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Author Topic: Twisted dark desires (Mostly M roles for F roles)  (Read 2509 times)

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Twisted dark desires (Mostly M roles for F roles)
« on: January 11, 2016, 02:47:28 PM »
So, because my main request thread is getting kind of cluttered, I'm splitting it off into two threads, one for more detailed plots, one for the more smut heavy plots. This will be mostly the more smut inclined requests.

For convenience, I suggest people read my ons and offs and, if none of these requests grab you, my other thread.

A couple notes: I play mostly dominant characters opposite to female characters, but I don't care about your gender, be it man, woman or toaster. I won't expect daily posting, but I do expect communication. Please please please read my ons and offs. Especially note that "smuttier" doesn't mean "all sex and no plot", I expect a story and interesting characters, not just a ten thousand word exposition on grunts and squishy noises (we can have grunts and squishy noises too though)

What can you expect to find in this thread?
These are some of the fetishes I'm personally interested in, and why I find them hot. Most games won't feature all, or even necessarily most of these, but they make for a good point of discussion. If you see enough of these that you're interested but none of my suggested plots grab your interest, you should shoot me a PM.

Humiliation: This might be my number one kink, there's nothing I like better than seeing the mental being pushed as much as the physical. In my rps, dominants tend to enjoy pushing the boundaries of their victims, forcing them to embrace the discomfort and humiliation, from being prostituted out, to public nudity, to unwilling orgasms, humiliation has a lot of dimensions, and each of them is hot.

Non-con: An unwilling character is extra fun to play with. The struggle, the fear, the surrender. Be it a virginal college student kidnapped by a psychopath, or a warrior princess defeated and taken on the battlefield! This is especially fun if its for an extended period, such as when a prisoner is held against her will and broken. This goes double if the victim is virginal and innocent! Blackmail is really good here too, as it contains many psychological elements which are fun to explore.

Incest: The taboo involved in this is extra hot, especially tied in with some other kinks. Brother raping sister? The forbiddenness of it makes for a thrilling ride. Not much more to it, I just think its hot.

BDSM: Power exchange, with all the trappings. From slaves suspended for whippings, to having to address their master as "Master" to disciplinary spankings, they're all good elements to incorporate. Plus it keeps things interesting, to be able to switch up scenes by bringing in sex toys and torture implements, and to tie up characters...

Bestiality: Another thing that's included here because of how taboo and humiliating it is. Dogs, horses, other animals and strange fantastical creatures...

Game Ideas
A lot of these are vague, or not fully fleshed out, this is partially so we can talk out what we want to see! If you don't see any idea that catches your interest but think we'd be a good match, feel free to PM me! blue indicates a craving.

I also don't mind playing the same plot twice with two different people.

Content:Cheating, cuckquean, forbidden relationship, D/s elements.

Plot: Some people get married way too young, wouldn't you agree? That's the case for one Henry Mathews, in his early forties, married to a wife he no longer loves, trapped in a marriage of drearieness, shackled there by his two children, whom he loves more than anything. Of course Henry is successful, he's not rich, by any means, but he makes enough money to afford luxuries he wants, and for his family to want for nothing. He's resigned to this loveless sexless marriage, until woman half his age falls for him, hard. We'd have to figure out the details, but what would come out of it would be a steamy affair. More or less kinky depending on taste

Setting: Modern

Requirements: I would play the married man, you would play his much younger lover

Soul Exchange
Content:bdsm, rape, torture, humiliation

Plot: In the modern world, a woman manages to summon a demon, entirely by mistake, she is, after all, just "playing a game". The demon, now bound to her, is willing to grant favors, favors the woman couldn't even imagine before. Wealth. Power. Dominance. All at a price. A favor requires a favor. And when a demon does you a favor, you better bet the cost will be commensurate. The spiral of corruption starts with but one step...

Setting: Modern

Requirements: I would play the demon, you the young woman. (Maybe in college?)

Content: blackmail, teasing, ageplay. Incest(?), bdsm(?)

Plot: A married man meets his high school daughter's friends, and thinks nothing more of it. But one of the girls notices him, and decides she's like nothing more than to entrap him. She starts to babysit for the family, and slowly, gradually, begins to work her charms on the man. When in a fit of lust he goes to far, she uses this information to blackmail him, to push him further, to force him to continue the illcit relationship that will tear his family apart. The girl loves and relishes this power, slowly destroying him...

