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Author Topic: Volante's Vicious Vixens! (Role-play ideas for F/M, F/F, M/M) (Image heavy)  (Read 3827 times)

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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

A new name and a new request thread! As you can guess, I absolutely adore playing particularly nasty women who will often have their claws sunk deep into some poor gal or guy or, on occasion, a transgender male or female. Although I will play males at the moment, and will gladly discuss such rp proposals, I don’t care your actual gender. All of these are ideas are very flexible so please if anything tickles your fancy please drop me a line by PM or IM!

Seven Sins, Seven Nights, Seven Women Smut, one shot, seven sins, M/F, threesome, one-shot, sadistic, non-con, BDSM, bondage, cruelty, extreme.

The Sisters Death and Night - Prostitution, high class hooker, sex, BDSM, bondage, spies, mystery, blackmail, violence, 1%, non-con, cruelty, incest, lesbian, threesomes, New Lyonesse, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid.

House of Oxy – Mob boss, torture, slavery, violence, action, death and destruction, high fashion, high society, 1%, psychopath, non-con, kidnapping, cruelty, New Lyonesse, Daria Werbowy. 

The Ballad of Liz the Lez - Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony, club scene, night life, bisexual, violence, death and destruction, campy, action, seduction, high fashion, familial relationships, Vanessa Hudgens, Gwen Stefani.

Invincible Defeat: The Investigation of Siobhan MacBride - Noir, neo-noir, mystery, murder, detective, investigation, interrogation, middle class, redhead, forbidden love, True Detective, Usual Suspects, Her Story, Kelly Reilly.

She's A Man Eater - Non-con, humiliation, M/M, M/M/F, dominance, bisexual, high society, 1%, blackmail, taboo sex, cruelty, threesomes, BDSM, sadistic, Scarlett Johansson

Sugar and Spice - Non-con, humiliation, F/F/m, group scene, orgy, dominance, high society, 1%, cruelty, threesomes, BDSM, sadistic, New Lyonesse

Ahead of the Curve - Violence, gangster, nightclub life, drug dealing, sadistic, masochistic, betrayal, dual minded, cruelty, New Lyonesse, Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie

08-25-15: Added A Trailer Park Princess No More
09-11-15: A Trailer Park Princess No More and Running Wild taken!
09-13-15: Added The Sisters Death and Night
10-26-15: Removed Oxy.
11-1-15: Added She's A Maneater
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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Some debutants just want to watch the world burn.

Over the past twenty years, Petro Tymoshenko, a ruthless Ukranian oligarch who had moved to the American city of New Lyonesse after the fall of the Iron Curtain with a lot of money and connections in international banking, had built quite an impressive business catering to the banking needs, legal, barely legal, and illegal, of all manners of wealthy clientele not just in New Lyonesse but all over New England. Unfortunately for him, his son Rinat Tymoshenko had the bad luck to get conned by a remorseless sociopath with genius level intelligence by the name of Oksana from their native Ukraine. He could not have been less suspecting of the supposedly thankful, meek, and submissive twenty four year old mail-order bride/trophy wife by the time she "arrived" in the US.

Of course, nobody could have predicted that in five years Petro would be dead of a heart attack or Rinat would find himself beaten to death in a "random attack" by a black street gang (who, despite their low level skills, knew when the well protected Rinat was and how to slip by his bodyguard detail) leaving everything to Oksana. Oksana, or Oxy as she's known  in informal settings, seized power almost instantly and  business , both legal and illegal, has boomed under her. The elite of New Lyonesse society, which she’s plugged into with her legitimate if extremely gray-market private bank, adores her due to her knock out looks and impeccable fashion sense. As for the underworld, when word gets out that her favorite tools for enemies, inadequate employees, and snitches start off with gleefully prodigious use of a stun gun, followed by a fashionable plastic bag, and ending with a fun visit to a pig farm in Quinebaug County, obedience and fear become the watchword.

