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Author Topic: Volante's Stories With Action! Sex! Romance! Comedy! Noir! (F/F, F/M)  (Read 2589 times)

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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

So this is my thread for ideas that aren't entirely driven by sociopath women! Below you'll find a mix of everything as I continue to update it. A quick glance at my post history should give you the idea of what I'm interested in and my writing style but just know that I'm very flexible with my ideas and that i prefer Instant Messaging to talk about RPs (AIM or YIM) but PM is fine if you don't have/want to use IM. Two caveats:

1) I almost always play female characters but the gender of my partner is irrelevant.
2) Expect a week to (at most) a week and a half for a post turn around. My desire to make every post indepth as possible plus real life means I have only enough muse for a post a day (if that) and I have a lot of stories. If it will take longer that, though, I will communicate via PM.

Updated 5/24/16: Added I'M DATING A ROBOT!
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Re: Volante's Stories With: Action! Sex! Romance! Comedy! (F/F, F/M, M/F)
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2015, 10:02:35 pm »
To Hell She Belonged

During (most) day hours Valerie Cleis is an extremely attractive, friendly, but shy computer science major at Merlyn University in New Lyonesse who tends to socialize with men but declines any invitation for dates. At night, however, Valerie become her alter ego, Ishtar. Ishtar's life, as she's happy to say, is something out of a porno: A kinky lesbian college co-ed sex addict and exhibitionist. Originally indulging in online lesbian cybersex and roleplaying (chat and board) she eventually expands to IRL dating sites and apps.

Ishtar eventually dates (for lack of a better term) a particularly wealthy middle aged woman who loves to play the submissive to Ishtar's gleeful dominant. On their third date, the woman suggests a threesome with her husband, despite Ishtar's sexual preference. As it turns out, her husband doesn't want to indulge in sex with Ishtar, he wants to watch. Eventually, Ishtar realizes that the only thing she loves more than sex, kinky and otherwise, is playing trainer for the partners of the many kinky men in New Lyonesse. Word spreads and soon Ishtar is in high demand by a lot of people.

Of course, the people who can afford the toys, costumes, large bedrooms, and privacy to indulge in this sort of thing are a very wealthy, powerful, strange, and dangerous breed. As Ishtar is about to find out....

Ah the joys of F/F(/M) stories! Ishtar is a new character inspired by the model above and a certain picture by Aly Fell. Her quiet personality and uptight Christian upbringing clashing with her nymphomaniac and sarcastic personality provides for plenty of opportunity for fun. She can be part of anything from a one-shot smutty type deal to a longer darker storyline as she gets pulled into the underworld filled with power plays, kinky sex, sociopaths, and lots of money. Another possiblity is that these complications lead to a wacky and strange adventure, something along the lines of Big Lebowski.

Although Ishtar is a lesbian she is an exhibition and will get pretty close to men (usually "assisting" the man's screwing of his submissive whatever gender he/she may be). She likely won't engage in straight sex but possible NC scenarios are on the table (if I like your idea of it anyway). I have other ideas and a background for Ishtar but, as usual, I remain flexible!

More pictures of Ishtar here!
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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Re: Volante's Stories With: Action! Sex! Romance! Comedy! (F/F, F/M, M/F)
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2015, 06:56:52 pm »
Sweet Adeline

Adeline Wallace should have had a lot of things going for her. A brilliant young woman with the classy look that went beyond prom queen, incredible musical talent, especially singing, and great grades in most circumstances she would have found herself, at the least, with a scholarship to a prestigious art school. Unfortunately, circumstances weren’t kind and instead of school she found herself working part time as a waitress and as a lounge singer.

It was during her time as a lounge singer that she became friends, and eventually began dating, Greg a wealthy hedge fund manager twice her age. In an emotionally fragile state she quickly became dependent on Greg’s generous gifts and much better paying job he got her. In no coincidence, that was when Greg introduced Adeline to the world of BDSM, particularly the joys of being his submissive and slave.

Although she had never spent much time reading or thinking about it, Adeline took to being a sexual submissive like a duck to water, especially at first when it was confined to the bedroom and often preceded even more generous gifts (an apartment, expensive dresses and jewelry, a “loaned” car). But then came the day when Greg tells her that he could get her father a much better paying job right before he “asks” for something more extreme and uncomfortable. Too late, Adeline realizes she’s trapped with an abusive sociopath bent on controlling her. Is she destined to be a wealthy man’s Sugar Baby for good? Or will someone come and rescue her just like in the songs?

This character and idea came about during the writing of another story that I loved so much I decided to spin off. It touches on the line between BDSM and abuse, class inequality, exploitation, dark romance, and what it means to be the mistress of a powerful man.

