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April 19, 2018, 10:45:14 AM

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Author Topic: Mad Scientists, Scary Doctors And Eldritch Abominations Needed! (possibly EX)  (Read 218 times)

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Online BeorningTopic starter

Okay, well... admittedly, this trifecta of ideas might not be in the best taste. Nevertheless, I think I'd like to try getting them out of my system. So, here goes... Please bear in mind that these ideas may veer into EX territory (but don't have to be actually played that way!).

Basically, these three related ideas can be summed up as "At the mercy of the scary". They are somewhat horror-inspired, although not only by that. Heck, the second idea comes from theatre classic Suddenly, Last Summer...

Anyway! Here are the ideas:

Idea 1: In the hands of a mad scientist!

I'd like to try RPing a situation that's kind of a staple in horror movies, as well as of sci-fi stories and comic books. In this story, my female character would find herself at the mercy of some mad scientist, who would proceed to do... mad science of her. What the mad science could entail can be negotiated, although I'm especially partial to my character being turned into some sort of cyborg, with tubes and wires sticking out of her etc. But as I mentioned, we can negotiate. The most important thing to me is exploring this situation with a woman being strapped to a lab table and mad science happening...

Idea 2: Scary doctor!

It's kind of related to the above, but I've always wanted to play character stuck in an asylum and subjected to various therapies... I'm especially intrigued by her being subjected to some sort of brain surgery. This kind of story could be a full-on horror story (crossing with the mad scientist story above), but it also can be a simple drama. As I mentioned, this idea is partially inspired by Suddenly, Last Summer and the situation Liz Taylor's character finds herself in.

Idea 3: Eldritch encounter!

Many horror movies involve magic rituals, locations or artifacts that cause ordinary people to face something... otherworldly: monsters, eldritch abominations etc. I'd like to RP a situation just like that. My character would be present in a place where a ritual or something similar would happen and she would experience the results first hand: the dimensionsal walls would crack, some eldritch being(s) would appear and scary and / or fantastical stuff would happen. My biggest inspiration here is Hellraiser 2 and Kirsty's journey into the Cenobites' dimension there - but there are scenes like this all over the horror fiction. Let's RP one!

As I mentioned, in all of these ideas, I'd be interested in playing a female character. I'm looking for a writing partner interested in GMing me through these situations and / or playing key character(s) in such scenes (the mad scientist, the doctor, the otherwordly being etc.).

If you'd be interested in RPing something like that, please PM me!

Addendum: Possibly inspirational media

Here are a few bits from the Internet that are somewhat in the vein of what I'm looking for for these three ideas above. Admittedly, they are on the darker / more gruesome side of things. Our stories don't have to be as brutal... I wish I could find some less-intense stuff, but I haven't so far.

Hellraiser 2 scene
A bit of brain surgery. Somehow, I'd like to RP the female being operated on there:

Suddenly, Last Summer kind of thing?

Nosferatu's Experiments
Okay, this is gruesome, but I'm kind of curious what happens after the cut...