However, being queen of the underworld of discreet banking and finance with clientele from the top corporate executives to the fronts of the nastiest street gang in New Lyonesse has become stale. Despite being rather secure in her position, she decides she wants something to stimulate her "dull" life. Possibilities that include someone else suffering in the most delightful way…

This is a particularly dark idea that is currently fresh in my mind. Oxy is quite a gal and torture, slavery, destruction, and sexual dominance (along with high fashion, fancy parties, and the club scene) are all part and parcel of what she considers a ‘good time.’ She also has a secretive background that I will not spoil here depending on what side of her character you’d like to see. Possibilities for a story with her include:

-   Oxy decides that whatever poor soul (your character/YC) that has been trapped in her web, for once, won’t be dispatched (although whether she decides this before or after her torture session is up to you). She doesn’t have immediate plans for her shiny new toy but perhaps his or her begging gives her an idea or two. (Really this can be anything from a sex slave to a sycophant/lap dog).

-   Oxy decides to open a new avenue of business (which we can decide together) and YC, unfortunately for him/her, is right in her crosshairs. This could be a relatively quick game (almost a one-shot) once Oxy has her fun and finishes YC off in a “fun” way. Or YC can find out what it's like to work under Oxy (profitable but not exactly pleasant).

-   One of the Oxy’s high class acquaintances (YC_ isn’t what he/she seems. Her new “friend” might seem like one of New Lyonesse’s countless useless rich kids but in reality he/she is an assassin sent to kill her by forces unknown. Of course, Oxy spots the would-be killer a mile away, however she's not about to remove the only lead she has on who is trying to kill. The details on who sent him/her, why, and what it has to do with Oxy’s mysterious background are all negotiable.

As usual, my ideas are entirely flexible! :)

More pictures of Oxy here.
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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

All these stories we’ve been telling each other? Just that. Stories.

Siobhan MacBride (nee Gonne) has a life that’s typical of the residents of the wealthy upper class residents of the New Lyonesse suburb of Avalon. Married to William MacBride, a high powered IT manager for a major corporation, with two young children, John and Susan, she spends her spare time with a small business that manages self published e-books. On top of being a devoted wife and mother she’s also a member of the PTA and numerous organizations around the neighborhood and the fancy town. A beautiful, classy, and charming redhead one couldn’t get a more perfect embodiment of the wealthy American soccer mom, even with her slight Irish brogue and strangely spelled first name.

Except for one minor little detail. Siobhan has been interviewed over a dozen times by the police since college about murders.

Starting when she was nineteen while a student at Merlyn University, when a college professor died unexpectedly in class of food poisoning, untimely death has followed Siobhan. At no time was Siobhan ever considered a suspect very long, if at all. Yet, the fact that she was very peripherally involved with the deaths of a roommate, two boyfriends, a friend’s husband, among many others has yet to be noticed by anybody.

But one night Siobhan’s husband’s old college friend, Timothy, a high placed executive at the chaotic and ruthless Masoch Group, disappeared shortly after a dinner party with the MacBrides. Not long afterwards a massive investigation is launched to find the killer and, eventually, Siobhan is interviewed having been one of the last people to see him alive. Siobhan’s alibi is bulletproof, the forensic evidence points away from her, and, well, the elegant mother of two with no motive just doesn’t seem the type. Siobhan was sure to be written off as another peripheral witness again.

But not this time. The Investigator, by coincidence or good detective work, discovers just how often Siobhan has been interviewed and how many times she’s been around death over the years. When the Investigator brings this up, however, Siobhan’s reaction is not one of anger or confusion or denial. Rather she’s strangely coy, seductive, playful, humorous, philosophical, and even…


It isn’t long before the Investigator releases Siobhan. And since there is no evidence whatsoever against her and she’s given a statement she isn’t, technically, considered a suspect. However, the Investigator can’t let the strange woman go in their mind. Soon the Investigator becomes more obsessed with Siobhan learning more and more about her, interviewing people in Siobhan life, and starts becoming attracted, mentally and physically, to her. This builds until the Investigator comes up with an excuse for a “brief follow-up interview” with Siobhan.

