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Author Topic: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request  (Read 1778 times)

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Online VonDoomTopic starter

Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« on: April 01, 2015, 04:51:59 PM »


Imagine a world invaded by demonic agents and literally suffused with their corruption, turning many of  its residents into selfish and often wanton parodies of their former selves. Where few are as they were and those tainted who still maintain their common sense and sanity flock together for protection -- and often relief for their new-found urges.

A world full of monsters, some in the shapes of beautiful women, men or hermaphrodites, some bestial, some demonic, all driven by powerful urges -- to taint, to reproduce or simply to satisfy their cravings.

A world into which unsuspecting 'Champions' are often sent as tribute, so that the demons residing there do not turn their eyes towards other realms. All too often these champions end as little more than playthings - whether bound, heavily corrupted and then harvested for their tainted sexual fluids, turned into cum-addicted minotaur cocksleeves, or breeding mares for one type of tainted critter or another - but some prove the exception. Some battle against all these dangers with success and carve a place of their own, some make the corruption their own and become a powerful menace in their own right -- all these things and many more are on the table.

The many transformative items that abound in the world are a quick path to greater strength, but can also lead to darker  things. Sure, drinking the milk of a succubus makes you into a more beautiful image of femininity and makes a busty beauty even out of a flat-chested tomboy -- or a formerly brawny man -- but it also tempts, corrupts. The blood of a minotaur or dragon can grant great strength, but it all comes at the price of
change. 'You are what you eat' has never been more literal a phrase.

The world of Corruption of Champions, as originally conceived by Fenoxo. While it is a single player game, nothing about it says that it couldn't be a group of Champions that are sent instead! And as a huge fan of corruption, transformation and many other things involved in the original CoC game, I would love to play in it.

Just to note: the description above came out a bit bleak, but CoC is also quite quirky and fun! Or it can be, at least.

I am looking for a GM as well as fellow players who are interested in a character-focused narrative and strong detailed writing -- whether the game takes place in the canonical world from the CoC game or one similar in spirit is up to GM preference, but at the very least the GM should be familiar with the original Corruption of Champions game and its themes.

The game should be run in either Fate Accelerated (the preferred option) or Fate Core, though Pathfinder (which would necessitate heavy houseruling for all the transformations, since they shouldn't just be superficial changes with minor bonuses) is also an option if rules-lite systems aren't your cup of tea, as long as the focus on narrative doesn't suffer for it and combat is kept reasonably short.

Reply right here to denote interest, whether as another player or prospective GM! Maybe let us know what your favorite things about CoC are and what you're interested in, or even pitch a first character concept!

One additional request I have that is relevant to the entire game: I am not a fan of furries. Monster-people (so as not to restrict it to the common term Monster Girls) are great, but I don't like paws or snouts on people. It's a pretty big turn-off for me. Mythological and strongly established fantasy-creatures are an exception there -- minotaurs are fine with a bull's head, for example. I suppose a big point is that they are portrayed as clearly monstrous rather than supposed to be appealing to the characters: Gnolls are fine as fugly rape-happy hyena-men, but if they're described as sexy it gets squicky for me.

Also, I'd love it if becoming a full demon isn't a bad end if the character otherwise retains their intellect and freedom to act, but rather the beginning to another, more evil chapter in their life.

Personal CoC Favorites

Creature Encounters
Assume all critters that are more on the furry end of things to have been 'de-furred' and imagined with human-like faces on my end.

Demons (all manner thereof but mostly succubi and ominibi)
Tentacle beasts

Slime Girls
Shark Girls
Sand Witches
Insect people

Unless otherwise noted, both receiving and giving when appropriate.

Corruption (the bread and butter for this game)
Transformation (the honey on top of said bread and butter)
Futanari (not every girl ever should sport a cock, but it's nice to have a sizable selection)
Corruptive Parasites (NOT the ones already in the game, those are pretty squicky, but in general)
Non-consent/dubious consent
Bondage (light)
Piercings (nipples, clit)
Tattoos (artistic, no taglines)
Full Feminization (manly man turning into a voluptuous woman - it's hot, though not applicable to my character since I'll play a female ... well, to begin with, anyway.)
Lovey-dovey lesbian/futa SM relationships (is that a fetish of its own? I like them a lot, so eh. Let's say it is.)
Arousal Control
Oviposition (ideally from driders with a bit of webbing-bondage thrown in)
Cum Addiction (druggy minotaur cum, or perhaps psychological)
Lactation (to the point of needing to be milked with a bit of cow transformation thrown in)
Pregnancy (accelerated)
Being in heat (if appropriate transformations are involved)
Hypnosis/Mind Control (implanting certain orders/ideas/fetishes rather than full puppetry)
Bimbofication (with an opt-out for it not to be permanent)
Horse cock (previously an off, lately … kind of an on after a certain other CoC game. Taking, not having.)

