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Author Topic: Denying the old blood. (Bloodborne) AU, F for M/F.  (Read 493 times)

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Denying the old blood. (Bloodborne) AU, F for M/F.
« on: June 27, 2015, 05:05:45 PM »
(Inspired by one of the endings of BloodBorne, Major spoilers for those who haven't finished the game or learned of the dark secrets of the game and their hidden lore. This will be slightly AU and messing slightly with how it works for the sake of the rp. If it interests you please PM me and lemme know if you like it and want to work out more details together)

It has been a good hundred and fifty years since the plague of Yarnham has been put to rest, the countless monsters slayed by heroic hunters who risked their lives and sanity in order to restore peace to the lands, in the name of the Church of Healing.  She had been one such hunter at one point. Fooled, like many others, by their lies and devoutly fought against the very monsters that the church itself had created. If it had not been for a note left by another brave hunter, she would have forever remained in the dark, serving beings beyond mortal understanding that looked upon mankind as less than worthless, nothing but pitiful worms scurrying about in their short, insignificant lives.

With great effort she fought her way through the countless abominations in Yarnham, saving those that she could, meeting other Hunters and over the course of the night, putting together the horrible truth about the church that she had once dedicated her life, her entire being to. The truth behind it nearly broke her, left her laughing and crying like she had been overtaken by madness for a good while, but with a fire and hate in her heart, she continued on with her mission, swearing to slaughter every beast that lay before her, purifying the city with her blade, as she sought to seek justice for the lies that the Healing Church of Blood had put out.

By the end of it, when the end came she denied the promise of the Elder hunter, she needed to see the creatures that started all of this. By force of her own muscles and the strength of her blades she put the old one down and laid eyes upon it...the being that had caused all of this.

And when the beast upon the blood red moon made its offer of immortality, in exchange for service, she did what no other mortal had ever done. She spat in its face and resisted. Devouring 3 items of the Old Ones that she had acquired on her journey, the Hunter became more than human, she became as mighty as the Old Ones, but did not abandon what made her human. With a love for her own race she returned and chose to be a protector, to guard those who would follow her ways and founded The Church of The Lady. And as a true goddess to her people, she watches over them, protecting them from the others and being as present as she can over her flock.

For some time now things have been relatively peaceful, save for the occasional fighting with the Healing Church, and she dared to think that perhaps this was a sign that the Old Ones were done and had accepted her protection over her Human flock. She allowed herself to focus on caring for them, helping them figure out the secrets of the world, learning new medicines and things not pertaining to blood, helping them deny its influence. But all good things come to an end.

Despite their earlier setbacks, the Old Ones are moving again, using the Church of Blood and their longevity to affect the lives of Humans, slowly turning them against this annoyance that dares to think she is on the same level as them. They seek to kill her and those lucky people able to see the wisdom of her side over using the foul and tainted Blood of the Church. So she begins searching for a warrior to do work in her name, to be her Avatar on Earth to do work for her in the mortal world, and in the dreams. To put an end to these nightmares for her, the only problem is finding someone worthy of such an act, one who is strong, loyal, brave and willing to sacrifice all in her name, for that is what will likely be required to defeat the terrible scourge of the Old Ones.

The Goddess travels the land now, disguised as an elderly woman, going from city to city temple to temple, in other to find a warrior to be her Avatar, the first one ever, and hopefully be able to do what she needs.

When she is not out among the world, trying to make life easier for her people, she resides within the old Hunter's dream, tending to things there, gardening, and sharpening her old blades, keeping a watchful eye upon the moon, which now only grows more blood red with each passing moment.

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And as she sits watching it, she remembers a saying that has stuck with her all throughout these many years.

"We are born of the Blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood."
"Fear the old blood."
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