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Author Topic: Classic Werewolf: Rules + Roles, Potential Varients (Please don't post here)  (Read 1657 times)

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Welcome to Miller's Hollow!

What is Miller's Hollow/What are Mafia Games?
 Miller's Hollow is one example of the classic 'mafia' style of social game. Many exist, with a wide variety of themes, MH just happens to be one I particularly adore. While many players will choose to roleplay their actions and votes each round, a mafia ghame is not necessarily a role play. Players are free and encouraged to add as much flavor as they like to the game, but it's not q requirement for those simply looking to play a game.

In a mafia game, players are divided into two teams; the 'good guys' (in this case, the villagers), who outnumber the other team roughly thee to one, and the 'bad guys' (in this case, the Werewolves), who have the advantage of information. While the villagers have the numbers advantage, they have no idea who among the entire group of players are the werewolves.

On the first day of the game, players will have a chance to introduce themselves, as well as vote for the town Sheriff. This player will be the tie breaker in the event of a majority. The werewolves will also learn who is on their team at this time. Once a mayor is elected, the game moves on to the night phase.

During the night phase, players with night phase powers will be given the chance to use them. During this time, the werewolves will get a chance to attack a player, removing them from the game. There may be a few villagers who also have night actions, as well.

During the following day Phase, and every day phase after, all players will be voting (publicly) for a player to lynch, removing them from the game. If necessary, players may also need to vote for a new Sheriff as well. During day 2 and 3, players can choose to vote for No Lynching, if they feel they don't have enough information to go on. Starting Day 4, voting to lynch a player is mandatory. Once the day phase concludes, the game will move to the next Night Phase, and the day-night cycle will continue as described until the game ends.

How do I win?
  • If you are on the Village team, you win by eliminating every last member of the werewolf team.
  • If you are a werewolf, your team wins when you match the village in numbers, going on a feeding frenzy and overpowering the remaining villagers.

Things worth mentioning.
  • Players will need to be able to access their PMs in order to receive their roles and properly scheme. Because of this, only approved members are able to join. Apologies to those still awaiting approval.
  • Once the game has begun, I won't be able to add new players, with the exception of allowing someone to take on the role of a player who has to leave.
  • Your role will be PMed to you just before the game begins, along with any revelations, such as the werewolf's team members. Please be sure to check your PMs.
  • No matter what variant of the game is running, werewolves may never attack werewolves.
  • A large part of the game is keeping your role hidden. You are welcome and encouraged to lie to your friends!
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Offline Galactic DruidTopic starter

General Rules for Social/Mafia Games
Above everything else, please be aware of Elliquiy's Rules and Civility Guidelines while playing. Remember, this is a game of deception, and we're all here to have fun. Don't take it personally if you discover someone you trust has been on the other team all along!

You can still win if you're dead! - If your team wins, you win, whether you're alive or not. Sometimes, it may be the smartest move to use an ability you could save yourself with to keep another player with a different power alive, or to get the wolf's attention to keep it off someone who has more information. Just keep in mind, if your team wins, you get to bask in their glory as well. That said, please remember...

Dead Men Tell No Tales! - Dead is dead, and while you're certainly welcome to chat with people about your experience with the game, sharing information, publicly or privately, is strictly forbidden. Passing off information, especially about your own team, because of a grudge or a desire to win breaks the game.

He said/she said... - Players are free to share information they're told by another person by others, as well as make claims where it was acquired (though this information doesn't necessarily have to be true...). However, players can not use Elliquiy's quote buttons to directly share information from threads or PMs.

The game is played in threads and PMs - Not in the 'who'se online' feature, not in a player's most recent logged in stamp. Base your decisions on what you see in the thread, not on who was online when a certain event was announced.

Keep the GM Entertained and in the Loop! - Make sure to include ThatRPGuy in all your game-related PMs, especially the treacherous variety.

Voting Rules

Voting is Mandatory - Even if you don't want to have a lynching the 2nd day, you still need to vote No Lynching. The game will not run smoothly if player's aren't voting.