Read all of this? Have a Kiha (NSFW) as reward!

Personal CoC-based Offs
Anthro/furry (Snouts, paws, etc. Animal features on mostly human faces such as fangs, insect eyes or shark teeth are fine as long as they have a mouth and a nose.)
Multiple sex organs (a pair of cocks are fine, but any more than that is a bit much. Also not a fan of multiple sets of breasts or vaginas.)
Extreme proportions (big is good, but there is such a thing as too much. If a set of breasts is so big it would literally break your spine or a cock could actually be used to skewer someone, it's too much.)
Weird nipples (having cow-teats on a cowgirl is great, but when they start to turn into cocks or lips or become fuckable, that's really not my thing.)
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Offline Hexed

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2015, 05:27:56 PM »
In. Oh so in.
Love CoC and still play it even now. :D

Sadly I'm not very sure that I'd be much help GM'ing, at least right now. In part because I've never GM'd and in part because I'm very new to PbF based play.

As for CoC There's not much I don't like in it, although I'll admit to playing a female character most times as futa or male on male just isn't quite my cup of tea. I tend to stick with the whisker fruit myself, gotta love the flexible perk. :)   But my most favorite part has got to be the non-combat NPC's and the various relationships you can form.

As for the system... I'll have to look up Fate Core and Accelerated as I can't recall either of them, although Fate itself is an old system i kinda know.

Offline SloppyJoe

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2015, 06:31:52 PM »

Offline Paladin101

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2015, 06:40:05 PM »
interested. Actually never heard of this but playing around with it now on my second screen. lol.

Offline Rook Seidhr

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #4 on: April 01, 2015, 07:02:07 PM »
I had vaguely heard of the game. I should probably play around with it a bit. Regardless, this sounds like fun.

Second the motion to use FAE.

Offline Almondus

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #5 on: April 01, 2015, 07:42:03 PM »
I'd have to learn the system, but I'm totally down with playing some CoC.

Offline Videospirit

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #6 on: April 01, 2015, 08:35:37 PM »
I love Corruptions of Champions. Corruption is one of my biggest kinks, and transformation and mind control are my second and third.

I have heard good things about the fate system, and wouldn't mind learning it, but I don't actually know it right now.

Checking out the rules now, these compels look interesting. Do something that gives you aspects like "Highly Corrupt", "In heat", or "Addicted to Minotaur Cum" and things could go very bad very fast.
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Online VonDoomTopic starter

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #7 on: April 02, 2015, 01:29:18 AM »
Wow, lots of interest right on the first day! I guess making the opening post shiny can make a difference.

Fate Accelerated is really easy to learn -- as is Core, though Core is a bit more complex and the book for it is about six times longer -- 50 pages to 300, but a lot of that only needs to be read by the GM. Both are available for free (or rather 'pay what you like' with a voluntary donation system behind it) here.

'In heat' and 'Addicted to Minotaur Cum' would likely both be rather bad (well, for the character  ;D) aspects to have, but Highly Corrupt would have a lot of positive uses. 'That guy wants to rape me? Nu-uh, I'm the one doing that to him!' 'Demons over there? Cool, they're my buddies. I mean, c'mon, I look like a succubus already!' 'That one annoys me. I wanna make her more compliant. Maybe get a new slave out of it.'

Have some inspiration!

VS. Naga
Ant Girl
'vs.' Harpy
Having fun with a dryad
Ceraph the fetish-inducing Omnibus
Bee girl!
Harvesting some honey!
Ghost possession makes you a futa?!

And the character that appears again and again in these is ... well, someone's OC. I suppose they were really commited to getting CoC commissions done for her.

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Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #8 on: April 02, 2015, 08:28:26 AM »
As I was playing the game, and was excited to hear the game will be getting an official ending soon, I am so very much into this. Although, like most, I'm not really the DMing type.

Offline Lockepick

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #9 on: April 02, 2015, 09:28:50 AM »
Like everybody else so far -- I'm expressing interest as a player.

Admittedly, whether or not I stick around does depend on how willing our GM is for M/M stuff (or at least with a male 'victim.')

