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March 27, 2017, 01:57:39 AM

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Author Topic: Reliable Player for Non-System Game - established character or new  (Read 558 times)

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Offline GypsyRoseTopic starter

Have a player who's withdrawn from your group game, leaving you with a character that you either have to write out or NPC?


Is there a character that you'd like someone to play in an established story -- either one that hasn't come into play or has been an NPC previously?


Is your game freeform?

Is the character female and human (mostly-ish)?

Is it a contemporary game, or historical, fantasy, medieval, Serenity, paranormal/supernatural or some combination thereof?  Or at least not sci-fi (other than Serenity/Firefly), superheroes, mutants, or not super heavy on the monster-type races?

If so, I might be your gal.  I've got a bit of extra time on my hands, and a desire to write (and all caught up on posts right now) and perhaps stretch my wings.   I've had bad luck with group games lately, though,  so I thought I'd put this here and see if it might catch someone's eye.  I've had fun taking over characters before, and sometimes it's exactly the right kind of challenge.

If you have a character needing a player that might fit the bill, I invite you to take a look at my posts or any of the links in my signature, and send me a PM if you think I might be a good fit.  :-)  I'm not going to vanish off the face of the internet without a word, I'm a fairly consistent poster, a good writer, and up front when something isn't working for me.
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Offline GypsyRoseTopic starter

Established or Abandoned Character Needs a Player in a Non-System Game?
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2015, 12:05:54 PM »
I've found one group game that I'm enjoying, and potentially looking for another as time allows.

I'm most interested in something with a horror or supernatural theme at the moment, as thoughts of Fall & Halloween always brings that out in me.

I'd also like to mention that when I say free-form, I do mean freeform.  If your game requires a character sheet with numbers to denote skill levels or statistics, then, to me, it uses a system, no matter how lite.  :-)

I'm all good with the GM deciding success or failure of actions attempted, or the GM rolling dice if I don't have to know about it.  I am much more interested in a group of people who use common sense, compromise, and courtesy to keep things balanced and interesting.  Characters should have weaknesses and flaws, and if the one proposed doesn't, I'll want some freedom in 'rewriting' so that it does.

Feel free to look over any/all of the info linked in my signature, and my post history. 

One thing I can promise is that I won't just vanish without a word, and if I take on a character, I will make every effort NOT to slow the game down in any way.  I post 2-5 times a week in general -- depending on complexity, I can perhaps almost do daily posting, but I can't commit to any game needing multiple posts per day.   I am not interested in games that would need less than one post per week.

Offline GypsyRoseTopic starter

Reliable Player - Looking for Same in Non-System Game
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2016, 09:51:02 AM »
I'm tentatively interested in getting involved in an active group game, and thought I would put this out there again. 
I'd be willing to pick up an abandoned or NPC character (strong preference for female) or create a new character that works with the setting and plot.

What I'm in the market for:

1) Non-system. 

This is a sticking point.
  By 'non-system', I mean that I am interested in a cooperative game where players and GMs alike work together to advance the story in an interesting and fun direction.  If there are numbers/dice involved on the GM's part and I don't ever have to see them or acknowledge their existence in any way, then I can go with system lite, but otherwise it's just not my cuppa.

2) A Game That Is Not Perpetually in Limbo

A game where players post, and if they don't post, then the GM(s) advance the plot anyway ... or are at least okay with me removing my character(s) from the situation where I'm unable to post after a reasonable time (a week).  Ideally, I would like to be able to make no fewer than one IC post per week, and no more than four. 

3) Posting Style

2-3 paragraph minimum post length the 'norm' and decent attempt at spelling/grammar/readable format.

4) Genre

Old West               Horror          Supernatural          Fantasy          Historical
ContemporaryUrbanSerenity/FireflyIntrigueAlt. Historical
ActionPoliticsEspionageDrama... or a mixture of more than one

5) Genres NOT of Interest

Sci-Fi (other than Serenity)

6) Situations NOT of Interest

Incest Heavy Plots
Anything Involving Degradation

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Re: Reliable Player for Non-System Game - established character or new
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2016, 04:44:35 AM »
Hi there, -pokes my signature- I may have a character idea if you're interested. If not the game is freeform and very laid back. We are very new and I am a very active GM.

I have quite a few characters created and I'm looking to fill people in their lives.