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Author Topic: Testing Limits (M seeking F)  (Read 606 times)

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Offline BevatoriaTopic starter

Testing Limits (M seeking F)
« on: June 18, 2015, 12:58:03 am »
Well, the last time I got one of these, I got a bunch of responses, and hoping to do so again.  Hi all!

I'm looking for some willing female partners who are willing to play a submissive female character. I've found some success in equal, romantic plays as well, for the right idea or cowriter.  Despite many of my ideas being smut focused, I've been told I pace and build things very well, and that's something I always try to do.  Above all, I'd say I'm looking for a bit of a tease in a partner.  Someone who likes pushing the envelope a bit, being a little daring both in her attitude and attire, and maybe someone who gets herself into more trouble then she can handle.  Sexual tension is one of my favorite things to explore with many male characters in the room (even if I'm just focused on one) and one female, as she catches them all looking at's a hard thing to explain.

I seem to favor college age characters for some reason.  Must be the freedom of being able to get into trouble.

If you want to know what I like, my ons and offs are here, and f-list are here.  But now, for my few vaguely formed ideas, including some I've asked for before, yes :).

A pet project of mine that I tried once with someone but it didn't get past the starting point.   Your character and mine are two young adults/college age students who are stuck late at night at a public laundromat, and try to find some ways to pass the time.  I'm admittedly attracted to the idea of the girl needing laundry money, and not having much to bargain with aside from her clothes, and/or her body.  It's isolated, the guy's attractive, but maybe he wants to push farther then she wants.

Group Project
So for a group project, the professor splits the class up and, lo and behold, you end up as the only girl in a group with three other guys.  For reasons that I and you can work out - whether she's a natural flirt, is attracted to one of the guys in the group, or maybe one of them has some dirt on her, she ends up getting very close with my character in more ways then one.  It could just be a story about keeping their liason secret from the other guys, or what happens when they demand the same amount of 'friendship' that my character has.  This is one of the ones that could be long term, and the project could just be a part of it...CURRENTLY TAKEN

Wrong Party
So what happens at the end of a long party when you're the only girl left, desperate for a ride home?  One last drink, a game of truth or dare, or maybe he takes you to his place...CURRENTLY TAKEN

Tempting Roommate
This is loosely based on a story I wrote with another beloved partner here some time ago.  In that, she played an old neighbor who ended up moving in with my character and his fiance.  Since we needed the money, we were looking to take on a renter, and lo and behold, she came in right in the 'nick of time'.  Since my character used to babysit her, there'd be no kind of trouble, right?

Not exactly.  If she'd secretly had a crush on me all those years, it turns out she's after more then just a room...

Basically, a sort of a forbidden romance between a roommate and someone in a committed relationship.  This is one I'd be willing to flip for the right story angle - maybe where I play the third party and you're seeing someone else, trying to stay faithful - or even just where we're roommates where the sexual tension keeps growing and growing.  I could do multiple male roommates if we could make it believable, but I seem to have a lot of those kinds of ideas already

Anyways, if you see anything you like or want to brainstorm, fire me a message. I'll edit this tomorrow so it actually sounds coherent Oh who am I kidding :p.
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Offline Melieli

Re: Testing Limits (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2015, 02:08:19 pm »
Mm, hey! I read your post, and I would like to say, I'm interested in a few ideas.

I think the last to leave party one can be fun to try out. She would try to look calm and relaxed, but on the inside, she is becoming anxious, especially being outnumbered by males. Perhaps a freshman in amongst some older students?

Let me know what you think!