The Big Book of Plots (Talented writers wanted!)

Started by Tortuga, September 03, 2015, 02:47:17 PM

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It seems traditional to start with talking about what I'm looking for and the kind of writer I am, so I suppose I'll start with that:

EDIT: This thread is for my less smutty requests, my less plot oriented ones are here

What I'm looking for:
1.) Friendliness and Communication: The biggest thing for me is that you be willing to talk with me. More than your skill as a writer, more than your incredible imagination, I need someone who can say "look, there's a problem here!" or "hey I don't like X!" or "hey, I'm going on vacation for a month." A large part of the enjoyment for me is talking with my writing partner and figuring out where the plot is going, and how things are evolving. I will always be forthright, be it positive or negative, I expect the same of my partners, *especially* if things aren't going the way you expected them to, or if you're unhappy with something. I'm happy to fix things and discuss so we can keep things going well, or to just break things off if necessary, please don't keep me hanging if you're not having a good time, or just vanish into thin air.

2.) Solid Writing: I do not expect you to be Coleridge or Tolkien, because I'm certainly not, but I expect more than "thn they did it!" As a rule of thumb, I try to spell check everything, to punctuate properly (and yes, I'll screw up semicolons, and occasionally have weird run on sentences), and to proofread, I expect the same from my partners, and I would especially appreciate a certain amount of length. No one is asking you to write a novel, but I generally try to match what I'm given, and if you're giving me one liners I really struggle to move things forward. If it takes more time to get a better, lengthier, post from you, I'd rather wait, than get a tepid one liner. If the plot we're running doesn't inspire you to write, refer back to point 1, let me know!

3.) Imagination and Creativity: A lot of the fun for me in these games is worldbuilding. I enjoy building and designing and plotting and figuring out the characters. Its a real drag if my partner isn't interested/doesn't want to do any of this. I'm perfectly OK if we hash out things and it turns out to be a standard plot that's been played out dozens of times... as long as we can put our own twist on it, our own interpretation, our own characters. I'm less ok with it if I have to provide all the incentive and creativity and all my partner does is nod. I'd much rather have some ideas shot down than have a blank slate that doesn't contribute anything. Again, if for whatever reason the plot we're writing no longer captures your imagination, let me know!

4.) Commitment: I want someone who's here for the whole ride. Smutty one shots don't generally do it for me. I like it when the game ends where its supposed to end, but I also want it to last until we've played it out, until the plot has been resolved, the climax reached. Sometimes that's a longer time, sometimes that's a shorter time, but I want a fellow writer who's here until the story is told. Sometimes shit happens, and the story has to end prematurely, but I want my partner, to, in theory, be there till the end with me.

5.) Fun: I'm here to have fun with my writing. I hope my partner is too. Sometimes the fun is in seeing how a character grows and suffers, sometimes its in seeing a plot come to fruition, but the point is that this is a relaxing activity, we're supposed to enjoy the act of writing, that's what I'm here for, and hopefully that's what you're here for! As a corollary of this, if you're writing with me, I don't care about what your gender is in real life, if you meet my other requirements, I'm happy!

What I am *not* looking for:

1.) Anything outside of E: While I'm happy to make friends (and hope that if you write with me we can end up as friends!), I am very happy in a committed relationship, and while I will happily write the smuttiest smut with anyone, its just writing, don't construe more than that from it. I hate to have to have this disclaimer, but history has shown its necessary.

2.) Rudeness/Meanness: I am happy to talk and argue and discuss, I draw the line at where it affects me emotionally in real life. I will remain polite and I will happily argue sensibly, if insults start being thrown, that's where the conversation ends.

3.) Smut for the sake of smut: if smut happens as a result of the plot, I'm happy to play it out, but I'm also happy to fade to black! I really don't want to just do the "sexy bits" for the sake of the sexy bits, I'm here because I enjoy plot and character development and want to tell stories. Sure, there will be fucking and sex and all that good stuff, but if that's the main point of playing for you, we might not be the best partners.

About Me:
I always struggle to write these bits, but I think its important that I write it out anyway: I usually play somewhat dominant male characters, although this can vary incredibly by plot, it is by no means a sticking point. As far as smut goes however, I never do MxM, although I will happily do almost any other pairing. I have a large number of kinks, which can be found in my O/O thread, which I encourage people to read. Some of them tend towards the darker side. I play primarily in threads, and don't give out IMs or other methods of contact I now use discord.

