Reversed Roles Fairy tales, LF male characters

Started by Cynadea, November 11, 2015, 09:35:32 PM

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Basically, the title says it all. How about playing fairy tales with their main plot points, bit with a reversed role, with our own twist on it. I will play the female role, and am looking for someone to play the male role, the gender of the player isn't a concern to me.

Beau & The Beast
Beau lives with a very old mother, who gets in trouble with the cursed Beast. Because she has trespassed, but she is old and sick, Beau volunteers to take her place in the Beast' dungeon, if the beast guarantees that his mother can be returned to the village safely.


Cinderallan (Cinderella)
Cinderallan has become a serving boy for his step-dad and two step-brothers. During an afternoon where he temporarily runs away, he comes across a beautiful young woman called Kitty whom passes herself for an apprentice of sorts, wandering through the woods in search of berries or medicinal plants for her mother who is ill. She falls madly in love with Cinderallan, and because of it, she calls for a ball opened to the public, not just the nobles...

We could have Snow White(Could Snow work for a male character?) and the 7 nymphs, instead of dwarves...

Please make sure to read my O&O, the link is both in my signature, and in my mini profile. Also, I would prefer a posting length of at least 3 paragraphs and at least once a week.

Thank you!

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