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Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #10 on: April 02, 2015, 10:14:45 AM »
I loved CoC and played it for about a month straight when my internet was out and I had nothing better to do. I'd usually start out with the girly build on the male and then let myself get transformed, though I wonder how my actions will be different when I'm with a group of people from my village as opposed to on my own with no one to answer to... As far as ick factors on my end the only problem I ever had with the game was the spiders, I tried being nice to the bartender at the Wet Bitch and ended up inescapably fucking her due to how it was written. I have virtually no experience GMing and literally none with the Fate systems, I would really like to be a player.

Offline OyabunKyuubi

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #11 on: April 02, 2015, 10:32:23 AM »
I'm interested Von :3 if this gets run as pathfinder that is. If not Ill just keep my interest here in Reserve. Was sad last time when I didn't get to hop on with you and Shrroth :#

Offline Zeth

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #12 on: April 02, 2015, 03:43:17 PM »
Interested in FAE version.

Offline Zeth

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #13 on: April 02, 2015, 05:40:51 PM »
I'm a tad surprised VonDoom wants CoC but is turned off by Furry/Anthro stuff.

Fear not  lockepick, I will give your characters the M/M loving they deserve if the GM won't. I am brand new to FAE so I lack the chops to GM it myself.

Offline Re Z L

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #14 on: April 02, 2015, 08:19:57 PM »
I'd always like to play CoC, it's got a lot of stuff in it that I really like  :)

I thought PF would be a good fit, what with Race Points being used for mutations, or maybe some various mutations/perks being like feats or granting class abilities.

Online VonDoomTopic starter

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #15 on: April 03, 2015, 12:09:50 AM »
I'm a tad surprised VonDoom wants CoC but is turned off by Furry/Anthro stuff.

In its earlier incarnations it was more demons, corruption and monster girls with a little furry thrown in. Then it became more ... and more.  :P

But yes, it's still the best of its kind featuring a fantasy setting, demons and corruption and you don't need to read every passage even if you feel compelled to explore every option lest you miss an extra perk or item.  ;D

Offline Evael

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #16 on: April 03, 2015, 11:54:54 PM »
Even in modern CoC, it's fairly easy to tune out the furry due to the nature of text based games. Just skip past the scenes! Some characters even have defurring options.

That said, I'm interested. I've never played with the Fate Core before, but I'm willing to learn.

Offline Ershin

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #17 on: April 04, 2015, 02:29:14 AM »
Been playing CoC for a while now so I'm definitely interested in participating as a player

Online VonDoomTopic starter

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #18 on: April 04, 2015, 04:24:06 AM »
Well, that's a huge amount of interest indeed! Now all we need is someone to actually run things and select a good group!

I mean, I could try, but what I really want is to play ... and I'm still somewhat insecure about my erotic writing actually being, y'know, erotic.

Offline Zeth

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #19 on: April 04, 2015, 01:24:35 PM »
VonDoom running the game requires system knowledge more then being erotic. Trust me, the players will bring forth the erotic on their own.

I don't know Fate well enough to run it and I hate pathfinder. So unless some other bold user steps forward, I fear you must take us all to the dance yourself so to speak VonDoom.
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Online VonDoomTopic starter

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #20 on: April 04, 2015, 02:18:29 PM »
I've run games before, so that part is not the problem.

That said, I'd run with a party of four at most, with selection based on character application and On/off compatibility. While I'd still prefer to play -- and hope that a prospective GM finds this thread, I'd say 'generic low-magic fantasy land' (I forget if the city the Champion was from was called Ignan or if that was the name of the world) as the point of origin for characters before they stumble onto Mareth and/or respective similarly demon-corrupted realm is straightforward enough. Whether someone still shows up or it's me, one could present a character with appearance, background, personality and specific OOC on/off related to CoC and then figure out how to implement them in FAE/F:C or Pathfinder once it's clear which it is.

Phew, sorry, that was a bit of a ramble, but I hope its meaning is clear. If I run it, though, it's definitely FAE.

Online VonDoomTopic starter

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #21 on: April 04, 2015, 03:46:01 PM »
So I made a tentative character application sheet that is independent of the actual system and covers more or less all the essentials. The first bit is intentionally mirroring the CoC character creation and if I run the game, I'd request that people keep the original version intact in their character posts and then adjust a second copy of it with IC developments -- powerful magic might restore the original form, after all. Feel free to include an image if you like, but having one does not replace the appearance section.

Fill in your character's name.