In case it wasn't made clear earlier, communication is vital to me. I will always try to communicate absences and problems. I expect some amount of plotting and character discussion to happen in private, and I just generally enjoy talking with my writing partner!

With games, my personal goal is to post once a day, more realistically, once every 2-3 days is most likely to happen. My weekends are generally nightmareish, with a few calm exceptions, so don't rely on me posting during them unless we've discussed it ahead of time.  My muse can be a bit... uncooperative, but i'll let you know if this is happening. I tend to write posts that match the style and length of my partner, although my comfort zone is usually in the 3-8 paragraph range. I will happily write more to fit the game however. I always try to proofread and spellcheck.

Some settings I enjoy:

Sci-fi: It provides such a neat backdrop for interesting questions and character development, stuff like "how far is too far?" "what if you had the power to kill a lot of people for profit?" are all more easily asked in the context of the future. Spaceships, aliens, nanobots, they all make for really cool adventures and stories, and I legitimately enjoy thinking out the implications. Exploration and discovery are super enjoyable backdrops to me and give lots of room for world building, although I don't often go for the super hard sci-fi

Fantasy: Magic and sorcery and dragon and barbarians and battles and oh my. Yes, fantasy is fun, I like most aspects of it, and there are a ton of interesting avenues to explore, from setting similar to Conan the Barbarian, to super high fantasy! I grew up on this genre and its close to my heart, it has a lot of potential. I especially enjoy the potential of worldbuilding settings that have non-standard universes, like for example settings where being dead is more of a temporary hindrance than an actual problem.

Cyberpunk: Big nasty corporations run the world. A decker can jack into the matrix and hack his or her heart out. The woman over there has cybernetic claws and will kill you for a pittance. That guy over there? He's high on speed, because he's controlling three drones at once through a cybernetic port in the back of his skull. Dark, gritty, nasty, and full of potential, Cyberpunk is a favorite.

Intrigue: Be it political, espionage related, or otherwise, I really enjoy a good tangled mess of a plot. Betrayals, timely maneuvers, plots that rely on a single moment of doubt... this is doubly fun with an intelligent partner that enjoys getting the pieces in line. I'd kill for a House of Cards inspired game.

College: Full of unsuspecting students and jaded professors, it makes for a great backdrop for a number of stories.

Superheroes: Phenomenal cosmic power, and the responsibility that goes with it, be they powered or unpowered, there are many interesting dynamics and dystopias to be explored there. Does might make right? What happens when a villain wins? Where does responsibility end? What is the price of failure?

Horror: Perhaps my favorite setting, there's something there that gets to me at a visceral level. I love a well done scene, a horrific denouement that sends chills down your spine, the type of plot that leaves you chilled and makes you want to sleep with the light on... be it Lovecraftian monsters, or more mundane terror, its something I have come to adore.

Post-Apocalyptic: The end of the world. The vestigial remains of humanity, clinging on to a dying world. No real hope, just ashes and despair. There's something there, in seeing if hope can exist after everything is gone, or if people just grind to a stop that has always fascinated me, and that I yearn to explore.

Some kinks I enjoy:

Nonconsensual: I love non-con, the struggle, the power dynamic, the entire thing is super hot to me, especially how it changes and affects a character. Blackmail is especially hot for some reason.

D/s: I generally play dominant characters and enjoy them using their power over their submissive. The entire D/s dynamic, be it with all the BDSM trappings or not.

Humiliation: I enjoy making characters find themselves in very uncomfortable situations, it changes the dynamics and forces them out of their comfort zone, which is always interesting.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please PM me!

Game Ideas
A lot of these are vague, or not fully fleshed out, this is partially so we can talk out what we want to see! If you don't see any idea that catches your interest but think we'd be a good match, feel free to PM me! A lot of these are smut light, or have levels of smut that are open to discussion, I'm happy to play games that are smut free if that happens to catch your interest. blue indicates a craving. I've relocated my smuttier plots to this thread, check it out!

I also don't mind playing the same plot twice with two different people.

