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Author Topic: Lyn's ideas, come take a peek! (Plot-focused literate TG for any/GM)  (Read 12751 times)

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Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Lyndsey's idea thread .

Updates.  [October 2018 ]:Currently looking to pick up a new thread or two. 

Please do not post in this thread.  Send me a PM instead.

Hello and welcome to my humble request thread, where you'll find various ideas and thoughts that I've managed to put in writing before they escape my consciousness. Feel free to stay awhile and browse, and should you find anything that piques your interest, my inbox is always open.

Who is Lyndsey?

Hi there mystery reader! I'm in my twenties, and have been writing/roleplaying since my teens. I first got into it playing World of Warcraft (and various other similar games) and have since moved on to writing here. Outside of writing I am a pretty avid gamer, and home cook as well. I'm generally a pretty easy-going person and happy to communicate with my partners outside of writing, and have skype/discord available on request to that end .

Below, you'll find a few short blurbs describing what I am like as a partner.

Characters I play: I am transgender myself, and thus primarily play pre-operative male-to-female transgender characters. On rare occasiona consider female roles, provided the plot is of particular interest to me. I usually prefer to play opposite male characters, but will consider others should the plot be of sufficient interest. In addition, I try to make my characters real and believable. They have hopes, dreams, dislikes and desires. More often than not, they'll be strong in their own ways too. Long story short, don't expect a porcelain doll that will bend to your every whim.

Writing and Grammar: I consider myself an average writer, and seek partners at/above my level, and while mistakes are bound to happen, I find that I am unable to work with a partner who comes up with posts riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Not a slight on anyone who does not have English as their native tongue, but it's just a bit jarring to me I'm afraid. Additionally, I only write from the third person perspective.

Setting and sexual preferences: I prefer stories grounded in reality, set in modern times, though there are certain exceptions to this. Other settings that I have enjoyed include 1950s-60s Americe (Possibly as part of a time travel tale) as well as the occasional post-apocalyptic romp. Like many others, I tend use images of real people for the appearances of my characters. I also will not play across any anime/cartoon characters or involve myself in any stories set in those sorts of worlds.

In terms of sexuality my characters will be 'bottom' for want of a better word, and generally attracted to men. For a more detailed insight into what pushes my buttons, feel free to check out my O/o's via the link in my signature or the section above.

Posting rate and length: Barring certain exceptions, I am able to post at least once every three days, though I am well capable of multiple responses on the same day . Real life might get in the way of writing sometimes and I'll be sure to inform my partners if that is that case, and expect the same in return. On my partner's end, I usually expect a post or two a week, though of course, it'll be awesome if you are able to post with greater frequency and I'll usually be able to match your rate.

Plot vs smut: I've noticed that a large chunk of content involving transgender characters in roleplay are generally centered around smut. In terms of that, I'd like to break the mold. The plot definitely comes first for me, and while I don't see much point in trying to come up with a ratio of plot to smut I'd expect in my threads, I'd definitely like heavy emphasis on the former. Don't get me wrong, my characters enjoy a good romp in the sheets like anyone else, but if that's all your looking for, then I'm probably not your gal.

Last but most definitely not least.... Most importantly of all, have fun! I'm sure all of us do this for fun, and I don't want anyone to feel obligated to write with me. If you feel for any reason our pairing or plot is not working out, just let me know, no hard feelings. I'll be sure to do the same. That said, I can only write with so many people, and I choose my partners based on how well I think we'd write together. Should I turn down a proposal, it's only because I feel we aren't all that compatible, so please don't feel too hard done by! There is a vast ocean of partners out there, and I'm sure you'll find one that suits you soon better than I soon enough.

What about you?

Now that you know a little about me, in this section you'll find the qualities that I hope to see in any potential partners.

Gender: I'll happily write with anyone, regardless of gender, so long as I feel that we'll be a good fit for each other in terms of writing together. That said, I prefer males as sexual partners for my characters, but may occasionally deviate from this course. Sexuality, like gender can be and often is fluid after all.

Creativity and multiple characters: I seek a partner capable of bringing their own spin to the plot, throw the occasional curveball and share the creative load as the story progresses, and impose the same expectations on myself.

Additionally, we meet many people in a normal day of our lives, even if the majority of those are just fleeting encounters. Similarly, the world out characters inhabit should be a living one. Thus, I seek a partner who like myself, is willing to play multiple characters, as and when required.

