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January 22, 2021, 07:22:40 AM

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Author Topic: The Cuckoo's silence (Noir, Anthro, Inspired by Blacksad) F for M.  (Read 468 times)

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Offline Lustful BrideTopic starter

This rp is inspired by me rereading the amazing Blacksad comics again for the first time in what must have been forever. I got so sucked into the world and characters that I found myself really craving an anthro Noir type story. This is mostly inspired around the first issue "Somewhere Within The Shadows". I'm open for anyone dropping in, you don't have to actually be Blacksad (but you can if you're familiar with the comic and want to play him) but you do have to be some type of animal character to be the PI.

To help set the

(someone even compiled the first issue into a music video. Spoiler warnings and much of the plot and mystery is also cut out. So use this mostly to get a good visual idea of what im looking for)

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The Cuckoo's silence

It was all over the news after it happened, there was no way that no one had heard of it, 'Rich Heiress nearly murdered in home'. You yourself had heard of the attack on the radio. For nearly a week it was all anyone would talk about. The newspapers nearly had to do a reprint, things like that always sold like hotcakes, and people always had an unhealthy fascination with the lives of those who made more money than them. And all were interested in hearing what had happened to a member of one of the local golden families, Emily Lecroix. 

Emily Lecroix. Descendant of French immigrants who came to the land of opportunity and soon became one of the lucky Nouveau Riche who actually attained wealth when arriving. Going from a simple tailor shop to a manufacturer of many fine and expensive brands. Just open up a purse and you will likely see the Lecroix brand marking there, marking it as one of the many bags made by them. Or check your local shoe store and search for some of the more expensive pairs. If it can be worn its likely being made in a Lecroix factory.

With the death of her husband by a stroke two years ago, in a marriage that produced no children, Emily is the sole heir of her family's wealth and business, leading many to suspect that her attacker had to have been a distant cousin or jealous member of her deceased husband's family. Though that explanation just did not seem to fit. It wasn't a robbery as there was nothing taken. The attacker had broken in and dragged Emily into the drawing room of her mansion, beating her half to death before smashing one of her husband's prized antique clocks against her leg until the bones in her leg looked more like shattered glass. A maid found her unconscious the next morning, her leg injured so badly she will be cane-bound for the rest of her life. If the attacker had meant to murder her they had ample time to do so and escape, so why cripple her and then let her live?

With a crime that made so little sense rumors began to run every which way, some said that her husband owed money to the Mob and Emily's leg was broken because she refused to pay them. Others said that she paid someone to attack her just because she wanted attention or sympathy from the public, perhaps give her an uptick in sales. While others went so far as to say that she hurt herself and staged it all simply because she was crazy, especially four months after her attack when she called the police twice in a panic. She claimed someone was in her home and when they came they found no one and a search of the premises turned up not even a footprint.

Now after a month of complete and total silence, Emily turns up at your door in a disguise. With a cane in one hand and a blank check in the other, she comes to you alone for help. There is a desperate look in her eyes, as well as an exhausted one, as if she hasn't slept in days. She is willing to pay any amount you want in order to have this solved. She says shes heard of you from friends, from colleagues and other sources. She knows you're trustworthy, that you don't play around and that you can solve this.

The only question now is, will you take the case?
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