Cruel Betrayal
Content: Betrayal, cheating, adultery, bdsm, cuckqueaning, being mean, mindfucking, gaslighting, cuckolding/cuckqueaning
Plot: A lot of cheating RPs focus on the "necessity" of it, its taboo nature, and how the person doing the cheating is doing out of some unmet sexual desire, or because the affair is so uncontrollably hot they have no choice. I'd like to flip that script. Someone who cheats because its cruel to their partner, because they intend to eventually be discovered or harm their partner in some way, because its a twisted, sadistic thing, to make their partner feel completely inferior. I'm imagining the meeting of two twisted sadists, one or both already in a relationship, enjoying each other because of how it will affect their partners. A study in emotional manipulation and extremely cruel emotional sadism. This could be played FxMxF or FxFxF, or FxFxFxF or MxFxMxF... or any number of pairings. We'd have to figure out which characters to share how. 

Setting: The modern world, probably, but tbd
Requirements: An interest in playing possibly more than one character, and a willingness to explore twisted dynamics.

Galactic Pandemic
Content: Romance, Sex, could be played pg-13, but probably wont.
Plot: A galactic plague is sweeping a small corner of the Federation of Planets, and no one knows where it came from or how to stop it. Efforts to quarantine it have met, at best, with disaster. Right now, the FoP government is deadset on avoiding blame for the mismanagement and downplaying the effects of the plague, but it is real, it is lethal, and it might engulf the entire federation if it is not handled properly. But no one wants to risk taking the blame if taking action fails.  As part of the effort to stop the plague while not risking losing face for failing, the FoP has sent a "special expedition", a small science vessel, manned by a single brilliant scientist, who is mired by a million rules and regulations, and who has no hope of ever rising in the ranks due to his unorthodox views, and the fact that he's not part of one of the "right families". A strict adherent of the rules, this is by far the most adventurous thing to happen to him, and he hates it. But there is an opportunity here, to make a real difference, and he can see the possibilities, if he were to succeed...

Tasked with protecting him, a loose cannon ship captain, someone who the military is not too loathe to loose due to her difficult personality and staunch refusal to abandon her moral compass, even when the rules demand it. As these two adventure together, trying to crack the mystery of the epidemic, they'll learn secrets about each other, fight off saboteurs, collect samples in active warzones, and have a high space adventure, while learning the best parts about each other, and gradually falling for each other.

Setting:The galactic federation, in a far future that is not so utopian.
Requirements: You would play the soldier, and I would play the scientist.

School for the "Gifted"
Content: Can range from no smut, to light smut, to full on non-con, abuse and blackmail, needs to be hashed out in PMs
Plot: It begun a year ago, strange powers manifesting among those who didn't have them before. Generally it manifested in people in the 16-18 age range. People who, unexpectedly found they could fly, affect luck, shoot fire, or a number of things. The government quickly took action, to deal with the people who had been "Gifted" powers. While superficially these were special internment schools, they resemble prisons, especially for those that have higher tier powers, (referred to as alphas), the government hasn't yet figured out how it's going to handle these students after "graduation", but for now they're merely kept in classes, away from all normal contact and as contained as possible.

There's a number of plots to explore here, professor/student relationships, student/student relationships, the birth of a mutant movement that opposes their current situation and the clash of ideals (non-violence vs violence vs political activism). Heck, depending on where we want to go, this could be a full on story of revolution.

Setting:A more totalitarian X-Men where the government is legitimately afraid of mutant powers, these are stories of oppression and of dealing with discrimination on one level or another
Requirements: Up for discussion, I would just really like a plot in this setting

The Cold Knife
Content: VAMPIRES. Spies, Interrogation, BDSM, Abuse, NC.
Plot The year is 1950. The city is Istanbul (not Constantinople). The wounds of WWII are still fresh. The specter of Nazism hangs glumly over Europe, and intelligence agencies everywhere fight over every scrap of intelligence. The Soviet Union extends its tendrils of influence, spies infiltrating every organization. The former allies are splintered, and working as much against each other as with each other. Former Nazis are in hiding, but very much still have networks of support, and all sides would love to get their hands on anything that might give them leverage against the others. Against this backdrop your character has discovered a terrible secret. There is a deeper conspiracy. Deeper than the game of spies being played through the world. Vampires are real. They are powerful, alien, and they dwell in the shadows, exerting their dark influence. You don't know what they're plotting, what they hope to accomplish, but you must discover it and spoil it.