Votes can be changed! - Until I receive and count every vote, as well as announce the results, any player can change their vote. To make things easier to monitor, I'd appreciate if you worded it along the lines of "I'm changing my vote from ___ to ___". Since votes can be changed....

Please don't hold back a vote to see what other players will do! If everyone waited for everybody else to vote first, the game would stall quickly. If you're completely unsure, you can always vote randomly, and change it later when you have a better idea. On that same note:

"They voted first" is a terrible reason to target someone! Swift, decisive voting keeps the game running smoothly. Just because a person is the first to cast their vote, doesn't necessarily mean they are a badguy, or even that bloodthirsty.

Metagame reasons are equally terrible! Nothing is less fun than being voted off early for a reason along the lines of "They're really good at these kinds of games. We should kill them off early in case they're a wolf.", "Well, they were the wolf last time.", "They're a very active player, so they must be evil!", or worst of all, "Let's get the veteran players first so us first timers have a chance!". Not only is this a good way to hurt your team, it hurts the game as a whole, as well as future games. A veteran player isn't likely to join new games if they're under the impression they're going to be killed the first night every round.

Please vote on time! Each round in a game of werewolves will be timed, usually somewhere between 2-3 days per round, the longer time given on weekends when E is less active. Please try to vote on time. Remember, you don't need to make full posts to play, just a name will do.

Remember, the game determines your alliances! Similar to metagaming, keeping a player alive against your better judgement or sharing too much information because you're friends is a great way to get your team killed!

Pleas vote in bold! - It helps me keep track of things.

You cannot vote for yourself! - Neither for a Sheriff election, nor for a lynching.

Please don't edit your posts! - You can always change your vote, but trying to cover up your previous actions is not allowed.
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Offline Galactic DruidTopic starter

Potential Roles
Every single one of these roles may not be in your game. This is just a general list of potential roles that may appear in the game you are playing. The Original Post in your game thread should tell you what roles are in play.

Village Roles

The Villager - The most common roles in the game, usually around 50% of the players are villagers. While they may not have special powers, villagers are no less important. They serve as the village's main detetives, rooting out the werewolves among them.

The Seer - Night Role - Once per night, the seer has a chance to scry a fellow player. They will learn if that player is a villager, a special villager, a werewolf, or a vampire. If special werewolf roles are in play, they will appear as a werewolf.

The Bodyguard - Night Role - Once per night, the bodyguard will be called on to choose a player to protect. This player cannot be killed by an attack, including poisoning. This ability blocks a single attack.

The Healer - Night Role - The healer has been hard at work brewing a special potion that can protect against even supernatural wounds. Each night a player is going to die, they will be revealed to the healer, who an choose to use their once per game ability to save them. If no player is in danger of death (Because the werewolves chose to turn a target, for example, or an attack was blocked), nothing will be revealed to the healer.

The Witch - This player has almost finished brewing a deadly poison, potent enough even for a werewolf. Starting on the second night, they will have the option to use this once per game potion to eliminate a player. This poison does not work on vampires, or players protected by the bodyguard.

The Shaman - A role for smaller villages that need a powerful villager, the Shaman is a combination Healer in which. They have one life potion and one death potion, and can use them the same way the healer and witch would use theirs.

The Priest - This player has a vial of holy water. Once Per game, they can use this ability to douse a player just as they are about to be lynched. This will reveal the player to be  either a werewolf, a vampire, or a member of the village team. It will not reveal special roles. If the player is revealed to be a villager, they are not lynched.

The Diseased Villager - If this sickly villager is the target of a werewolf/vampire attack, they attacking team will find themselves unable to feast the following night while they recover.

The Angel - During the first night, this player may 'bless' another player, it cannot be themselves. The first attempt to kill the blessed player, no matter what, always fails, at which point, the blessing is lost.

The Masons - These players know who one another are, thereby having a player they know they can trust. However, the first rule of mason club? Don't talk about mason club. Any player who directly or indirectly refers to the Masons guild is killed the following night by the secret society.