Titled Gender as per CoC's use of it: physical sex. If your character is trans or genderfluid, it is suggested to use their birth sex to begin with, as there will be plenty of opportunity to remedy that in-game. Futa is not a starting option for the same reason.

Slender, Average, Curvy, Tomboyish...
Lean, Average, Thick, Girly...

How tall your character is.

Skin tone
Your character's skin tone.

Hair color
Your character's hair color. Also include length.

If applicable.

Breast/cock size
Split up if player has both, otherwise only use the applicable one.

Describe the character's appearance in your own words. Do not use CoC-generated appearance texts.

Describe the characters personality, their strong points, flaws, likes and dislikes, etc.

Describe where the character comes from: their circumstances of birth, their childhood and how they were raised. Did they have family, significant friendships or rivalries, perhaps an early adventure or two? What profession did they learn growing up? How did they end up being chosen as a Champion?

Writing Sample
Please include a writing sample representative of your writing style. This can be from a prior game. Optional, but important if you are a new member of the boards, since I will look at past posts to get an impression of a player before accepting them.

Specifically pertaining to CoC-specific fetishes.
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Offline Zeth

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #22 on: April 04, 2015, 04:40:49 PM »

There is a link to FAE aka Fate:Accelerated Edition. VonDoom said he would use this system to run the game. As you see it is pay what you want which means you can get it FREE.

Offline SloppyJoe

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #23 on: April 04, 2015, 11:10:05 PM »
Jo "All In" Libhaft




Skin tone

Hair color
2 feet

Breast/cock size
1.5 inches flaccid 8.5 inches erect

Jo's tall body is standard for the males of his village, however his girly frame has made him have to push harder to do things his brothers would breeze through, his pushing harder and harder built up the muscles under his flawless olive skin until they stretched it tight. His feminine face is often disarming, meaning many don't taking him seriously until it is far too late. Many times he has passed for a female during renditions of his tribe's history, wearing as little as a loin clothe and bindings around his flat, hard, yet decidedly feminine chest. During his travels he has successfully persuaded many immorally inclined males to take a different approach to violence, getting them drunk, and opening up an opportunity for his party and or himself to escape unscathed by fluttering his long dark eyelashes and winking his almond eyes, sometimes even blowing a kiss with his brown juicy lips.


His unique eyes have often been the source of nightmares when the lone survivor of a raid tells of the demoness whose dark empire guards mountains topped with gold.

His shoulder length dark brown hair often appears black in all but the right lighting, accentuating his dark complexion and eyes. It is always straight and shines in even the dimmest of light, often emanating a halo like effect on the battlefield.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Background and Personality
As a member of the defense team Jo held his own, the more he see's of his enemies combat style the better, however he is extremely limited when it comes to mounting an offensive strike and has grown a bit rusty since his departure.

His appearance has forced him to accept a roll with which he initially fought: The girly boy. He did this by trying to be one of the guys the best he could earning the nickname "All In" by completing the soldiers training in his village, then pissing the combat elder off so bad he wasn't allowed to be a soldier. Willing to try anything once (Twice if it doesn't break something) he has always been viewed as brave and his eventual closeness to the females gave him a strong moral compass. When he gets turned on his femme demeanor switches and he becomes aggressive.

Jo has long since embraced his feminine side, even going as far as learning to seduce men and women both. As a result he has bonded deeper with the womenfolk of his tribe, and has often been told that it would be easy for a woman who didn't know him to believe he was a woman.

When he was younger, Jo was always slow to act. He always had to analyze everything he did so that it would appear as masculine as possible. Now he doesn't analyze his own actions rather than those of the people near him. He has also learned that no matter the environment he could easily find a way to use it to his advantage.

As he grew he learned that the fastest way from point A to point B was often up and over, so he learned to jump and climb the many often changing obstacles a growing village offered. He was so fast getting through the village that he often found himself in the role of message delivery.

He hadn't even considered being a Champion until the "Option" was forced upon him.

High Concept: Wildcard ex militant
Trouble: no fear
Approach: The Guardian
Careful +3
Forceful +2
Clever +2
Sneaky +1
Quick +1
Flashy +0

Stunt 1: Careful
Because I am studiously aware, I get a +2 when I carefully defend under any circumstance.

Stunt 2: Up, Over, and Away
Because of his experience in speedy travel through and over an ever changing obstacle course, Jo can easily loose a pursuer and escape conflict once a turn.