Setting: Post WWII Istambul
Requirements: You would play the daring spy, I would play the world around her, and the vampire cabal.

Content:  BDSM, NC, Bestiality, Conditioning, Prisoners, Gangbangs
Plot: Getting access to a state of the art AI is a great thing. In the year 2040, you can access any kind of fully immersive simulation. For some this manifests as power fantasies, for other videogames where you can slaughter aliens, or conquer nations. For YC, your particular brand of fantasy is light prison play. You hook it up for a few hours, get to be a prisoner, enjoy the powerlessness, get off on the guards bossing you around, enjoy some light discipline and get back to reality... except this time, there's an issue. A bug in the software sets it to maximum severity and disables the fail-safes. Now YC is trapped, in a severe prison regime, with the settings set to maximum, and no escape. An hour in real life is a week in the simulation, and all it wants is to break your mind, and make YC as submissive and obedient as possible...
Setting: A Simulation
Requirements: You would play the prisoner, I would play the simulation

Cold Sleep
Content: Probably no smut. Probably.
Plot:  In 2300 the Space Exploration Initiative was begun. SEI looked to diversify the human race's living space from a single system to number of systems, after Pseudomonas phage phiKTM, a virulent plague, threatened to end the human race. This initiative was based on the use of hyperdrives and cold sleep, and worked fairly well. By the year 2400, humanity had spread to a dozen systems, some harsher than others, but all of them inhabited in one manner or another. SEI was stronger than ever, sending out dozens of scouts a year, another dozen systems were planned to be colonized in the next decade. These one man scouts were the pride of the fleet, slick vessels with sophisticated systems, and the highly trained specialists that control them on their missions. The cutting edge of the cutting edge, only the very best were selected to pilot these vessels, which cost more than entire continents.

The year is 2457, the ship Bulwark, scheduled to return to Earth in 2405, after scouting a remote blue pulsar designated Tau Epsilon Prime, begins its standard emergency protocol. It begins to awaken its single crewmember. She quickly awakes from cryosleep, alarms blaring in her ears, and discovers three facts. One: She is not anywhere in known space. Two: She has no idea what has happened, Three: her ship is currently in the process of failing catastrophically...
Setting: Futuristic sci-fi/horror
Requirements: This will probably be more of an exploration/adventure game.

The Illustrious Academy For Girls
Content: Light. Consensual sex. Loss of virginity. First relationships. This is a surprisingly vanilla request for me. Maybe even romance?

Plot: Inspired by every generic visual novel out there, the plot is simple. In isolated splendor in the mountains there is an all girls, very elite academy. All the students are expected to live there. They're all fabulously wealthy, and incredibly sheltered. The school prepares them to take over their family's holdings, to be successful, powerful women... but recently, as an experiment, the school has decided to accept a single male student, to test if adding a male presence produces better outcomes. Forces within the school trying to sabotage the process pick the most average, middle class student possible... my character.

I'd like to explore, with some semblance of realism, what this looks like. How my character copes. Does he make friends? Do girls just want to fuck his brains out because they're sex starved? Is there a budding romance? How does he manage in this world that is so unlike his own?

Setting:An elite all girls boarding school

Requirements: I'd play the male student, you would play the girls of the academy.

The Sword and The Word

Content: BDSM, Non-con, Rape, more to be discussed.

Plot:  Power has a price. Power comes at a cost. When the world is shrouded in darkness and all one can hope for is a painful death trampled under the uncaring mass of humanity, one will do anything to rise above the masses. Anything. Even make a pact with a demon. Uphizr. Father of Corruption. Bringer of Poison. He gives power, at a cost. A favor for a favor. Its one unfortunate adventurer, trapped, against her will, facing something she alone cannot defeat, that makes a pact with this fiend. Uphizr grants power, but in exchange, he demands servitude. At first it begins with small tasks, but slowly, the tasks grow, the perversion, corruption and suffering get worse.

Now the adventurer must find a way to undo the deal they've signed in blood and sex and suffering, before Uphizr costs her the last of her humanity.

