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Author Topic: Originality in my plot (F for M)  (Read 1365 times)

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Originality in my plot (F for M)
« on: June 23, 2014, 07:27:54 PM »
Important links:
- (O/O thread)
- Fandom plots

Original plot ideas

A forgotten half breed (Story-driven)
YC x Half/demon&angel
World: A mixture of medieval and present day world

Theme: Romance, adventure, fantasy

Pairing: Your character x half demon/ half angel

The story behind the story: Thousands of years ago an angel and demon fell in love, and as a result a half breed was born. Because of this they were sentenced to forever be apart and to never escape their respective realms. However, since the baby was both angel and demon she could not be allowed to enter either of the realms, not until it could be decided where she belonged. Instead a deal was made to ensure her existence wouldn’t become a burden to any of the two forces; this half breed would chase down escapees on earth and return them to where they belonged, be it heaven or hell. To help her, they together crafted a mighty weapon: a spear made from the metal of hell and power over the holy flame of heaven.
Many years went by and several demons and angels began envying her because of these ‘gifts’ bestowed upon her, and hating her for being able to roam freely on earth. One day a demon was able to come up with the perfect plan to get rid of her, to make sure she would never be able to judge another full blood.

The world: In this world both demons and angels inhabits the earth but as escapees from their respective realm. My character could be considered as the police until the day she can be considered either an angel or demon. It’s a decision which can only be made on behalf of her actions, but neither of them have been enough for her to be considered as anything beyond the status of a half breed.
The world is filled with legends of these two major empires, but it is not common to know the truth regarding this outside force. However, this is not a matter of good and evil but just two different races with different kind of powers, both trying to maintain their worlds. Earth is neutral ground for both of them and as a part of an old deal made by the devil and god no one should rule this place. This is why they have to make sure no one tries to overtake earth and the reason for my characters role.
Several aspects are still up for discussion though.

Story: In short, I want this to be a story about our characters helping each other out and developing a relationship. My character needs to find out who she is after her memories have been stolen, while your character needs her help for something else; something I won't go into since I'd like to give you the opportunity to create your own character and his personality.

My character

Half breed form: Demon/angel
Human form: Human

A thief’s worries (story-driven)
Pirate captain x Thief
World: Real world, 16th or 17th century

Theme: Piracy, capturing, romance

Pairings: Pirate captain x Thief

Story: Julia Maroon has since early childhood lived a life of sin, preferring to steal from the many ships than actually settling down. She lives her life from harbor to harbor, taking what she needs and what else, of greater value, she can carry. Life’s not perfect but manageable. However, her confidence can mean the downfall when she finds the perfect ship; a pirate ship whose captain has something of a reputation. At first Julia believes it to be the jackpot of a lifetime, especially after hearing the rumor of a newly found treasure resting inside the ship, but soon she learns it ain’t that easy. Caught and forced into slavery as their maid, she now has to figure out just how to get the hell away by the next time they reach a harbor.

My Character
Julia Maroon

The Daughter (story-driven)
YC x Alisa Easton
World: Modern

Pairings: YC x Alisa Easton

Theme: kidnapping, humiliation, exploitation due to loss of memory and romance.

Story: Alisa Easton is the beloved daughter of the ruthless and successful businessman James Easton. Because of her father’s high stature in the business world, she is rather famous though mostly just as Mr. Easton’s daughter. One day she is in a car accident which leaves her hospitalized and with total loss of her memory; before she has time to recuperate, she is kidnapped by YC. Initially YC’s motive was purely out of revenge towards Mr. Easton, but with a new found knowledge of Alisa’s memory loss, YC begins to see it as a golden opportunity to not only get his revenge on her father, but humiliate Easton’s beloved daughter in the meantime. With her having no idea of who she is, it gives YC a chance to make her believe what he wants her to. Problems occur when YC begins to fall for Alisa and actually loses interest in wanting to do her harm and humiliate her; it doesn’t become any easier with Alisa beginning to regain her memory.

My character
Alisa Easton

Rebellion (story-driven)
Rebel leader x Princess
World: medieval.

Pairing: Rebel leader x Princess

Theme: kingdom, war, kidnapping, and romance.