The Lycan - This player is on the Village Team, but they appear as a werewolf to the Seer.

Werewolf Roles

The Werewolf - Always a classic. The werewolf players will learn who one another are the first day. Each night phase, they decide, as a group, to lynch one player. If the attack succeeds, it is announced the following day.

The Alpha - The leader of the pack, capable of turning others. Once per game, during the night phase the alpha can choose to turn a villager instead of the usual attack. That player will wake up with the werewolves (and learn their new role) the following night. The Alpha can either do this with the group, or override the attack with his own via PM to the GM. While it's encouraged to choose a target with your teamates, ultimate, the decision on who to use this power on is up to the alpha.

The Wolfman - Often used in variant games, this werewolf can pass for human well enough to reveal as a regular villager to the Seer.

The braggart - This Werewolf is rather proud of what he is, and can't help but drop hints.  Every round, the braggart has to use the world 'werewolf' during at least one of his day phase posts.


Vampires only come in one flavor, and only show up in the Werewolves Vs. Vampires Variant. Vampires are immune to poisoning and werewolf attacks, but are typically smaller in number, and have no protection from the seer. They win the same way the werewolves do, by matching the villagers in number. However, neither the werewolves or the vampires can win while the other team is still alive.

Other Roles

The Gemini - A pair of twins, one human, one werewolf. The twins have only one goal, to be alone. Using their influence over both sides, the twins can only win if they manage to be the only players remaining at the end of the game.

The Lone Wolf - Similar to the Gemini, the lone wolf's sole interest is to be the last player standing, and if he needs to sell out his fellow werewolves, so be it. The lone wolf adds some additional paranoia among the group responsible for all the paranoia within the full game.

The Cursed Villager- This player is a member of the village, unless he suffers a werewolf attack, at which point he swaps teams, rather than dying. He either appears as a regular villager or a werewolf to the seer, depending on which team they're on when scryed.

The Drunk -This player is so drunk, he can't even remember what side of the village he's on. If the drunk is in play, one role from the set is set aside, and the drunk learns what they are on the third night when they sober up. Since the set aside role is chosen at random, it's possible the drunk is the role set aside, in which case there is no drunk in the game.
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Game Variants

Deception - The Werwolves have a few special abilities to throw villagers off their tracks. In deception, one of the werewolves is the Wolfman, and one of the villagers is the Lycan. It becomes far harder to read how many wolves are still left until the game ends.

The Gemini/Lone wolf - One or two players are working to be the last ones remaining in the village. There's always a werewolf player, and the gemini have one in the village as well. In both cases, victory is only possible by being the last player(s) standing.

Vampires and Werewolves - AKA: Twilight Mode - There are three teams in total, Werewolves, Vampires, and a rather strong village. The werewolves typically have the bonuses listed in deception, while the vampires are immune to night attacks. Each group gets a kill each night, and the game can only be won by any team by eliminating both of the other two. To make up for all the extra kills, the village typically gets more special roles than they would in a game with only werewolves.
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Questions and Answers:
This section may be updated from time to time as situations that need clarification arise.

Q: Can the bodyguard or angel stop a player from being turned?
A: Since turning counts as an attack, yes it would. Moreso, since turning is a once per game use, the power would be wasted.

Q: What happens if a player suffers multiple attacks (Werewolves, poison, vampires) while protected by the bodyguard?
A: Since the bodyguard only blocks a single attack, that player would die.

Q: If the angel blesses a player, and that player is protected by the bodyguard the same night they're attacked, do they still lose their blessing?
A: Yes, the blessing is lost after the first time a player is attacked, and would activate before the bodyguard's block.

Q: What if that same player were attacked by two things?
A: The blessing would absorb the first attack, and the BG's block the second, so the player would live. If that player were unfortunate enough to be the target of a wolf attack, a vampire attack, and a poisoning, they would die.

Q: If the Drunk is a werewolf, is it possible for the werewolves to accidentally kill one of their own?
A: Yes it is.
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