Setting:A dark, gritty fantasy world, think Conan.

Requirements: I'd play the demon, you'd play the adventurer.

God of America
Content: BDSM, non-con, torture, beast(?), humiliation, rape, abuse.
Content: One of the oft asked questions in the super hero genre is "what would happen if a greatly evil superhero arose?" the answer, is almost always, good super heroes would arise to defeat them. Not here. Here, my character discovered his super-natural powers, and there is nothing that can stop him. Other supers emerge, but he decisively crushed them under his heel, and no human force can stop him. As he grows mad with power, governments and peoples are forced to give in to his more and more elaborate desires. Forces emerge to try to stop him... can anyone learn his weakness and stop him, before he destroys the world?   
Setting:The "modern" world

Requirements: I'd play the deranged evil superhero, you would play those that oppose him. 

At the Service of the KGB
Content: BDSM. Torture. Noncon.   
Plot: In part inspired by the show, The Americans, in this game, you would play the part of a KGB spy implanted deep in the USA. With all the intrigue and mystery that implies. A lot of the plot would revolve around missions, assignments and the deadly game of cat and mouse that inevitably follows. Part of it would involve flashbacks to training, and to life in russia. The core though, would be a reflection on what's worth fighting for. Is it ideals? Or people?
Setting: Cold War USA
Requirements:  You would play the KGB spy

Vale Noctis
Content: A horror story, probably involving non-con
Plot: Travelers speak of Vale Noctis in hushed whispers, a village where darkness nests. A young reporter, with a fascination for the paranormal rolls up to the abandoned town, ready to find out all she can about it. About the overly tall hooded figure that stalks the streets, wailing at anyone who approaches. About houses that are bigger on the inside than the outside, and where you can still hear the last words of the former occupants. About the mysterious disappearance of every living being in the town. Will she find the truth? Or will Vale Noctis claim her mind?
Setting: Modern Horror
Requirements: You would play the reporter, I would simulate the world!

Darkest Dreams
Content: A horror story, probably involving non-con
Plot: There's a creature known as Whisper. Whisper dwells in the dreams of his victims. It builds a nightmare landscape, full of dream logic and terror, and slowly it drives its victims mad. A woman is trapped in the embrace of Whisper. As she runs through nightmaresh hellscapes, chased by horrors beyond imagining and slowly driven from sanity, she sees a figure. An eight armed shadow that feeds on a bleeding tree. Will she figure out how to defeat this apparition, or will the nightmares consume her?
Setting: Surreal Horror
Requirements: You would play the dreamer, I would simulate the dream!

Harbinger of the Apocalypse.

Content: To be discussed, NonCon is possible, a lot of stuff is possible, given the darkness of the situation

Plot:  Its one thing to think the world might end in the next decade. Its another to know it inevitably will. Its yet another to know that you are the seed of the apocalypse.

It all begun twenty years ago, during what was known as "The Endtimes", a horrific, mutant plague spread through the population of earth like an avenging god. It had a 97% mortality rate, and scientists couldn't figure out the transmission vector. It seemed impossible, as it managed to infect people sealed in quarantine, jump oceans overnight and generally infect people that should be out of its reach. No visible pathogen, simply people dropping in screaming agony and dying hours later.  The scientific community as a whole was convinced this was the end, until theoretical mathematician Edward Geller, made a startling discovery, through advanced mathematics, he could predict who was going to be infected and when. In a frenzy of work, the principle of Quantum Entanglement was discovered, it turns out this disease was less a sickness and more a multidimensional entity summoned by the rising population of the earth. In a frantic month of work, Dr. Geller and his team of scientists managed to cobble together a way of entrapping the entity, code-named DEEP BLUE. The process of quantum entanglement however requires human souls, the fresher the better. So it was that six children, born that very day, hours before the ritual, were used as the focus of the ritual. They were to be the lock that keeps the void at bay.