Then things get interesting.

This idea is built from the inspiration from several places: the many interrogation scenes from the first season of True Detective, the “interview” of Verbal Kint from Usual Suspects, the recent game Her Story, as well as elements from the characters of Anton Chiggurh and Lorne Malvo all put to the tune of a Leonard Cohen’s song A Thousand Kisses Deep.

Siobhan’s background and ultimate motive I’m keeping vague so we can work on it together and/or to keep from spoilers if you’d like to play it more as a mystery. The details of the Investigator, aside from the fact that he/she becomes obsessed with Siobhan, I’m keeping entirely open so the character can be built to your desires/specifications.

While I’d like a large part of the story to focus on their interrogation scenes I can certainly see the two of them interacting with each other quite bit outside of the station. I believe the Investigator is, or will become, sexually aroused and attracted to Siobhan and the feeling being mutual. So, in general, I see this as a pretty deep game for someone who is looking for a lot of plot with their erotica and a slow build. Interests in mystery, noir, and magical realism, as well as the Cohen Brothers, Cormac McCarthy, and their related media, is also a big plus.

Video inspiration for Invincible Defeat
The Song!

Spoiler for Fargo TV show
Spoiler for Usual Suspects

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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

The Sisters Death and Night
That the hands of the sisters Death and Night, incessantly softly wash again, and ever again, this soil’d world.

Jelena and Isabella Herik weren’t born into the misery they would end up being in. They were born one year apart to a wealthy investment banker father and a socialite housewife mother in New Lyonesse where they enjoyed a well-to-do lifestyle until they were eleven and ten. It turned out their father was heavily involved in a pyramid investment scheme and when the feds moved in and froze all of their assets, he ended up killing himself rather than face the music. With a dead husband, her assets frozen, and all friends lost due to guilt-by-association, their mother suffered a debilitating stroke leaving her daughters to the “care” of Narraganset State.

The only good thing the parade of social workers did for the girls was keep them together. Unfortunately, they did little to stop the abuse the two attractive girls suffered as they were bounded from group home to foster home to group home to foster home. Jelena and Isabella quickly lost their innocence becoming conniving, seductive, and vindictive sociopaths just to survive and stay sane. They might have ended up on the heap of the countless failures of the foster system had it not been for one person…
A wealthy woman named Jennifer Walker made a move to adopt the beautiful but disturbed teens. With adoptions that late being rare, Jennifer being wealthy, and the state always eager to shed more kids, Jelena and Isabella found themselves with Walker. That’s when it became clear that Walker was no mere philanthropist. She was a recruiter of young talent for the mysterious and ruthless security firm Byzantium and its clandestine arm Rushford. Her goal was to build a brothel/stable of upper class prostitutes acting as “honeypots”. The Herik sisters were given a choice: Return to the system or begin the long process of becoming the highest of high class hookers in New Lyonesse. Unsurprisingly, the girls selected the latter.

A number of years later, the incredibly decedent, sleazy, and kinky sexual underworld of New Lyonesse’s One Percent is abuzz with an unbelievably beautiful middle aged madam known as Hera with a stable of well trained drop dead gorgeous young women, all named after Greek goddesses (and the occasional god). But none command a higher price or more prestige than Hecate and Nyx, ie The Sisters. Among high end escorts they are the (very stunning) crème de la crème and when it becomes clear that The Siters will do whatever they’re asked in the bedroom, even to one another, the powerful and wealthy from the entire region line up for the chance.

Of course, none of these clients have any idea just what a night with the heavenly libertine and hypersexual young women will mean to them… Or their bottom lines. After all, sex and life are cheap. Information and access are expensive.

Yet another dark, hypersexual, intrigue filled, and violent idea but now with incest! (Hooray for shipping!) As could be guessed, I’d prefer to play one, or both, of the sisters and Hera/Jennifer with you playing the client. Here are some possibilities (but if you think of more by all means do share!)