And, of course, it provides ample opportunity for F/M/f domination, extreme humiliation, flogging, caning, heavy bondage, and 24/7 slavery relationship. In other words, some of my favorite things! I’d prefer to play Adeline but I have a few possibilities for YC:

1)   YC is somebody Adeline meets, we can decide who and the circumstances, that she falls for, falls for her, or both. Though it seems hopeless the two struggle to find a way to get Adeline out from under her Sugar Daddy’s oppressive heel.

2)   YC is Adeline’s Sugar Daddy (note I used the name “Greg” but that was just a placeholder). In this scenario she could try and get a white knight while YC takes the opportunity to destroy said knight before using that as an excuse to turn her into a truly submissive plaything. Or there is no hope for Adeline and the tale is about how YC pushes her deeper into depravity and abuse to appease his desire for control.

3)   Same as 2 but I play Adeline and the White Knight and they eventually succeed (though not easily at all…we need to keep this RP going!).

4)   Same as 2 or 3 but with a Sugar Mama instead of a Sugar Daddy (Adeline is bisexual with a preference towards men).

As usual I remain pretty flexible with the details (including at what point in the relationship we start the story) so feel free to drop me a line and we can discuss details. Also, you can find more pictures and more background information on Adeline here.

Possibilities for the Sugar Daddy/Mama

Musical inspiration for Sweet Adeline

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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Re: Volante's Stories With: Action! Sex! Romance! Comedy! (F/F, F/M, M/F)
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2015, 06:18:17 am »
Danger 5: A World At War!

All right let’s get straight to the biscuits: World War 2! In the west we have Adolf Hitler: Aryan supremacist, German demagogue, pagan sorcerer, and kung fu master with his powerful and dangerous Nazi allies plotting to seize Europe and Africa for himself! To make matters worse in the east Emperor Hirohito is on the rise with an Imperial Army chock full of samurai, ground burrowing ghost warriors,  and giant robot samurai! China, Korea, and Russia are his first targets but soon he’ll be setting his eyes on Australia, Hawaii and America!

Fear not, the Allies have a plan! All over the globe the Allies have assembled elite teams of super spies, karate warriors, and technical geniuses to foil the diabolical Axis plans. Whether its General Patton’s Dirty Dozen, Colonel Chesterbridge’s Danger 5, or Chiang Kai-shek’s Kung Fury warriors justice will prevail. Now go out there and do your damndest to bring these damned Nazis and Imperialists down.

Oh, and as always, KILL HITLER AND HIROHITO!

Few things beat the joys of a really bizarre surreal and hilarious romp through history. This idea is for silly, comedic, high minded action and hijinks that plays VERY loose with fact and reality to create a very comedic style story. Possibilities include jungle adventures, kung fu adventures, sex robots, giant invading robots, “Oriental magic” and a whole host of ludicrous parodies of WW II movies. Romance, raunchy sex, and high violence are certainly on the table as well!

I wouldn’t mind playing Danger 5 right out of the gate but original characters in my screwy world would be quite welcome! While mostly consisting of inspiration of Danger 5 it also has lots of influence from Kung Fury and Red Alert 3. FYI, if you’re curious about Danger 5 know that it is on Netflix and can be easily found on YouTube.

As with most things I remain VERY flexible (especially for the craziness of this RP) except for one thing: KILL HITLER AND HIROHITO!

Video inspiration

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Re: Volante's Stories With Action! Sex! Romance! Comedy! Noir! (F/F, F/M)
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2016, 05:28:01 am »
The Ballad of Liz The Lez
There’s ALWAYS a guy!

Luisa Lopez didn’t have a spectacular home life. She grew up in a working class lower income neighborhood in a tough school and with some less than scrupulous friends. After doing a few bits in prison, including a juvenile stint, she met Liz “The Lez” Queen, at the time,  the greatest night club owner of Liberty City. The two grew close after Luisa took a job as part bodyguard, part consigliore, and part bag(wo)man to Liz.

Now, however, things have come to a head. The Mob wants far more from Liz than she has. Liz’s other best friend is thinking about murdering her, and the government is a hair away from seizing her two remaining clubs due to unpaid taxes. Liz, in typical fashion, decides she has one last shot not just at holding on to what she has left but to take back her entire empire.

Of course, to do this, she and Luisa will have to jump through a lot of hoops…that are on fire…and many of those hoops will be shooting at them… a lot.

This RP is based on (of course) GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony but with gender inversions. Aside from The Ballad of Gay Tony it will borrow liberally from GTA III: Vice City as well as a little from Saints Row: The Third. I would like to set it in Liberty City but 80s or modern day Vice City works just as well.