It worked. Sort of. DEEP BLUE noticed it was being acted upon, and took action. It was too slow, the ritual finished, but not before Dr. Geller and his whole team met with an agonizing death. The ritual did not go off as Dr. Geller expected. Instead of entangling the souls to DEEP BLUE and having them destroyed to slay DEEP BLUE, the creature was simply entrapped, as long as the six children live, DEEP BLUE is unable to act, trapped within the sphere of their mind, bound by the entanglement. But the math shows, that irrefutably, when these six die, DEEP BLUE will return, and the same trick won't work twice. While progress is being made in the flied of Mathematical Applied Demonology, its quite clear that when a being like DEEP BLUE takes interest in a planet, its only a matter of time until it gets its way. Given their nature, these children have been code-named HARBINGERS

In the aftermath of the ritual, different countries seized some of the children, under the pretext of keeping them safe. The reality is that they wished to use them for research and see if there was some way to deal with DEEP BLUE.  Its been 20 years and three things are clear: One, DEEP BLUE will not be defeated. Two, these HARBINGERS manifest unique powers that make them suitable as weapons of mass destruction. Three. HARBINGERS are going through rapid neurological degeneration, while it won't affect them for a while, in a decade, they will all be dead.

Setting:Post-modern sci-fi with a gritty, dark feeling.

Requirements: Ideally we'd play two of the HARBINGERS coping both with government paranoia, being used as a tool of the government, and the inevitable realities of DEEP BLUE.

Sometimes you have ideas for a game, that aren't a plot, so much as a scene, an image burning in your mind of what you want to see in the game. This section is about those. Scenes I want to write a plot that leads to, or perhaps plots that start with those scenes.

The Gunman
The villa is burning. Smoke, thick clouds of it billow into the night sky, where a bright, full, yellow moon looks down on the arches and friezes of the patio. Down the long arched hall, open to the warm night, breathing rasping jagged breaths, a man walks. His steps are pained, one of his legs is hurt, badly, broken probably, and each step brings a grimace to his features, prenaturally aged and weathered by suffering. He was well dressed, but now he's drenched in seawater, smoked slightly, and covered in blood, not all of it his. In his right hand, a handgun, still warm from the firefight, only half a clip left in it. The man however seems almost unaware of the fire, or the night, or the columns around him. He doesn't hear the screams of the dying, or the cackling of the flames. His eyes are deadset ahead, as he takes one agonizing step after another. His business isn't yet complete...

I'm tired of running...
Partially inspired by the ending of this song. I'm looking at a bitter, tragic end, but resolute, accepting of its fate...

Archived Ideas

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Content: Could range from vanilla sex to really dark interrogation scenes.
Plot: The war between the Federation of Planets and the Stellar Union has been stalemated for three decades, fleet after fleet vanishing into the meatgrinder, as neither side has the resources or technological advantage to make a decisive leap. Thus the war has become one of intelligence and diplomacy. A war of espionage and counter-espionage. Because if either side gets an advantage, they might be able to break the stalemate. Thus comes to fruition an operation that has been brewing for over a decade, the Federation, with the help of Burgosi diplomats, who are protected by their neutral status, have managed to sneak a team into Elios, the capital of the Union, which also happens to house the CSD, the Center for Strategic Development, the nexus of all research and technology for the Federation. If the team can break in and steal the data in the database they would gain incredible power and maybe enough leverage to win the war.

What they don't know, can't know, is that the Union is well aware of the operation, and in fact, one of the members of the two man team is a double agent. A man who has spent fifteen years infiltrating the organization. The plan: to allow the theft to succeed, and then capture the team, extract testimony from both agents that the Burgosi cooperated in the infiltration, and reveal that the mission was to plant a biobomb in the nations capital. Faced with the accusation that they had aided and abetted terrorism, the Burgosi would be forced to help the Union, or face diplomatic death with the rest of the galaxy.  So, unbeknownst to one member of the team, she's walking into the lions den...
Setting: Sci-fi, lots of advanced elements we can discuss.
Requirements: You would play the female agent that is going to be betrayed.

Game of Vigilantes
Content: BDSM, non-con, torture, punishment. 
Plot: In a city riddled by crime, one man (or woman) puts on a mask and decides to fight crime. A few successes later, a villan, most evil and treacherous has caught notice.  The two play a game of cat and mouse across the city, sometimes the hero has the villan at his mercy. Other times it's the opposite. This relationship of hate and rivalry grows, culminating in a final explosive confrontation, in which everything hangs in the balance...  Can either party find it in their hearts to kill their long term enemy?
Setting: Superheroes
Requirements:  To be discussed.

