At the shadow's edge. [TS for M/Multiple] (Long-term, modern, realistic, action)

Started by Lyndsey, April 25, 2015, 06:41:14 PM

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Hello! If you're reading this I guess I've suckered you into reading my thread, where I've decided to put up another idea that I've fleshed out more recently. Before I get into that though, a few points that you should take note of.:

Characters: The character that I will be playing in this story will be a pre-op transgender, and I am seeking  a writer to play a male character opposite her.

Writing and Grammar: I strive to add creativity and detail into my posts, and am seeking a partner with a similar mindset. Also while mistakes are bound to happen, I would prefer if such errors aren't the norm.

Setting and theme: The setting for this plot will be modern-day/realistic. And I'd like to see a good amount of action in this story.

NPCs: No good story can get by without supporting characters to develop the plot, and I expect both myself and my partner to create and play these characters as and when necessary.

Posting rate and length: I try to get my posts out in a timely manner, and usually am able to respond pretty quickly as I work with a computer. That said, life can get in the way sometimes and as such I think one or two posts a week is a reasonable expectation, though if you are able to post at a higher rate, it's more than likely that I'll be able to match you. Post length isn't that big of an issue for me, I favor quality over quantity, and a couple of solid paragraphs is more than good enough for me. As with the posting rate, I'll always try to match my partners post length as well.

Communication: Communication is key for me, and I'd expect to keep in touch with my partner frequently as things develop, to ensure we're on the same page.

Smut: I expect a good amount of smut in this story, as long as it makes sense and is justified. The plot will always come first for me.

Possible group scenario: While I have yet to encounter a partner with whom I am able to agree on a shared vision for this plot, there has been sufficient interest that I would be willing to make this a group story for no more than three or four writers, should all parties be able to come to an agreement.

Feel free to check out my previous posts for an idea of my writing style. Also, here a couple of links that you might be interested in:

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Still reading? Great. Now check out The Plot: 

Inspired by 'Hit and miss'

Present day

This idea revolves around a transgender (MC) who works as a contract killer. She's good at what she does, and abides by a strict moral code -she doesn't put an innocent in harm's way, and she justifies the act of killing by only accepting the jobs that target individuals she feels deserve to die. Dirty politicians, drug dealers, crooked cops and the like, which understandably has made her very popular with various shady elements, rival gangs as they seek to take each other out and so on. This has made her quite wealthy, and also garnered her a number of enemies at the same time. The exact direction that this plot would take is still up in the air at this point of time, and would largely depend on the character any potential partner wishes to play. I'll be going with the one I find most appealing and interesting of course, and am always more than happy to brainstorm and discuss possible options.

The character:

Kaitlyn MasonName: Kaitlyn Mason

Age: 27

Place of birth: Cedar falls, Iowa

Gender:Female (MtF Pre-Op Transsexual)

Physical description: Standing at 5'7,Kaitlyn has a slightly larger frame compared to other women of her height. She has dirty blonde hair and large expressive green eyes. Her body bears the marks of a number of close scrapes she has been in so far, including a stab wound on her left abdomen, bullet graze on her right thigh. She also has the quote 'You play the hand you're dealt' etched in ink on the right side of her torso. The skin on her knuckles is calloused and rough, and bruises can often be found on various spots on her body in the days following a particularly rough job.

Personality: At her core, Kaitlyn is an individual who craves acceptance and understanding, yet her fear of rejection keeps her cold and distant from most of the people she meets. She takes no pleasure in causing others pain, yet has no qualms with what she does, as long as she's able to justify the kill. She's thorough and meticulous on the job, and prefers relying on her wits first, compensating for her lack of physicality. Outside of her work she lives a pretty solitary lifestyle in an upscale apartment, shared only with her feline companion, Luna.

Character background: One of two children born to a religious family in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Kaitlyn's parents didn't take it too well when she came out to them in her early teens. Months of counselling sessions followed, and when that failed to change Kaitlyn's point of view, things started to get worse when she was sent to various groups for 'conditioning', some of which involved beatings. Eventually, things would prove too much for Kaitlyn to bear, and she ran away from home at the age of sixteen, her relationship with her parents non-existent by that point, making the decision to leave much easier.

Broke, homeless and with no idea where to go or what to do, Kaitlyn started to sleep with men for money in her desperation. Over time she managed to get things stable enough that she was able to use the money she earned to pave the way for her transition, and she became pretty good at what she did until one night when a man she was in the company of got killed by a hired professional. Despite being in the same hotel room, the killer did not turn his gun on Kaitlyn, merely leaving almost as quickly as he had came. Despite being shaken by the incident, Kaitlyn resolved to track the assassin down, a task made much easier when he decided to come to her instead, surprising her in her apartment to make sure she didn't say too much to the police is she wanted to live. In the conversation that followed, something Kaitlyn said clearly struck a chord with the man, eventually resulting in him taking her under his wing, teaching her the ins and outs of the trade, right up until the day he caught a bullet on a job.

By this time, Kaitlyn had already carried out a couple of jobs on her own, and she put her mentor's contacts to good use, her reputation growing with each successful job. Today she carries on playing the hand she had been dealt in life,carving out a decent existence for herself, while justifying what she does by telling herself she's ridding the world of a menace whenever she takes on a target.

Possible character ideas for (YC):

Here's a list of rough ideas that any potential partners are free to use to help mould their character (completely optional,  of course!) All these ideas allow for many possibilities, so feel free to expand on them:

The shade of the past: This character would be someone from Kaitlyn's past, one she knew back in her home city. It could be her only sibling, or a long lost friend. Their paths would cross again in the present day, and this person would be dragged into the dangerous would she lives in.

The colleague: A fellow contract killer. This idea relies on the notion that there would be a sort of fraternity these individuals belong to, or alternatively they could just be two people in the same line of work who have crossed paths before and are aware of the others' existence.

The cop: A homicide detective on Kaitlyn's trail, finding small details to link the bodies she has dropped together, eventually leading him to discover her existence, and eventually being involved in the her life and world.

Do be reminded that you by no means have to use any of these ideas for YC,  and I'd be more than happy to discuss any other ideas that potential partners might have.