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March 28, 2023, 01:10:45 pm

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Author Topic: Cynadea's ideas [lf m or f for hetero pairing]  (Read 918 times)

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Cynadea's ideas [lf m or f for hetero pairing]
« on: August 23, 2017, 09:39:23 pm »
If any of these stories seems interesting to you, please contact me in PM. 

Thank you.
End of the World
Setting: Modern, post-apocalyptic
Plot type: Teasing, awkward, lighthearted, romance
Requires: I can play the male or female role
They've been talking on the net about conspiracy theories and survival should the world come to an end. He is far more into this stuff than she is, but their online communication was cool and the seemed to get along just fine. Living in the next town, he jokes, telling her that if the end of the world happens, she's welcome to live in his bunker.

A few weeks later, something happens, and she shows up at his doorteps, asking him to shelter her only minutes before the shit really hits the fan. He's prepared: he got the whole bunker turned into a comfortable home, but also part of it is hydroponics, to grow some fresh vegetables,  etc. What he wasn't prepared for was that his internet friend would show up, and that he thinks she's gorgeous, on top or fun and nice...

Beauty & The Beast
Setting: Modern
Plot type: Captive, fairytale, romance
Requires: Wealthy werewolf. I can play the male or female role, the werewolf or the human.
The beast is the talk of town, just an old legend, a rumor a bit like the sasquatch. There is something half-wolf and half-human hunting in the woods during the three days where the moon as at it's fullest. The beast isn't the only source of rumors in these woods. The King estate is there too, and the rich heir(ess) lives there as a recluse. Wealthy, the King family owns half of Littletown. The heir(ess) can be seen in town,
 buying groceries, books, getting a hair cut, but rarely socializes.

Comes in the human. they're in a bad position: no job, about to be evicted, no family, no money. They go to buy some food with their credit card, it gets declined. King is just behind and helps by paying for the small amount of food. Once outside, King offers a job to the human,  as well as a rent-free house on the King's property. There is just one caveat: the human must not go out during the full moon... They do,  and discover who the local beast is, and that it's real. Now, King cannot let the human go. Could they be the human who could break the curse with true love's first kiss?

The Future King
Setting: Fantasy, with elemental magic
Plot type: Competition between brothers for a woman, romance
Requires: someone playing two male characters (can focus on one more than the other)
The King and his two sons were on their way to the Debutante ball of the Archduke's daughter. They were ambushed and although far from defenseless, they would have been overrun if not for the help of a young priestess and her escorts. The King recognizes her as the archduke's daughter, but they part ways. He tells his sons that the throne will be given to the one of them who will win her heart.
For the world's magic, I would like it to be elemental base, where the element of the person highly influences their behavior (Fire would be warm, passionate, etc.) She would be a Light elemental (Right, just, honest). I would prefer for one of the brothers to be fire. The brothers would never interact in a sexual manner. No incest, no M/F/M scene. The brother relationship would be up to you, although a competitive relationship.

Cameron Is A Woman
Setting: Futuristic, human (open)
Plot type: Teasing, rough sex, possible M/F/M
Requires: A very wound up captain

The Destrian is a mining cargo ship with a crew of six men. The captain and five of his crewmates are all trained to work mining drones from the safety of the Destrian and bring minerals in the cargo hold. During their last run, a problem arose and the pilot resigned. After screening a few applicants, the captain picks a 21 year old pilot with exceptional skill who can work an extra mining drone. The pilot's name is Cameron, my character. Cameron gets on board, her clothes concealing her curves (albeit not on purpose) and making her look like a rather small-built cis-male rather than a woman. Captain is in a hurry, and they take off. Once in space, he gives her a tour of the ship and she realizes the mistake when she sees that the crew is all men, that the shower room has no stall, and that every men but the captain sleep in the same room with bunk beds. When the captain introduces her as the new guy, it all comes together and one of the more perceptive crew member points out that that's not a guy, that's a woman, sir. When she removes her jacket, the captain gets to see her modest curves.

The captain would be a tightly wound guy, denying himself most sexual impulses like going at the brothel during a long stay planet-side, so that the presence of a woman on board be a constant reminder of his own needs. She could catch on it eventually  and tease him until he lets go and take advantage of her presence on board.       


He's a captain living alone on his one-man ship, carrying cargo from point A to point B for a living. The only company he has is the AI. He comes across a ship that has been attacked and looted, but the AI catches signs of life. A person that is identified as 22 year old pilot Cameron Jackson. The AI warns the captain: if they don't attempt to salvage the hypersleep chamber, Cameron is guaranteed to die. Living in that space with another man would be challenging but not bad. The ship isn't all that big... But when Cameron comes out of the hypersleep chamber, the captain see that the man he expected is a woman. A very attractive woman at that. In a space where there's only one bedroom, and very little space to leave each other alone... 

Tried, Sentenced & Sold
Setting: Low fantasy.
Plot type: Slave training, romance
Requires: Submissive male character (who may start thinking he is dominant, but ends up enjoying the submissiveness)
She is looking for a new slave, because her previous one has run away and preferred to be killed rather than to be taken back to his owner. She's a good owner, but he resisted the slavery training. She has a thing for lost causes, for saving people who usually don't want her help or being saved at all.
He's committed a crime. For that, he is punished to slavery for the rest of his life. I would prefer if he isn't an overly violent/hardened criminal man. Maybe he took a life in self-defense? He has been defiant, arrogant, rude toward every potential buyer and was gradually pushed toward the back of the slave market, his price lowered again and again. When he is told that he will be sent to the mines to be worked to death if he doesn't get bought, he thinks it's a scare tactic, until she comes.
She's different with him. He also finds her insanely beautiful - favor which she returns. They talk briefly and he realizes that she's his last chance, that the mines aren't just a scare tactic, they are real. Suddenly his tone changes.

Arranged Marriage
Setting: Modern day dystopia
Plot type: Age difference, romance
Requires: Male character in his late 30's, possibly a POC for a biracial couple

The government controls all. Marriage is now mandatory, and divorce impossible. Those who can't find themselves a spouse before the due date are assigned one by the government. He works in an important branch of the government. When his time comes to marry for the second time, he is too busy with work to find himself a wife, so the government officials send him one and he cannot refuse her. She's almost 20 years younger than him, she's inexperienced, but she's otherwise perfect for him.
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Re: Cynadea's ideas [lf m or f for hetero pairing]
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2017, 06:44:31 pm »
Settings & Fandoms
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Preferred RP settings.
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