Story: The land of Haomas had been a peaceful place for centuries, but since the death of King Zarek the country had been a victim of war between the kingdom and the rebels. Shortly after King Zarek’s death his brother, Uriah, was crowned as the new king of Haomas; Uriah, however, did not share the same ideals as Zarek. Uriah, fearing the loss of his crown, began increasing taxes and taking away the people’s freedom.

Unknowing of what King Uriah was doing to the people was Princess Emilia, the daughter of the deceased king Zarek. Fearing for Emilia’s safety her father had decided shortly after her birth that she would remain inside the castle where no one could harm her; when Uriah lost his only brother he chose to honor Zarek by continuing the sheltering of his beloved niece Emilia.
Years after the death of Zarek, the many poor people of Haomas had suffered under Uriah’s ruling; rebel forces had been forced into hiding while the king’s stronger armies were looking for them. On her 21st birthday Emilia sneaks out of the castle with one the royal horses, determined to experience the kingdom she loves so much. By accident she ends up running in to some of the rebels; they notice the royal mark on the horse and choses to take her with them to the rebel’s village believing that she could be of help to them. Mistaking her to be a simple harem girl they are convinced that with some persuasion she would voluntarily help them conquering the castle. Emilia knows how much danger she would be in if they were to find out her real identity, chooses to keep it a secret. Soon after being brought to the village she meets the leader, YC, who shows her the truth of how Uriah rules the country.

To get her freedom she will need to keep her identity hidden while gaining to trust of the rebels and especially the leader; she will need to make them believe that she’s becoming one of them, though when she slowly begins to fall for the leader it proves to be a lot harder than first intended. It does not help that she’s under constant supervision or if they learn of her identity as princess, she will be in a lot more danger.

My Character
Princess Emilia

With life on the line (Story-driven)
Warrior x Harem girl
World: Olden times

Pairing: Warrior x harem girl

Themes: Runaway, manipulation, romance

Story: Irina is taken as a child to be trained as a harem girl, but she has other dreams as to how her life should be lived. Several years go by and Irina has now become an adult and well-trained harem girl; or so the think. Irina has no intentions of becoming a simple harem girl but avoiding fate is close to impossible.
One night, not long before she is about to be given to the emperor, the palace is attacked and sent into a turmoil which gives her the perfect opportunity to escape the emperor’s grasp. Several nights go by where she has to survive being on the run while not having the same luxury as she had back at the palace. Luckily, however, Irina meets the warrior (YC) who might be able to help her survive and escape. This man doesn’t care the least for this strange girl, but at least she has a nice body. Irina begins using her womanly charm to keep the man’s interest high enough for him to help her, though without actually having to do anything with him.

My character

Is it real? (story-driven)
Teacher x Student
World: Modern times, magical universe
           - Inspired by the visual novel Magical Diary: Horse Hall

Pairing: Teacher x Student

Theme: Magic, bording school-setting, TeacherxStudent, romance

Story: Kathrine Hurston was nothing but average most of her life, but one day she discovered, by accident, that she was actually a witch. Like that wasn’t enough of a surprise for an eighteen year old woman, suddenly a weird old man shows up on her doorstep with an invitation for her. For her own safety, and others around her, it is recommended that she begins on a school for witches and wizards; with her lack of ability to think thoroughly through these kinds of things she quickly agrees.

At the end of the summer Kathrine shows up at the school with high expectations, but nothing could have prepared her for what was to come. On her first day she is introduced to her two roommates, one of which comes from a long line of magical beings and can tell her a thing or two about this strange place.

Finally class starts and Kathrine is confident that she will make it, but then she meets him; the strict teacher who is out to get anyone crossing his path, threatening with detention and expulsion. However, Kathrine is not easily taken down.

My Character
Kathrine Hurston

- Snobbish rich woman x Rival
- The student x Teacher/student
- Con artist x Victim
- Assassin x Target.
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Re: Seek and you will find (F seeking M)
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Re: Seek and you shall find (F seeking M)
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Re: Seek and you shall find (F seeking M)
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Re: Seek and you shall find (F seeking M)
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Re: Seek and you shall find (F seeking M)
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Re: Seek and you shall find (F seeking M)
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Re: Seek and you shall find (F seeking M)
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