either side of it, supporting himself over the still water of the shining metal basin. He focused his intent on the water below and spoke the words of a simple scrying spell into the basin, envisioning Florence as he did so. As he did so, the water began to shimmer, until a hazy image appeared, and slowly grew sharper and more clear, until it revealed Mourn, standing in his quarters. Aldricht took in the elf's graceful features silently, knowing that the spell he had chosen was rudimentary, and could easily be noticed by the magically trained, but he was not trying to be covert in his actions- he wanted the Arcanist to know he was watching.

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Re: Van's Mad Little Desires (M for Any, Short and Long Term)
« Reply #5 on: November 01, 2016, 11:42:20 pm »
Ons and Offs

What I LoveWhat I LikeWhat I'm Unsure OfWhat I Dislike
⛵ Male x Female⎈ BDSM⚓ Violence⛈ Vore
⛵ Male x Male⎈ Futa/Intersex/Alternate Sex⚓ Unusual Genitalia⛈ Bathroom Play
⛵ Roughhousing⎈ Female x Female⚓ Pregnancy⛈ Furries
⛵ Being Tied/Chained⎈ Tying Others⚓ Unrealistic Proportions⛈ Obese Partners
⛵ Gender Fluidity/Nonbinary Gender⎈ Non-consensual⚓ Large Age Difference (15+ years)⛈ Fisting, Anal/Vaginal
⛵ Petite Partners⎈ Curvy Partners⚓ Extra-muscular Males⛈ Gore
⛵ Size Difference (1-3 ft)⎈ Sibling Incest⚓ Parental Incest⛈ Elderly Partners (appears 60 years+)
⛵ Romance⎈ Light/Playful Humiliation⚓ Harems⛈ Elderly Characters (appears 60 years+)
⛵ Oral Sex⎈ Footplay⚓ Foot Licking
⛵ Mutual Masturbation⎈ Exhibitionism⚓ Fear
⛵ Forced Masturbation⎈ Coercion/Blackmail
⛵ Master/Student to Lovers⎈ Friends to Lovers
⛵ Shapeshifting Characters⎈ Shapeshifting Partners
⛵ Tying/Chaining Others⎈ Psychics/Telekinetics
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