Setting: Highschool

Requirements: I would play the blackmailed man, you would play his daughter's friend

House of Hell
Content: Non-con, humiliation, bestiality, forced incest, blackmail, bdsm.

Plot: Eccentric millionaires have hobbies. Some like hunting. Others like flying. Others like kidnapping 18 year old girls and forcing them to play in their hellish house of torment until they can escape, on pain of punsihing their family! In this game, I'll be playing the latter, an excentric evil millionare who kidnapps a girl and forces her to make her way through a tortous house full of increasingly more humiliating and painful challenges to save her family.

Setting: A house

Requirements:  You would play the kidnapped girl, I'd play the millionaire.


Content: This is a smuttier plot, I'll admit, but a particular craving of me. Lots of Non Con, humiliation, torment.

Plot: Highschool is a hard time for many. Its an especially hard time when a student is forced to transfer in senior year, into a very hostile environment! This would be your character, forced into a school where she's constantly bullied, disliked by the teachers and generally tormented. Can she survive all the humiliation and abuse until she graduates, or will she be forced to call it quits.

Setting: Modern Highschool!

Requirements:  You would play the female student, I would play her bullies.

The Tangled Web

Content: Noncon, blackmail, bdsm, further details to be discussed

Plot:  College is a time of change, a time when teens become adults. Its a time when gullible freshman, used to being coddled, truly join the world. For one professor, who's life has burnt around him, its also a chance to prey on the weak. One particular student, deeply in trouble in his class, falls into his trap, and is soon caught in a web of blackmail and escalating sexual scandal. How long can the professor keep this up? How much is the student willing to bear to avoid being exposed?

Setting:College, in the real world.

Requirements: I would play the professor, you would play the young college student.


Content: Noncon, rape, bdsm, torture, humiliation, bestiality(?), incest(?), further details to be discussed

Plot:  The village of Greystone, set on the idyllic hills below the Tears of the Goddess, is a fairly standard fantasy village. Crops are abundant enough to avoid hunger, there is of course the normal strife and turmoil that goes along with day to day life, but at the end of the day, life is good! The mayor, who's lead the village to prosperity is well loved by all, and his daughter, the gem of his eye, has been beloved by all for as long as she's been in Greystone. One day however, this all ends. You see, Greystone made a mistake. In the civil war that tore kingdoms apart, they aided the Nerubian empire, the sworn enemy of the Guild of Mages, and the Mages won. Now, they send their vengeance.

It comes not as a cloud of fire, or as a swarm of crows, no, it comes in the form of Druss the Mad. A wizard so vile, so insane, that his name has become a curse, his madness and cruelty only exceeded by his skill at magic. Now, he is to become the lord of this village. To take charge. His leadership will be cruel and excessive, and to punish the mayor, he'll take his daughter as his "bride", torturing and humiliating her, as he grows more and more excessive. Will the villagers somehow stop Druss, or will he break the villagers?

Setting: A high fantasy village

Requirements: I would play the insane wizard, you would play the mayors daughter and other villagers.

Drug Wars

Content: Noncon, rape, bdsm, torture, humiliation, bestiality(?), incest(?), further details to be discussed

Plot:  In an unnamed third world country, two cartels battle for dominance over the flow of lucrative drugs. The battle is at a stalemate, until one cartel leader's daughter falls into the hands of the other. Now that he has her, he intends to leverage her to break her father. If he doesn't surrender, she's in for a horrible fate...

Setting: A third world country

Requirements: I would play the drug lord, you'd play the rival drug lords daughter. 

Sorority Blues

Content: Blackmail, bdsm, torture, humiliation, bestiality(?), incest(?), further details to be discussed

Plot: Its the most prestigious sorority on campus. To be admitted you need to be gorgeous, cruel and intelligent. High grades, elite upbringing, a wealthy family, no shot at getting in otherwise. But what most people don't know is that Kappa Beta Alpha has a tradition, of every four years accepting a sister they usually wouldn't. You see, this sister is their project. They pick an innocent, sheltered girl, and then break her for their amusement, if she survives the four years of torment, humiliation and use, she might make it ahead in life, but she must survive the sadism of one of the most elite sororities in the world first. Should she think of quitting, they will, of course, destroy her life.

