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Author Topic: In the mood for some fandoms (Anime, games, and youtube) F for M  (Read 198 times)

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Offline MiroKittyTopic starter

Important links
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- Original plots

Fandom plot ideas

Wanted, dead or alive (story-driven)
Trafalgar Law x OC
World: One Piece (non-canon)

Theme: Piracy, capturing, romance (hate to love development)

Characters: Trafalgar Law x OC

Story: Mizushima Amaya has knowledge the Marines would love to get their hands on even if they would need to use a little force to get it. After having lived through weeks on minimum food and water she sees the opportunity to escape. Weak, tired and in pain she sails out in the small boat to find safety. Just when she is fully convinced that she won’t live to see another day, she finds a ship; even though the Jolly Roger is proudly displayed on the side of the weird looking ship, she decides that it could not be worse than dying in the small wooden boat. She ventures inside the ship, trying her best to hide from the pirates she was sure would be somewhere and most likely not too happy with a stranger intruding. She searches desperately for food and water, but instead finds one of the men she had hoped to avoid; being weak from the mixture of dehydration and starvation did not help her in any way getting out with a whole crew of pirates trying to catch her. Fate is not on her side; she could not escape the ship and is now being held against her will because of her knowledge. Many failed attempts of escaping have not broken her, but will the captain be able to get the information? Does she even want to leave in the end?

My character
Mizushima Amaya

Undercover (Story-driven)
E. Kid x Tashigi
World: One Piece (after time-skip)

Theme: Piracy, undercover-mission, romance, drama, and will contain violence

Characters: E. Kid x Tashigi

Story: Tashigi has been sent on a dangerous and secret mission; to infiltrate the Kidd Pirates. Having been especially problematic in the past couple of months, the Marines have to do something about them. Tashigi is given the orders to infiltrate them, gain the trust of the infamous Eustas ‘Captain’ Kid, and get them to a certain island in just one year. Living a full year as a pirate is trouble enough without the aggressive Kid as the captain; can Tashigi stomach this change?

Disappearing in time (Story-driven)
Madara x Hinata
World: Naruto

Theme: Time-travel, capturing, romance (hate to love)

Characters: Madara Uchiha x Hinata Hyuga

Story: Hinata is sent on a mission to retrieve a stolen scroll, but she is soon ambushed by a strange group of rogues. They perform an unknown jutsu and before she can react everything goes black. When she finally awakes nothing seems to have changed, but boy was she wrong. She is soon met by a group of ninjas from the Uchiha clan, and they don’t seem too thrilled about her being a Hyuga. Hinata is taken to their land where she is greeted by their leader Madara Uchiha. Unable to get away, Hinata is forced to live with an extinct clan while trying to figure out how to survive, how to get home, and how to not change anything in the past.

In a new world (Story-driven)
Kakashi x Nico Robin
World: Crossover – One PiecexNaruto

Theme: new world, romance, strangers

Characters: Kakashi x Nico Robin

Story: After a failed fight, Nico Robin finds herself in a foreign place. She searches after her lost crew only to meet with a certain team 7; they agree to help her back to her home, however, the problem is they don’t have any idea of what she’s talking about and she has no knowledge of this new world. She joins them on their journey back to Konoha, where she might be able to find some help. Tsunade agrees to let her live in Konoha until they can find out how to get her home, but only as long as she is companied by at least one from the team at all times.
Because of her strange powers and lack of chakra, people begin to form a great interest in her; new friends and new enemies. Will she be able to find her way back home? Is there something between the great Sharingan-Kakashi and the devil child?

A piece of Jewelry (Story-driven)
Luffy x J. Bonney
World: One Piece (after time-skip)

Theme: Piracy, romance – hate to love relationship

Characters: Monkey D. Luffy x Jewelry Bonney

Story: Jewelry Bonney has gone missing from her crew after the having tried to take down Blackbeard and then escaped the grasp of the Marines. In the middle of nowhere, in a little boat sails Jewelry; angry, tired and hurt she tries finding an island where she can recuperate. The problem is that it isn’t just any ocean but the Grand Line, and suddenly finding an island without a Log pose is almost impossible.
Days go by without any luck, and that streak continues as she sails into Sunny. With her anger still intact after the incident with the Celestial Dragon, Jewelry Bonney decides to attack. Having had nothing to eat the last couple of days, she is easily defeated but treated by Chopper. With her crew still missing, her unable to attack them while being so weak she has to try and get the best out of a shitty situation.

Adventures of Fairy Tail (Story-driven)
Laxus x Cana
World: Fairy Tail

Theme: Magic, adventure, romance, drama

Characters: Laxus x Cana

Story: I want this to be heavy on the adventure, but with a side of romance. It could be boiled down to the characters being thrown into situations where they have to spend time together and slowly let a relationship grow. I want this to be filled with drama such as life-threatening situations, misunderstandings and perhaps a third character who tries to come between them.
For a specific plot I would prefer for us to discuss this; just pm me.


- Hinata Hyuga
- TenTen
- Ino Yamanaka
- Temari
- Karin
x Deidara*/Sasori*/Madara/Itachi/Kisame/Kakashi/Hidan/Kakuzu*

Fairy Tail
- Cana Alberona
- Juvia
- Meredy
- Levy McGarden
x Gajeel/Laxus/Sting/Gildarts/Zeref*/Acnologia*

One Piece
- Jewelry Bonney
- Perona
- Tashigi
- Koala
x Mihawk/Sabo/Smoker/Law*/Kid/Zoro*/Luffy*/Aokiji/Crokodile

Soul Eater
- Maka
- Tsubaki
x Soul/Kid/Black Star

- Alisa
- Lily

x Jonny/Toby

x Markiplier