Writing Sample
Jo braced himself against the g-force as the giant stone sling launched, driving him into the air. It felt as if he were flying for a short time: Then the pain. When he awoke in his parent's dugout with the familiar sensation of his fur bed beneath, he was able to guess at what had went wrong. The sling was counterbalanced against the weight of a boulder, not a girly-boy like himself. He was already anticipating his next go when he caught on to the voices speaking in the next room.
"His reckless behavior will put the village in danger!" A very annoying, however wise sounding voice said. He immediately identified it as War: The Elder of Combat.
"You can't lock him up for having fun!" His father's voice resounded. "Besides you're the one who took away his dream. That might have been the only constructive release he had."
"The grand elder will have the final word... At the trial!" War said, spitting out the last few words as if they were bad goat milk.
Jo stretched as he prepared to get up, the warm sun highlighting the extra skin exposed by his shirt catching between his arms and chest just as War walked past his room. The elder seemed to do a double take, then walked out mumbling something about finding female companionship.

Anything other than Offs


Gore, Vore, Scat, Watersports, Worms, Snuff, Etc.
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Online VonDoomTopic starter

Re: Corruption of Champions! A FAE/F:C/d20PF Request
« Reply #24 on: April 05, 2015, 12:28:32 AM »
Hey SloppyJoe, thanks for providing a character. A lot of the entries that are intended to hold a lot of information for both the GM and other players on your character - specifically, Appearance, Personality and Background are minimal, though. I'm posting a CoC-starting character I wrote in the same format for reference below. Of course it needn't be as detailed, (though the same level of detail or greater is always welcome!), but it should give a suitable impression of who your character is.

Marissa, a CoC starting character




Skin Tone

Hair Color
Black, long

Breast Size

As Mebbeth's apprentice and one of the Champions chosen this turn, Marissa stands at about average height for a human female -- though not exactly short, she won't tower over others either. She is slim of build, her fair skin and jet-colored hair giving her a dainty look that belies her skill with a blade. Though her figure is clearly feminine -- and quite fetching, all things considered -- she is far from voluptuous and could likely cross-dress if she bound her handfuls and wore loose clothing. The problem with that proposition, however, is that her narrow-shaped face would easily give her away: between naturally red pert lips, her delicate lightly aquiline nose, the silky skin and soft cheeks that adorn her visage, no one would ever mistake her for the opposite gender.

Blue eyes, light to the point they almost look white in the right lighting, watch her surroundings with keen interest, holding a glint that often speaks of secrets known and quiet amusement. They are framed by dark eyelashes, with a small birthmark situated just under her left eye providing the finishing mark to her otherwise symmetrical face. Her brows, well-shaped but prominent due to the contrast between light skin and black hair, are thin and follow the curve of her eye, giving Marissa a mischievous look that turns all too easily into a light scowl.

Her hair is long and straight and reaches well past her shoulders, running down to her waist at the back and almost below the swell of her breasts on the front -- however, she wears it parted on her forehead, with a good portion -- to forelock --  cut short to just above her eyebrows so that the lustrous black doesn't interfere her vision under ordinary circumstances.

Though she rarely shows off, she moves with a lightness afforded to her by her fencing training and her body language suggests a level of confidence she rarely feels. Her voice is pleasant and light, though slightly roughened by a past tonsil infection -- it gives her a sultry edge when flirting and a tendency to cough when her throat is dry, but has left no other permanent marks.

Marissa is a young woman full of hope and curiosity. She has a mischievous side and prefers to solve problems with cunning and guile over brute force, though part of the reason for this may be her lack of confidence. She tries to hide it behind a brave front, but when faced with a threatening foe or difficult problem she will often question her own ability to deal with it/them.

This problem finds it root in her arcane abilities. They manifested at an early age and marked her an outsider, as unwanted -- despite trying to take a positive attitude, she could easily have turned into a recluse if not for the wise woman who took her in. Under her tutelage Marissa reconnected with other people and began to form positive relationships, developed a strong sense of curiosity and interest in the wondrous and fantastic. She learned not to blame others for their ignorance, as well.

Now, years later, she looks forward to helping protect her village. Her skills are still very basic, but she is smart and keeps an open mind about the esoteric and strange and even knows how the basics of combat. She doesn't have any intimate knowledge of men (or women, for that matter), but she is well aware that her pretty face and smile can earn a favour or two.

She is kind and wants to help people, but is  often plagued by occasional nightmares that she secretly believes are a sign of things to come. She has resolved to learn and train even more since she was chosen, but worries that it won't be enough. That she is a bad choice for the role.