My idea is that YC is Luisa although if you would rather play her as a different ethnicity (white, black, or Asian) that is perfectly fine (her name can be changed to Louise. Additionally, the model for Luis could be changed from Vanessa Hudgens to whoever you like. Regardless, Luisa/Louise should be from a poorer working class background (like Luis). I envision heras straight but you can play her bisexual if you like. Either way the relationship with her and Liz should remain platonic and parental (don’t worry this is Elliquiy so there will be tons of opportunities for crazy sex!).

Since this game is based on Grand Theft Auto series we’ll play fast and loose with reality and craziness. Hijacking helicopters, trains, and APCs, jumping out of airplanes, zipping through the city on a Ferrari avoiding cops you name it, we can do it. I’d also like to explore some of Luisa’s familyand her friends as well. As with most things I’m extremely flexible and if this interests you drop me a line and we’ll see if we can’t work something out. After all, in Liberty City everyone has a price! ;)

Video inspiration for The Ballad of Liz the Lez (NSFW-LANGUAGE)

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Re: Volante's Stories With Action! Sex! Romance! Comedy! Noir! (F/F, F/M)
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2016, 09:01:39 pm »
Long Hard Times To Come
”It’s my job to be a bitch. It would be kinda weird if you liked me.”

Life isn’t great for Detective Sergeant Willa Linda Collins of the New Lyonesse Police Department. While Collins may still have a killer figure and a pretty enough face to be counted as one of the NLPD’s ‘Hot Cops’ she’s a divorcee, has few friends (at work or outside of it), can’t keep a boyfriend or girlfriend for longer than a month, fights with her wealthy family too often, drinks too much, eats too little, and works for a police department drowning in corruption and a terrible reputation. To make matters worse she’s a key member of the NLPD’s Major Crimes Unit, which is tasked with high profile crimes and staffed with the increasingly besieged cops who want to positively change the NLPD.

Despite her bleak personality Willa is known for her razor sharp wit, excellent handling of criminals, both suspects and persons of interest, encyclopedic knowledge in numerous subjects, especially art, and amazing detective work. A native daughter, she is particularly fascinated noir movies and literature, jazz, and the Cthulhu Mythos, all things that New Lyonesse has been known to help spawn. In fact, it’s not uncommon for her to dress up in noir-inspired clothing if, for no other reason, than to throw off suspects and witnesses and to obfuscate her talent and intelligence with a veneer of eccentricity.

It is this specialty in art that makes her the Go-To Detective with art crime in New Lyonesse, a growing area of concern as the city expands its reputation as a haven for both artists and as a playground for the rich and powerful. When a major theft brings down a large spotlight on the department Willa finds herself being pressed to navigate a complex maze of high art, high fashion, high class sex, and low life criminality. A maze where danger lurks behind any corner and the slightest mistake can lead to catastrophic failure or even a trip in a coroner’s blue van.

More pictures here!
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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter


Well it's happened. You've done it. Remember that game you advertised on Elliquiy? The one where you pick a celebrity and she becomes your own personal sex doll/slave/wife/girlfriend? Through a quirk of science, a quirk of magic, or a quirk of fate you’ve made your fantasy come true! Here she is! She looks exactly like she does in all those Photoshopped glossy images! She can change into any of those sexy outfits with the snap of her fingers! She’s ready and willing to obey your every command! A dream come true!

Well… almost.

Whatever made your sexy version of your celebrity was imperfect and incomplete (wow, that’s a shock!). This model can communicate well enough but she’s often missing key information and that leads to some…awkward situations.Then there’s the little thing in your fantasy you never anticipated. Mostly how your family and friends handle the fact that you seem to constantly be making out (among other things) with a girl that’s just like that celebrity you’re in love with. And then there’s the fact that your horny celebrity love never got the proper behavioral controls about WHEN grabbing certain parts of anatomy was appropriate...

You might be pondering about being careful about what you wish for but then all the things she does to you after she says “I find your slack-jawed stare very attractive Elliquiy Member Number Three Zero Four Zero Nine!" makes all your problems melt away!

So this is my attempt at something light, fun, funny, metafictional, and sexy! It can be a one-shot (just a couple of funny light posts) or something deeper with more complicated and in-depth (but still fun!) story. I wouldn’t mind playing either role (the owner of the sex bot or the celebrity). I also wouldn’t mind if the owner was female but I want the celebrity to be female.

I used Taylor Swift because, in my fantasy, I would love a Taylor Swift make out/sex bot but I’m generally okay with whatever celebrity so long as she’s young and pretty! Likewise, the background of how the celebrity bot appears (magic, technology, metafictional appearance, tied to Elliquiy fantasy or not) is totally malleable. As usual, I’m nothing if not flexible!

Finally, if you couldn’t tell, my primary inspiration was the amazing Futurama episode I Dated A Robot! with this perfectly hilarious scene. Also, I always wanted to write a new version of Weird Science! :D

Video and musical inspiration!