•   YC is not anyone particularly interesting as far as blackmail/information gathering but rather just a wealthy horny client. He/she could hire either sister or both for a night of intense (possibly incestuous) dark sex. The girls being sado-masochists YC could dom, sub, or switch. This is perfect for a one-shot.

•   YC is someone that Hera is very interested in getting information out of either through seduction or blackmail. YC gets a night with one or both of the sisters (your choice) but it is used as part of an elaborate trap. Details of this can be hashed out.

•   Nyx and Hecate do have personal lives but they mostly consist of spending time with one another or other members of Hera’s stable. Relationships are not disallowed or frowned upon but an eye is kept on them. Regardless, the sisters are inseparable and any sort of relationship with one will eventually involve the other… inside the bedroom and out.

Obviously, this idea includes the possibilities of non-con, BDSM, threesomes, and incest among many others. And, as usual, I’m pretty flexible if I like the idea enough so please don’t be shy! :D

More pictures of The Sisters here.
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Re: Volante's Vicious Vixens! (Role-play ideas for F/M, F/F, & F/TG)
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2015, 04:38:29 PM »

What if you had it all? What if you never had to worry about a single consequence? What would you do? One man, with unlimited wealth and so much power to be immune from any consequences, decides to indulge in not just one sin, not a few sins, but all of them, a different one every day. As it just so happens there are seven women eager to indulge with him./..

Okay this is a lot simpler than most of my ideas but it has been on my mind a very long time (and was inspired by this magnificent piece of art). The idea here is 90% smut with the plot being what sort of terrible deed the Man has to do to get the Sinful Woman (or Women) in question to fuck him like he's never been fucked before. This can be a one-shot (pick a Sin and we'll run with it) or a longer series if you want to play out a number (or all seven) sins. Details of the Man are totally in the air aside from the fact that he's Lex Luthor levels of evil, power, and wealthy.

FYI the models below are for modern day but we could adjust this to a medieval setting as well. I'm willing to play either the Sinful Man or the Sinful Woman/Women. I do expect someone with a writing style that matches my own though! :) As usual anything, including the models used for the Sin of your choice, is entirely negotiable.

Lots of pictures of the Sins!
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Re: Volante's Vicious Vixens! (Role-play ideas for F/M & F/F) [image heavy]
« Reply #5 on: November 01, 2015, 09:31:28 PM »
She's a Maneater
The beauty is there, but a beast is in the heart.

Someone once called Wanda Donahue the Venus DeMilo with arms but made out of ice, a statement that Wanda not only doesnt deny but is proud of. She is as vicious, ruthless, aggressive, and cruel as she is glamorous, fashionable, and beautiful. Despite the fact that she’s by far the most competent and brilliant of her two brothers and sister her parents push her to marry a man her age from another extremely wealthy family.

Wanda discovers quickly that her Husband has a much greater sexual desire for men than women. Whether he is gay or bisexual with a strong preference to men makes no difference: with his family being deeply conservative exposure for his sexual orientation would cause him to lose his inheritance. Being the Machiavellian plotter she is, Wanda convinces the Husband to make a deal: she’s allowed to do what she likes with who she likes for however long she likes while the Husband promises only to have sex with prostitutes when he needs it and not to do anything that would embarrass her. With little choice, the Husband agrees and the two begin a loveless, if amicable, marriage.

Until a sting hits the male escort company The Husband frequents letting his name fall into the hands of police and prosecutors. Wanda calls in favors to make sure everything is taken care of quietly but she is absolutely furious. She goes back to their arrangement and changes it: not only must The Husband wait on her hand and foot, do all of her dirty work (literal and otherwise), he can only have sex with who she allows him to…and it just so happens that her latest stud of a lover has always been interested in just how deeply he can humiliate a gay.

After all, Wanda may be cruel but nobody said she didn’t like to have fun!

