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Author Topic: Fairytales, and Stolen Happily Ever Afters - Plots and Stories.  (Read 231 times)

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Fairytales, and Stolen Happily Ever Afters - Plots and Stories.
« on: November 07, 2015, 01:18:04 PM »
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Story Title: Tale of [Insert Title Here]
Main Character: My character is the female half of this partnership. A spunky girl who refused to let someone else decide her fate, whose happily ever after was stolen.

Setting: New Orleans / Mystical Land (To be named)


What's better than the story of a prince exiled and framed for murdering his father?

A young woman who took her life into her own hands, and isn't quite what she seems. But whose life is now tied to the Princes, and both of them are in some serious danger.

In an effort to stop them, an angry man pays a heavy price for a curse that will change everything.

Magic always comes with a price.

But true love is real and powerful, and not so easily destroyed.

Monsters, curses and a fate worse than death. The young lovers are pulled away from each other, sent to another realm where they are stripped of their memories, of their former selves and forced to live without each other.  But unknown to their enemies, a trusted ally managed to sneak in a few little loopholes.  Once they reach their 22nd year, they awaken, their memories flooding back, former abilities returning, and that's when they get their own chance to reclaim what was once theirs.

After all, villains never get happy endings.

Fast - Forward to modern day New Orleans, the year is 2015.

Our heroes are reaching their 22nd year, they've been dreaming of a far away land since childhood, but like many, they've long since written this off as nothing more than childish dreams, and fantasy. But as soon as that clock hit midnight, things don't go as planned. Our Hero finds himself getting hit with memories that are broken, chucks missing that doesn't paint a clear picture, save for one face. Her face. Our Heroine is even worse off, her memories come to her as dreams, they feel so real she wakes up crying, or feeling the pain she felt in the dream, but to her it's just that, dreams. Horrible, sometimes wonderful dreams that are just brief glimpses at a life she once had, but can't remember.

Magic is real, and always comes with a price. Goblins, Wizards, and everything that you thought was all made up stories has a bit of truth after all.

Perhaps just not as it is written.

When the curse was cast, it wasn't just the Prince and Princess who were changed and affected.

Trouble in the form of monsters turned real find him, and he in turns seeks her out.  Once together, they have to figure out the truth of the curse, while escaping magic, trolls and other things that go bump in the night, seek out allies, and learn of a way to go back to the source of this.

The realm they originally came from.

Partner Wanted / 2nd Main: The Prince / Hero - His name, personality, history both back in the magical realm and in the modern one are up to the player. I'd appreciate a visual to go along with the character :] He'll have skills that aren't taught in the modern realm (swordmanship etc) as well as anything that is fitting for his character.

Other Relevant Info: Based on fairty-tales - Shows and various other places and media. This is about our modern with a healthy does of the supernatural and magical. Magic is real, but it is costly. True Love is the purest magic and force of them all, and it is as real as that goblin in the shadows. The storybooks always pain the baddies as baddies and the good guys as being just that. But I'd like to give it a more shades of grey kind of feel. Maybe the evil uncle isn't as monstrous as he appears, and the allies they seek aren't as helpful and trustworthy as they hope.

Maybe our main characters aren't as pure of heart as the stories would like to paint them.

OOC - Flexible posting rate preferred.

Someone willing to brainstorm and help shape the story, and plot.

As well as help lead the story along, and not just be purely reactionary.

Status: Seeking a Partner.

Interested? PM me!
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