State of Affairs

Content:  Non-con, bdsm, rape, humiliation, torture, cuckold, blackmail, domination, femdom(?) to be discuss

Plot: In this game, you'd play a strong female candidate for the presidency... and I'd play her husband. While the dynamics are up for discussion, (i'd even accept MC being the candidate if we want to play it that way), the plot has to revolve around our characters being evil, manipulative, conniving psychopaths that will stop at nothing for power, and our eventual downfall as it all comes crumbling down.

Setting: The Democratic party, leading up to the 2024 election



Content: To be discussed

Plot: The year is 2020, and the world is in chaos.

Setting: The year 2020 is, as you would expect, quite similar to 2016, minus for the progress in computational development. Specifically, one programer in a prestigious university, has just discovered the key to creating a true AI. So, slowly, carefully she does. And so her creation is born. What does this mean for them? For the world? Can an AI truly live in a human world? What happens when it decides it doesn't want to be limited anymore?

Requirements: I would play the AI, you would play the programmer.

Content: Could run the gamut but it is a darker game, so probably on the darker side.
Plot:  There are jobs and then there are Jobs. This is a Job. Hopefully the last this Decker has to undertake. She didn't get much of a choice in the matter. The man with the suit simply showed up at her house. Which by itself set of every alarm in her head. She had carefully trapped the door and her alarms should have gone off. More worryingly he knew her name. But he didn't want to talk, he simply slid a manila envelope over to her. Old school. People don't really use paper nowdays anymore. Although she supposed, it was unhackable.

The letter was simple and to the point.

Dear Miss.

We know who you are and the kind of work you have done in the past. We would like for you to audition for us.

If you pass the audition, there will be a job.

If you pass your audition and decide not to pursue this opportunity, 1,000,000 USD, will be deposited direct into your account, no questions asked.

If you do not wish to audition, simply hand the envelope back to the man in the suit.

Otherwise, there is a microflash in the envelope, it contains your instructions.

Yours always.

She didn't know who or what M was. What she knew for sure was that the money was too good to be true, and that the man in front of her would probably kill her if she refused. He seemed the type. And curiosity had always been her falling...

Requirements: You would play the female decker, I'd play her partner for the audition and the Job following it, and maybe what happens after?


Content: To be discussed.

Plot:  In a broken world, almost no-one remains. The world is cold, almost no-one lives here. Maybe no one lives here. Ash falls from the sky, tainting the white snow. Among the shattered remains of an ancient facility, one buried in the side of the mountain, half crumbled, collapsed, a single pristine vault opens. In it, a girl, alone, with no memory, walks out into the desolate world. She finds she remembers nothing, but a warm welcoming voice speaks to her, it helps, it guides. It has no hands, only a single flying robot, beaten and barely flying. But Yggdrasil speaks from it, he guides, he teaches. It'll take all the both of them have to survive in this broken world.

Setting:A post apocalyptic world, burred in snow.

Requirements: I would play Yggdrasil, you would play the girl.

Across The Stars

Content: BDSM, Rape, Beast(?), Romance(?), Intrigue, Violence

Plot: The High Spire, a space station of incredible wealth and luxury, where all the politicians that run the Covenant of Stars indulge in their most depraved and delicious fantasies. A world of sex, drugs, and backstabbings. Your character has been sent to infiltrate this place, and obtain, at whatever cost, the Black Box, one of the seven codexes that allow the politicians of the Covenant to control the fleet. Once YC obtains it, she must somehow escape the station and flee... if she even makes it that far...

Setting: Sci-fi

Picture Plots
A section for pictures that speak to me, but that I don't have a plot for. Could be a good place to start an idea. Feel free to pilfer from here freely.

Some/many of these are NSFW, so click at your own peril. (This section is a WIP, I'll bump when its more complete)



All the stuff that doesn't merit its own entry:

Bodyswapping: I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of playing a body swapping story, but I don't have any more details than that

Playing FxF, I want to work on my female characters, and would love to play a fxf pairing.

AI: I really dig the idea of playing an AI or robot.



Slowly easing back into things. Probably going to take on twoish plots.


Bump as I'm looking to pick up one, maybe two good rps.