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May 23, 2018, 07:54:17 PM

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Author Topic: Reach into My Candy Dish (F for M, but open to all)  (Read 476 times)

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Offline MintprincessTopic starter

Reach into My Candy Dish (F for M, but open to all)
« on: May 17, 2015, 06:18:49 PM »
Reach into My Candy Dish
Mint’s First and Only Request Thread

Cravings.  We all have them.  I have them.  And I’ve spent a lot of time searching requests and O/Os looking for that right hit and I haven’t been able to find it.  So instead I decided I would make one of these threads.   I have hesitated in the past for a number of reasons. Mostly, I have found that when I click -first- with someone, via games and flirting, and then work on coming up with an RP idea, that our chemistry moves from chat to the rp and it simply flows better.  Communication is better.  Understanding is better.    Where as meeting someone randoming because they want to write has not gone as well for me. 
  • I don’t post frequently.  I can be in a streak and go every day, or life can grab me it might take a week or more.  If you are the type of the person who cannot stand waiting more than a few days for a reply, I am probably not the partner for you.
  • I prefer 2-4 paragraphs.  Openings can be longer.  When needed the post can be longer.  When needed the post can be shorter.  I am a huge proponent of writing what is needed.  No more.  No less.  There is power in being able to transmit the setting, mood, and action in less words than more.  I’m a big believer of this.  If you only write 1000 word novels, I’m probably not the partner for you either.
  • Language is lovely.  Words are beautiful.  Flow and rhythm in writing is truly magnificent.  Anyone can put words on paper.  But for me, those words need to evoke emotion, spur imagination, drive creativity.  They need to sing to my soul. 
  • Baring all that, at this point in my writing life I am incredibly picky.  Please understand that if you message me, I will go read your works, and if don’t think we’ll click I probably won’t write with you.  This doesn’t mean at all that you’re a bad writer or even that I’m better than you.  It simply means that your style and mine clash.  End of story. 
  • I am experience enough to play a wide variety of characters, but in general I have a type that I enjoy more than others.  My biggest preference is a woman of internal strength, thrown in a situation that forces her to succumb to something or someone stronger than her.   And when I say that, I mean both a person physically stronger but also of substantial character.  There is something about a man who can command with his voice and achieve submission, that his tone, body language, etc transmits this with so much confidence there are no questions asked.  Ever.  Witty, intelligent, playful, and yet commanding.  Bluntly, this is ever a challenge to truly find.

So here are my craving, although I am open to flexibility and discussion.  I also only want to play original characters, however, if there is a world we both love, I’m not opposed to using a canon setting.  And if you have some other totally different idea that fits what I seem to be going for, we can discuss that too. 

Another World (medieval-ish?)
I suck at titles so bear with me.  My character is a young lady, raised in a keep with her elder brothers.  She is naive to the dangers of the world around her.  When a viking-like people raid her city and she’s taken hostage, she assumes she’ll be ransomed back to her father as is common with noble-born prisoners.  But when the leader of the society sets eyes upon her, he has to have her as his own.  Rather than return her, he collars her as his slave and takes her to his bed.  She must learn to survive and find her inner strength in her new position.
Kinks: M/s, light bondage, deflowering,
Other: world building fun!

Stockholm syndrome
He’s a sociopath who breaks women for fun.  And she’s his next target.  But something is different about her, and he can’t let her go.  And she can’t seem to stay away, as though she wants to be broken.   Setting is up for discussion (modern/medieval/future/whatever).  I’m as interesting in the growth and change of the characters as the sex of course. 
Kinks: NC, violent, 

I will add more.  I have an innate desire to come up with something wild and crazy, erotic and sexual, with elements of domination, violence, powerplay. 

I am flexible on most settings, although I shy away from superheroes, shifters, aliens, robots, non-humans in general, and fandoms I know nothing about.    I love historical settings, original worlds, dystopian, and modern type settings. 

Consider this a work in progress, that I’ll update as my brain feels creative again.   And again, I want to be friends with my writing partners, so consider that before you just PM me with let's write! <3