A very dark game with way more smut than many of my usual plots. This goes heavy on 24/7 slavery, deep humiliation, bondage, non-con sex, pain, cuckolding, and other twisted ideas you’d like to bring to the table. I expect homophobia to be a heavy element as Wanda relentlessly digs into her Husband for his failures and his hidden sexual orientation.

I’ve kept many things vague so you can fill in the details, including name and face claim. My expectation is to play Wanda and The Boyfriend but other possibilities include giving Wanda a Girlfriend rather than a Boyfriend or keeping Wanda by herself and using other ways to utterly humiliate and dominate her poor husband. Wanda enjoys domination more for the sadistic psychological impact than just to satisfy her libido so her main plot would be to have her studly Lover to essentially treat the Husband as a slave serving him in exactly the way he and Wanda would like but this can be negotiated. Having the Husband be more of a meterosexual and weak bodied to the Lover's much more muscular frame would be perfect but not essential and the possibility of forcing The Husband to have sex with Wanda really interests me. Above all, humiliation and control (something akin to a 24/7 Master/Slave relationship) is what Wanda drives to (and gets) once she sinks her claws in.

More pictures of Wanda here.
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Re: Volante's Vicious Vixens! (Role-play ideas for F/M & F/F)
« Reply #6 on: November 03, 2015, 06:32:47 AM »
Sugar and Spice
She's got style, she's got grace, she's a winner.

There is very little suspicious about the “Alpha Delta Phi Alumnae Society of New Lyonesse” a society for alumni of the prestigious Alpha Delta Phi sorority with chapters in Merlyn, Foster, Yale, and University of New Lyonesse. With its unofficial headquarters at the prestigious Mingus Hotel in New Lyonesse, operated by the society vice president and majority owned by her husband, it has about fifteen members (mostly aged 28-32) and is split between time mentoring the current crop of Alpha Delta (including being Den Mothers if need be) and being a social club for the powerful women that make up the group. In fact, aside from the wealth of its members there is little to distinguish it from hundreds of others alumni societies throughout the country.

Under the surface, though, few things embody the privilege, control, sexual depravity, and gilded beauty of New Lyonesse than what its members jokingly call The Sugar and Spice Society, after an old tale told in Alpha Delta lore. While Alpha Delta only recruits the most beautiful, the best, and the brightest not all stars shine forever. In an effort to keep the stratification and exclusivity of college going a recent crop of graduates has gathered the wealthiest, most powerful, and (the still) most gorgeous of alumnae of more recent years united by resources commanded and an interest in dark and kinky sex. 

As time goes on, though, these “meetings” of the Society get more wild and more dangerous and, subsequently, more exciting and desirable for the members. After discussing the horrible unfairness and PC of recent “sexual assault awareness” campaigns and recent “unfortunate events” occurring at their alma matters an idea is seized upon. In the opulence of the Mingus Hotel and other private and exclusive spots one of the members will bring in the evening’s “entertainment” often a male stripper or escort (though a woman or two has been brought in as have submissive partners of some of the members). At the start of the “party” the members will all take their turns humiliating, fondling, and even spanking or whipping the “entertainment.” Eventually each member will watch while one or two of the members heap more abuse and/or have sex with the “entertainment” before eventually dismissing him with a fat wad of cash and a chorus of insults and laughter.

Sure it might not seem exactly “PC” or in line with what the national office of Alpha Delta is pushing for in their rush to embrace the big wave of “consent”…but it is a hell of a lot of fun!

