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June 27, 2022, 12:42:42 am

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Author Topic: Rivaly Unrivaled: Magical University (Looking for M/F/TS/Any!)  (Read 905 times)

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Rivaly Unrivaled: Magical University (Looking for M/F/TS/Any!)
« on: November 29, 2015, 11:57:03 pm »
Hi there, E!

I've got a general cravings thread up as well, but I'm hungering for this story so badly that I thought it deserved its own treatment. This story is open to any gender of player or character, I will be playing a male, but I am interested in this being an M/M, M/F, or M/Futa/Ts, or really any other M/_ pairing you can imagine. Below is a quick idea of what I'd be looking for in general terms, and below that are the more specific directions that I'd be interested in taking this story.

A Rivalry Unrivaled

We've been rivals for years, two powerful mages, vying for the same positions and promotions within our University/Guild. Over the years, we've constantly found ways to undercut each other,sabotaging each other and cursing each other's name at every turn, dreaming of the other's downfall- except, our dreams remain vague, as we've never actually met in person. Secluded in our distant laboratories at the guild, we've gone about hating each other from afar, until the day a chance meeting brings the two of us into contact. Our attraction to each other is undeniable, but how will our history and our dreams of the future affect our choices from here?

The premise of this really appeals to me for a few reasons. One, fantasy settings have always been my favorite. Two, the fact that we'd both be powerful mages makes any conflict more interesting, and could also potentially be used in some pretty kinky ways. Three, the idea of a rivalry could have so many possible outcomes, and I'm honestly interested in all of them. Please, if you like any of the ideas below, or if you have any ideas of your own that this concept inspires, pleas PM me, I would love to talk to you! Below are my more fleshed out, specific concepts for this story. Please note that 'possible themes' means just that- possible. It doesn't mean that the associated idea will definitely include them all, just that they are intriguing enough that I'd want to explore them if you do. 

Idea #1: An Unconventional Romance
Possible Themes: Romance, Humor, Competition, Jealousy, Cheating, Forbidden Love.
For this idea, once we meet for the first time in real life, maybe something about us just clicks, even beyond our initial physical attraction. Maybe we realize that we're a lot more alike than we had thought, or that we actually just complement each other's personality very well, but we decide we want to see more of each other. Maybe it's a more straightforward relationship, and we just take our time getting to know each other and reevaluating our goals, but maybe it isn't. Maybe one of us already holds a position that prohibits or complicates our love? Maybe we fall in love, but still hold our politcal goals of ascension within our university highly- what kind of drama could come of that? Maybe one of us is already in a relationship and we're having an affair, or one of us has an affair with someone else to try to further their career? The possibilities are endless, but mostly pretty tame, for this story.

Idea #2: A Rivalry Intensified
Possible Themes: Non-con/dub-con, BDSM, Humiliation, Public, Non-humans (monsters)
This one is quite a bit less vanilla than the first idea. For this, maybe our meeting sparks a confusing combination of jealousy and attraction. One or both of us might increase our sabotage game, blackmailing the other using devious magic, or using their power to otherwise besmirch the other's name publically. Maybe we enter some form of shaky dom/sub relationship, using it as an excuse while we work to undo each other. Maybe things continue as before, but the sexual tension between us boils over in passionate (or potentially frightening) ways in the middle of the night. This version explores a lot more of the ambivalence that the two should feel towards each other, while also opening things up to way kinkier and potentially darker stories.

I am open to any M/_ pairing for these stories, and am willing to take a dom or sub role for them as well. I am typically a bit more of a traditional dom, but I also really enjoy when my characters are at the whim of someone more powerful than themselves, though they remain somewhat willful generally.


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