Setting: A sorority house

Requirements: I would play the sisters and maybe some pledges, you'd play their poor unfortunate target.

Political Expediency

Content: Blackmail, bdsm, torture, humiliation, bestiality(?), incest(?), further details to be discussed

Plot: Senator Steel has just been elected. Her political rise has been meteoric, just starting her tenure, a strange letter arrives in her mail...

You don't know who I am Senator. Its no big surprise, you meet many of your constituents, why, a person like you makes decisions that could ruin a mans life and not even know it. But I know who you are senator. I know about some of the backroom deals you had to make to reach your position. In fact, I know all about that little deal you had with Mr. Stern to get campaign funding. Its a shame really, about him running a child sex ring, imagine, just how tainted you'd be if anyone found out about your association with the man. A real shame. So Mrs Steele, if you'd like to remain a senator, rather than go down in flames, you'll call me at the provided number, and we can discuss my terms.

I think you'll find them less disagreeable than what will happen if you don't call.

Your's humbly

Requirements: I would play the blackmailer, you the senator.

Something Completely Different

Content: BDSM, Cuck, Rape, Forced Incest, Beast(?)

Plot: I have never written a sub male, I would like to  change that. Everything is up to discussion, but I'd like to throw it out there if anyone is interested.

Setting: To Be Discussed

Requirements:  You would play the dominant F, I would play the unwilling sub

retired plots
Princess in Peril

Content: Rape, bdsm, torture, humiliation, impreg(?), insects(?) bestiality(?), incest(?), further details to be discussed

Plot: A kingdom falls, and the king and his family captured. Now to secure the bloodline and the legitimacy of their rule, the invaders must make a public display of her. She's will suffer, and suffer horribly, at the hands of her cruel sadistic masters. Can she hold out until help arrives? Or will dark magics break her?

Setting: A fantasy kingdom

Requirements: You would play the princess. I the evil captors

Content:bdsm, rape, torture, humiliation

Plot: In the year 2040, with prisons overflowing, a new type of correctional facility comes into being. Focused on correcting behavior quickly, the Woman's Correctional Institute focuses on behavior modification through advanced behavioral therapy. No one knows exactly what goes on between those walls, other than that Warden Richards gets results, the women who leave the facility are pleasant and very rarely commit crimes again, which means the government is more than willing to overlook any human rights abuses. Your character, for whatever reason, winds up connedmend to a reeducation sentence, despite not having commited a crime! And as she's about to discover, the Warden doesn't care about your innocence at all...

Setting: Modern

Requirements: I would play the warden, guards and other inmates, you'd play a wrongfully convicted woman...

Lust Unchained
Content: ageplay. Incest, bdsm, rape

Plot: A married man has a dark secret, he lusts for his high-school aged daughter... when his wife is called away for a month, he can no longer control himslef and throws his daughter into a carefully prefpared sex dungeon. The clock is ticking, he has but a month to break down her barriers and turn her into his perfect little slut, or he risks being discovered by his wife. The risk is great but the rewards ultimately worth it. Will his daughter succumb to his dark desires?

Setting: Modern

Requirements: I would play the lust addled dad, you'd play his innocent daughter

Content:bdsm, rape, torture, humiliation

Plot: In this fantasy world, the Church is the most powerful institution. They possess literal divine guidance, and powers commensurate to that guidance. They fight literal demons that seek to corrupt the earth, and no one is safe from their reach. Thus, a young woman, a heretic, a disbeliever falls into the hands of the most sacred Inquisition, where she will be made to regret her heresy...

Setting: Modern

Requirements: I would play the Inquisition, you would play the victim
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Re: Twisted dark desires (Mostly M roles for F roles)
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2016, 06:30:42 PM »
Your thread has caught my attention. I have been away from Elliquiy for a while but i would be interested in roleplaying with you.

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Re: Twisted dark desires (Mostly M roles for F roles)
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2018, 12:31:29 PM »
Selectively looking again.

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Re: Twisted dark desires (Mostly M roles for F roles)
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2018, 09:35:06 AM »
added new plot, removed old plot.

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Re: Twisted dark desires (Mostly M roles for F roles)
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2018, 05:37:36 PM »
One month bump