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December 10, 2016, 07:02:14 AM

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Author Topic: Salty Sweet 3.0 (MxM Focus. FxF, MxF flavor options available.)  (Read 1171 times)

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Offline syrupyTopic starter

'Allo everyone. I'm syrupy. Here I'm looking for most any kind of pairing (including those that don't fall into easy gender definition like futa or hermaphrodite) and I'm looking for roleplays that are either long term plot driven, quick little gems or some combination for the two :D

Please PM me if you're interested in anything you see~

First and Foremost
-For more plot based roleplays, my posts are on the long side... They usually start out any where from 5 paragraphs to 8 or 10 if I'm feeling inspired and will continue at that length (if/when reason presents itself) if I am given the something to sink my teeth into. That being said I'm ALWAYS a quality over quantity person. I'd be much happier with three paragraphs that give me something good to respond to and add something to our characters or the setting than 10 paragraphs of fluff.
-I'm more than willing to provide a few examples of what I have written in the past, on or off the site. Give me an idea of what you're looking for and I'll make one available to you if you so wish it.
-Big, giant posts aren't a necessity though, if we can get we're going with something in a shorter format i'm fine with that as well. Just let me know what you're expecting from me and what your preferences are.
-I DO sometimes reply from my smartphone (I keep strange hours) so if an occasional post has a few more typos than normal or is formatted a bit weird... That's probably why. Just throwing that out there in case anyone is MEGA turned-off by that possibility.
-I really prefer when my rp partners speak to me OOC if they have any ideas about where we could go/what they want out of a roleplay: before AND during the actual breadth of the thing. Communication is a wonderful tool! Also, I'm friendly and a bit of a chatterbox if you get me going. If you want to tell me how your day was and ask about mine in return, do feel free.
-I play both Dom and Sub, though for some ideas I'm looking to play one or the other... Again feel free to ask questions.
-I won't be roleplaying over messengers, I've simply found I don't like it. PMs, threads and emails are prefered.
-Pet peeve of mine: If you contact me (and I DO hope so) please include something, or somethings, that you're interested in from this thread, or an idea of your own. I love new ideas. But it's more than a bit annoying to have to ask someone who sent nothing more than a 'Want to RP?' email what they want to do, when you've probably contacted me for a reason given that you saw this thread.

Rough and Tumble Navigation
-General Comments
-Kinky Stuff
-Plot Ideas and Starting Points

In General, things I will Roleplay
-If there is something missing from this list that you are interested in, feel free to ask? What's the worst that could happen. I don't bite. Chew... maybe.
-Also note, many of the things I list as fandoms I would be more interested in using the world rather than the characters themselves. But this is NOT always the case. Again, communication is and will be your friend.
-As kind of a reverse point of the previous point: I LIVE off of alternate universe plotlines/ideas. There are some characters that I ADORE and would love to play them in a new world/set of circumstances.

These are listed in some semblance of highest to lowest interest - but if they are here at all, they are definitely on my mind.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
-I would love to do a story that incorporates characters meeting, then separating and later reuniting. For any reason we can come up with. Particularly of interest to me is playing characters of differing ages (probably with some fantasy so that at least one of the characters would age slower than the other) where, upon first meeting, YC would be younger and less experienced than MC. MC would be the more dominant partner. Then after they meet back up, YC has done some maturing, physically and mentally, and their roles invert.

-I'm not a zombie fan normally... But a friend just recently introduced me to World War Z (the novels - which are totally different than the utterly meh movie, who knew!). The events of the zombie war are SO well fleshed out and everything is just an immaculate example of world building and social commentary. I would LOVE to do something with that setting.

-I have a bunny character I'd really like to use. Image lives here. I was able to bribe a very talented artist friend to draw him. He's a little inspired by the viera from the Final Fantasy (Tactics) universe, but could exist in any modern/period fantasy setting. He's a mage and a thief who, despite being male and a mammal, can get pregnant and lay eggs. Kiiiind of an Easter Bunny theme going here. Depending on the plots that could be constructed he may or may not know. I'm up for hearing ideas if you're interested, I'm willing to use him for N/C and consensual stories.

-I have some other smut-driven/inspired searches going on this specific thread. Monsters, Inflation and Pregnancy/Mpreg oh my!

Keep in mind these are not listed in any particular order of preference... simply a list of realms in which I'm comfortable setting a story.