GMs: While not too long ago I would have been hesitant to write with a GM, since I've had an encounter or two with a couple of overbearing ones in the past. However, some of the most positive writing experiences on this site have been with such individuals, and depending on the plot, I would be more than willing to collaborate with anyone who prefers to take a bigger stake when it comes to the direction of the plot.

Communication: Communication is key for me, and I prefer to run any major plot twists or developments by my partner before actually pushing ahead. I expect the same from any potential partners, and would also like to be informed should they have to drop the story for any reason. I wouldn't mind all that much, except when a partner disappears without a trace. I'm also more than happy to communicate OOC be it for world-building or just general chatter, and as previously mentioned have skype available on request.

Possible group scenarios: Some of the ideas in my thread would possibly lend themselves well to a  group setting, and I'd be happy to discuss such a setup should there be sufficient interest.

Tales being weaved.

Here you'll find all threads that I currently have active. Feel free to browse, if only to get a better idea of the kind of partner I would be. Or better yet, add to this list.

The Lonely road (with Jr)  Playing:
Evangeline Rose

The ideas.

In this section you'll find my ideas, stories that I am currently craving. Some of these already have a character attached to them that I'd like to play, while others are more open-ended. I am of course, open to discussions and world-building with any potential partners and can/will alter these ideas and/or characters to make them a better fit.

Additionally, if none of the ideas below tickle your fancy and you have one of your own, feel free to share! I'm always open to exciting new stories.

2132.New! [/b]

   Inspiration: Altered Carbon, Cyberpunk 2077

   Themes: Cybperpunk, Futuristic, Action.

   Seeking: Single partner, GM, Possible group.

   The plot: This would be my second attempt at getting this plot off the ground, since the first one did not pan out. It would be set in the year 2132, where New York city has now been re-branded Neon City. MC would be a government agent from the present-day, who got herself grievously wounded while on an assignment and was subsequently put into cryogenic sleep, only to be re-awoken in 2132. The reasons for said re-awakening would tie into the main plot, and are completely up for discussion. Perhaps a wealthy benefactor has a job that he needs done, or some agency needs someone who isn't going to be in the databases of the day for an assignment. These are just mere examples and I'd be happy to discuss/alter them depending on the preferences of potential partners.

As for the details of the world at large, I'd like things to be grounded in reality, so nothing too extreme and fanciful. I envision a world where the wealthy and successful live in opulent apartments high up above street level, and with the advent of automated flying vehicles rarely have to come down to the ground any more. Drones would be a huge thing, and an essential part of everyday life, as would be A.I. Medical technology and weapons would be fairly advanced as well, to that extent that losing an appendage might not be that bad a thing with the prosthetics of the future and upgrade over flesh and bone, and people would be voluntarily replacing their limbs. This world would be ripe for creativity with endless possibilities, and ideally, I would like a partner who would enjoy fleshing the world as we go along. I would be seeking either a GM or signle partner, and the ability to write side characters as necessary would be crucial for this plot. Feel free to drop me a line if this piques the interest, and we can discuss things further.

A Winter's tale.

   Inspiration: Various spy/action movies.

   Themes: Modern, Realistic, Action, Espionage.

   Seeking: Single partner, GM, Possible group.

   The plot: MC is part of a covert government organization that carries out tasks deemed too controversial to taken on by any of the more familiar
   intelligence fronts. Think assassinations, corporate espionage, target protection, and everything/anything in between. The plot would revolve around these missions, and also
   how the characters involved balance it with maintaining a so called 'normal' life. Ideally, I would like to write with a Gm for this plot, one who would enjoy creating a living,
   breathing world around my character. That is not to say I expect such a partner to carry the creative burden, of course. I am looking at a collaborative effort and have plenty
   of ideas in mind already for this particular plot.

   Alternatively, this idea can just as easily be adapted for a single writing partner, or a group should there be sufficient interest. If this is the option you are interested in
   pursuing do tell me more about the kind of character you would be interested in playing across mine.

The lonely road. Currently Craving!

    Inspiration: Police procedurals.

   Themes: Modern, Realistic, Action, Crime.

   Seeking: GM.

   The plot: This is going to be short, as it's more of a general gist of things than anything else. I do have several plot threads and ideas in mind to share should discussions get that far.

Set in New York, (MC) is a detective with the NYPD. I envision this plot to take on the format of police procedurals, moving from case to case with a sprinkling of the various trials and tribulations of life in between. Below you'll find a detailed profile of the character that I'll be playing, I'm always open to making changes as and when necessary to make her a better fit, so feel free to share and suggestions or input you might have.