This is a particularly smutty idea with one-shot written all over it. I would probably play multiple characters, the Society members being the most obvious. Possibilities for YC include:

1)   The “entertainment,” (as noted this could be male or female). Perfect for anyone craving CFNM or F/f femdom in the same vein. Being a hooker or stripper would make sense in this context but other ideas could be floated.
2)   One of the younger members of the Society, new to the whole deal being guided by an older member of the Society of how these “parties” usually go.
3)   A younger Sister of Alpha Delta still in college who is invited to attend. This is a new pilot program for Sisters still in school that the Society sees as “great potential.”
4)   Same as 1 but YC is actually the husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend of one of the Society members in a very submissive role. This is either the cumilutation of a long time dominant/submissive relationship (maybe even 24/7 slavery) or a shock moment when YC finds out what his/her role is going to be. This could be a longer RP as YC has to adjust being the partner of a very cruel and sadistic privileged woman.

I’m making a very WIP thread about The Society but the plus side is right now… lots of pictures of the Sugar and Spice Society members! :D
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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Ahead of the Curve
Madness is a lot like gravity. All you need is a little push.

Elise Kessler was destined for greatness once upon a time. A beautiful cheerleader, excellent student, and from a well to do family in the wealthy New Lyonesse suburb of Caerleon, and having been accepted in local Ivy League Foster University, she had it all. Until one night of her senior year of high school. When it was all over she, somehow, found herself expelled and charged as an adult for drug distribution. Bewildered, she ended up spending a year less-than-a-day in prison at Agned-Minimum Women’s Prison at the tender age of eighteen for distribution of drugs.

When Elise was released, even though she was not a felon, she had no money, no work experience, and no familial support. She did have her looks and her connections and eventually found herself work as a low level office drone at the huge local conglomerate Masoch Group and a bartender at Castor’s at night. Her anger had hardly subsided nor the skills in street fighting she had quickly refined in prison. If anything, she was growing increasingly violent and sadistic in her relationships and with anyone who tried to screw with her (or literally screw her).

Eventually, Elise found herself recruited by the strange Glitter Gang, an all-female gang that was growing its control in the high end clubs of the thriving New Lyonesse. The oddest part of the Glitter Gang was the outrageous, loud, and colorful outfits they wore on a regular basis even while they were engaging in their more violent and forceful pursuits.

By night Puddin, as Elise became known, has adopted a trademark look, crazy and different even among the Glitter Gang. Nothing seemed to please Puddin more than a binge of destruction, a risky car chase, a brutal beat down, or even a “snuffing” as directed by Roulette, the Glitter Gang’s leader.

By day, Elise has risen to become the administrative assistant to Isaac Milgram, the powerful Vice President of Technology at Masoch Group. Here, Elise is the demur, accommodating, submissive, and classily dressed young woman. In fact, Elise gladly suffers through sexual harassment and even borderline sexual assault from her boss whom she is starting a sordid extra-marital affair with.

So why is the same straight laced young woman who is accepting, even thriving, in abuse prowls the night dressed like a mental patient gleefully sending in a baseball bat to anyone or anything that draws her ire?

Why, cause it’s fun that’s why!

This is an idea that touches on a lot of things I love about my characters: contradiction between beauty and cruelty, cognitive dissonance, brutal sadistic violence, larger than life personalities, as well as wild non-con sex, and even strange fashion! There are a few ways YC could be tied into Elise/Puddin:

-   YC is Elise’s boss and thrills with his use and abuse of the shy young blonde. But then word comes down from Elise’s gang leader that the time has come to trigger the long trap they’ve arranged. Now Puddin gets to finally meet the boss and, unfortunately for him, the new employee is not the same as the old employee!

-   YC is one of Puddin’s favorite victims. Maybe they are a business owner who is perpetually late and/or short on payments. Maybe he/she is being “busted out.” Or maybe he/she is an unlucky shlub that Puddin delights in tormenting for no good reason.

-   YC is a rival gang member whom Elise/Puddin  is tasked with destroying. Perhaps Elise seduces YC or perhaps Puddin comes at YC with a swinging bat and an insane smile. Either way, things are about to get strange…and dangerous!

Lots more possibilities are possible I imagine and, as usual, I have lots more background in mind and I am nothing if not flexible!

Also, check out a more thorough profile and lots more pictures at my Character Repository thread!
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House of Oxy untaken!

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