Classical Western (perhaps with some fantasy elements)
Historical (various time periods)
Fantasy (past/present/future)
Pirates/Mer People (because everything is better with Pirates)
Slice-of-life (School life, Co-workers, Bands etc are lumped in here)
Some kind of Post-Apocalyptic Scenario
Something with a touch of horror (Slasher maybe? Lovecraftian? Or more World of Darkness inspired perhaps)
Something Dungeons and Dragons based (In any of the worlds... Faerun, Underdark etc)

It's worth mentioning that, for many of these, I am looking to use either the canon characters OR simply the canon world and create original characters. I typically prefer not to play canon characters directly interacting romantically or sexually with any original characters (mine, yours or otherwise), but exceptions do exist. Best to ask.

-Avatar/Legend of Korra
-Battle Royale
-Clamp-verse (Anime/Manga)
-Criminal Minds (TV)
-Dragon Age (Origins, II, Inquisition)
-Dramatical Murder
-Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts
---I'd specifically love: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Final Fantasy Tactics
-Fire Emblem
-Game of Thrones/ASoIaF
-Golden Sun
-Harry Potter
-How to Get Away with Murder (TV)
-League of Legends
-Magic the Gathering
-Mass Effect
-Neon Genesis Evangelion (I LOVE KaworuxSinji, maybe something set in one of the AU Series: Angelic Days/Campus Apocalypse?)
-One Piece
-One Punch Man
-Persona/Shin Megami Tensei series
-Petshop of Horrors
-Spartacus (Stars Show)
-The World Ends with You/Subarashiki Kono Sekai
-Wolf's Rain (would love some TsumexToboe)
-World of Warcraft

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Note: these depend heavily on what character I'm using, so please if you have a particular situation/kink that you would like to roleplay tell me and I'll make sure to use the right character for the job. I'm also more or less open to trying new things, but please just ask first :D

-Older Bottom/Younger Top
-More Experienced Bottom/Inexperienced Top
-Love/Hate Relationship
-Rough/Angry Sex
-Non-Con (perhaps turning into consensual)
-Non-Human characters and Creatures (still sentient/intelligent though)
-Femmy boys/Cross Dressing
-Forced Feminization
-Size Difference
-Multiple Partners/Orgy/Gang Bang
-Excessive Semen and/or Cock Size
-Non-traditional Cocks: size/shape/semen
-Inflation/Pregnancy (Risk of Pregnancy)/Breeding

Plot Ideas and Starting Points
Note that some of these ideas use indicative phrases like you/them, this does not necessarily denote that you are responsible to play that part. For most of these, I would be willing to play either and it's likely something that we'd hash out before we start.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- (CRAVING) As mentioned in the cravings section, I'm really looking to play a character with some raptor like qualities (this picture is a decent idea of what I'm thinking about). I could see things going one of two ways:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1) Someone to play a male or female humanoid character as a submissive to my dominant raptor anthro character. My character would MOST likely be male, although a case could be made for me to play a futa. The scenario or starting point could be consensual or not, although I will say that I see non-con ideas being more sex-centered, obviously. We could come up with any manner of ways the characters could happen upon each other for a consensual story: perhaps they are unlikely partners on an adventure? But I see the non-con ideas mostly focused on my character kidnapping or otherwise subduing yours into bondage for use for pleasure and breeding.

Applicable Kinks:
-Slavery/Pet Scenarios
-Size difference between partners (with yours being the smaller)
-Large/Inhumanly Sized/Shaped Cocks
-Excessive Semen
-Cum Inflation/Stomach Bulging
-Pregnancy (specifically Egg-laying)
-Male Pregnancy (if your character might be male)
-Risk of Pregnancy
-Unintentional Pregnancy

2) Someone to play a male humanoid or monster character as a top to my bottom (male) raptor anthro character. I use the term top and bottom rather than dominant and submissive here because while I am not opposed to playing a submissive raptor here, I would just as easily play a dominant personality who simply prefers or ends up taking the receiving role during sex. The character I play, however, would likely be rather effeminate in appearance. I will NOT play a non-con scenario if my character is on the receiving end here. We can talk out a scenario in which our two characters end up meeting or traveling together or having to work together. As far as when actual sex occurs, it could be quick and near immediately or something that develops as more of a slow-burn.

Whether or not it actually occurs in the roleplay or not, my raptor character here will be capable of becoming pregnant from any sexual activities and we can play around with the way the two characters feel about that possibility or whether or not your character is even aware of it at all.