On the other hand, she is excited by the idea of going to another world, to have opportunities few else ever will and secretly hopes that it isn't quite the terrible hell-realm people think it is.

Marissa grew up in a decently sized town - still somewhat rural, but already large enough to be considered a bustling settlement. She grew up with only her father to raise her -- the identity of her mother was never shared with her, though she strongly suspects that she might have been a witch or sorcerer. The spectre of war loomed on the horizon, however, and her father was called to duty when she was eight years old, never to return.

She had to steal or work to get food and she opted for the latter, doing light deliveries for various local shops and other simple tasks - between that and the loss of her only parent, she wasn't the most popular child. At one point, at the age of ten, she was teased by a number other children and at the height of emotion produced a flash of magical light -- ultimately harmless, but enough to scare a bunch of adolescents and very obvious.

The town was not particularly fond of sorcery and she was quickly ostracized. Turning to begging and food theft, she likely would have ended up in a far worse place if she had not been approached by a kindly wise-woman named Mebbeth. Though she appeared to be a producer of poultices and expert at hearth wisdom-type of things, she was actually a skilled practitioner of the secret arts. Of magic.

She taught Marissa for years, taught her many things except the one she wanted to learn most of all, her arcane skill. She always deflected questions, saying that she wasn't ready, that the time wasn't right.

Mebbeth knew of the sacrificial true nature of the 'Champion' sent forth and realized all too soon that if she remained here, the choice would fall on Marissa. It would be convenient: the city council would have their protection from demon invasion and be rid of someone unwanted. But Mebbeth didn't send Marissa away, instead she made certain to give her a holistic education, to make sure she would keep an open mind and see beyond the obvious, to respect gods and god-like entities without blindly relying on them and much more, even hiring a trainer to teach her the modicum of martial skill she would need to get by in a hostile world.

Her true reasons for preparing her yet withholding lessons in sorcery and true witchcraft are her own. Perhaps she feared Marissa's potential, perhaps she wanted to protect her … or to more sinister ends, she might have thought to use the girl -- perhaps she even orchestrated the choosing of her as a Champion. The truth remain to be seen.

Spoilered because I separated it up and went into detail regarding transformations for the character. It's fine for this to be a simple list without explanations, though.
Transformation, mental and physical, but never into anthro-dom. Faces, please, not snouts.
Corruption. Slowly growing to lust for power, corruption, until the very heart is dyed in the colors of evil. Delicious.
Monster people (Monstergirl-esque, so all with strong human characteristics). Succubi and Omnibi, driders, cowgirls, dragons/salamander, sharkgirls, centaurs, witches, insect people, naga, slime ...
Monsters of classic mythology. It's fine for a Minotaur to have a proper bull-head, for example, despite my dislike for such things in other cases. It'd be weird if they didn't, even. Mental disconnect and all.
Mind/arousal control. Implanted fetishes and desires, spells to get the loins frothing, aphrodisiacs ...
Pregnancy, lactation and oviposition are great, too, on female/futanari characters.
Cum-Addiction is fine, too.

Anthro/furry. I don't really enjoy the aesthetics of classic furries and generally prefer the 'defurred' version of existing CoC characters that had the option.
Multiple sex organs. One extra dick is fine, a bunch of tentacles is great,  but four dicks, three breasts and five vaginas is just weird.
Extreme proportions. Large is good, but people still need to be able to move.
Inflation, not sexy.
Weird nipples. Fuckable nipples, cock nipples, 'lipples'. Not really my thing.

Transformations: demonic succubus/omnibus transformations (demonic tail, horns, wings, eyes, claws, what have you - not a big fan of the bone-heel-thing since it sounds more painful than sexy) are wonderful, turning the character into a futa, growing hair or changing to unnatural colorization, breast and penis growth, all great.

What else? Monster girl stuff is nice. Big fan of cow girls and arachne/drider types, though I'd prefer a demonic appearance as the main transformation 'goal' for Marissa. Tasteful tattoos and nipple/clit piercings are nice, some Ceraph-style implanted fetishes (as long as they're not Offs, of course) wouldn't be too bad either.

The Bimbo liqueur item is something I enjoy, but if at all as a temporary thing on the player character. I prefer corruption towards selfish evil, not over-sexualized ditziness -- but it can be fun for a bit and something to be dreadfully embarrassed about afterwards.

Corruptive parasites are nice, too, though I'm not a fan of the existing worms.