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Author Topic: Blackwell Manor ☪ School for the Paranormal ☪ Interest and Recruiting!  (Read 12345 times)

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Offline AliceInLaceTopic starter

Moved to

This thread is no longer active as I have had to take a long absence for personal reasons. However, some of the amazing staff took it over and you can find the reboot above!

*Last Update: September 28, 2015*

Many years ago, the times were dim for anyone who was found paranormally gifted. Many have heard of the Salem witch trials that took place but that was only the beginning. Witches weren't the only race that blended in the normal world of the mortals. Many wars raged on between the races until eventually, they all disappeared. Over a century later the times have changed thanks to many authors and writers bringing forth the races in a more favorable light rather than the gruesome way they had been previously portrayed.

Blackwell was a well known name in the paranormal world as one of the wealthiest families still in assistance. Soon after the paranormal community was liberated from their hiding, the head of the family proposed an idea for a school. It would be open to some of the most exclusive families of all races, essentially paranormal royalty. The students would attend the school and learn not only about their own culture but also about the mortals they now interweave with.

The school only features the best of the best, either your family has a large fortune or your scores were high enough to be considered for the preparatory school. The students with still find that many races refuse to get along, and some family feuds go back to the dark ages. However, they all must work out their differences if they wish to receive the best training available.

What they don't know is one man is still out to bring back the wrath of the dark ages and he is willing to go through whatever it takes to destroy not only the school, but the paranormal's as well. As these young adults are trying to figure out themselves, each other and intimacy... can they handle a bad guy on top of it?


Hello and welcome to my third and final attempt at a group game. I have made a couple in the past that didn't work out due to design flaws on my part. After a long leave and transitioning into a stay-at-home mom, I now have decided that with more time I wanted to try one last story. Blackwell Manor is a tale I had been building on for quite some time and thought it would make a fun group game. At this point I have not created the group until I can gain some interest. A problem I had in the past was jumping into a game too early without really checking out interest for it.

Some specs of the game is that it is a plot-driven sandbox. This is just meaning that while you do have free-range to play how you want, there is still a major plot in place that will be helped along with use of events. The game is for EVERYONE, we are very LBGTQS friendly and encourage everyone to join. The races also have a very wide range, everyone is of a fantasy race such as: Witch, Vampire, Elf, Fae, Shape-Shifter.... the possibilities are endless as there are very few I would turn down.

I am honestly drawing a blank on anything else to put so if you have any questions, I will answer them in the thread and add key questions to this post so others can see them.

Character and Story Details

After a question by Mellific, it made me think to put this here.


• I would like at least 3-5 professors of various classes. Age would be 25+
• Students will be unlimited and have an age range of 17-23.
• ALMOST any race will be accepted. The only ones I may not except are the rare or completely unique. I want to be sure we'll be able to have several of the same race so stick to the likes of: Vamps, Witches, Weres, Fae, Druid, Elf ect. Though you can be a subclass of that [ie elemental fae]
• Powers must make sense to your character and have a limitation. This will prevent OP characters...


• Setting is modern day/slightly future (less then 20 years) so yes, you can have all moderns advances
• The entire roleplay will take place around the school. The exception will be occasional school-allotted trips to a small town nearby that is just for the paranormal (sort of like Hogsmead for those HP fans out there)
• More will come as it's talks about

Roll Call

This is the current list of players, if the name is italicized then that means I have not heard from them in a while and may not still be in the game. If it is struck-through then that player is on a hiatus or vacation. If it has a * next to it, that player is at risk of leaving due to inactivity.


Celeste Blackwell | Witch | AliceInLace
Myvanwy 'Nyx' Narrezzlium | Dark Fae | Julles
Faye Zanarius | Succubus | Angiejuusan
Liliana Sinclare | Witch | LamentingQuill
Molly Mulligan | Fetch | Nastara
Penelope Demount | Vampire | Bekah Boo
Phoenix Ingnis | Fire Elemental | AliceInLace

Uriel | Saviour | msa24680
Julian Hawthorn | Warlock | LamentingQuill
Madox Archer | Werewolf | Mellific
Fallen | Demon Hybrid | Outlaw Fallen
Jean-Luc Chevelle | Warlock | Lamenting Quill
Fenris Milovanovic  | Upir | Starcry


Veronica Charm | Potions | AliceInLace
Eliana Deveraux | Etiquette | Mellific

Araxis | Finance | AndyZ
Ash | Arts | Outlaw Fallen


WARDEN | Medic and Handyman | Angiejuusan

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Offline AndyZ

Going to keep an eye on this.

Offline Angie

Ooooo...I'm so in, Faye Zanarius is SO coming back for this one...

Offline Amarlo

-Bookmarks for future peeking.-

Offline AliceInLaceTopic starter

Oh wow, thanks guys :)

Offline NaturalxDisaster

Ooh, I'll bookmark this too :)

Offline AliceInLaceTopic starter


Offline Keaton

Color me interested. I think this idea has big potential.  ;D

Offline AliceInLaceTopic starter

Why Thank you

Offline Nastara

Ooo, definitely looks interesting to me!

Offline RegretNot

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Offline Mellific

I'm interested as well.

Are there limitations to the types of 'Paranormal' abilities and powers that the school-aged characters can have? Also, would the school be strictly for high school aged kids, or would it be an integrated high school/college?

Offline Julles

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Posting interest for sure! Id love to play a character whose family has a long line of hatred towards another characters family. How fun! Keeping an eye on this. :D

Offline msa24680

I could possibly in interested in this!  I'd love to know a little more about it as you progress with the idea!

Offline Diabolus Lupus

I'd be interested in playing for sure. I even have half a character idea already.

Offline Angie

So I would say interest has been checked.

Offline la dame en noir

Looks like something that will get my muse going! :3

Offline AliceInLaceTopic starter

Sorry guys, I was away for the day.

Mellific, I am thinking a range of 17-22 for students. Staff 25+. As far as abilities, I think anything with in reason to each race. I will also require a limitation of each ability to ensure no one is over powered.

I am so glad to see such interest, I will be updating the first most in the morning with more information :)

Offline Haloriel

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I will also stick down my interest in this.

Offline Amarlo

I would love to play an RA that lives in the girls dormotory with the girls if that's an option.  ;D

Offline AliceInLaceTopic starter

You'll have to fill me in on what an RA is.... my mind is drawing blank...

Offline AliceInLaceTopic starter

Also updated the front

Offline Amarlo

You'll have to fill me in on what an RA is.... my mind is drawing blank...

Oh, sorry! Resident Assistant. They live in the dorms like landlord babysitters, help keep the residents safe too.

Offline Julles

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Cool! Can't wait to start getting a character sheet together when you put those up. :D

Offline AliceInLaceTopic starter

Oh, sorry! Resident Assistant. They live in the dorms like landlord babysitters, help keep the residents safe too.

Sure, I think it could be a fun 'mix-up' that a male RA got put in the girls dorm. I'm sure we could make it work