Name: Evangeline Rose
Age: 34
Place of birth: Jersey City, New Jersey
Gender: MtF pre-op transsexual

Physical description: Evangeline stands at 5'7", with shoulder length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. While not physically imposing, she is agile and light on her feet. While not on the job, she can come across as rather plain, and can usually found in jeans, t-shirts, tanks and sneakers. On the job, she is able to pull off many looks, picking whichever is best to suit her needs.

Skills: Expert marksman, Social chameleon, Quick and agile, Keen observational skills, intuition and intellect. Skilled driver, and possesses knowledge of vehicles, gleaned from her time working with her father in his garage.

Personality: Cynical, cold and calculating, Evangeline has been dubbed the 'ice queen' at her old precinct. She is an extremely private person and rarely reveals her thoughts and feelings to anyone. She has trust issues and is only truly open with a small handful that she has let into her inner circle, though those that manage to make it that far will find a warm and kind-hearted individual. Usually quiet and reserved, she is very observant and quick-witted, and relies on her intelligence rather than physical prowess in a confrontation. She is an excellent liar, able to blend in effortlessly in a variety of social scenarios. Evangeline is also idealistic, stubborn and has a little bit of a temper, which has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion.

Character background:

Born Evan Rose, the only child to an average suburban family in New Jersey, Evan's early childhood was a happy one. Everything would change one fateful night when Evan was five however, when his mother was apparently murdered in an apparent mugging gone wrong. Growing up without a feminine figure in his life, the child gradually became interested in the fairer sex to the point of obsession. Initially dismissing his child's behavior as just a phase, Evan's father did his best to raise him on his own, even though running the garage he owned took up most of his time. It would soon become apparent however, that what Evan had been going through was anything but a phase, and the man eventually relented and allowed his child to get the treatments and surgeries to became who he was both inside and out at the age of sixteen. Evan had become Evangeline.

A bright and intelligent child, Evangeline easily breezed through high school, graduating close to the top of the class. She moved on to study criminal justice in college, but instead of becoming a lawyer like her mother, Evangeline decided instead to move across the Hudson and join the NYPD, determined to make a difference and not allow another child to suffer growing up without a parent, like she did. Discriminated against because of her unique past, Evangeline had to work doubly hard compared to her peers to prove herself, scoring top marks in the police academy , before racking up an impressive string of arrests to make the rank of detective.

In doing so however, she's stepped on a number of toes. She's been described as cold and difficult to work with, and generally prefers to keep to herself most of the time. 

Possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: Young Evangeline - This would be more of a slice of life type of deal, set during the character's days as a student in college, exploring her formative years and the events that shaped her as a person. I don't foresee too much action here, though there is always room for improvisation and creativity!

Scenario 2: The detective -  This scenario would center around the character's time with the NYPD. Plenty of room for thrills and spills here, this scenario could see us taking a cue from police procedurals and moving from case to case, with perhaps a larger overarching plot to link things together.

Scenario 3: The future - Set a couple of years into the near future, this scenario would see the character moving on from the NYPD to a secretive government agency. However, she can't remember anything that has transpired in the past couple of years and only recently woke up to find large gaps in her memory the past few years. This scenario would follow a similar format to scenario 2, with the character working to regain her lost memories, while unraveling what happened to her, and what she did during that time.

World building thread


   Inspiration: Various.

   Themes: Modern, Slice of life, Action.

   Seeking: Single partner, GM.

   The plot: (MC) has been part of a government organization for the past few years, either law enforcement, or something less conventional. This plot kicks
   off with her getting jaded or disillusioned with the lifestyle she had been leading, and returning home to where she grew up, the American Midwest. It is a setting that I am
   interested in exploring, especially with its beautiful landscapes and unique culture.

                                                                                     This plot's a little more open ended than the others in this thread, and some discussion would definitely be in order to settle on a general direction before kicking things off. There are certainly many ways things could go, from it being a slice of life tale to something more action oriented, where MC's past follows her back home. It's all open and up for discussion, so feel free to drop a message in my inbox if building this story from the ground up is something that appeals.

Bloody sins.

   Inspiration: John Wick, Hitman.

   Themes: Modern, Realistic, Action, Crime.

   Seeking: Single partner, GM, Possible group.