Applicable Kinks:
-Power Bottom/Topping-from-the-bottom
-Rough/Angry/Rival Sex
-Inhumanly Shaped Cocks
-Excessive Semen
-Cum Inflation/Stomach Bulging
-Pregnancy (specifically Egg-laying)
-Male Pregnancy (Since my character will be male)
-Risk of Pregnancy
-Unintentional Pregnancy

- (CRAVING) I'd love to do something that plays with the ideas of cultures different from what the current norm has to say about homosexual relationships. Preferably where one character is less-privy to the dichotomy between top vs bottom partners. This started out as a desire to see a stereotypically "Top" character end up bottoming (once or several times - but certainly not throughout the entire relationship), although I suppose that isn't ENTIRELY necessary for the plot - I would like it though. More specifically I'm looking for a situation that would play on the idea that one character's culture sees no shame in taking the more submissive role in sex between two men but only if the would-be-top has properly defeated and won the right to the other man. We could use this in a lot of ways. Maybe the stereotypical "top" character would come from a background where it is seen as shameful to be the receiving partner and they are shocked that the other allows them self to be taken (once they're defeated in some kind of battle or contest), or the "top" character ends up being forced to submit and they have to deal with the sudden culture clash and redeem themselves. All kinds of places to go really. My only concrete request is that there be a definite difference in the build of the two characters so as to accentuate the differences in their "perceived rolls"

-(Craving) Plots of any kind involving the separation (willing or not, traumatic or lackadaisical) of partners and the reuniting at a later point, under circumstances that impose dramatically different influences on their rekindling relationship. Fun with inverting dom/sub and, or top/bottom 'assignments'. Bring me your ideas, if you have any. Perhaps a younger partner and an older, more experienced partner reunite to find that the younger has matured and filled out QUITE substantially. Or something on the darker side - one finds the other in some terrible state, broken and fallen from their previous position. Maybe they are now enemies in some battle or war or conflict. The possibility exists as well that only one remembers the other.
-Not at all Black Butler Inspired, I promise. This fantasy plot could take place during any time period. From Roman times, to Victorian to some kind of future. Essentially this is the story of a human (for this roleplay preferably male) and a demon they somehow find indentured at their side. Whether because this human found a way to summon this demon, made a contract with a demon that had been lurking in the shadows all the while, or inherited from a now-deceased relative. I don't have any specific ideas for where this could go, but I'd be interested to try it with a submissive demon position.

-Though this is hardly a plot, I'd like to do something involving a elder, twentish-thirtyish uncle and an adopted teenage nephew.

-Everyone's heard stories about girls posing as male students to sneak into their obsession's all-boy's school. So when you, a normal male enrolled at one such school, see one or your more effeminate "male" classmates (who was supposedly out of school on vacation for a few days) in the fuku uniform of the near-by Girl's school, your mind fills in the blanks. Suddenly an infatuation that made you question your sexuality seems completely founded. Somehow now all you can think about is "her". Too bad that you made an incorrect assumption.

Modern Fantasy
-You're rich, famous, powerful and on the top of everyone's "Most Eligible Bachelor" list. For some, life in the fast lane (accompanied by the appropriate paparazzi stalking) would be tiring, although for some reason you can't seem to get enough of it. Well.. It doesn't help that your current life seems to be the easiest way to get whatever you want or, more specifically; whomever you want. Except for one person, who seems to be immune to the charm of pomp and circumstance, some one who, unbeknownst to you happens to be a bit more than human. (Underdeveloped plot alert!)

Futuristic/Sci Fi

-As man kind warred themselves to ever lowing numbers, the remaining survivors of countless feuds began to compress themselves into the remaining civilized lands. Huge urban areas began to spring up, maintained only by the steady increase of technology. These mega metropoli are a hodgepodge of nationalities and races, and as such there it was natural for gangs to quickly spring up to seize control of these areas. This roleplay runs more or less like a semi-futuristic giant gang war, we could throw in a little fantasy, a little sci-fi, a little police-criminal action a whole lot of things and I'd love to use this setting more.
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Re: Salty Sweet 3.0 (MxM Focus. FxF, MxF flavor options available.)
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2016, 10:47:56 AM »
Hi there!  I wondered if you might like to do a Jayne/Simon Firefly or Pana/Dan or Nagron from Spartacus thread.  If you're interested, I'm totally open to new ideas, and I have some as well on , "Ideas" link below.  If you're ok with my slow posting (see Idea note), I'd love to hear from you,  L(

Offline syrupyTopic starter

Re: Salty Sweet 3.0 (MxM Focus. FxF, MxF flavor options available.)
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2016, 07:02:42 PM »
Update: Cravings updated, other additions/subtractions.