   The plot: (MC) Is a killer for hire, with one catch - she only takes on jobs where the targets are deemed 'dirty'. Crime lords, drug pushes, murderers,
   you name it. As one might imagine, this has garnered her numerous enemies over the years, and the net is growing increasingly tight with each passing day. How long can
   she last before something gives? As far as the setting goes, I'm thinking of basing it in a large American city, such as New York, which should offer a playground rich and
   diverse enough to accommodate many different ideas and plot threads. Of course, I wouldn't discount the possibility of a jaunt to more exotic locales around the world for a job
   or two as well.

   As with most of the plots in my thread, I am looking for either a GM, or a single partner to write this out with. Should you be more interested in filling the latter position, you
  should be able to share the creative load, as well as write for side characters as and when the plot requires, and I'll be doing the same. Expect a detailed character profile on
                                                            my part, should discussions go well and we proceed with this plot.

Random musings.

Here you'll find all the random, less developed ideas that pop into my head from time to time. I would be happy to discuss and build more on these if they happen to pique any interest. Who knows, they could be the start of something special, right?

Inspiration: Life in the dark.

Themes: Contemporary, slice of life, possibly action.

Seeking: Single partner, GM.

The plot: I would like to try my hand at writing a character that happens to be visually-impaired, and all the trials and tribulations that accompany her condition. Not much to go on right now, but she would have started off with normal sight and lost it in adulthood through either illness or accident. I envision this to take more a slice of life angle, but would absolutely be open to having some action in it as well, depending on what any potential partners might be interested in writing.

Feel free to send me a message on this, would be happy to build more and expand on this idea.

Inspiration: Lost in time.

Themes: Post-apocalyptic.

Seeking: Single partner, GM.

The plot: Primarily inspired by the game series fallout, specifically the latest entry in the series, I envision this to be a plot where MC was cryogenically frozen in a bunker at the onset of a nuclear war, only to emerge a hundred years later to find that the world has changed drastically, with civilization being a pale shadow of what it was. This is pretty bare bones at the moment, but I'd be happy to put more thought into developing this idea should there be any interest in it.

Inspiration: Post-apocalyptic scenario.

Inspiration: The Division.

Themes: Contemporary, post-apocalyptic.

Seeking: Single partner, GM.

The plot: Set in the world of the video game The Division, this plot offers a post apocalyptic take on modern-day New York City, where a genetically engineered virus has been unleashed upon the city, leading to the the relatively quick deaths of two-thirds of the population. The rest, while immune face the daunting task of surviving on their own. In response, the city has been walled-off and left to fend for itself while the rest of the country figures out what to do about the situation. Looting and killing is rampant with the city in chaos, with people fighting over what little resources are left.

Ideally, I'd like this story to revolve around an escape from the city of ordinary people, minus any of the special agent type things from the game. I'm open to suggestions as far as characters go, so feel free to drop me a message if you'd like to discuss this plot.
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Offline gerreccia

Re: Literate & intelligent trans/F player seeks similar! (Updated!)
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2014, 05:46:24 AM »
New girl in school (Ts x M/Multiple characters)

I've never tried to role play with a transgender character but in terms of writing it I'm curious.
I'd be open to chatting, working out characters and a story.

Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Re: Literate & intelligent trans/F player seeks similar! (Updated!)
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2014, 07:11:16 AM »
You're most welcome to send me a message to see if we can work something out!  :-)

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Re: Lyn's box of ideas. (Literate Trans/F for Any) [Updated!]
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2014, 08:22:54 AM »
Back from hiatus, updated with new plot ideas!

Offline Jr

Re: Lyn's box of ideas. (Literate Trans/F for Any) [Updated!]
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2014, 10:44:05 AM »
You've definitely got some gears turning in my head. How do you feel about system games?

Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Re: Lyn's box of ideas. (Literate Trans/F for Any) [Updated!]
« Reply #5 on: August 02, 2014, 11:19:18 AM »
I suppose it would depend on what you had in mind, you're more than welcome to send me private message me about it.

Online Chreestafer

Re: Share a tale with me. (TS for M/GM)
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2016, 07:17:40 AM »
If it's still open I'd love to work something out with you on the detective story line.

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Re: Share a tale with me. (Literate TG for Any/GM)
« Reply #7 on: April 18, 2017, 01:24:23 PM »
Performed complete overhaul and rework of thread. Should be much cleaner to read through and navigate now.
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Re: Share a tale with me. (Literate TG for Any/GM for plot-heavy stories)
« Reply #8 on: August 23, 2018, 11:27:02 AM »
Monthly bump!

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Re: Lyn's ideas, come take a peek! (Plot-focused literate TG for any/GM)
« Reply #9 on: October 05, 2018, 10:09:32 PM »
Looking to pick up a couple of new threads.